Real World: Portland... An observation.

I can’t help but comment on the fuckery going on from people in regards to the fight last night. Let’s take a look at the racism and white privilege exuded.

Averey (White/Native American): Grabs Nia off guard and attacks her, yet is praised and overlooked because, she was “defending her man.” (Mind you Nia clearly ask her if she wanted to fight one on one.)

Nia (Black): After the altercation she swings on Averey “off guard”, Nia is called disgusting, psychotic, dangerous, etc.. 

Both women perform the same action, yet the woman of color, receives backlash. Just goes to show ridiculous our average American viewers are.  

Furthermore, in quick debate on Nia attacking Johnny, she is getting hate because “she knows he won’t fight back.” Nia was previously RAPED… She wouldn’t know what Johnny is capable of. Especially since he initiated the fight by pouring a drink on her. She was prepared to fight whether he swung back or not.

Just my two cents…


Best seven minutes ever hahaha

Real World: Portland Rant

My thoughts on the whole cast this season: 

Nia: The realest bitch to come on real world in a long ass time. When she was wrong she admitted she was and keep it moving. She got tried and she handled it. idk how shes a manipulator she aint manipulate anybody. when her roommates were in trouble she was there for them regardless. when she was in trouble nobody was there was there for her. I can relate to Nia and I feel like only certain people can appreciate the person she is.

Johnny: Bitch made. Which man you know argues with females, wishes death on people for petty ass reasons, and throws drinks. He is so pussy and immature.

Marlon: Boring cool and all but just so blah…. I feel like he was a waste of time on the show honestly

Avery: Stupid bitch. you just met this boy and you all head over bitch get real. she allows her boyfriend to assault females. smh hes gonna turn around and do the same shit to her. she will learn. 

Anastasia: 2- faced.. she should have left. like she had no purposed and learned nothing. 

Jessica: nice but tries to hard for people to like her. she needs to get out of her child like mentality. 

Joi: Should have stayed longer. I think she would have been cool

Jordan: He was annoying and rude af but brought drama to the show but in the end I still don’t like him because hes petty and immature 

Overall I feel like a lot of  members of the cast this time around didn’t learn any real lessons. I don’t feel like the people on the show weren’t diverse enough in backgrounds.

So now Johnny wants to feel “unsafe.” Really? He and his basic “girlfriend” deserve one another.

Johnny is such a woman hater who spouts the most vile shit, but expects no reaction. Nia probably felt unsafe when you wished death upon her, or when you spazzed because she didn’t want to pick up your gf’s dog shit, or put your crusty boogers on her+tried to pour water on her. Did you really think you weren’t gon’ get them hands?

Meanwhile Averey sits around and does nothing whenever Johnny wilds out on anyone which is mostly the girls (Nia, Jess, and Bird.) She just follows behind him.

But Nia’s the “bully.” Sorry you try to put your nasty boogers on me I’m slapping you.

Also Bird is fake. And I no longer care about Jess. Never been here for Jordan.


The Real World

This shit is pissing me off.  First of all, Johnny was the one who initiated the entire fight.  He blew his snot into a tissue and then threw the snotty tissue at Nia.  And then he also tried to throw a cup of water at her right after that.  Now if you know that Nia is as crazy as you say that she is, then why would you even take it to that level?  The whole “I’m scared for my safety” thing is bullshit.  Because if you were really scared for you safety you wouldn’t have KNOWINGLY initiated the entire thing in the first place.

Avery’s ass needs to stop acting like she’s innocent in the entire thing when she PLANNED a sneak attack against Nia.  And you can tell that she planned the entire thing because she waited until Nia hit Johnny in order to start fighting her.  If you really wanted to defend your boyfriend then you would have turned Nia around and said “drop the blow dryer, I’m about to beat your ass” like a boss chick would.  She’s not scared for her safety.  She’s scared of Nia and she makes it obvious.  And the fact that she let Nia hit her boyfriend with a blow dryer says something as well.  Though she really doesn’t need to be, scared of her because had those punches connected then she would have handled herself rather well.

Nia is being kind of scary right now, I’m not going to lie.  But there’s no reason why the entire house should be acting like everything that happened was her fault for the simple fact that everything started because of Johnny.  Johnny is the one at fault here, not Nia.  Though I will agree that all three of them had the potential to just end things and stop when it was getting out of hand.  Though Nia does lie sometimes and she was wrong in the situation, she’s not the one everyone needs to be confronting.  Johnny and Avery are.

I’m sorry I really don’t like the fact that Johnny felt the need to go after the poor girl like that.

I mean, I understand they got your girlfriend upset( whose kinda a bitch btw but whateva)

But you are a grown ass man dude, going after a female is a bitch ass move.

Averey (whatever the fuck her name is) wants to act tough in the confessional but she ain’t bout it son.

I would’ve apologized on his behalf If i were her, because it was outta pocket he should have not stooped to that level and just let her handle it on her own time, female to female, without the name calling.

like god damn can nobody have a conversation in this house without insulting a body part.

plus Nia is a flawless princess and nobody can tell me otherwise


ugh this season of real world is just obnoxious 

johnny can suck a chode and choke on it 

averey will probably be right by his side

bird is the word can fly off to another dimension 

nia needs a reality check and a trip to an asylum

jordan should probably be right there with her

jessica just needs to learn to shut the fuck 

and then there’s sweet sweet marlon bless him