• Friend: Our expectations in men are way too high because of actors, bands and fictional characters!
  • Me: Agreed. Fangirls have a real hard life. I blame Tom Hiddleston.
  • Friend: Me too. I'd like to go to a therapist and talk about this.
  • Me: Ok but... Now imagine Tom Hiddleston is the therapist...
  • Friend: I HATE YOU
meanie probably

mingyu: wow wonwoo ilysm thanks for being the best bf in the entire world. I can’t believe we’re actually here together, like together. this is a dream come true. I can’t wait to cook for you and rap for you and snuggle you and bake you a cake and get a cat for you and-

wonwoo: *looks up from his book* im sorry were you talking to me


@spaceloveandrobots lol yes I think that’s 100% true and likely if they were ever a thing, both of your interpretations. The post is definitely more of a jokingly exaggerated statement, in large part because I am torn between wanting it to be a one-sided thing where Chris just can’t get over how hot his bestie is and actually wanting them to have been a thing at one point in time


Like calls to like…only made things can use the Book…Nesta and Elain were made which means

Nesta and Elain can wield the book too! It’s not just Feyre and Amren anymore

on the train earlier, it stopped at a station and i saw a poster for dreamgirls on the west end and i think i died and went to heaven because i was saying the other day how much i needed amber riley to play effie in a stage performance of dreamgirls and she is!! this is a thing that is happening!! i need to totally 100% get my mum to take me cause i could go, sure, but i want her to pay for it 😂😂

Guys, I still can’t fucking believe that Marvel killed my sassy speed-runner! How could they kill of Pietro Maximoff so heartlessly!? Pietro was an astounding character, even if he had a little bit less screen time than the others! Not only was he extremely attractive, but he was a very loyal, sassy, quick-witted, and challenging character. Not only in the movie, but in the comics as well. I still miss him even though it’s been like a year since he was violently murdered! I think Pietro Maximoff should still be alive. :(

Just look at that smug little face! And his accent? Don’t get me started. There is a story behind his eyes, even if it’s not the happiest one.

And the subtle relationship thing with Clint? Adorable.

Not to mention him and Wanda! I’ve never seen two siblings so close before! And now Wanda’s all alone because they fucking killed her twin!!

Pietro’s death was something tot cry about. But now I’m just pissed. It wasnt that the movie wasn’t good! It was, and Pietro’s death made it all the better, it was tragic. I just wish that somehow, he was magically alive.

Well, Marvel just has a tendency to break your heart.