So let’s be realistic.

He’s going to make you angry and jealous, and you’re going to feel so much pain that you just want to run away from everything. You’ll want to say goodbye and slam doors, but please stay. Scream and fight and cry until you’re in his arms again.

When he talks to pretty girls, a part of you will always turn a hideous green. She may be pretty, but you’re the one he dreams of every night.

His mom will sometimes smile at you.
Always smile at her.

He isn’t going to always pay for dinner, please bring your own money. He may be handsome and charming, but he isn’t paid for being attractive.

He’s going to forget your birthday. But he’ll remember the day he first kissed you.

On his bad days he’s going to want to be alone, and you’re going to get frustrated. Stay with him, but don’t say anything. Listen to his favorite songs no matter how much you hate some of them.

Let him compliment you, okay? If he likes your face without makeup, hug him. If he says you look freaking sexy with bold red lipstick, stain his lips with yours. Compliment him too. Tell him his hair is cute that day and play with it. Tell him his voice gives you goosebumps. Just tell him, and he’ll tell you.

To tell you the truth, it’s going to be hard, but he’s going to be worth it.

—  7 truths from a realist in love

etsyfindoftheday 2 | 7.23.15

theme thursday: super soap

crystal soaps // rose quartz | dark quartz | amethyst by rockhoundsoap

ahhhhhmazing. these soaps look so much like crystals, your guests will do a double-take. so beautiful and creative <3 check out more of rockhoundsoap’s rad crystal and geode pieces now!


Complete head Alexa wolf (aka Raphaela)!
Naughty camera sometimes produces miracles, and to photograph black is a special magic.

The main characteristics of this mask:
- Soft silicone nose
- Earrings with a personal pattern, hand-harvested
- Two holes for piercing “snake bite” on the chin, which the owner will put himself (two black dots)
- White forked tongue
- Soft ears
- Natural light marking on the black fur
- Zip back closure
- The fur is of realistic two types

Yet that’s not all ;) getting ready for it handpaws and sleeves.