No real solutions are coming from the anti-Trump protests. Instead, it’s crying and whining about the popular vote and keywords (Ex: racist, sexist, etc…)

If you wanted to actually reduce Executive Power, I’d be all for it. I’d join you and work with you. But y'all ain’t interested in shrinking the Executive. You’re just upset someone you don’t like has all that power now.

  • Random corporation: We're proud to announce that our happy little family is choosing to adopt greener policies, and we're going to donate leftover products to shelters!
  • Neoliberal: See? Capitalism can absolutely reconcile individual self-interest of capitalists and the broader human needs of communities! This voluntary choice by this corporation demonstrates that.
  • Leftist: Actually, little concessions like this will not ultimately quell climate change or eradicate poverty. More often than not, they just do surface furnishings for the sake of social capital. Most companies will never seriously care about a given issue if there's even a moderate impact on their bottom line, and real solutions to climate change, global poverty, widespread automation, social calamities, etc. will require sweeping systemic change. If given the choice between qualitative change for the betterment of humanity and profits as per usual, capitalists will choose the latter 99% of the time -- a system built on competition and capital accumulation essentially compels them to do so.
  • Neoliberal: WELL. What do you want them to do??! They have to stay in business somehow!! What's wrong with wanting to make a profit sweety =)

“This is a reminder of what we can do when we look out for one another. Like Joe Biden and so many other Americans, I’ve lost people I love deeply to cancer. I’ve heard often from those whose loved ones are suffering from Alzheimer’s, addiction, and other debilitating diseases. Their heartbreak is real, and so we have a responsibility to respond with real solutions. This bill will make a big difference, and I look forward to signing it as soon as it reaches my desk.” —President Obama on the passage of the bipartisan 21st Century Cures Act, which includes $1.8 billion dollars for Vice President Biden’s Cancer Moonshot initiative to end cancer as we know it

  • You, a normal, well-balanced lab denizen: I meet with my PI every week to talk about my progress, which I make in a timely, well organized manner
  • Me, a lab gremlin: I haven't seen my PI in three weeks which is fine by me because last I heard she wanted an update on all the stuff I haven't done *procrastinates by cleaning desk/bench/reorganizing lab/fighting the general entropy of life in small, meaningless ways*
Every day, students across the country are told by their schools to publish only news that flatters government officials and reflects favorably on government policies. Students like Illinois’ McKenzie Lacefield, threatened with disciplinary action and the shutdown of her high school’s newspaper because she tried to inform the community about the detrimental effects of changing the start time of the school day. And students like Michigan’s Ninotchka Valdez, whose principal vetoed an article exposing dissatisfaction with the school’s diligence in responding to anti-gay bullying.

This is where the devaluation of news as a civic good originates — with “news” that is purposefully skewed to deceive and mislead.

Censored news is fake news.

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It seems that when people have actual problems you suddenly forget all about 'magic' and just tell them to seek real practical solutions

Because this isn’t Harry Potter and it’d be stupid not to.

Magic doesn’t solve all your problems.  A job spell doesn’t mean anything if you never send out resumes.  All the wards in the world don’t replace a lock on the front door.  A friendship spell is going to have a hard time manifesting if you never leave the house.  A protection amulet isn’t a brick wall that’s going to stop someone coming at you with a knife.  All the prayer circles in the world don’t do anything for communities ravaged by natural disaster.  We live in a world that is both physical and metaphysical, so why would a solution be only one or the other?

People interpret magic differently.  I see it as often tilting probabilities: a job spell would nudge an employer’s attention to your resume, a ward will make intruders feel that maybe they don’t need to rob you after all.  You don’t chant for a while and then sit back and expect the universe to do everything else for you, and in cases where someone is being abused or has health conditions – which is usually when we bring out the mundane advice over the magical on this blog – hell yes you do everything you possibly can. 

Sure, there are exceptions: a friend might recommend you for a job without you ever stepping foot outside the door, for example.  But there’s a reason every experienced magical practitioner I know or whose texts I’ve read emphasize that a) magic alone doesn’t solve everything, and b) you’ve got to do the physical work, too.  As a professional spirit worker once explained to me, her wight protected her on magical and spiritual planes, not physical, because that part was her job.

A witch – in my opinion – should be, above all other things, practical, and the work doesn’t end when the candle burns out.

- mountain hound

The way magick works for me is in shifting probabilities. You can increase or decrease the probability of something happen but working with small probabilities it’s extremely hard for it to matter. It’s like adding a teaspoon of water to a lake and complaining that you don’t notice a difference. Mundane things help shift the probabilities even more in my favour. Without the mundane helping it along a lot of times your magick won’t add up to shit.


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“Everything comes in circles. […] The old wheel turns, and the same spoke comes up. It’s all been done before, and will be again.”  - Arthur Conan Doyle  

It’s always 1895.

“ The wheel turns. Nothing is ever new” - BBC’s Sherlock Holmes
It was the Democrats' embrace of neoliberalism that won it for Trump | Naomi Klein | Opinion | The Guardian

While I don’t think Naomi Klein goes far enough in her prescription (unionized/welfare-oriented capitalism is not sufficient enough, as it always risks being once-again gutted by capital; we need full socialist economic democracy), her diagnosis is spot-on. An unholy mixture of nationalism, racism, and an anxiety-ridden neoliberal climate created the Trump presidency. We need to acknowledge this, let the Democratic Party crumble, build a new leftist party on the ashes, mobilize and empower people to reject Trump’s fascism, and offer real solutions to neoliberalism and capitalism as a whole. We can do this.

The post-it-note on Mycroft’s fridge wasn’t about any episodes. It was how long we’d have to wait for the fourth episode. 13 days. Today is the 13th day after TFP. If it does happen tomorrow, we will have waited thirteen days. Plus, there was the elephant as well, so it’s actually about TJLC as well.

Hahahah I’m so scared please let the lost special be real

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(Bi)Conan Doyle Wrote His ~Love Story~ Follow-Up

So, to substantiate this, ~ here are A FEW of the fuckin parallels (to original SH canon)

Cullingworth and Sherlock Holmes are known for:

  1. boxing
  2. sitting with feet up on chair
  3. referred to as geniuses
  4. lives in a flat above a grocer’s shop with - mrs. hudson and C’s wife described physically exactly the same – who bring them tea and are skeptical about their over enthusiasm but very sweet, though they are mean to her. he notes importantly that this old woman smokes.
  5. tons of useless* facts which the POV writer mocks (John/Munro/ACD)
  6. shouting, bursts of excitement to interrupt long silences
  7. described as a hero by writer for jumping off a building to save a friend
  8. written from the point of view of med student
  9. long time absence between writing medical professional and the genius then return
  10. didn’t drink much but did very powerful drugs
  11. described by Doyle as “queer” constantly
  12. theorised to have a hidden tender side though he does not show it
  13. “a kitchen, a bedroom, a sitting-room, and a fourth room“, the sitting room has just two chairs facing one another, as he does not get many visitors
  14. wears a dressing gown around the flat
  15. “Come at once. I have urgent need of you.  -Cullingworth.”
  16. “when a man smiles with his lips and not with his eyes“
  17. Moffatiss say it’s always 1895 but this is the only thing Doyle published in 1895


NOW: If the SMTLs are gayromantic, then the parallels mean ACD’s and certainly Moffatiss’ Johnlock are romantic

So here is the fuckin queer stuff in The Stark Munro Letters

  1. ACD on his letters: “some excisions are necessary; “
  2. “I am looking forward immensely to seeing him again“ (”are you gonna see him again?”)
  3. “When I woke next morning he was in my room, and a funny-looking object he was.  His dressing-gown lay on a chair, and he was putting up a fifty-six pound dumb-bell, without a rag to cover him.“
  4. a softer, tenderer man, who can love and invite love.
  5. “ was, as you may imagine, all in a tingle to know what it was that he wanted with me. However, as he made no allusion to it, I did not care to ask, and, during our longish walk, we talked about indifferent matters. “
  6. “Cullingworth waited until his wife had left the room, and then began to talk of the difficulty of getting any exercise now that he had to wait in all day in the hope of patients. This led us round to the ways in which a man might take his exercise indoors”
  7. I was guarding with both hands for half a minute, and then was rushed clean off my legs and banged up against the door […] “look Cunnilworth, there’s not much boxing about this game.”


∴ Johnlock is canon. ~~full stop.

- y.o.j. <3

Dialogue Prompt

“Does your brain ever hurt because it’s spinning with every unanswerable question out there? What’s the purpose of living? Can space truly be infinite? Is there life after death, or is that just a concept humans made up to make themselves feel better? If matter and energy are always recycled, then can your inner being or your soul really just sieze to exist? What’s the key to happiness, or is they real solution to synthesize our own happiness hormones? Would that even feel the same? Is there destiny, or do we create our own fate? You know, those kinds of things.”

“… Sometimes I wonder whether a tomato really is a fruit.”

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I’ve been thinking a lot about this and you know what? We were not the ones who started the 4th episode idea.
I never though there could be a 4th episode before the TFP’s pre-screening. It was at that moment, when I started asking myself why would they do a pre-screening, why wouldn’t they care about the episode leaking (twice, not less), why would they even advertise it on social media. That’s when I first considered TFP could be a fake.
It was not a coincidence that almost all of us thought it was a fake, that there was more.
Because, you know, You can’t kill an idea, can you? Not once it’s made a home *points to our heads* there.

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What your leftist ideology says about you.
  • Marxism-Leninism: You've probably defended the USSR in an internet argument. Everyone but you is sectarian and revisionist.
  • Left Communism: You offer no real solutions to anything except that everyone else is an idiot and should check their dialectics.
  • Democratic Socialist: You're still new to the whole "Marxism" thing but you're afraid to make a full commitment.
  • Anarcho-Syndicalism: You have a huge boner for the Wobblies and Republican Spain. Other leftists think you're kind of annoying.
  • Syndicalism: Same as anarcho-syndicalism but add in Daniel DeLeon into "things you get a boner for"
  • Luxemburgism: What Democratic Socialists become after they hit puberty.
  • Trotskyism: You like Lenin but you can't fucking stand how authoritarian Marxist-Leninists are. You're part of one of the dozen groups claiming to be the fourth internationale. All the other leftists make fun of you behind your back.
  • Maoism: The same as Marxism-Leninism but you're even more of a tankie somehow.
  • Social-Democrat: You truly believe you're a socialist but you're not. You get a raging hard on whenever someone says "Nordic Model". You probably vote democrat.
  • Post-Leftist: You're a pretentious white petty-bourgeois asshole. Get the fuck out of my office.
Why are we attached to fictional characters?

I often see funny gifs which stage a person who says: “It’s a fictional character you know, he / she doesn’ t exist!” and the other answers : 

Thus I said to myself : It’s true, for Naruto, (for example), we cried (really hard), we laughed and we were even frustrated or irritated sometimes! 

After many of all our blogs are dedicated to these characters who doesn’t exist. So why we are so much attached to them and why that brings us so much enjoyment, heartache etc… ?

And well, I remembered of an idea of Jean-Jacques Rousseau (very famous philosopher) in an extract of New Héloïse about the happiness, the imagination, and the desire.

Indeed, the principle is rather simple to understand. Rousseau explains us briefly that the pleasure that we have to imagine is much bigger than the pleasure we have to obtain something in the real life for example. Because the real life will always be more disappointing than our imagination.

Thus, no matter that the characters aren’t real, the happiness which ensues from the imagination in relation to these characters is quite real! And will not disappoint us! (*shout* ships! ships! ships!)

I find this is very revealing of the personality of a person! I hope it will be useful for you the next time that somebody tells you that it’s absurd to like so much fictional characters!



“Nantes Against Racism and Fascist Oppression

After a spring of social struggles with hopes and complicity, the weeks that have passed have been marked, both locally and nationally, with a genuine return to racism and law-and-order.

Every day, Fortress Europe kills. Thousands of people die every year on our borders, because of wars, corrupt governments, or economic disaster. In France, the presidential campaign starts in an openly authoritarian and authoritative tone, with an omnipresent discourse of hostility to migrants and Muslims living in France. At the same time, the socialist government is putting on a show for the media of the expulsion of the camp of Calais, dispersing thousands of exiles on the territory, without any real solution. Other expulsions with truncheons continue, particularly in Paris where hundreds of migrants are also dislodged. Fueled by this political climate, racist groups are taking action. Reception centers for refugees have been set on fire in Isère, Gironde, and Essonne. 

On the local level, Nantes and its surroundings remain a land of struggle and welcome, where the extreme right never managed to take root. However, the recent context is not much more pleasing. A shelter for migrants was attacked with firearms in Saint-Brévin, on the Atlantic coast. A year earlier, in Nantes, molotov cocktails were thrown at buildings occupied by exiles. The arsonists were never captured.

The extreme right, hegemonic in the media, now pretends to seize the streets, or infiltrate some local movements. Thus, dozens of neo-Nazi activists paraded in Nantes, in September, on the sidelines of a demonstration. Today, these individuals intend to create an branch of the violent neo-fascist GUD - located in Lyon and Paris - in our city.

There is no room for the far right in Nantes. The National Front, which had tried to open a storefront here, had to close the shop after having suffered innumerable degradations. Last spring, militants of extreme right came to attack the demonstrators opposed to the labor law were driven out.

On November 12, we will take the street to declare that Nantes is and will remain anti-racist.”