<3 I LOVE..
I love the way he makes me smile when she says something cute to me. I love how he makes me laugh.I love how whenever I’m sad, he brings me right back up. He just got this magical thing & I don’t know what it is. He’s like no other type of guy, my Man ;), he’s different. He’s one of a kind. I love how much he cares about me. I love it when he texts cute  things to me & I just stare at my phone & blush covering up my face. I love every single thing about him, to me he’s perfect. I wouldn’t trade him for anyone else in this world. I love how happy he makes me, I never knew someone could make you the happiest girl on earth. I love how we stay up all night just to talk, soon that will turn into staying up all night to cuddle. I just simply love how you make me feel, it’s the best feeling in the world & I love it. I’m deeply in love with you & that’s never gonna change. I love the way we are, I love the way we work things out, I love the way our relationship is.