realistic costume wings

inferno-silentdragon  asked:

so how would the police force react to cherub Cone flying over their shoulder to look at a crime scene (when he figures out how to fly well)? ((I love these so much btw, keep it up! much love))

he can’t really fly, his wings are the equivalent of a baby bird’s so they’re not very good for that. I guess he somehow convinced everyone that the Professor made this new “invention” (realistic costume wings) and it got stuck on Conan when he tried it… they somehow manage to trick everyone while Haibara is looking for an antidote.


Corvid Paper Template finished: 15-20 hrs (waaay longer than I anticipated)

Not meant to be pretty, but will buy clear tape sooner next time. ^^; These are based on my original raven wings that I sent off to Sweden last November & are for a potential customer. :D

These function just like my fully-fledged fabric feathers, but are obviously lighter and more fragile since they are paper, posterboard, and small bits of wire hardware. They also tend to stick together more, but still make a quicker/cheaper result if one wanted to substitute these materials in my tutorial. ;)