realistic body image

I had a dream I was pretty
When I stared at the mirror it didn’t crack
Rather glowed
When I woke up I wished to go back.

I had a dream that men were kind
They were handsome, stoic, brave, and fine
When I woke up I knew I had lost my mind

I had a dream that life was exciting
Cinematic, beautiful, and enticing
The lights were brighter, world was lighter
There were costumes that held magic
Plots that held tragic
And when it did, you would always know there would be a happily ever after
When I woke up I wished to go back

Because dreams project the reality we wished we had
To be pretty, to be loved, validated and spoken of
Yet what do we do when be realize we have none of the above?
We wake up and wish to go back


Comic Book Women With Realistic Bodies Are The Heroines We Need

Yes, comic book heroines are supposed to have powers that are out of this world, but the illustrations of their bodies could definitely be brought down to Earth.

A creative team working with, a website dedicated to providing information and support systems to those struggling with eating disorders, decided to transform covers of comic books depicting popular female – and male – characters and give our favorite heroes more realistic bodies.

See more of your favorite comic book heroes with realistic body’s including Rogue and Captain America, 

I’m glad the females in yg has realistic body image. I used to feel so bad about myself because I kept comparing myself to females from groups like snsd, girls day, mamamoo, miss a and so much more. They are so thin, has long legs, thin arms and basically perfect everything. I just love how the females in yg actually have realistic a realistic average body. Especially CL, Leehi, Suhyun and Jang Hanna.

I love my little brother.

So the other day we were shopping with my mom, and we walked through the underwear section. He’s looking around with disgust on his face, so I ask him what’s up, expecting some snotty answer about how girls are “gross” or whatever. He says, “It’s the models. They all look the same. It’s so unrealistic.”


Topshop has agreed to fix its mannequin problem — and more stores should follow their lead 

When it comes to realistic body image, change can come in mannequin form. The U.K.-based retailer Topshop, which has been called out several times for its disturbingly thin mannequins, has agreed to stop ordering the controversial display units. And all it took was a perfectly worded Facebook post.