Just finished listening to @castro301 debut mixtape #DontOverThink and @teamvisionary #RattPack have to be the coolest people in the music industry. As LL said cool is just cool. It’s timeless. These are my favorite tracks off the tape in order from left to right, top to bottom. Man why does everyone use that dang Yuna sample! Lol I still love the track with @jonbellion though. Castro, the tape was incredible. Revenge really had me feeling like I was peering through your eyes and in some ways I could almost relate to it. It may sound corny but Visionary is SERIOUSLY, like no joke, taking over and changing everything in the music industry. @yesiamquest tape was amazing @logic301 album was amazing. Never forget where you guys came from. Never lose faith in who you are and what you’re doing. Don’t lose sight of your goals. And if you start to catch up to them, don’t be afraid to give them a little extra distance cause at the pace you set for yourselves, you’re destined to reach them all one day in the end anyways. #RattPack #RealAllTheTime

I can now say a few ppl in this city are used to the water down, ya friends gasing up, tell you what you wanna hear.. But uh not me. You dnt like it. Do something about it or move around and shut da fuck up.. honestly i dont give a fuck either way.. plan and simple. Good day ppl. #djawill #realdj #dj #allreal #realallthetime #djlifestyle

Meeting this man was so dope and he was super kind to me and my sister. He looked at my shoes and said, “You know what I forgot? ..A pair of those” and pointed to my Vans.. So I promised him I’d tweet him and remind him to bring an extra pair for his next show lol It was awesome talking to him and I’m definitely going to be listening to more of his music now. #VMGcrew #VMGtour #RealAllTheTime #NYC #TayyibAli (Taken with Instagram)