so today there are 100,000 of you following this blog! BLOODY HELL MUCH

I’m not going to say lots because I’ll sound like a nob, but funniness and sarcasm aside for sec I mean this 100% seriously:

I am very VERY lucky to be able to share my artwork and this space with all of you, it’s amazing amounts of fun. Thank you for being so consistently kind and funny and excellent, I feel very humbled and I am so grateful for this weird little thing that’s now a weird big thing. 

Let’s make some more art motherflippers!

Ruby xox


OMG Harry voice over. This is so funny 

One More! Because this is the first time I have ever identified with the black side of my nationality. I always felt segregation if I mentioned I was black but the amount of love I have seen (and received) is just too much! 

¿Sabes cuál es la parte más triste de todo esto? Todas esas cosas que nombraste que te gustaban de mí, me convertí en esa persona por ti. Yo quería ser todas esas cosas por ti, para que tú quizás me miraras algún día y pensases que yo era lo suficientemente buena para ti. Me hiciste una mejor persona. Alguien, que nunca pensé que podría ser. Por alguna razón, siempre fuiste capaz de conectar con una parte de mí de la que yo me había separado. Estar contigo me salvaba. Eras mi persona…
—  Do I Wanna Know.