Aish… ya que me he animado a hacerlo, lo subo ^////^ …

Les comparto un mini cómic que he hecho luego del hermoso Set Up de Vegettita y su arbolito pocho <3

Y… no sé qué decir… X///D además de que todo está hecho con amor y respeto <3 

Espero les guste, gente bella del fandom .-.

People who treat their friends bad make me so angry. You have this great person in your life & think it’s okay to just treat them horribly & act like it’s no big deal? How do people not see that that’s NOT OKAY AT ALL?

4am, non -stop studying, breakdowns, anxiety, disappointment, and no make up. We don’t always post aesthetically pleasing posts. Because in every of those photos there’s a story behind it. Just recently found #studyblrgetreal and I’m glad I found that hashtag because i get the chance to know the story behind the scenes:)


Listen,,,, alexander has been my favorite name forever…one of my ocs is alexander…its what ive always wanted to name a future child….its just???? SUCH A FULL RICH NAME???? And alex is is such a cute nickname????????

Ppl always call alex “hamilton” or “alexander” and i want one of his friends to just call him “alex” and it’s just… Real Cute ok…….

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Lottie posted a pic but deleted it right away. the person who saw saying its super cute pic of Jay n Freddie. idk what to believe. But if Freddie's name in obituary then i am wondering why wasn't it in Dan's official statement first. I'm sorry for bringing this up now.

Lottie hasn’t posted anything with Freddie/Jay. Ever. Whoever told you that is lying to you. All I know is that Harry and Louis are still very much together and Harry has been there for Louis thru all of this horrible year he’s experienced