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fox emoji review

what a good friend! soft eyes and face. i love this boy 5/5

something feels off about this to me but, nonetheless still a good fox 4/5

microsoft back at it again with the thick lines. it looks like a bootleg firefox mascot 2/5

oh.. oh my god…. a soft boy. a good boy. a friend boy. i would trust him with my life and my wallet 6/5

more beautiful foxes.. less pure than samsung yet still soft and trustworthy 5/5

i mean, it is a fox. i think. it looks more like a shiba inu if anything with the colors and round snout. still, shiba or not, nice fox 3/5

what the fuck. what the fuck is this. this isnt a fox 0/5

a realistic approach, he might seem intimidating but he’s really just misunderstood. he would guard you with his life 4/5

this is like the emoji one fox except with less soul and dark intentions. this is the kind of fox who would rob you behind a denny’s, and the mortal enemy of all foxes 1/5

I review all of the tiger emojis on emojipedia

Because obviously this is the kind of shit I do in my free time

Iconic and a classic. However, the glossiness makes it look cheap, like every apple emoji. 7/10

Fierce, strong, yet very cute merciless apex predator. Would buy a plush based off of this version. 9/10

Looks like a really cheap sticker that you would find on a dusty shelf at the dollar store. 4/10

This isn’t even a tiger, this is a fucking dog spraypainted with stripes. Very dissapointed in you Samsung. 0/10

A slightly better take on Apple’s realistic approach, but the stripes all appear at the tail end of the beast, making it visually loaded. The eye will naturally go towards the head, but it is pulled towards the tail first due to the stripes. Would be better if they were evenly distributed all over the emoji. A nice attempt though. 7/10

A bit too simplistic, to the point of being ugly. Reminds me of Tony the Tiger. 4/10

This just looks like a tiny housecat Zuckerberg. 5/10

Regal, majestic, proud, beautiful, yet will not hesitate in ending another animal’s life. 8/10

The same problem with HTC’s tiger emoji. 4/10

A sassy little thing that just won’t that your shit anymore. Cute as a button. 8/10

Where Apple and LG fail, emojidex succeeds in making a realistic tiger look good. 8/10

cat emojis review

a realistic approach, but something about him makes me uncomfortable. not quite a friend 3/5

a minimalistic kitter, he is shaped like a friend. i’d trust my kids with him 5/5

the poor boy only has 3 legs, but he is still good. his palette is nice but the lines are a bit too thick 4/5

he looks like a sticker, i do not trust him 2/5

an odd boy, he is okay. his tail seems a bit weirdly sized and the shading makes him appear as if he were a blob 3/5

a simple boy, i’d trust him with my life 4/5

a simple friend, but still very good. i would want to adopt this small soft nugget 5/5

he’s staring into my soul, i do not trust him. 2/5

everything here is off, and what is with his neck? this is a poor boy 1/5

a soft boy, he is very pretty. though the lighter shading is weird everything else is good 4/5

a very good boy! this time he takes on the appearance of a tuxedo kitter. he has a good charm and i’d pet him at first sight 5/5

a scary boy, everything seems off about this. 1/5

Ascendent Signs
  • Aries Ascendent: direct and aggressive approach to life and others
  • Taurus Ascendent: slow and stubborn approach to life and others
  • Gemini Ascendent: curious and talkative approach to life and others
  • Cancer Ascendent: sensitive and defensive approach to life and others
  • Leo Ascendent: dramatic and playful approach to life and others
  • Virgo Ascendent: calculated and rational approach to life and others
  • Libra Ascendent: polite and diplomatic approach to life and others
  • Scorpio Ascendent: dark and secretive approach to life and others
  • Sagittarius Ascendent: optimistic and idealistic approach to life and others
  • Capricorn Ascendent: responsible and realistic approach to life and others
  • Aquarius Ascendent: rebellious and individualistic approach to life and others
  • Pisces Ascendent: dreamy and romanticised approach to life and others

There is so much beauty on a face held by shoulders already heavy with the weight on the world. You have a good mix of pessimism and optimism giving you a realistic approach to life. But real is hard to pill to swallow and it can cause a lot of your advice and warnings to be unheard by those your’e trying to protect.. Your realistic intuition allows you to feel the ground below crumbling before it happens. You know when it’s time to move on or to act before things get worse.

wolferboy  asked:

Hi Tamarinfrog, I really love your splatoon art, it's really great, also I really like the characters appearance, plus do you have any tips on how I could make the inkling girl look like a girl, because I'm having trouble and when I draw them and-

(Continues) and every time I draw the inkling girl, it ends up looking like a boy inkling, any tips how I can improve ;-;

Tammy’s answer: Helllo! First, thank you very much! Glad you like my works!

As for your question. Well, in game style, male and female inklings are very similar. Only real differences between them are the hair and eyebrow size. And well, hips. But, if you are interested to do more realistic/cartoony/anime approach and wanna break away from the game style, it’s not too hard since inklings are humans with tentacle hair and facial mask (and beak). So, you can study human anatomy.

I recommend these great tutorials:




They are about making unique body types, and facial features for both males and females.

Good luck with drawing! And most of all, have fun!

I’m thankful for mainstream movies and books like Harry Potter, The Chronicles of Narnia, and the Lord of the Rings for decriminalizing magik and those who use it. Like yeah, magik can be used for bad, but that doesn’t make it bad. It depends on the person who uses it.

Likewise, it can also be used for a lot of good. It really just depends on the person. In the end it boils down to the person themselves—none of which are born good or evil, not really the magik.

And as unrealistic as they are, they give a realistic approach to people who deal with magik. We can be normal, or we can be weird, or strange, or happy or sad—we’re people.

It destigmatized what it means to be a witch or a wizard, or a practitioner of magik.  And I’m really thankful to these writers and others out there like them.

Fourth place goes to the story ‘Unwritten’ by the lovely @thebloggerbloggerfun 

What can I say? This soulmate AU absolutely warmed the cockles of my heart! Also love how at the end it wasn’t immediately all sappy and rainbows, and that you instead chose a more realistic approach for their first meeting. 

You were probably one of the first people I followed on here, but everyone who doesn’t yet really needs to go check out your amazing blog! Congratulations, you rock!

Dean had heard this story a thousand times already.

“- and as soon as I saw her I said,” Sam continued with a breathless laugh, “Ma’am, I’m sorry but you can’t leave the library through the fire escape.” He looked over at Jess who smiled coyly and lifted up her pant leg to show those exact words imprinted across her calf like a tattoo.

“So then what did she say?” Anna asked, obviously enraptured by the story of how the two soulmates had met just a few days before.

Sam grinned slyly and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt to pull it aside, revealing the words “Watch Me” marked on his skin.

“Then we kind of just stopped and stared at each other for a while once we realized what had happened.”

“You don’t know how many library fire escapes I’ve used over the years trying to find him.” Jess said with a playful slap against Sam’s shoulder.

Dean watched as Sam gazed into Jess’s eyes with more adoration than he’d ever seen his brother give to anyone.

They were obviously perfect for each other.

“Excuse me,” Dean mumbled, and pushed his chair out from the bar counter. Faintly, he could hear Jess asking Sam if they’d said anything wrong as he swung the bar door open to leave.

He could almost imagine Sam’s practiced speech.

“No,” he’d say. “Soulmates are just a touchy subject for Dean. He - he doesn’t have one.”

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  • me: over the last few years I have learned to have a realistic approach to tv shows I like and I won't let fictional characters dictate my life and tbh I don't care THAT MUCH about bbc sherlock I have a life
  • BBC Sherlock: b*tch here's a broken violin get fucked
  • me: 🚑🚑🚑🚑

anonymous asked:

If Olicity get back together/reengaged in 5x23, what do you hope the tone of Arrow is like in season 6? While this season certainly hasn't been bad, it's maybe been a little too much a return to basics for my tastes. I personally hope season 6 compromises a little by going back to the lighter tone of season 4 (well, the first half of season 4) while still keeping a realistic/gritty approach with the big bad and fighting scenes like in the early seasons. What do you think though?

Right??? We didn’t need to “Back to Basics” this much. lol Season 1 wasn’t that great Arrow. Get a grip.

I think they are close to hitting it. Close. They need to keep the gritty street fighting. The more “Arrow esque” bad buys. That’s all good. If we get committed Olicity in Season 6 (no more break ups) that’ll go a long way for anchoring the show a bit more. 

I view Season 6 of Arrow as the opportunity to let this five year timeline go. It could free them up quite a bit storywise. Bruce Wayne becomes Batman in Batman Begins. Then we’re off and rolling with The Dark Knight. Season 6 could be Arrow’s Dark Knight. Oliver evolves into the Green Arrow at the end of S5 and it stops being about the origin. It’s just about watching him be that guy. Lots of stories to tell there.

As far as the complaints about OTA, I get what people are saying. I do, but the hyper focus on OTA was a very brief time in Arrow’s history. They’ve always introduced new characters, so I don’t know if we’ll ever get back to that 1b-2a zone. I view Stephen, David and Emily as the three leads. The show revolves around them like… The Vampire Diaries is the best comparison I can think of. The show is about Stefan, Elena and Damon. But how often did we actually get scenes of the three characters (Stefan, Elena and Damon) in a scene together? Not very often. It’s the same with Buffy. Buffy, Xander and Willow were the core (with Giles of course). But the show expanded beyond the three of them after Season 1 and it never really returned to it being “just” them. That said, Whedon didn’t introduce as many new characters as Arrow does, so they could take page from him in that respect. Let the ones we have marinate for a hot second. Yeesh.

The problem is storyline. 

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government officials plot to assassinate elderly disabled WWII vet (wounded in the line of duty) and former POW. plan is thwarted by unstable childhood best friend and WWII vet. their motivation appears to stem from separation anxiety, severe trauma and underlying romantic connotations. the two fugitives are considered to be dangerous and carrying weapons, do not approach.
—  a realistic synopsis of cap america civil war

Here we have Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina from the new Pokemon games Sun and Moon. I LOVE THEM ALL AUGH
Honestly, when Incineroar was first released I wasn’t too pleased with it but I grew to like it! Here I gave them all a more realistic approach and did not go the ‘furry’ route for Incineroar. So Decidueye is based on a Great Horned owl, Incineroar on a tiger and Primarina is a sort of sea lion like mammal. And its not to say I dont like the ‘furry’ route, but I wanted it to be more animal-esque then its official art.  


© Fábio Miguel Roque taken from “I found fireflies in my dream”

On the 12th of January, at 7:00 p.m., in theFábrica do Braço de Prata is the opening of two exhibitions, “one is "I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man!” by collective member Fábio Miguel Roque.

I found fireflies in my dream, talking to a strange, drunk and dead man! “ is an exhibition of the Portuguese photographer Fábio Miguel Roque, and it results from a book with the same name, the project is an attempt of materialization by the author of some of his dreams.

the second one is "Road”, a collective project of eight distinct photographers, who present a personal vision of their own road, either in a more figurative way or in a more realistic approach to their own journey. ..

anonymous asked:

What can you tell me about an aquarius sun, capricorn moon, and aquarius rising female?

Why yes I can!!

With the combination of Aquarius and Capricorn you often play the role of the leader in your group of friends. You talk about things and people love to listen to you. It does make it easier that you surround yourself with like-minded people.

As an Aquarius, you are a natural humanitarian and quite progressive, however your Capricorn moon can hold you back in that aspect as it makes you more reserved. Perhaps you are very picky about the things you choose to support, and you hardly ever base your opinions off of the opinions of others. You possess a very sound sense of judgement, and you always have a realistic approach to life. This doesn’t stop you from dreaming, however. You still love to fantasize what could be and what you may want, but you never let it get to your head.

Based on the cards you have been dealt, you have experienced a lot during your life. You have suffered many hardships as well as experienced many wonderful and beautiful things. People really like you as a person. They admire your maturity and independence. In turn, people look up to you. You may feel that you are different and even weird going through life, and that you can’t relate to a lot of other people, however this is part of why so many people like you. They love and celebrate your differences, and you should embrace them!

Much love,

The Zodiac Chick  ♍️

Aquarius And Communication

- You’re not a bad communicator, in fact you’re one of the best because you know how to impose a realistic, impersonal approach to conversations. In other words, you can listen and gather what a person is saying without getting too caught up in your feelings. This is for the most part. You’re human, so of course there are times when this doesn’t apply.

- You have very strong views and opinions so when you’re trying to get your point across, you want that person to get your message. Not what they make up in their head. You prefer to put things on the table so there’s no confusion but being an air sign (full of thought), you may have problems getting your POV out clearly without overthinking. 

- You’re a good person to talk to, keeping things as unbiased as possible. Others feel you’ll listen without passing judgment and instead give them sound advice. The only critique you may receive at times is that you come across as a “know it all”. You have to keep that “but this is how it really is” mentality at bay sometimes because it becomes more of what you diagnosed a situation to be instead of what was presented to you. And as stated in the second point of this post, that’s something you don’t like when done to you.

rooftop words || ashton irwin

requested: No

word count: 3.2k+

synopsis: it was your thing; your little talks on ashton’s roof. it was what made you two become closer as friends. your friendship might seem odd and messy, but that’s what ashton loved about it. that’s what he loves about you. odd and messy.

a/n: just honestly felt like writing. kinda tried for like a more realistic, kind of approach to this. sorry if it is shit. gif credit goes to the rightful owners.


Yawning as a result of a long day, I ran my fingers through my hair, pushing it out of my eyes. I should honestly get a haircut, but honestly… nah. 

The routine began to happen; throwing my keys into the little bowl by the door, grab the mail pile that is sitting next to the bowl, taking off my jacket and throwing that over a chair, searching for my name in the mail pile in my hands as I walk to the kitchen. Furrowing my eyes in concentrating, trying to find my name, I entered the kitchen not really paying any attention to my surroundings.

There she stood, leaning against the countertop, drinking what I was going to assume was either juice or water. There she stood, watching me as I unintentionally ignored her presence. I mean, I didn’t expect anyone to be home and the door was locked. 

She didn’t say anything. I guess she was playing one of her little games where she would just stand there, continuing on with her business, staying quiet to see how long it will take me to notice that I was not alone. And so it began. Her little game. 

I stood opposite her, still not realising that she was standing right in front of me. I placed mail on the counter, sighing softly. That is when I finally noticed. Two hands, much smaller than mine were resting casually on the counter with a glass half empty of water just ever so slightly showing off her reflection of her neck and underneath her chin. 

Furrowing my eyebrows, I looked up and there I saw her in the flesh. I stumbled back in surprised when she chuckled softly. “Fuck mate, took you long enough aye?” she said, taking a sip of her water. I took little notes of her appearance. 

A white shirt, an army green coloured kind of jacket. It was probably an army jacket or a parka or whatever kind of green jackets girls liked to wear. Black hair ties were on her left wrist, not sure if it was for emergencies or for an easy ‘accessory’. The colour on her nails was chipping away, either naturally or she had been picking at the polish. A bad habit of hers that apparently some of her friends would scold her for. ‘It’s bad for your nails! It ruins the nail bed! It makes your nails thinner!’ she said to me, once upon a dream. 

Her hair was in it’s natural side part and seemed to slowly gain back it’s natural texture, loosely flicking in and out at the ends, telling me that she tried to straighten her hair but ultimately couldn’t be fucked. ‘Doing my hair takes too fucken long! Like fuck bro!’ she complained to me, once upon a dream, making me laugh. ‘No like seriously, I should just shave my head. I don’t get why you want to grow your hair out. You trying to be like Kurt Cobain, aye?’ she teased. No doubt that behind the counter, she was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans that I might have accidentally influenced her to wear and a pair of no-longer-white converse. 

She looked like a regular girl. She is my regular girl. 

Rolling my eyes at her comment, I regained my posture and I returned to my previous position. “How did you get in here?” I asked, giving her a friendly smile, stealing her glass of water and taking a sip of it. 

“Hey! That’s mine!” she said, watching me drink her water. “Your back door is a great way to come in and out.” she explained. “You should really get the lock checked out, someone could break in.” I raised an eyebrow at her advice. “Well fuck! Really?! Well thanks for the advice, mate.” I said sarcastically, chuckling softly. 

“You do realise that I could call the cops on you for trespassing right?” I pointed out, which made her shrug nonchalantly. 

“Ehh, you could but you won’t.” 

“Oh? But I could.” 

“Yeah but you won’t.” 

“But I could.” 

“Yeah, but you won’t.”


“Because you’re the last person on this earth to ever call the coppas on me.”

She grinned, taking her glass to finish off the water left in it, making me roll my eyes once more. “Maybe next time, be a normal person and call me before you rock up to my place, yeah?” I said. “Or how about going the front door? I hear that thing is great.” 

She furrowed her eyebrows, putting her glass in the sink. “Now why would I do that when surprise attacking you is so much more fun?” she asked, a small giggle escaping from her lips. “Jesus Christ, what am I gonna do with you?” I asked, more it being a rhetorical question than an actual one. 

She smiled at me as she shrugged her shoulders once more. A short moment of silence fell between us. She licked her lips as I just looked at her. Then she opened her mouth and asked me something that I was waiting for her to ask me. She was pretty predictable. I mean she comes over for other stuff too, but this was something I was expecting, which is why I guess… I guess I wasn’t so freaked out when I saw her in my kitchen. 


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@lesbiangaara yeah yeah! it like severely fucks up being able to write characters with nuanced and realistic approaches to their sex life in fear of accidentally writing the Token Gay Character that will reflect to str8 ppl how all gay ppl are or some dumb str8 shit like that