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honestly im p sure the fall was metaphorical?? the "eroding bluff" convo sets the cliff up as a symbol of will's crumbling defenses against hannibal. they stand together "over the roiling atlantic" = will's deeper desires. when they fall, they leave the land behind - they leave the metaphorical "bluff" & descend into the depths of passion. they didnt literally fall off a fuckin cliff its a visual metaphor for descending into evil together, its the consummation of intimacy.

First, don’t expect realism in this show because you are setting yourself up to be frustrated.

Second, look at Chilton. He was gutted and made to hold his own intestines. He was then shot in the face. And finally his lips were bitten off and then burned alive. And after all that, he’s still alive and he’s making snarky comments from his tube.

In a show where Chilton can go through all that and still live? Hannibal and Will, the two main characters, can survive a fall from a cliff. Metaphorical or not.