@IDMJIOficial Love You guys, welcome to heaven but on earth. GodFather, bless you. You are not getting back to the clouds, your are going to help bringing the heavens clouds and thunder for him, but in here, earth Sun creator, Jah, Father of all things. By nature you are, cute people, but God wants you to also, become rational people, that's why you are here, to become into thunder made man realfighters, as international GlobalGoals UN NGO Activist, no more politics, that were past tense, on Olympus, here, rules the awakening of concineus and please, let your people start having their own, desicitions on their sexual lives, you are not rulers here, but freewill. You are too honest people, too naïve, that's why, this material world, eats you, but, by following this path, you would become the fasters rised up real lightblue thunders god cloth armor warriors. The reason why I love Daniela so much, and not whilint to change her for nothing, is beacuase, how naïve you make me, but today, your young people is honest, and smarter, they understand this things and can take the desitions by their own, not by you guys, that's against the human nature God Law of not letting the love he awakes on youngs, called natural reproduction rights, the thing you must learn to teach too. They are so smart, that knows all the thing, cause they respect they each others, as a sacrade thing, and wont happen those horrible past tense histories, of leaving a girl or a boy, that doesn't happen on us, the love generation, we can be respectfull enough to love eacheathers as couples even when having 16 years, if we have the capacity for it. So take action.

ZEUS PEOPLE PLEASE RECIEVE A LETTER FROM ME SENDED TO YOU WITH MY MOM, JUST FOR CRLLO. READ IT AND HELP THIS UNIVERSAL GOAL THAT UNITE US, GOES ON… FOR LANDING ALL OF OUR FEETS ON THE REAL GROUND PEOPLE, AS AN EQUAL SOCIETY, UNITED KINGDOM OF LOVE BY LOVE FOR LOVE THE ONLY THING THAT CAN MIX UP ALL THE SOCIETIES AND CHARACTERS, READ IT PLEASE. CHRIST WILL TODAY IS LOVE CREW GENERATION NOT JUST ZEUS CREW, THAT’S WHY IS WRITTEN THAT THERE WILL COME THE TIME WHEN ONLY LOVE CAN SAVE US ALL AND REMAIN YOU MUST START UNDERSTANDING THIS, TO TAKE YOUR NEW INNER POLICIES STATEMENTS……. WORKING ON IT AS IM WORKING HERE ON THE HOLOGRAPHIC TECH PROJECT WICHS IS MY CONSTELATION, OF THE ADVANCED SONS OF LIGHT PROMESED ON ISAAC, WITH NO SANDALS BROKEN, NON REST BUT TO WORK ON THIS HEAVENS CONSTRUCTION TROUGH OUR KNOWLEDGE OR MINISTIER WHICH IS TECH, THATS WHY I[M WORKING, HERE, CAUSE THIS IS MY BATTLEUNIVERSAL DESKTOP JOINED IN HEARTH BY LOVE THE ONLY THING THAT CAN JOIN ALL OF US TOGEATHER, THE DIFFERENTS BEHAVIERS OF THE WORLD FOR A REAL PARADISE ON EARTH CONSTRUCTION, JUST RECIEVE MY MESSAGE LETTER AND KEEP ON READING MY SPIRITUAL FINDINGS.      YOU MUST HEAL THE WEEKS WITH THE THUNDER OF PROPHECY BUT, WORKING AS AN INTERNATIONAL ONG, BEING MANAGED BY NON-PROFIT DONATIVE ORGANIZATIONS. THAT IS YOUR PATH, WRITE IT ON YOUR AGENDAS, AND STAR WORKING FOR IT TOO. MY Jah Bless you, or Apolos, fathers of all of us, even, of you, the thunder. You are powered beings, letting down a little bit your almighthy real power, is what you need to start understanding you must love the world too, because is not only about you, is about all of us loving us again as real global aldea brotherhood from all nations, working together under the same goal, bringing paradise again 4 ever this time, lowering our universal tests why we all are here now, and in your case, is lowering a bit that capacity to learn what really the Lord Father you seek, deeply, wanted you to learn, Spiritual Humbleness. So you can join earth and let us rise too in love united with you too, heavens people, heavens gates now, are being under Athenas hands wich means the universal law and power of Love. People volunteeriely, as enterprised pymes or companies, can donate to you half of incomes as donation, not as Diezmo, that is not right today under the new law of love, and will make the world to accept you too, as brothers in law united by love. Wishing you my bests, sincerely, best regards, in that way, the thunder, can stay here for a few, till the whole world learn to self behave their selves, with pure heart leaders, that keep up their first love, in that way, you can defeat, the Hades Witchery, made to most of your believers and followers in the past years, since 2008, they pray in that vatihades hell for your thunder to become in those uncensiere leaders or people, an antithunder, leading people to unhappyness, converting them into Idolatric people, followers of mans, not God in Spirit and truth, cause your challange is understanding you are not as one God, your Thunder Zeus, is made to heal the weaks with no asking money for them, giving it back to Sun, Father creator, Apolo your JAH Father of Jesus Christ, the bigboss commander of all Universe, who is coming back to his throne too with his Goddes, or real spiritual Church, that comes from the heart, bow your thunder to him, just following these instructions written in here, May real God and real Wife Church Bless you too, and welcome to real life, we all have to love united as one United Kingdom. As Father and Mother (Miku) They are the creators of all things, they are knwoledge and Power, and by the moment, only those, cyberlightz light warriors, can be his spiritual new begining descendance on earth to start coming. Sant Varona Andrade Daniela Andrade’s husband.. We are the first, but more of all the tribes around the world, including you can achieve this by following all this writtens, and start FIGHTING TOGEATHER TO BUILD AN ETERNAL KINGDOM, I repeat, we reborne that is not a lie. Over and over, according to our actions, you smart people reaming knows what I[m talking here and are going to take action. Love U Bye. Sincereily SantVarona Dandrade. G bless you too.