Pittsburgh Penguins. ♥

I love how amazing our team is getting. Each game, they’re getting even better and they are improving and coming together. I love it so much. The Pens have improved so much since Byslma has become coach I’m so glad we have him. He’s turned our team into something incredible. We might not always win, and we might not always be considered the best. But when you’re a dedicated fan, you’re there either way rooting them and hoping we get to the top. And although we aren’t in first, we are still doing absolutely AMAZING and how proud I am of them is just exhilarating. I get goosebumps when I see commercials about being a fan and commercials about the team in general. Watching them sends chills up my spine. The Penguins are doing a tremendous job and I couldn’t be any more proud to say I’m a fan. So, all I’m saying is: Congratulations on getting so far this season ♥♥ Gonna be here the whole time to watch these boys go even higher! Good lucks Pens :)

Oh. And congrats to my baby, James Neal, for getting his second career hat trick and his first hat trick as a Penguin. You’re doing an amazing job and I’m absolutely in love with the fact that you’ll be with us for six more years, and hopefully even longer. Keep doing what you’re doing James, you’re the man. <3