So i went to see Mission Impossible tonight and i got wicked excited at the Opera part..cuz they performed the song Onew sings  “Nessun Dorma”….best part of the movie for me hahah and im sitting there mouthing the words happily and my man keeps looking at me like “how in the heck do you know THIS!? bawhahaha…and i dont care what anyone says ONEW SINGS IT BETTER  *SMUGLY EATS POPCORN*

has anyone else noticed the very serious discrepancies between luke skywalker’s hair in episodes 5 and 6?? okay let me explain

here we have a very boy-next-door haircut. lots of little wispy bits. it leans toward dirty blonde. but then episode 6 happens and eVERYTHING CHANGES.

now luke’s hair is cut in more of a bowl shape. there are no more wispy bits because newly minted jedi knights ain’t got time for no wispy bits, i guess, which is a true shame. i no longer want to touch it as much as i did in episode 5. also, it’s darker. or is that just luke’s sudden obsession with wearing black? 

pretty sure i have thought about these extremely important changes to luke skywalker’s hair for, like, the entirety of my teenage years. thoughts??


Today was moving day. I OFFICIALLY live in Chicago now. It was a pain moving everything I own twice in one day, but Brink was a real champ, I think he actually liked the car ride more than anyone else did. The only odd thing was at one point he was just chillin with his legs…. spread eagle. Nonetheless everyone is safe and in their new home.