But you said you could teach me

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So credence says “ but you said you could teach me” when they are in his sisters old house towards the end of the film but we never hear graves say that … So

I reckon that before graves was taken over by grindelwald he was visiting the Salem church after Tina was removed from her post

He obviously picked up on credences Magic and I reckon ( because he is just a nice person ) was telling him how he could teach him more about it and leave the church

But then he got replaced by grindelwald who carried on this “I’ll teach you
Magic” thing but then broke credences heart by telling him he was a squib and could never be taught

This is from a collection of photo sets imma do 

Graves is sent to Europe (Bruges see where im going ) whilst Grindelwald takes his form back in New York. He has to have a chaperone at all times incase he tries to escape.

Graves his obvs major pissed off by this and shows it by looking like a grumpy whatsit a large proportion of the time 

Distressed at what he thinks could be potentially happening to Credence (whom he has been caring for since meeting the second Salemers ) he seeks solace in the nearest Church as this feels as close to the boy as he can be. 


Who would win in a fight, ‘Gravity’ or NASA?

Although Gravity is jaw-dropping and has some of the best special effects ever seen in a film, NASA’s images remind us that nothing compares to the amazing real work the space program does. What’s incredible is that this boundary-breaking research is being done on an increasingly shrinking budget. While modern blockbusters such as Gravity spend $100 million or more on state-of-the-art special effects, NASA has sustained cuts year after year, resulting in several cancelled projects. 

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