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a mix of oversized graphic and bleached vintages tees with leather corset detailing ↴

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Anatomy of a snowstorm
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Another astonishing piece of artwork of Papa III, this time by @arty_metal 😱
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UNPOPULAR OPINION: Isak is a shit boyfriend. Like, wtf are you doing? Your mentally unstable boyfriend didn’t answer your text and you haven’t heard or seen him for 6 days and you just do nothing?

he’s either shit at relationships or the show really lack realism because anyone who’s in love would freak the fuck out and would go over there and ask for answers.

The suspense isn’t necessary at all rn, it just ruin how realistic the show is suppose to be

anonymous asked:

"To be fair". Ugh, this is pissing me the fuck off. No matter how horrible a human being is, you don't get to decide whether he should be alive or dead. The dude is a fictional character, yes. Which is why everybody can easily brush him off. But please remember that the writers are also justifying the plot they come up with because they want it to be CLOSE TO REALITY. (Not us, THEM!!!!) [1/2]

You don’t get to fucking decide which part of what you’re writing should be taken seriously or not. People need to stop making fucking excuses for the writers and just accept that they’re shitty and the show really needs to die now. [2/2]

Not trying to start some anon wars here, but this is the truth. The writers are so quick to shout “REALISM!” when we vocalize issues about something that’s problematic but then they flip and say “it’s just a tv show, get over it” with other things. They are trash. 


I’ve given myself a good few hours to fully read this text wall and I’m making this a new post for various reasons; including the fact the original post is not mine, I don’t want to create a giant thread on the OP’s post who has been very sweet to me and doesn’t deserve to have this in their notifications, and the fact your text wall is just horrible to read for anyone with attention problems.  I’m going to combat various points that you made from the eyes of a real and “realist” gay person.

First, it’s very obvious you’re not sorry.  This is a whole text wall explaining your harmful position of speaking down on a canon relationship between two mentally ill women in a comic (where villians include the literal symbol for chaos and a man mutated with crocodile DNA so I don’t think there’s much reason to dabble in realism here).  You think that rewriting characters to be gay or bi is the same as making a character straight.  It’s not because social acceptance of gay characters is rising and so many writers want to write gay characters into stories.  Also, established characters aren’t really “established” as new canons are written and introduced.  Harley Quinn wasn’t an established character until  Batman: The Animated Series.  Are you going to say, by this logic, that writing Harley into Joker’s story ruins his (loosely) established story?

My point is, each canon has it’s own story line and doesn’t HAVE to adhere to a specific set of events.

Onto this quote:

This statement will likely also upset you, but I challenge you to turn that anger into something constructive rather than lashing out at a stranger on the internet because, as you stated, you know nothing about me.

This statement will likely also upset you, but learn when to shut up.  I’m a dysphoric, gay kid who has to deal with constant invalidation of my sexuality, relationship, gender identity, and association with others in the lgbt community by my family and strangers constantly.  Many people like me have to deal with this on a daily basis.   Many non white members of the lgbt deal with worse beradment and harassment and you’re going to have the audacity to say representation of lgbt characters is over saturated and too positive.  I can call you a piss stain for shitting on mentally ill women for pursuing a relationship because comments like that make me angry and they’re constantly used against people who experience same gender attraction to beat them down.

Calling happy gay couples a “false positive representation” for gay people is fucking insulting.  It’s the equivalent of telling people they can’t read a character as autistic because it “gives autistic people too much hope.”  Gay and trans characters aren’t your sob story.  Our lives statistically deal with a lot of shit but representing us as nothing but these sob stories does nothing to help lgbt youth or anyone understand the life that people live outside of the fear we have to deal with.  You, as someone obviously not lgbt, know nothing about the lives myself and others live.  If you were truly empathetic toward this ordeal you wouldn’t be hiding your homophobia behind veiled “realism.”

Good job, Batwoman, Ivy, and Harley are all some form of gay (regardless of it they’re a lesbian, bi, or pan).  Give yourself a fucking medal for seeing one character as gay.  Too bad now they’re all gay and Ivy and Harley are being written as in a relationship regardless of how you “as a writer” feel.

Also, digging the passive aggressive jabs at then end because I gave you 3 sentences telling you that your opinion was shitty and harmful.  Anyway, your input is shitty and harmful and packed with a shit ton of homophobic and ableist logic and i don’t have to tolerate it as a “fellow human being.”