do you ever just,,, know things about people that could make you easily ruin their reputation,,, but if you mentioned said things people you kinda like would hate you,, so instead you just kinda

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my hairs really cute right now?

Remind me it's okay to be happy without a boyfriend

I’ve been dating this guy for few weeks and he’s been very nice and sweet to me. But I also just started working at my new brokerage and work is consuming me. 

He wants to hang out all the time, which I appreciate, but it’s making me so tired and worn out. I’m an extroverted introvert, so I need time alone to calm down. 

 He thinks if I really liked him, I’d make time for him. But I’m just trying to be realistic. I have a lot of things going on, both career wise and medically, and part of me doesn’t even care about the drama that comes with a relationship. 

So now I seem like a total bitch to him, but I’m just trying to be honest about my priorities. He doesn’t like that he’s not #1, but we barely know each other.

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also i’m getting real tired of cis women going “okay but reproductive rights aren’t about trans women because they can’t get pregnant” but then if you point out that there are men and nonbinary people who can also get pregnant then those same women go “okay but this is a Women’s march!! stop trying to force your agenda on us!” 

like yes, please, remind us again how transphobic you are in case anyone missed it the first time

I’m getting real tired of seeing posts about busty anime girls being too young to have chests that size.
Yeah, it really, really sucks that these characters are sexualized. However, their busts are not the problem there most of the time.
The truth of the matter is that it’s writing and animation that cause this too be bad. It’s not because the kid has large breasts. It’s because she’s being sexualized.
Teenagers and pretend can have large breasts. While it’s not the majority, it is pretty common. So can we stop acting like their body is the problem, and rather how we treat their bodies is?

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I'm getting real tired of SA's antics on Twitter. He just pokes fun at statements then gets mad when people don't know where he stands. He started poking fun at how he thinks people who "say they aren't going to watch the presidential inaugurations, will still watch the Trump inauguration". Which possed off BOTH parties and now he's whning on Twitter about how he should delete Twitter b/c everyone got mad at him. I don't understand his dumb ass logic. Just... don't say anything at all then ffs.

Good news, Nonnie, I have the perfect solution for your problem - unfollow the man. Problem sorted. I can guarantee you it’s a quicker and more effective solution to the issue rather than waiting for SA to pick up on your disdain, completely re-examine his life, alter his personality completely and then start posting in a way that you find more acceptable. 

You can’t change other people’s opinions or way of doing things through sheer force of will or disapproving all over the place. If you’re hearing things you don’t want to hear or be exposed to, then don’t put yourself in an arena where those things are foisted upon you. A lack of desire to have the opinions and ideologies of the KKK foisted upon me is the number one reason I don’t follow them on twitter… number two is that I don’t have twitter. 

If you don’t like SA’s way of handling himself on social media, or his political persuasions, or just don’t like the man himself, then distance yourself from him and his social media presence - you have the technology to do just that. My recommendations is to avail yourself of said powers. There will always be people in the world that you disagree with, but in this instance, you’re lucky enough to have the option of removing them from your world. 

Don’t you love it when there is a simple solution to a problem? :D 

It’s so bizarre to try and explain your love for a celebrity and why something horrendous happening to them (like losing a parent) affects you so much. But like, this person, without question /is part of my life/. They’re in my car with me when I drive to work, they’re in my living room when I’m watching an interview. A piece of them that they spent time and effort to create is with me, it’s making me react, it’s making me feel things. When they talk about the song I drive to work to, I relate to it, I understand it, it connects me to them. When they joke in an interview it makes me laugh, when they tweet about about a feeling I /get/ it.

This love you might have for a celebrity, it’s hard to describe. It’s not the kind of love you’ll have for your family, it’s not the kind of love you’ll have for your best friend. It’s not the kind of love someone in /their/ family or friend circle will feel for them. It’s very different, but it’s still love. It’s there, I can feel it, I know what it is. Love is abstract, you can’t stick a thermometer in my heart and go “nope it’s not love”. It just is. 

In a way, all these little pieces that they’re sharing with the world become part of your life, they’re things you know and feel familiarity towards. Sometimes, when you’re having a bad day this person, without even knowing, might be the only reason you smile. When you’re so anxious the thought of just seeing another person makes your throat close up, they might be the reason you laugh. It’s bizarre because they aren’t consciously aware of it, they don’t know how these things they share are affecting other people. 

So it’s like, Louis, I don’t know you, we’ve never spoken, you wouldn’t recognize me in the street. There’s a whole, huge part of your life I don’t have a clue about, But you’ve been apart of my life for 4 years, you’ve been with me through moments I didn’t want anyone else around. There’s a warmth in my chest because of songs you’ve created and words you’ve said, things you’ve done and faces you’ve made. There’s familiarity, there’s happiness, there’s laughter and /emotion/ in my life because of you. 

 And because of the way you’re a part of my life, in a rather unconventional way, you’re a friend. There’s a relationship that can’t be explained because you have to experience it to understand it, but it’s there, it’s real. And in the same way you make me happy when you laugh or when you sing, I feel sad when you’re sad, my heart aches when you’re hurting. And part of that might just be a symptom of humanity, a reaction we all might have when we hear bad news.

Most of it though, most of it is that because of the person you are, the way you’ve chosen to be, I felt something that drew me to you. That feeling has expanded beyond just a love of what you create, but it’s grown into a love for who you are as a person. most people can’t grasp that, and it’s very challenging to articulate, but it’s there. And so, I want the world for you, I wish I could lessen your pain because without even knowing, you’ve done it for me.

hey listen, if you think crushes between straight kids are adorable and pure but you think it’s inappropriate to show the same type of puppy love between gay kids, you need to check yourself