realising it's there but not daring to turn around and fully face it

BTS’s reaction to you starting a diet:

Jin: “But I wanted you to be a special guest on Eat Jin,” your boyfriend pouts (an impressive feat with his mouth full of food). He’s very against the idea of you going on a diet – who’s going to help him clear up all the food he can’t manage?

You raise an eyebrow, while he swallows and asks – “What? Do I have something on my face?”

“Just a little…” You reach across the table separating the two of you, and wipe some sauce from the corner of his lips, before popping your finger in your mouth.

Jin chuckles, “Isn’t eating that sauce against your diet?”

“It’s just sauce.”

“Sauce that’s high in fat and salt!”

“This is why you’re a rubbish boyfriend - making me break my diet. For shame!” You poke your tongue out at him.

Jin sighs. “Ah well, I guess if you’re on a diet now, that means more food for me. And I was going to order that ice-cream you like for the next episode of Eat Jin as well…”

That’s playing dirty! “You wouldn’t!” you scoff, knowing full well that he will, and that when you ask for a lick, just the tiniest taste – he’ll offer you the whole scoop - your favourite flavour too - and boom! there goes your diet, and all your good intentions. The worst part is – you won’t mind, because Jin’s kisses will taste that extra bit sweeter seeped in vanilla and strawberry ice-cream.

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Yoongi: Yoongi can tell something’s up. You’re being extremely quiet, and you haven’t touched any of the pizza on your plate. Jostled up beside your talkative friends, you’re like a lone grey cloud in the middle of a blue June sky.

Yoongi finishes off the crumbs on his own plate, then stands. “Well, I guess I’ll go wash up,” he says, “Y/N, do you wanna come help?”

You scrunch your nose at him, but follow him to the kitchen anyway, away from the busy chatter of your friends.

“Alright, what’s wrong?” Yoongi asks, when the two of you are out of earshot.

You fiddle with a loose strand on your sweater. “Nothing’s wrong.” There’s a moment of hesitation, and you pull at the thread a little harder, twisting it around your finger. “I just don’t want to eat too since I’ve -” The last part is mumbled.

“You’ve what?”

“…I’ve started dieting.” Your cheeks turn pink.

“Dieting?” Yoongi repeats, “Why?”

“I need to lose some weight.”

He shakes his head. “That’s simply not true. You’re the perfect weight, and I don’t want to hear you saying otherwise. I like you the way you are now.” He gives your arm a gentle poke. “I like this part.” He pokes your stomach. “And this part.” He moves up to your nose. “And this part. I like all of it. It’s all perfect.”

You blush, and bat his hand away. “Yeah, yeah… don’t get all mushy.” But when you go back to join your friends, Yoongi’s happy to see you tucking into a fat slice of pizza.

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Hosoek: “Ugh…” That’s a sound you haven’t heard from Hoseok in a while – the sound he makes when he knows he’s fighting a losing battle against you. But he won’t give up without a fight - oh no! He’ll see a smile break through that perfected pout of yours, even if it means bringing out the big guns! An exaggerated eye-roll and a funny face secures his victory, and you can’t cap the laughter that fizzes up inside you - this is definitely the best way to deal with a couple’s quarrel.

“Stop that,” you bash playfully at his chest, and he bends over in feigned pain –

“Wow, Y/N, you’re so mean to me! And when I’m trying to help you out as well!”

It’s your turn to roll your eyes. “Hoseok, you stopping me from dieting isn’t going to help anything. I need to take better care of my health. You should be supporting this.”

He straightens up, straightens his face, and fixes you with a serious look. “Okay, I’ll support you – but only if you’re doing it for the right reasons.”

“I’m doing it to get healthier!”

“And you know that-”

“- that I’m completely gorgeous, with the perfect body, and that I don’t need to diet at all, and that you’re lucky to have me.”

He catches your face in his hands, palms pressing your cheeks softly, before he plunges in for a kiss. “Damn right.”

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Namjoon: “You dieting? Good one, babe.” Namjoon’s dimples deepen, his smile erupting into a fully-fledged laugh.

And then he realises you’re not joking. And his face falls. “Wait, really? You’re dieting? Why?” His mind kicks into overdrive, wondering, worrying about what could have caused this sudden decision. Before, you would have happily helped him finish off pizzas or ice-cream sundaes, but now you’re talking about empty calories and cutting carbs.

“I need to fix my figure,” you tell him, brow wrinkling into a frown.

Namjoon looks you up and down. “Babe…”


His eyes trace your body a second time. “Babe.”

“What?” you demand again.

He shakes his head. “You do not need to get in shape. Your body is so sexy.”

“Sexy?” Your nose crinkles. “You think I’m sexy?”

“Unbelievably sexy.”

You consider this for a moment. Then – “Well… I guess if you think so, maybe I’m okay.”

“No, not just okay, but-”

“Sexy, right?” You finish his sentence for him, a glint in your eyes.

“Right! Sexy.” He purrs the word.

“Say it one more time.”

“Only if you promise to stop this talk of dieting.”



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Jimin: “But I bought all these biscuits for you!” Jimin gazes at the plate of cream-coated cookies in distress, then back up at you, his eyebrows furrowing. This isn’t how he imagined you accepting his date-night gift.

You grin sheepishly. “Sorry… I forgot to tell you I was starting a diet.”

“Can’t you leave it till tomorrow?”

Your mouth pops open in mock horror. “That would be cheating!”

“In all seriousness though, dieting’s no fun. Trust me, I’ve tried it before, and it didn’t make me any happier, or healthier.” Jimin’s mouth pulls down at the corners a little, before his usual smile returns. “Come on. Just one… they’re really tasty. Just take one.” As he says this, he picks up a cookie, and bites into it slowly, never breaking eye-contact with you. It’s a challenge. (Eat one! I dare you!)

You give in. Of course you do. It’s Jimin. Leaning towards him, you kiss some of the crumbs off the corner of his mouth, then, with the taste of sugar fresh on your tongue, you concede, “Maybe one or two couldn’t hurt.” A smug grin paints itself across Jimin’s face as you reach for the plate.

Tomorrow. You can start your diet tomorrow…

Or the day after that…

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Taehyung: Taehyung doesn’t understand it. To him, you’re the most beautiful person he’s ever laid eyes on – you’re prettier than diamonds, and stardust, and wildflowers, and sunsets, and the pictures of waterfalls they stick on travel brochures. In short - you’re perfection personified. So, Taehyung can’t wrap his head around the idea of you dieting because you’re (quote) ‘so disgusting’.

It’s eating him up, knowing that you’re unhappy, and not knowing how he can fix it. All he can do is smile, and promise you that the voice in your head is lying to you. “But I never lie, Y/N. Not to you. Not about this.”

Still, your lips stay down-turned, eyes dull, not properly seeing him through your tears.


You wipe you eyes.

“Y/N, look at me.”

You blink a few times, and look up.


You do. Despite all the negative thoughts that are bubbling around you, you manage to smile, and that’s all Taehyung needs to smile too.

“There, right there, that’s what perfection looks like.” He frames your face with his fingers, then slips his hands on down to your shoulders, looping around you and pulling you close.

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Jungkook: “You’re what?” Jungkook cocks his head at you, looking like a confused puppy across the café table.

“Dieting…” you say past a mouthful of lettuce leaves, “Quit looking at me like that. I’m not speaking an alien language. D-i-e-t-i-n-g. Dieting.”

His head remains fixed in place, tilted to one side, the corners of his eyes scrunching up.

“Stop it!” You throw a napkin at him, which misses its target and floats down to the floor. You’re laughing, and he eventually breaks his gaze to chuckle as well.

“Okay, but seriously, why are you dieting?” His arms stretch across the table, reaching for your wrists as you bring another forkful of salad to your mouth.

A shrug is his answer. “I’ve just been feeling… I don’t know… ugly lately.”

“You don’t look ugly lately.”

Your eyes trail up to his. “You’re just saying that because you’re my boyfriend - you have to say nice things.”

“No way!” He leans further over the table, cupping your face in his hands, “Listen, if you want to diet for your health – fine. But I don’t ever want you thinking you’re ugly, because -  honestly! cross my heart and hope to die! - you are-” (he leans forward and kisses you) “- gorgeous.”

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Would you be able to an imagine where Alex and the reader were partnered together for a project but they both forgot to do it so they have to pull an all nighter at one of their houses but they're too busy trying to impress each other with cheesy pick up lines so their project ends up a lot more rushed and awful than it could be? Your blog is one of my favourites by the way ❤

Great idea anon! Honestly send me more Alex I need me some more inspiration for my Joy Division nerd ~

969 words, Alex Standall/fem!reader

Your phone vibrated next to you with an incoming call, it was Alex Standall, the boy you had been partnered with for your geography project.


Your geography project! 

Rapidly smacking the ‘accept’ button with your thumb you flung your phone up to your ear, and the two of you instantly started shouting about how you were so sorry that you’d forgotten, and how you had to get it done tonight to get it in for tomorrow (the last possible turn in date). 

You gave him your address and got out a few arts and crafts supplies from your ‘artistic’ days of your childhood. You had to make a poster describing something to do with coastlines, something that neither of you had the first clue about. 

You’d just about set up the cardboard and felt pens which had probably dried up in the past eleven years when a knock came from your door, yelling to your parents that it was for you. 

“I’m sorry that you have to have me in your house at ten to ten at night but this has gotta be done.” 

“It’s no problem really, and no shit it’s gotta get done!” 

The pair of you half assed coastal erosion research for the first few minutes, taking short handed notes. 

“Ever realise that erosion kinda rhymes with erection?” you blurt out, already exhausted from all the panicking and rushing around to pull your shit together. Alex snorted and smirked over at you on your bed from your desk chair.

“You give me coastal erections.”

“Colossal erections, babe, you just missed a trick.” it felt weird joking about erections and being a little flirty with someone you hadn’t spoken to, outside of your constant complaints about the lesson in geography. It was quiet for a minute, Alex trying to be serious and carry on his research before bursting out into a fit of laughter. 

“It’s not even that much past ten and I’m already going crazy.” 

“I can’t wait for your craziness peak, then,” everything you said came out tinged with that tone of voice you use when flirting clumsily. 

Time passed again, Alex shouting out facts about colossal erections coastal erosions for you to write down in your most presentable handwriting, complete with pictures.

“Holy fuck, we’ve only just done the first stage? You nearly cried, taking a look at what you’d already done. 

“Hey, we’re being detailed, and we’ve got all night.” 

“Yeah but I don’t wanna go all night.”

“Said no one to anyone, ever.” Alex smirked at you rolling your eyes at yet another discreet innuendo. A few more crude sex jokes later (now how in holy hell have you managed to make a geography project so sexual, Standall?) he moved onto pick up lines, you following his lead, both of you daring each other to get cheesier with them.

“Are you a magician, because when I look at you, everyone else disappears!”

“Ohh, that’s weak, y/l/n - do you have a bandaid? I scraped my knee falling for you.” you made gagging noises, pretending to stick your fingers down your throat. 

“My god, Alex I had no idea the extent of terrible pick up lines.” 

“I’ve got some pretty nasty ones.”

“I bet I can top all of your shitty pick up lines.” 

“Bite me.” he’d scooted off your desk chair and onto the bed where you’d been since you’d started; however the project was on the floor, only two out of god knows how many stages of erosion completed. 

“Hey Standall, does your left eye hurt? ‘Cause you’ve been looking right all day.” he actually laughed at that one exclaiming:

“You’re terrible, y/n,”

“You bet.”

“You’re sixty-five percent water, and I’m thirsty.” You threw your head back and laughed over dramatically. 

“Okay, enough, enough, you’re disgusting.” Alex’s face turned serious, making you do the same. “Ah god, sorry, do you wanna keep going with the project, or?” you trailed off, watching Alex watch your lips move. 

He snapped out of whatever daze he was in, shaking his head lightly. “Sure thing, I’ll get back to the research.” You were a bit upset that you had to actually pull an all nighter doing geography, instead of flirting with the hot new friend you’d just made.

He spun out some more facts to you, going quicker than ever once you both realised it was nearly four am and you needed to sleep at some point. The A3 poster found its home on your bedroom floor yet again to make room for a very tired Alex next to you. It was scruffy and lacked a lot of information, but it was good enough near to done so you both accepted it. 

Flirting with each other seemed a better use of six hours anyway.

You got up and ready with each other that morning, firing even more pick up lines at each other, and even more on the walk to school. You went to part ways in the hall to get to your lockers until you mentioned one pick up line you’d both over looked.

“Y’know what this shirt is made of? Girlfriend material.” 

“I’d like to take more than your word for that one, y/n. Wanna get a coffee or something? I used to be a regular at Monet’s, so I can get us some free stuff.” he mentioned with a wink, not waiting for you to fully respond, only taking your first uttering of the word ‘yes’ as his answer. “Cool, see you tomorrow? It’ll be cool to hang out, sans the homework right?” 

“Right, totally.” he gave a little wave before turning away, making his way to his locker. 

You were exhausted, naturally, but you were pretty sure that you’d just gotten a date from a few cheesy pick up lines. 

It’s a Buck Girl Thing (6/?)

Based loosely on ‘It’s a Boy Girl Thing’ (2006)

Summary: You (female reader) pine after Steve Rogers whilst Bucky is being a little shit. One night after an argument on the rooftop you wake up in each other’s bodies.

Catch up here: IBGT Masterlist

Word count: 4.5k

Warnings: Swearing, mentions of violence and blood. A little angst.

A/N: I’m so sorry everyone this took such a long time to post. Distracted by Bucky’s 100th Birthday and a Pietro one-shot I’ve not given IBGT much attention. I hope you like it!

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You were being manhandled - harshly thrown in the chair, slightly wincing at the pain cursing through your body.

You opened your eyes to see a skinny bald man with huge eyes staring at you. Actually, more like staring INTO you.

‘Mission report, soldier’ he said. You looked at him in confusion – what mission? You though to yourself. You haven’t been on any missions yet, not this early in your training!

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The Silent One - Part Twenty Five

You can find my Masterlist HERE!

Synopsis: Negan gives you a little chat about loss.

Ships: Negan x Reader
Words: 1261
Warnings: Curses, depressed behaviour
Category: Angst/ with a sprinkling of fluff

Negan’s POV

You had been in the shower for almost forty minutes and in that time Negan had been pacing the room while listening, hard, to the water running and making sure that you weren’t doing anything that you may regret.

Negan was still taken aback from earlier in the day when you had both laid in bed. He remembered how the sunlight cascaded down your features which were softened by the oblivion of sleep; he could hardly imagine anything more beautiful. He had wanted that moment too last forever, for you both to just lay there in the bliss of nothingness. But of course, that couldn’t last. At some point, you would both have to immerge from the small paradise you had crafted yourselves to face the harsh reality of surviving.

When you had awakened Negan had suggested for you to go take a shower, too wash away the dried blood that still stained your palms. You had nodded silently and walked into the bathroom without a word. You had not immerged since and Negan could feel anxiety creeping up his spine as he paced back and forth in a repetitive loop.

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check | ivar ragnarsson

third part in a series

first part: see the whole board

second part: middlegame

The ground was sodden underfoot. The mud had been churned up by boots and wheels and hordes of men battling. Bright pools of blood lay in the hollows, growing as they progressed deeper into the field. More men lay here too, and you slid about them, grasping your dampening skirt hems up about you as you pushed on through the scatter of bodies.

The corpses made for a morbid forest, trunks laying where they fell, mottled and twisted from the storm. Some lay with their eyes open, leaking their death breaths from their lungs, which were often pierced with snapped off arrows, pointing high to the sky.

You tried not to look at their faces but in your haste to move across the field you found yourself having to pay attention to the footing you took. Limbs lay like brambles, tangling up the ground, making your progress slower than you would have liked. Your breath heaved from the effort and the worry and you buckled over, hands braced at your knees, eyes to the earth.

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One Step At A Time Draco x reader

Rating: Fluff
Request?: Yes,  Hey I would like to request a draco x reader. Only of you still take them of course😊. It plays in hbp and the reader is dracos girlfriend/boyfriend(idc) and also a forced deatheater(you know what I mean?😅) And like all this stuff happening with Voldemort and now school and their mission really affects her. And many of her friends are worried about her, even ppl who don’t like her, and draco notices it too and talks to her. So it’s like fluff and stuff. And thank you of you have the time to write it 🤗
Warnings: NONE 0:)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        I was made to stand in the dinning hall at my house with my mother and father, Lord Voldemort entered the room followed by roads of thick black smoke signalling his arrival. I looked over to my father who reached over to place his hand over my shoulder. “ Ahh Miss y/l/n, so nice to meet you again” his smudged smile being directed to me, I looked down to my feet avoiding eye contact with him at all costs. “It’s time for you to join us… officially” he raised a hand to his wand which was immediately pointed at me “come forward child” his voice had deepened immensely. I turned to my father who wasn’t daring to look in my direction"Dad? I don’t understand, what’s going to happen" my dad still refused to maintain any form of eye contact with me.“It’s time for you to become… a death eater-”“one of us” Voldemort interrupted my Father as my Mother walked out of the room with her head hung low.

 A collection of long bone like fingers creped over my shoulder pushing me against the wall as long black ink ran along my arm creating a dark skull shaped stain.My mind went black as Voldemort kept talking to me. When I got to the Slytherin common room it was almost completely deserted; all accept for Draco. he was sat in the large leather armchair closest to the fireplace, with a potions book in his hands.

 It was fairly late now so it was understandable to hear his small snores echo through out the room. I glanced back at him as I left to go to my bed, it was so quite I could hear the lake rushing past the windows but my thoughts were loud and corrupted, trying to get to sleep tonight would prove to be a travesty…

 ——Its only been two days. Two whole days, I cant cope it stresses me out too much. I forced my way out of bed, looking into the mirror only to see my swollen puffy eyes and my skin turning grey from the lack of sleep. I just cant sleep no matter what I do. It was only at dinner people started to question me; I was holding hands with Draco under the table when he looked over to me and frowned he saw I wasn’t eating any food just poking it around the plate. “Y/n, are you alright. You look a bit ti-”“yes Draco I’m fine…"I reached over for my cup when my sleeve pushed its way up my arm exposing my inked flesh only to Draco he was the only one paying attention to me fully, he was the only one who had truly cared. through out my day people have asked if I’m okay or told me that I look tired and that I should get and early night tonight.Draco’s looked deep into my eyes as soon as he saw the ink etched into my forearm, withdrawing my arm from the table and tugging down my sleeve, I got up and ran to my dorm, I couldn’t let anyone see my weakness. not even Draco. When I reached my room so many tears had fallen, whilst I was running down the hall crying in distress multiple students had witnessed me cry, thinking about that embarrasses me even more. I buried my head deep into my pillow to allow my tears to fall freely.

 A rough set of hands latched over my shoulders pulling me to their chest upon realising it was Draco I instantly tried to pull my self together, hoping that my tears would just magically disappear, but it was hopeless he seen too much if my weak side that I just gave it all to him. I gripped helplessly at his robes wanting nothing more than for him to hold me close until it was all okay, I leant closer into his chest he smelt like lemon grass and home.

 A familiar scent that made me feel so at home because I belonged with him and him only."y/n, shh shh its going to be alright soon” he hushed me repeatedly.“No Draco, it’s not I can’t kill anyone, please this already hurts too much I don’t know how much longer I can live with myself knowing my parents subjected me to this and I let them, Draco I gave in.” my sobs cam harder than I had expected my body trembling so much that Draco’s hand which had remained on my shoulder shook with my body.“This is all my fault, y/n I’m so sorry I got you involved…” His voice lowered to a whisper holding me closer to his chest and tugging me lightly into his lap.“Draco, I come from a pureblood family, who are massively involved with Voldemort. It was bound to happen anyway, don’t place the blame on yourself it’s not fair” My crying had quietened by this time and Draco was placing small butterfly kisses across my neck.“Y/n it will all be fine soon I’ll do Whatever I Can to save you” and I already knew he was telling the truth we would stand together and protect each other through thick and thin. Sleep gently pulled me into it’s reigns and soon enough It was a brand new day.

 I was happy to inside my comfy bed sheets with a large tuft of dishevelled platinum blond hair next to me, and piercing grey eyes darting around all my features. “oh, babe you eyes are all puffy” Draco reached over to stroke my cheek carefully. “It’s fine Draco…” I smiled up and him lightly. His hand dropped from my face to grip my own hand.“Today lets face the rest of the world together”                                                                                                                            

sorry that this short, it was a really good request that i tried to do justice but my next imagine is going to a lot more descriptive just to test out different styles of writing just to see which one works best. In other new tonight I’m performing a dance cover of Jhope’s boy meets evil dance, I’m so nervous and yet so excited. xx

1nky: Recap Spectrum

This recap skimps on some details, but it also condenses about 200,000 words into a nice easy-to-swallow format of, uh

… well, arguably a lot shorter than my usual chapters. Hopefully it prompts enough to help folks catch up on the whole ordeal.

This recap’s gonna cover chapters 1 to 25 (or 1 to 28, if it’s AO3). I figure comic-onwards is going to be easier to remember.

Taking place after a Pacifist Run, Spectrum is the story about Sans trying to keep the past in the past, Papyrus trying to help the situation and only really knowing half the context, Frisk trying to provide moral support to skeletons who used to be their moral support, and Undyne carrying the whole goddamn team because the skelebros consistently don’t have their shit sorted.

It’s also meant to be a story about inner conflict, accepting certain things about yourself that you’re not happy with, and the bad things that happen when you repress them. Also there’s the power of friendship, teamwork, and body horror.

Let’s begin.

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a thoughtless moment’s blessing

yuri!!! on ice, yuuri pov, victuri royalty au

in a kingdom where touching the crown prince calls for the death sentence, yuuri, a simple tailor’s apprentice, saves prince victor’s life and fully expects to be executed for it.



oh no.

that’s the only thought that passes through his head. he opens his eyes, just a bit, just enough to see the shock of silver hair in front of them, and then he squeezes them closed again.

oh no, oh no, oh no.

a shocked kind of silence has settled around him, and yuuri can hear his own heart pounding.

‘umm…’ he hears, voice hesitant, from the person in his arms, and he lets go immediately, as if burned. the person lifts their weight off of him and yuuri scrambles to put a bit of distance between them. he kneels, bows, forehead pressed to the ground, every nerve ending screaming at him. 

'please forgive me, your highness!’ he begs, voice trembling as much as his body. 

he’s gone and done it. his body had acted on its own. he’d seen the way the horse had startled at something and surged forward, carriage and all, straight for where the prince was standing admiring a flower arrangement, and he just moved.

but in saving the crown prince’s life, he’s also signed his own death sentence.

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anonymous asked:

Can you do one where the Horsemen finds out that their s/o is being abuse by their parents?Maybe seeing the bruises on them?

Okay, so obviously this is a delicate topic, I’ve tried not to make the description of the injuries too specific or graphic, but I hope I haven’t somehow gotten this way out of whack. Prepare yourself for some viscously protective horsemen. xoxo

Death: He stills when he sees the bruises on your back as you pull a shirt down over it, not realising that the horseman had wandered into your room. Damn him and his soft step. Without pause, he reaches for you and lifts the shirt again, prompting a shriek from you as you try to turn around and stop him. But it’s in vain, you pull your shirt but he doesn’t let go, merely glares quietly at your back as if his gaze alone could make the bruises disappear. 

You try to play it off, but nothing slips past Death, and before you can stop yourself, you’ve relayed to him the entire story of what your parents have been doing to you. 

The horseman hisses something vehemently in an ancient language that sounds suspiciously like a human swear word, then lowers your top back over the marks. You turn to face him, suddenly very afraid of what he’s thinking. Death is now staring through you, lost in thought until at last, he blinks and states very quietly and calmly, “You’re coming home with me.” A little confused, you stutter back, “B-but I already am home?” 

Shaking his head, Death pulls you a little towards himself, glaring at your bedroom door as though daring your parents to come strolling through at any moment. “No, this isn’t your home anymore. Get your things. We’re leaving.” 

Now you’re even more puzzled. But he roots around in your cupboard to find a bag, tossing it at you and standing guard at the door. “Death, what-” 

“I’ll not allow you to stay here any longer, I’m sorry.. But this is for your own good.” Part of you is a little worried, you can tell he means business, but you still fear your parents wrath if you leave. And what will you tell your friends? Shaking your head, you start stuffing things into your bag, figuring that you’ll work out the details at a later date, for now, Death is actually willing to take you away from the pain. 

Once you’re packed, you turn to see Death glaring holes through your door, his shoulders are heaving as he breathes heavily and you can hear the leather of his wraps creaking as his fists clench painfully tight. “Death?” You call in a hushed tone. His head twitches towards you and he sighs tiredly, turning to pick you up. Opening your bedroom window, Death leaps down to the ground below, before hitting the earth however, Despair appears in a flurry of sickly green light and the horseman lands smoothly in the saddle. 

It’s probably the fastest, cleanest getaway you’ve ever known. Death spurs Despair off into the night, clutching you close to his chest but being mindful of the marks adorning your back. He hopes that the small gesture adequately portrays that he’s fully prepared to take care of you, and woe betide any who try to take you away from him. 

War: This was a disaster. You’d been so careful, how had War seen? It was the wince, you decided. The wince you’d let slip when your huge horseman friend had nudged you lightly in your side to ask you about a photograph on your dresser. Of course, his sharp eyes immediately picked up on your expression and he backed away a little. “I’m sorry, I’ve injured you…” 

You look up at him hurriedly, scrambling to quash his worry, “No no, War this wasn’t you! It was-” You bite your lip, suddenly aware that you’d almost let slip one of your most guarded secrets. War, ever watchful, scowled, taking another step towards you and letting his hand hover over your side. 

“If not me…” he growled slowly, “Then who?…” 

You bit your lip, eyes flickering between War’s increasingly livid face and your door, beyond which, you can both hear your parents laughing at the television together.

 “If they find out I told you, they’ll kill me.” You hiss urgently at him. But War’s frown only deepens into something much darker. His suspicions all but confirmed, the horseman’s fist collides with the wall behind you, making you give out a small noise of surprise. His head whips towards your door and he begins to make for it, pulling Chaoseater from its hilt. With a gasp, you leap between him and the door handle, spreading your arms wide. “War! No, it’s okay,” you try to insist. “I can handle it, but you can’t hurt them.” 

“Watch me.” he mutters darkly as he goes to step around you, but you follow his movements, blocking him from reaching the door. War eyeballs you for a few, tense moments. At last, to your relief, he relents and sheathes Chaoseater with a disgruntled sigh. “You can’t remain here.” He suddenly claims. At his statement, you give a sigh of your own, rubbing your eyes tiredly. “…I know, War..But what else am I supposed to do?…” You intended the question to be rhetorical, but War suddenly lifts his head up, a determined gleam in his azure eyes. 

“You could come with me.” he suggests, utterly serious. 

You recoil in shock, not at all expecting him to actually offer a suggestion let alone one so generous. Your brow furrows sadly, “War, I’d love to but…I can’t just leave everything behind. My life, my friends, work I-” 

“You would not have to leave your life behind,” War interrupts, “You would simply have a life without this….” He gestures to your side before continuing, “I will take you wherever you want to go. I will protect you when you’re there and then I will take you back to our home.” 

“Our home?” You can’t help but ask.

War nods decisively. “I will give you a home, Y/n. Somewhere far from Earth. You would be safe there….With me.” You find yourself struggling to breathe at his offer, one that could change your life forever. You look up into the eyes you’ve come to love so dearly and think of all the times you’ve daydreamed about staying by his side, forever. 

Quietly, softly, you at last say the word he’s been waiting to hear. 


Fury: She spots the marks as you enter your bedroom after a shower. She’d shown up and let herself in through your window, because honestly? She’d always sensed a very unwelcoming presence from your parents whenever she usually came to visit. 

Fury bolts up from where she’d been lounging on your bed. She clears the space between you in two seconds flat and grasps your wrist, stretching your arm out into the air and peering at the ghastly bruises on your upper arm. You’re startled when she does this, frantically trying to pull your arm back but she shushes you softly and lowers your limb after a minute’s more of scrutiny. 

“Y/n, how on Earth did this happen?” She asks you, a worried frown creasing her forehead. You blanch at her questioning, suddenly tripping over your words trying to find some kind of excuse. Of course, she doesn’t buy it. 

Eventually, she coaxes the truth from you, only after you make her promise not to let them know that you’ve told anyone. Fury’s claws rip into your bedspread as she lets out an impromptu hiss of rage. It’s so uncharacteristic of her to lose her cool that you’re shocked. But this is serious. 

Fury’s eyes narrow as she tries her best to steady her breathing. Finally, she looks at you with a terribly sad expression on her face. “I can’t believe they would do this to you. You!” She exclaims, “You’re such a wonderful person, who’d want to hurt you like this?” She shakes her head miserably, but after a quiet second, she lifts it again, searching for your eyes imploringly. The horseman lifts her hands to grip each of your cheeks and whispers in a hushed tone, “Y/n….I can take you away from here….” she promises hurriedly, “I can keep you safe. But I won’t take you if you don’t want me to…” She says this with an air of dread lacing her tone, hoping against hope that you’ll not deny her this… 

This is all happening so fast. You want to cry at the prospect of rescue but at the same time you’re so afraid that something will go wrong. But….

“Do you trust me?” Fury suddenly asks, stroking your cheek lightly with her knuckles. 

Do you trust her? You think for a moment.. .Has there ever been a time when you didn’t trust this horseman? When you wouldn’t lay down your life on the line for her? You’d spent the entire apocalypse putting your life in her gentle, but powerful hands so why not do the same thing now? 

You look up at her with your mouth turned into a grim line, nodding once. 

Fury’s face breaks out into a relieved smile and she glances around your bedroom. “Grab what you need.” She whispers, “We’ll sort out essentials some other time, for now. Just bring what you can carry.” You go about the room picking up some bare essentials. Toothbrush, spare clothes, phone, laptop, etc. When you’re ready, you turn to her and nod once again. She sighs gladly and there’s a flash of purple light from outside your window, reminiscent of a lightening strike and a soft whickering from outside lets you know that she’d just summoned her spectral steed.

Fury gathers you to the window, “I wish you’d told me about this sooner…” is all she says as she eases you down into the horse’s saddle.  

“Me too..” You mumble, leaning back against her warm body as she settles in behind you. The horse starts off at a brisk trot before flicking it’s head and bursting into a fast canter away from your home. Away from your parents. “Are you ready for a new adventure?” Fury calls into your ear above the wind whipping past. 

Despite your previous trepidation, you find yourself smiling cheerfully. 

“With you, Fury. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

Strife: Your parents are unfortunate enough to be in the room when Strife notices your bruises. 

The horseman is sat next to you on the sofa, his head leant back against his crossed arms whilst your parents sit uncomfortably on the other chairs. You’re leaning up against Strife’s side. Buried safely into him, you find yourself lost in thought. 

You’d been so sure that having a horseman as a friend, your parents might stop treating you so cruelly, but you’re just not that lucky… 

“Whatcha thinkin’ about squirt?” Strife chirps, suddenly breaking you from your thoughts by squeezing your side with one of his arms. You can’t quite stop the pained “Ouch!” that jumps from your throat before you know it. You and your parents freeze, you with a look of sheer terror on your face and they with enraged expressions adorning theirs. But Strife looks puzzled, “What was that?” he asks. 

Strife has always been reminded by you time and again exactly how hard he had to squeeze you before it became painful. He’s now acutely aware of your pain tolerance and what he just did? That should not have made you go ‘ouch’.

Suspicious, Strife turns to face you full, catching the look of horror on your face and then turns to see your parents hurriedly smoothing their own features and turning back to the television, pretending that nothing was out of the ordinary. A dark scowl makes it’s way onto the horseman’s face as he slowly turns his eyes down to you. “What…was…that?” He breathes, dangerous and low, sharp eyes narrowing. 

You go to answer, but he doesn’t actually give you the chance. Strife pins you against the sofa cushions, grabbing one side of your pyjama top, he lifts it carefully, aware of your parents rising to their feet behind him. He nearly stops breathing at the side of branded fingers littering your side. Snarling ferociously, Strife whips his head around to look at your parents. 

“The Hell is this?” He bellows, clearly indicating your exposed skin whilst you struggle to tug your top from his grasp. Your parents hiss at him angrily.

“That is none of your business.” One growls. 

“Like Hell it ain’t!” The horseman shouts back. You whimper at the sudden threat of your parents looming over Strife. But you really needn’t have been so worried. 

It seems, that even your parents had become rather complacent around Strife. They were so used to seeing him being friendly and gentle with you, they seemed to have forgotten that he is, in fact, still very much a Horseman of the Apocalypse, and perfectly capable of tearing them apart, should he see fit. 

Strife suddenly stands up, growing to his full, imposing height, head almost brushing against the ceiling as he rests his hands threateningly on Redemption and Mercy. He positions himself in order to completely block you from view when he faces your parents, who’re suddenly looking far less intimidating. Strife growls in his throat before loudly exclaiming, “Now, I’m taking Y/n here with me, and I don’t wanna have to shoot you in front of your kid, so I suggest you back up and let us walk…” 

“You can’t do that!” One of them exclaims nervously, “That’s kidnapping! W-we’ll call the police!” 

Strife lets out a bark of dark laughter, “Oh yeah!? Well go ahead then tough guy. I’m sure they’d looove to hear about what you’ve been doin’ to my friend here.” With that, Strife turns with abrupt gentleness and lifts you into his arms, whispering, “S’okay. I gotcha...M’not gonna let em hurt you anymore...” 

Your parents don’t make a move to stop him as he strolls out of your old home,  precious cargo in his arms. 

Put The Gun Down

Songfic for Put The Gun Down by ZZ Ward

Summary: Jo is jealous of your relationship with Dean. Desperate times called for desperate measures.

Words: 1,900 (I got carried away)

Dean x Reader

Warnings: Angst, possession

Your name: submit What is this?

Before you had started dating Dean, you’d been jealous of his friendship with Jo. The two of them were so close. He’d always laugh and joke with her, and she’d do everything she could to make him smile.

It wasn’t that you didn’t want him to be happy. Hell you really wanted him to be as happy as he could be.

It was the way she looked at him: like he was the only person in the world.

You only noticed it because you knew you looked the same when you were around him. Smitten. Like the sun shined out of his ass.

Who could blame you, really? Dean was – still is - gorgeous. And caring, and kind, and a big softy at heart, despite how much he hated to admit it.

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The Island

New multi-part Omelia AU fic. Owen Hunt is a business man. He’s a firm believer that he is completely self-sufficient and void of human ‘weaknesses’ such as love. His favourite relationship is the one between him and his phone. He takes care of himself, he satisfies his needs and he prefers his own company over others’. He has his money, his looks and his power. What else does he need?

One more kick and that’s it, I’m turning round and saying something, I think to myself again and again.

There’s a certain etiquette on a plane that one should respect and adhere to, and first class usually guarantees the privelege of such behaviour. I can hear what is behind me. It’s a child- a child I now know is called Theodore Francis Shepherd after its mother scorned it with its full name for not calming down, shutting up and falling to sleep when it was asked.

Now, if I ruled the earth, sea and sky, I would insist that first class have an age requirement. They’d be no parties bigger than two unless it involved a horny, drunk bachelorette party providing a plethora of depressed single ladies about to lose one more of their kind to the married life.

In an ideal world, all flights would have the private suite option like the Emirates flight to Dubai have, but I suppose I’m not in charge of what airline the law firm book me on. British Airways will have to do.

New York to London is a trip I do regularly for work. I travel the hour or so in a yellow taxi from my Manhatten apartment overlooking Central Park to JFK, I breeze through check-in and security and patiently wait in the first class lounge with a glass of champagne. If it’s the morning then they often put orange juice in too, much to my dismay. With someone, you’re thinking? Do I do this all alone? Yes. Thank God. From what I’ve experienced, from what I’ve seen, alone is better.

A 1624 work by the English author John Donne states that “No man is an island”. Nobody can live self-sufficient from the world, from other people. We depend and rely on others. Well, aside from people providing me with work and a way to get around, I beg to differ. Consider me an island with a big fucking ocean surrounding me. On my island there is me, there is work, there is a gym, there is an occasional female visitor and definitely no mother trying to tell her child to stop kicking the back of my fucking chair.

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Dancing in the Moonlight (m)

Word Count: 4,607

Warning: Namjoon smut

If there were a way for you to escape responsibility, you’d gladly accept, whatever the consequences might be.

“Now smile and hold your head up high,” the voice behind you says drowning with sternness and expectations.

“Yes, mother.”

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Darkness: Void Stiles

Originally posted by where-my-dreams-hide

Requested by// Well I put two requests together for this one so by @silverwingedfox and @ireallyneedhelplikenow hope you enjoy! Xxx

I hate the dark. I guess it’s been programmed into humans to be afraid of it. But most people believe that the monsters aren’t real and it’s all in your head. But what happens when you know different. That the monsters are real and out to get you.

This was a really inconvenient time to think about this as I stood, half hidden behind Scott, half hidden behind Isaac in the cold dark room of Derek’s loft.

I could feel the frantic thrum of my heart beat as cold mist swirled around my face. “Are you sure he’s coming?” Lydia asked, making everyone jump.

“He’ll be here.” Scott replied and I noticed the way his hands shook.

We all waited for a couple more minutes until Lydia’s head suddenly perked up. “I can hear him coming.” She said, chewing her lip.

Allison adjusted her bow, aiming it towards the door, Isaac fully shifted his long claws sending shadows across the floor. Scott’s red eyes glowed as he quickly pushed me behind the large table in the room.

The door to Derek’s loft was pulled open and Void Stiles stood, alone silhouetted by the lamppost light from outside.

“Well, looks like we’ve got the whole gang here doesn’t it?” Void Stiles voice was nice and cheery and it sent shivers down my spine. It was so wrong.

The pack all moved slightly, shielding me, were I cowered behind the table.

“Aww,” Void Stiles cooed mockingly, as he walked into the room. “Isn’t that sweet? Protecting those who can’t protect themselves.”

Without hesitation Allison shot an arrow and faster than I could blink Void Stiles caught it, the tip barely touching his forehead.

“Tut tut,” He continued his patronising tone and I watched Isaac grit his teeth in annoyance.

“Did you really think an arrow was going to work? Plus Allison, sweetie, shooting me will only end Stiles’ life and will do no harm to me. Surely even you knew that?”

I watched as everyone looked around at each other, our so called “flawless” plan instantly ruined when we realised we couldn’t actually hurt Void Stiles.

Void Stiles smirked, probably sensing the uneasiness and well, fear that hung in the air like a bad smell.

“Now if you can’t hurt me….” Void Stiles motioned to himself, “I wish you the best of luck with them.” And with a wave of his hand 4 Oni materialised out of thin air, walking out of the darkness of the shadows.

One went for Lydia, and while it was in the midst of drawing its sword Isaac roared and launched himself at it. I watched in horror as the Oni swung its sword round and slashed Isaac across the stomach.

“Isaac!” Allison screamed as she shot arrow after arrow at the other attacking Oni’s.

Without thinking Scott ran away from me, pulling Isaac out of anymore harm’s way. Which left me wide open.

Once Scott realised his mistake he tried to run back to me but only to be blocked by another Oni, barely dodging the sword himself.

Isaac was barely a few feet away from and deciding to abandon my hiding place I rushed over to him, noticing the growing blood stain on his shirt.

I crouched down beside his head. “Isaac?” I whispered, shaking his shoulder. His eyes stopped rolling around his head as he focused in on me. His eyes then grew wide as he croaked, “behind you!”

I turned on my heel to see Void Stiles looking down at me with an amused smirk. I gasped and flew to my feet, backing away from him and Isaac. I backed away from him until my back hit the wall.

“What’s wrong little dove, scared?” He asked tauntingly and I chewed my bottom lip before eventually nodding.

“People say there’s bravery in admitting you’re afraid. I think it makes you weak.” He said, his face barely inches from mine and I squeezed my eyes shut as his breath fanned over my collar bone. Even that was cold.

“Stop.” I whispered and his head cocked to the side as his eyebrow raised.

“What was that little one? Speak up.” He purred and I shivered. His sweet tone was even more unsettling than his angry one.

“Get away from me.” I said, louder this time and Void Stiles eyes twinkled with mischievous delight.

“Say it like you mean it.” He teased and I glared angrily before shoving him as hard as I could away from me. He stumbled, caught completely off feet and landed on the ground.

“Get away from me.” I snarled dangerously and suddenly two Oni’s were in front of, their swords gleaming in the dim light.

“Y/N!” I heard someone shout as the Oni in sync raised their swords.

“Don’t you dare touch her!” I expected the last one to come from someone in the pack and was beyond shocked when it came from Void Stiles.

He was back on his feet, a protective fire in his eyes as he stood between me and the Oni.

“Leave! I don’t need you anymore!” He yelled commandingly and with a breath of smoke, they were gone.

Void Stiles turned back to me, the same protective fire in his eyes as he checked me up and down.

He leant in closer, until his lips were at my ear.

“No need to thank me little dove.” He whispered before turning and walking away, slamming the door shut behind him.

Not Afraid Anymore Chapter 6 (Pearlet) – Columbia

Hello loves, how is everyone? This chapter is a 6k mess of mixed emotions, Chinese takeout, Clueless, and something that might be considered both a good thing and a bad thing at the end ;-)))) But you’ll have to read it to know what I have in store.  I didn’t quite realise how much I had written until the counter thing at the bottom of my screen said page 8… so I hope you have time😊.  As always thank you so much for the lovely comments I have received so far, it really warms my heart; feedback and criticism is always welcome, as long as it is constructive of course.  I hope you enjoy!  Kisses xxx

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To Keep You Warm

Preface: You’re a member of the company and the nights out in the open tend to get cold, so cuddles are a must. Luckily for you there’s an affectionate young dwarf readily available.
Words: 1213
Pairing: Kili X Reader
Warnings: Fluff.

The night air nipped at your skin, making every hair stand on end as a wave of goosebumps flushed over you. The twitch in your foot was only confirming the fact that you weren’t simply being petty for missing a warm bed but that it was cold indeed, and that perhaps you would be a fool for not imagining you were elsewhere with goose down blankets and a mountain of pillows. But there were other matters at hand, and another mountain far more worthy of your attention. Summer was waning and Durin’s Day approached, and complaining about the temperature was not worth the squabble you would receive for it. Perhaps you’d get a smile and a comforting pat on the shoulder from Balin, most likely a nod of agreement from Bilbo, but that wasn’t worth the angry reminder from Thorin that the quest was far more important than a good night’s sleep. But from what you could tell, just about everyone else could catch a few hours or so while you were left shivering in the dark.

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what you deserve.

➵ characters: jb x reader
➵ genre: angst
➵ wc: 2735
➵ summary:  jaebum has been pushing you and your relationship to its limits.
➵ author’s note: read this with caution. it gets pretty angsty. if that’s a word. think of this as looking out for you: if you’re overly sensitive, it’s probably best to skip over this one.
➵ masterlist
➵ disclaimer

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I’ll Take the High Road || Chapter Eleven || Daring Do’s

“As it was… his mind was filled only with her absence, and it was burning in his chest.”

Fandom: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries/ High Road to China (Crossover)
Characters: Phryne Fisher & Jack Robinson
Rating: T
Genre: Comedy/Romance/AU

Bonus edition! I can smell the end, so rapid updates. :P On with the action! Phryne makes a decision that leaves both Jack and her father terrified at the results.

Please read and comment at AO3 if you have a moment. Thank you!

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Be a good girl.

Summary: OFC Kate is Tom’s submissive and comes home to realise she was made a vital mistake. 

Warnings: Dom/Sub, DD/lg, Rough/Unprotected sex punishment, spanking, leather belt. 

Kate knew as soon as she walked in the door that something was wrong, usually after a long day studying at University, Tom Hiddleston, her boyfriend/dominant would be waiting to greet her at the door with the kisses and cuddles that she had come to adore so much in last eight months. However he wasn’t there to greet her today, although it was obvious he was home; his jag was in the garage and the keys were hanging up in their rightful place. They were a constant, but subtle, reminder of his dominance.  The house was silent, no gentle background music or quiet sound from the television at all; like Kate was used to when she came home. Which could only mean one thing. That she had supremely fucked up.

As Kate walked through the house to dump her Uni work and then search for Tom, she racked her brain for what she had done. Kate couldn’t think of anything to warrant Tom being made at her. It had been three weeks since she had received a true punishment, a paddling for talking back to Tom. Back talking was a form of defiance, and defiance was not something Tom took lightly, so punishment was swift. Kate could think of no other such incidents recently. After searching through the whole house the only place left was Tom’s office. Unlike the rest of the house his office was nothing like him, a very dark room that wasn’t warm at all; it was a darkened room which sent shivers down her spine. She wasn’t forbidden in anyway to visit the room but she choose not, and when searching for misplaced items, she always saved it for last. Which is exactly what she had done today. The exception today being that the missing thing wasn’t a phone or a book it was her Tom.

While working up the courage to check Tom’s office Kate reflected on their relationship of eight months and the month before they became serious. The simplest way to describe their relationship was, Tom equals dominant and Kate equals the submissive. However with a closer examination you would discover that Tom was more of a “sugar daddy” to coin a popular phrase; though again this didn’t really describe their relationship either. Yes there was a considerable age gap between them, Kate was only twenty while Tom was thirty-five. Yes Tom did enjoy buying her things, but he didn’t spoil her and he was definitely NOT a crusty old man, he was every bit the virile young man he was made out to be. Kate was more of a pet or little girl to Tom, something precious that Tom had to protect, and Kate was extremely happy to think of Tom as her Daddy.

Shit. Sudden realisation struck Kate, today was her birthday and today was also the day Tom wanted her passport to book them a holiday overseas. She officially turned twenty years old today and she had never told Tom when her birthday was. Which was a major problem now because Tom didn’t like her to keep secrets; it wasn’t like she had purposely kept the secret from him. Kate hadn’t bothered to tell Tom when they were celebrating his birthday because it hadn’t come up in conversation and she hadn’t felt it necessary because she wasn’t sure how long relationship would last.

After steeling her nerves Kate decided rather than prolonging her anxiety she would enter his office to take her punishment like a good little kitten so that she pleased Tom and he would know longer be mad at her. Upon entering Tom’s office she noticed that he only had his desk lamp on which created a dark glow on his face making him look rather dangerous. His usually friendly face was set in a dark look, his mouth in a very straight line, looking more like Loki then her ever friendly Tom. “Finally you have come to me my sweet girl” said Tom “I’m hoping that you already know why you’re here.” Kate wanted nothing more than to be swallowed up by the floor because of Tom’s disapproving tone and it was more than enough to set her straight and look back on her mistake but she knew it wasn’t that easy Tom would never let her off without a punishment and, such a personal detail as not telling Tom her birthday, punishment would be extremely severe, probably a spanking session as well as a night of being Tom’s personal fuck toy but that didn’t matter as much because she already was.

“Since you already know why you are here I’m not going to waste my time explaining it to you. I would rather move straight to the punishment and then to fucking you as that’s all I’ve been able to think about all day. I can’t wait to get my cock in your tight little cunt. You know why daddy loves your little cunt so much, because its still as tight as the day that I took your virginity. My darling if only you knew that My cock has been stiff and hard all day just thinking of you, stretched out like a precious little kitten, this morning completely naked I would’ve taken you right then and there but it would’ve been a quickie and I couldn’t have had enough time to give your body the proper praise it deserved. But now that I find out you kept one of the most important pieces of information from me well it’s time for you to be punished. ”

While Tom said this whole speech Kate stood there steadily growing more excited at the prospect of being throughly fucked by Tom, her cunt was practically gushing by now, if she hadn’t been wearing jeans she was sure it would running down her legs. 

“Now strip everything off darling and lean over my desk, present that glorious ass of yours for me and I’ll make this quick so I can bury my cock in that gorgeous little kitty of yours.” 

Kate pulled her clothes off and threw them onto the floor of Tom’s office without a second thought, now leaning over his desk with her ass in the air Kate heard the unmistakable sound of his belt being pulled from the loops of his suit pants. Then it was softly caressing her before hissing threw the air to land with a resounding smack on her right ass cheek. This happened twenty-six more times. Twenty for her age. Five for the month and two for the day. Accepting her punishment the way she knew Tom liked, quietly without fuss she knew she would be rewarded for her efforts.

“"Well done my gorgeous little kitten, it’s now time for your reward.” With that Kate heard Tom pulling down his zipper, not bothering to undress knowing Kate loved him fucking her still fully dressed while she was completely naked.

“"Hang on Darling this is going to be rough”. And it was. Tom rutted in Kate as fast as he could, one hand held her waist while the other closed around her neck squeezing ever so gently as a reminder, forcing her to orgasm, Tom kept rutting into her cunt. Kate started whimpering wanting to stop but never daring to use her safe word. “"Keep up darling I’m not even half way through with you yet.” Tom kept his promise by bringing her seven glorious orgasms and each time squeezing his hand on her neck to stretch out her orgasm until they rolled into each other.

Tom rutted into her until his climax, seated deep inside her and spilling into her warm wet cunt making sure his kitten got all of his cum and then slowly pulling out to watch it dribble down her legs.  

In Bloom Shall We Wake

It got requested that I write a request based on the Hobbit which I love! So here it is as requested, I hope you enjoy! If anyone would like to request more of this or anything else or just wants to chat, my ask box is always open. *Based on a gif that isn’t my own*


Request by; Anon

Request;  Ooh this is so exciting! Okay could I maybe request something where you’re a human who somehow finds herself in Middle earth and the first people you come across are The Company and they take you under their wing and you help them in their quest. Then maybe along the way Kili begins to fall in love with you and is fascinated by your tattoos. Unf, ultimate dreams right there haha! Thanks lover, no pressure if you don’t fancy it though!

Warnings; None

The man approached you, as if from nowhere he walked steadily and slowly towards you. It was just dawn and the sun peeped from over the hill, greeting you to a new day with it’s comforting warmth. You’d usually wake up around this time, your job of being a journalist required you to do so, it had become routine, waking up in the dark, making breakfast and getting ready before heading out the door as the sun rose to which you’d wish it a good morning and hope it was as ready as you were for the day ahead before you’d catch the early train to work, you’d come to enjoy your routine, it was quiet, not a soul was around, usually. Apart from today. Today was very peculiar indeed. At first you believed him just to be an elderly man, perhaps in need by the way he was walking but as he moved closer to you his stature changed, he was tall wearing draped clothing and walking with a large cane of some sorts. You took a step back, debating whether to turn and walk back up the path you had came from to find safety in your home but there was something about his aura that didn’t seem threatening. Upon reaching you he gave a small smile, to which you reciprocated, thinking he would just be another passer by but he wasn’t he stopped right in front of you and any attempt you made to get round him, he blocked. 

“You are Y/n Y/L/N, am I correct?” His tone was deep, filled with knowledge and wisdom, your ears pricked up and you nodded in reply, feeling speechless, how did this strange man know your name? 

“You can answer you know, I won’t harm you.” He spoke abruptly after your silent response and you shamefully looked down at the floor before looking back up at him. He wore draped grey robes and a half pointed grey hat, long wispy white hair cascaded down his shoulders and back, camouflaging into his moustache and beard, his face was aged, with wrinkles defining his brow bone. 

“Yes, I am. And you are?” You queried, trying to sound defensive and intimidating as you hadn’t fully figured out whether this man was a threat or not.

“I, am looking for someone to share in an adventure.” He was blunt, quirking his head to the side and raising his brows, a mysterious gleam shining in his bright blue eyes. An adventure, that was it, no introduction or anything.

“An adventure? Of what sort.” You in turn tilted your chin upwards slightly, a mix of confusion spreading across your face as he chuckled and nodded appealingly.

“You will have to come with me and find out.” He held out his hand to you and you were reluctant. There were only two possible outcomes of this; one, the man was crazy and escaped from his home to which you’d have to call the police to escort him back, two and very unlikely, you would follow him and have this bizarre adventure. After humming it over, you’d decided that either way this would make an interesting article in your company’s magazine so why not, you were a journalist after all, it was your job to be daring. Taking his rough calloused hand, he smiled and began laughing hard. Ah, so he was insane. Banging his wooden cane on the ground he laughed harder before looking at you with delight.

“You should probably close your eyes now.” You hesitantly obliged as you and the man were cocooned in a swirling ball of white light, lifting your from the ground you felt nauseous and wanted to scream, the ground had literally fallen from your feet though you were unable to fully tell as the light would have blinded you if you’d opened your eyes. Not so gracefully crashing to the ground, you grunted impacting the fresh smelling grass. Wait grass? You were in the middle of a city less than a minute ago. Creaking your eyes open you gasped when you saw thousands of trees swaying in the breeze to your right, a long winding river to your left and green acres of grass as far as the eye could see. The man was stood gazing down upon you as you stared, mouth wide at your new surroundings. You stumbled to your feet, still feeling dizzy after what ever had just happened to you. Birds tweeting filled your ear drums as different flowers danced by your feet, you watched the man gather a horse and cart before beckoning you to join him. Reaching up and pulling on the wooden handle, you lifted yourself into his cart as he whipped the ropes to his horse, kick starting it into motion. 

“You were the last recruit. We shouldn’t be far from Bilbo and the others now.” he never took his eyes off the gravel road and you marvelled at your surroundings, tiny houses burrowed in the hills with large rounded doors and small stained glass windows shined in the light, each one with a different homely item that made it stand out from the rest, whether it was tiny flower pots or oddly large leather boots by the front door, each house was different. 

“Recruit? Bilbo? Others? What? Who are you?” You continual questioning tired the man until he sighed and once happy that his eyes could leave the road he turned to you. 

“I am Gandalf the Grey. You will meet Bilbo and the others very soon. Ask no more questions.” He was stern with you and you felt as if you were a naughty five year old being told off by their parent, who was he to talk to you in a demanding manner, still you didn’t want to fight back, he was the only one you knew in this bizarre new world. You had travelled for what seemed to be a decade with this man, Gandalf the Grey or more Gandalf the Grumpy and the sun was saying it’s final goodbyes before retiring for the night, you spoke little with your new friend apart from when you were reaching in the back and getting these purple fruits and what he called ‘lembas bread’ which was surprisingly filling and the purple fruits were divine being a sweet a grapefruit but with a more distinctive taste, like dragon fruits. Your eyes grew heavy as the night crickets came out to serenade you and the tutting of the horse lulled you into falling even sleepier than usual, turning your head to the side and trying to curl up into as much of a ball as the cart would allow you soon drifted into slumber. 

“Who is she?”

“Why is she here? She is not needed here. You shouldn't have brought some human into this.”

“She is valuable to us Oakenshield and don’t you protest otherwise.”

“She’s never been here before, never seen anything like this, how does that make her valuable?!”

“I don’t know she could be valuable, I mean, she’s pretty enough, that’s something right?”

“Oh Kili calm down, what makes you think you’re her type anyway, I’m sure she’ll go for the more attractive older brother, me.”

“Fili, Kili stop that. You don’t know what she is, you don’t know where she’s been she could have rabies for all we know.”

“She is not welcome here.”

The suns warm rays shone on your face, alerting your body that it was time to wake up and go to work, you’d had a very odd dream about meeting a mad man with a pointy had that perhaps you’d tell Claire at work but for now it was time to start the day. Fluttering open your eyes were greeted by the blare of the sun, though something was different, going into focus you sat up, you were in a wooden cart, outside, hearing multiple voices in the near distance. Were you still dreaming? You had to be, right? You yawned and stretched and the white and black spotted horse neighed loudly, as if it was wishing you a good morning. You hopped down from the cart, gravel and dirt crunching under your shoes and you waltzed to the horse, patting it’s mane gently and rubbing it’s nose, it just blinked and shook its head at you, pesky flies sticking to it’s face, you did your best to shoe them away but the horse stomped its feet and you took a step back, acknowledging that, that was probably the extent of your animal friendship. Finally realising that your surroundings were real and that you were in fact in a different realm or universe perhaps you wandered to find the man that had brought you here, hearing his distinct voice in the distance. You wandered through the trees to find a circle of different men, though they were smaller than men and had very intricate hair designs, each one. They sat talking around a died out ash fire and they all had quirky accents, you hid behind the wide stump of a tree to listen in, you could see Gandalf stood, smoking a pipe of something as another man stood, marching back and forth you noticed they were talking about you.

The marching man wore a long fur coat stretching to the back of his knees, he wore a silk and chain suit of what seemed to be armour and furred pants with furred boots and leather straps. His hair was long, deep brown with slight strands of grey mixed in, some strands of hair was braided but for the most of it, it dangled off his shoulders, swaying as he marched. His facial hair was thick and dark, though kept neater than most of the other men’s, in fact they all seemed to have strange beards with braids in them, ranging from colours of fiery orange to brilliant white, all wearing similar outfits as the standing man. There was only one who was neat, no beard yet still mousy brown wispy hair, flicking off in different directions. He was distinctively different to all the others though still as small. 

“I told you already, she doesn't belong here.”

“Why not Thorin? Gandalf said she could be valuable to us.”

“I did not say she could be I said she is and if anyone speaks out against it one more time then I will make sure there’s something for you to protest about.” Clouds formed around Gandalf when he spoke and the others fell quiet. You felt perhaps it was time to introduce yourself to the group. Appearing from behind the tree you cleared your throat and all eyes fell on you, all twenty-six pairs fell on you. You cheeks flared red and you were observed by a mix of stone faces or ones with disgust or ones that tried to hide their laughter at your embarrassment. Gandalf stood straight walking over to you and resting a comforting hand on your shoulder.

“Everyone, this is Y/n. Get to know her she will be staying with us for a long time.” He smiled, his eyes boring into the man who was storming around before. A few of the men waved at you, giving slight smiles but one gave a warming smile, admiring your features. Gandalf once again cleared his throat and began pointing at each man.

“This is, Nori”, Nori gave a small ‘hello’ and a wave before getting back to fiddling with his weaponry. All the men did similar things as Gandalf introduced each one.

“This is, Dori and Bofur and Gloin and Dwalin and Balin and Oin and Bifur and Bombur and Thorin and Bilbo and Ori and Fili and last but not least Kili.” They all simultaneously bid you a good day apart from Kili whom strided towards you and gave an outstretched hand, which you gladly shook. His smile was warm and comforting, the stubble of his growing beard moved with his face, his deep eyes were ones you could easily get lost in and his long hair tangled over his shoulders. It was parted slightly and tied at the back as to not completely cover his handsome face, one you were quick to admire. You smiled politely as he spoke.

“So, you’re Y/n, it’s nice to meet you. I hope you enjoy our company whilst you’re with us.” He walked you to a nearby rock, which you both sat upon watching the others, Nori, Dori and Bofur getting into a ‘who has the most terrifying weapon and attack method’ whilst Dwalin was sat tutting at laughing at them. Balin hung around Thorin who appeared to be the leader of the group, though you weren’t 100% sure as it was Gandalf who appeared to hold all the power over the group. As you took in all the different men and their features Kili gazed at you, admiring your soft face that was dotted lightly with freckles, his eyes trailed down you stopping at your wrist when he noticed a white mark on it. He wanted to question you about it but wasn’t sure on how to approach the subject so instead just did what any dwarf would do and grabbed your wrist, causing you to jump and let out a yelp in surprise. He immediately backed off, cheeks flaring bright red and you laughed. Turning your wrist to see your white tattoo of a dream catcher, it was only small and dainty but it suited your personality, inside its web weren’t beads but small planets and the feathers were detailed so much that they appeared real. It was all in white ink which made it stand out more but also less than usual black tattoos, it was something different, something unique which you were. 

“Admiring my tattoo huh?” You laughed, showing Kili and he shuffled closer to you to get a better look, twisting and turning your wrist he held it high, gazing at it with childlike wonder as wide stretched grin crept over his face.

“Yes. You’re very beautiful - it’s very beautiful.” he stammered once he’d realised what he said and you smiled, blush filling your cheeks. You tried to play it off but you couldn’t help feeling flattered and charmed from this man.

“Thank you.” You spoke quietly and Kili let your arm drop, the two of you gazing into each others eyes before Kili was called away with some of the other men snickering at the two of you. Gandalf wandered over to you, sitting besides you and offering you a puff of his pipe, to which you politely declined. He supped on it before chuckling.

“I see you have an admirer already.” He turned to you with a wink and you both watched as Kili was being teased by Fili. “Brothers do like to tease each other don’t they.” You laughed, watching the two start wrestling as Bilbo tried to part them awkwardly.

“Yes, I think I’m going to enjoy this adventure.”

Caught In Action (M)

Genre: Smut
Word count: 1,410
Author’s note: This is my first proper smut, everyone *O* It’s a bit messy, but please don’t bash me as I promise to do much better in the future hehe Anyway, Taehyung-caused sexual frustration’s on me tonight, y'all! :D
Author’s note [2]: God bless the Cestladore remix of Melanie Martinez’s “Toxic” - if not for that ish, I’d never finish this lmao so feel free to listen to it while reading to get into the right feel hehe

“Now, you know what will happen if they hear you,” Taehyung whispered, fingers finding their way between your thighs. “I can bet my ass, your parents must think of you as the most diligent girl in the world,” his cocky grin widened as one of his fingers tugged on your panties, pushing them aside. “Oh, they would change their mind in an instant if you were caught getting a hand job not from someone, but from your dad’s boss’ son, huh?” his tone was almost threatening as he slid his index finger over your slit, coating it in your arousal.
And he was awfully right. Your dad’s boss and his family came over you your place, as it has already happened many times in the past; this time the only difference being Taehyung’s presence.
You went to the same high school but were in different classes, luckily enough. He knew perfectly that you were his dad’s employee’s dear daughter, and this indirect relationship made him a bit too familiar around you at school, even though you’ve never truly talked or hung out together, ever. Everyone knew you hated him for that, since you’ve sworn countless times on everything it is possible to swear on, that you wouldn’t open your mouth in Taehyung’s address even if he was the last man on earth.
Yet after numerous promises, here you were, half-naked in your room with your back pressed tight against the wardrobe, your and his parents downstairs and Taehyung in front of you, already having one finger inside you.
“Go fuck yourself, Taehyung,” you panted out, feeling the boy adding another finger so eager to please you.
“You’d curse me later if I didn’t let you take part in the action,” he whispered, lips falling onto the skin of your neck, slightly nibbling as he curled up his two fingers, hitting that ever so sweet spot of yours. His smirk widened. “I’ve told you so many times how good I could make you feel,” he added complacently, digits finding the spot over and over again, sending your legs shaking and you grabbing Taehyung’s shoulders in order to stay on your feet.
And then, as his index and middle fingers were still pressing deep within you, his thumb started to twirl around your clit, making stars appear in front of your eyes. You tried to muffle an uninvited moan that you accidentally let out, not willing to show the full extent of how much you were ready to give in.
“Come on, darling, let it all out,” he uttered lustfully, and for a moment, his eyes darted to the stairs that led to the floor below, and then back up at you, “… if you dare,” he winked.
The tension’s been building up in you since the very beginning, and now you were standing in front of him, a trembling, burning mess, and there seemed to be no salvation in sight.
“Hm,” Taehyung muttered, stopping his sinful fingers from pumping and releasing them out of your heat. The tension that has gathered in you by now solidified, burdening your already aching core like a heavy stone. All you wanted to do was release the pressure, and it no longer mattered whether you had to let your guard down for that.
“What?” your wild, filled with combusting craving eyes darted to his big, almond-shaped ones, reading a desperate question.
“I think I have a better idea.” One side of his mouth cocked in a smirk as he sank to his knees.
Your dripping, glistening folds were right in front of his eyes now, filling them with more lust every second. It was hard for him to look away, but he glanced at  your face and his smirk was now fully displayed. “Just remember to be quiet, right? We don’t want to spoil your reputation, good girl.”
As soon as the words flew out of his mouth, you were going to reply with something resembling “fuck yourself, Kim Taehyung”, but a second later, you realised that you were going to be the one needing a good fucking.
The boy leaned forward and pressed his pink tongue against your already extremely sensitive little nub for the first time, licking up the juices accumulated on the outside part of your slit, causing you to gasp in euphoria.
His masterful tongue was swirling around your clit, then dashing down to your lower lips, savouring your arousal hungrily, letting out a couple of growls at times. He made you feel things you’ve never felt before and your wishes were paradoxical: you longed for him to never stop and at the same time, make you come as soon as possible, ending the sweetest of all tortures. 
And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, Taehyung started to suck on your clit while sliding two digits in you and curling them at the same spot as before.
Your thighs began to tremble around his head, threatening to relax completely and let you fall on the ground.
And then, caught absolutely off guard, you felt yet another finger entering your core just when Taehyung switched his tongue movements to flicking up and down.
Feeling your body on the verge of exploding from not being able to release all the tension, you couldn’t hold it in anymore and cried out, feeling better for a moment.
The moment after, horror pierced your whole body, replacing sexual frustration as you realised that it was impossible for both your and Taehyung’s families not to hear the moan.
“Y/N?” You heard your mom call you, her voice sounding way too dangerously close for your liking.
“Shit!” you muttered under breath, eyes quickly trying to find your tormentor’s.
He was staring at you from below, raising one of the corners of his mouth in a movement that was ostensibly blaming, “it’s your problem now”. His tongue was still pleasing you at its best, digging into your essence greedily, and soon enough, the overwhelming feeling of pleasure started to suffocate you once again.
“Are you two okay there?” your mom spoke again sounding wary.
Taehyung removed his tongue from your sensitive nub and blew on it, sending shivers of some new, almost piercingly incredible feeling all over your body. He clearly tried to give you hell, not giving a damn about how you were going to deal with talking.
“Y-yeah..!” you finally answered, sounding probably a bit more excited than you originally intended to. “We’re fi…” Your voice cracked as you felt the boy’s teeth come in slight touch with your clit, giving you a new feeling that squeezed your lungs. The perspective of getting caught was driving you insane, intoxicating you with wild craving to come.
Taehyung’s tongue started to twirl around your sensitive nub while he was sucking on it and pumping all three fingers in and out of your dripping folds, bringing you oh so close to the edge. The backs of your thighs started to cover themselves with goosebumps, your clit felt on the verge of exploding, your stomach was tying itself in the tightest of all knots, and your heart raced as if it was competing with Taehyung’s tongue to see who would be faster.
“Anyway,” your mom continued, making you wish you could tell her to shut it for the next couple of seconds, “I passed by to say that Taehyung’s parents are leaving.”
With these words, his tongue immediately stopped its sweet course and his long fingers left your centre of heat, leaving you the burning feeling of longing for more.
As he rose up from his knees, your jaw dropped in shock; you couldn’t believe he would just leave you there in such a state.
As you tried to make sense of the whole situation, you watched Taehyung lick his fingers, taking up your juices and savouring them with every taste bud of his tongue that was ready to send you shaking with pleasure seconds ago. “Sorry, babe,” he whispered, his tone pitying your fate, “Today’s not your day, I guess.”
You still couldn’t utter a word, trying to grasp the reality while Taehyung was turning his back to you.
At the very last moment, he turned around, running an eye over the mess he's turned you in. “Don’t miss me too much,” he winked, “I’ll take care of you properly during our next date,” he playfully raised his eyebrows and disappeared in loud laughter coming from downstairs.