Happy retirement, The Apache! <3

I had not heard anything about him since last year’s Arlington Milion, in which he crossed the wire first, just to be disqualified to second behind Real Solution.
He will stand at stud in South Africa, and I can relax, now where I know where he is and what next.

Photo: Tom Ferry
The Apache gallops an early morning at Arlington Park, 2013.


Real Solution wins the 2013 Arlington Million after a disqualification of South African invader The Apache. 

The Arlington Million was only Real Solution’s 8th start and his first graded victory. The globe trotting 4 year old was born in Pennsylvania and began his racing career in Italy. He won his first 3 races, including a conditions race and a listed stakes victory. After a pair of defeats in Rome, Real Solutions came back to the US. 

His 2 American starts leading to the Million were credible performances in the G3 Fort Marcy and G1 Manhattan. 

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For-profit insurance is a failure. Private companies raising premiums is not a sign that the ACA is failing. Profits for private insurance companies is a sign of their greed.

When Republicans do not expand coverage, and when younger, healthier citizens are blocked from coverage in Red States, the insurance pool is negatively affected.

The ONLY REAL SOLUTION is universal health coverage. We need a public option. Take the burden away from employers to provide health care. Take the decisions on access away from Republican governors.

anonymous asked:

the discussion about sapphic has actually really made me feel bad for using that label. i understand how the anons feel, i just don't really feel comfortable with the word now and it's making me sad idk

i’ve gotten a few messages like this, and at this point i think that im not going to post anything more abt this convo

like i think at the end of the day this can really go on forever, and i think that continuing to talk about it causes more harm than good at this point, because a lot of people are feeling isolated because of it. i’ve said what my opinion on the matter is, and other people have shared theirs, and i don’t know what else there’s really left to do!

i think that the word sapphic includes (and should include) all girls who like girls, and that’s what im sticking with and what i’m going to stick with going forward on here

and if you need to unfollow or block this blog bc the way the word sapphic is used on it isn’t cool to you, go ahead!! ur comfort should come first, and u need to do what u need to do to ensure that