Ryan: “…and then this guy came out of NO WHERE and he said, “Dude, I bet you couldn’t eat a pound of dirt” and I was like, “Really? I eat dirt for breakfast!” and so he went out and actually got a pound of dirt and I was like “Wow, a pound is a lot more than I thought it’d be” but I already agreed to the bet, you know? So I had to do it. Plus his friend was taping it and I didn’t want to look like a coward. And anyway…That’s how I became marginally internet famous for a day.”


Garth: “…and I can’t help it I’m just worried about him a lot. You know he called me asking me if I wanted to adopt a puppy his dog had, only he doesn’t have a dog.”

Candace: “You know I’m getting real tired of hearing about Sunny. It feels like he’s been more talked about since he left the house than he ever was when he was actually here.”

Garth: “Oh, that can’t be true. He was always getting into something when he was here. The scamp.” *sigh* “He would have loved the new wall color in here. He loved the color green.”

eaagh real talk i need to start playing xenoblade chronicles again!! i’ve done that horrendous thing where you leave off on an rpg for a few weeks and then you’re not nearly as invested etc in it as you should be and goddamn i fucked up

as an aside though i absolutely love reyn, he is by far my favorite character thus far


Goddamn Tewi.

So this is sorta sequel/related to this other one and this time as well it’s the result of the shenanigans with microfolk. It was supposed to be about hair again but Tewi appeared bcz she always seem to appear…

New Vriska, you haven’t been through anything. You rode a meteor for three years, made yourself the center of the world and tore down your meteormates until they just cow down to you, did a bit of time traveling, and then ran off into the Dream Bubbles. in fact, you have a dedicated moirail and some great … “friendships,” for lack of a better word. You’ve really not been through anything worth penning into the “hardships I’ve been through that I can pull out and wave around to sound badass” category.

Dead Vriska, on the other hand, gathered an army of ghosts, DISCOVERED that ancient treasure you’ve confiscated after many long sweeps of searching while dancing around Lord English and mapping out the destruction of reality, faced eye-opening betrayals at the hands of the people she’d tormented telling her to suck it instead of bowing down to her, and finally realized she wasn’t the center of the universe.

In fact these two Vriskas did the exact same thing, only difference being one died of her own mad volition and the other one had to be rescued from the ether. Reeeeeeeescued.

I’m not saying Dead Vriska isn’t being a big baby, I’m just saying New Vriska hasn’t done anything to earn the “I’ve been through plenty” badge. This line was really the only thing that irked me about this update.