realistic aggron


Realistic Pokémon Interpretations - Part Two


Favourite three Pokémon per type (in no order). This is excludes legendary, Kalos and Alola (when it comes out) Pokémon, which will be done separately.

Favourite Bug Types: Scyther | Scolipede | Galvantula

Favourite Steel Types: Skarmory | Scizor | Aggron

Reddit draws Pokémon: Gothita

Thorn WIP

I haven’t drawn anything just for myself in such a long time and since I could afford to take a small break from my school projects I begun sketching Thorn. 

I haven’t decided yet what I will do with this. One option would be to leave it loose, like the face is currently or maybe a bit more polished, or render it even further. I dunno. We’ll see.