realistic blaziken

So I’ve been a bit busy recently. Works been chaos at the best of times and I’ve been trying to take a break now and again. and that’s…not gone well, haha! 

But yeah, to those who have commissions waiting, apologies for the delay, but I will get to them, don’t worry! I just have to free up some corporate work time and finish off the one I have on currently and then back to business!

In the meantime, have a collection of finished mons on a generic background. 


ive been busy today! Blaziken vs Johnny update. Colonel Sanders is bricking it in Kentucky somewhere :I

as i mentioned last time, im not sure if this is how i would do a more realistic blaziken if i had to do a proper version, but i still like it. its mainly for the pose. a cassowary kick wouldnt be able to be countered in the same way (and the kick-meeting-the-kick in the middle thing was the main focus of the request) 


Johnny wanted his leg ripped off. Epically. so i obliged and drew him blocking a kick from a Blaziken. 

Hooray! Also, a bonus Gif underneath with flaming wrists of doooom!

(as someone rightly pointed out, yes this pose is highly unrealistic in terms of defensive martial arts, however, this is the pose johnny wanted, and so i obliged XD)