Appendicitis, Gas or Period

This week on Appendicitis, Gas or Period, we try to figure out if the sharp pain and various other symptoms I am feeling means I have appendicitis, gas, or menstruation!

I hate this game.

One of these days, I swear, it will be all three at the same time. And I’ll be there in acute agony thinking it’s just gas and my period no need to worry sleep now and I will die in my goddamned sleep like a loser because it was appendicitis too and I couldn’t tell and didn’t go to a hospital.

I can’t possibly be the only one woth this totally realiatic and juatifiable fear.

Is there a word for this? The phobia of failing to recognise a serious medical issue because you’re so used to being in some kind of pain you confused it for a more harmless agony? I bet there’s a word for this. A cookie for whoever can supply me with the word.

I’ve recently gotten interested in drawing more realistic drawings, I saw this one person on Tumblr and her portraits look so awesome in this kind of semi-realistic realistic way, which made me really into drawing more realistic rather than the kind of cartoony mangaish drawings I do right now, and this was my first attempt in doing so.. I’m not sure what to think of it other than I need more practice XD