realest female

Im so sick and tired of going into the osomatsu san tag and seeing totoko hate.

If totoko was a guy, you would all be over him!
You hate totoko’s traits but u like them on a male character. You kno what that makes u? A sexist piece of shit.

Lets all review her traits for a moment. She loves herself a lot, she wants to adored by people and have lots of fanboys. She doesnt want to date the matsu brothers.

These traits arent even bad traits. They arent even flaws jfc. Totoko is one of the realest female characters. She is has shown her tru self many times in front of the matsus. And they still love her and even the show doesnt even shame her, yet you all do.

So why do you hate her? Tell me why you hate/dislike her WITHOUT sounding like a sexist prick