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It seems that when people have actual problems you suddenly forget all about 'magic' and just tell them to seek real practical solutions

Because this isn’t Harry Potter and it’d be stupid not to.

Magic doesn’t solve all your problems.  A job spell doesn’t mean anything if you never send out resumes.  All the wards in the world don’t replace a lock on the front door.  A friendship spell is going to have a hard time manifesting if you never leave the house.  A protection amulet isn’t a brick wall that’s going to stop someone coming at you with a knife.  All the prayer circles in the world don’t do anything for communities ravaged by natural disaster.  We live in a world that is both physical and metaphysical, so why would a solution be only one or the other?

People interpret magic differently.  I see it as often tilting probabilities: a job spell would nudge an employer’s attention to your resume, a ward will make intruders feel that maybe they don’t need to rob you after all.  You don’t chant for a while and then sit back and expect the universe to do everything else for you, and in cases where someone is being abused or has health conditions – which is usually when we bring out the mundane advice over the magical on this blog – hell yes you do everything you possibly can. 

Sure, there are exceptions: a friend might recommend you for a job without you ever stepping foot outside the door, for example.  But there’s a reason every experienced magical practitioner I know or whose texts I’ve read emphasize that a) magic alone doesn’t solve everything, and b) you’ve got to do the physical work, too.  As a professional spirit worker once explained to me, her wight protected her on magical and spiritual planes, not physical, because that part was her job.

A witch – in my opinion – should be, above all other things, practical, and the work doesn’t end when the candle burns out.

- mountain hound

The way magick works for me is in shifting probabilities. You can increase or decrease the probability of something happen but working with small probabilities it’s extremely hard for it to matter. It’s like adding a teaspoon of water to a lake and complaining that you don’t notice a difference. Mundane things help shift the probabilities even more in my favour. Without the mundane helping it along a lot of times your magick won’t add up to shit.


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Real Wedding: New York Ranger’s High School Sweetheart Wears Marchesa

Ryan McDonagh’s beautiful bride Kaylee wore Marchesa B80824 on their wedding day. This bride looked absolutely stunning in her dress! Style Me Pretty featured these gorgeous photos taken by Canary Grey from the celebration that was designed by Style Architects. After dating for eight years, this couple’s Minnesota summer wedding was nothing short of incredible. 

This gown, along with many other Marchesa dresses, are featured in our store. Stop by to try one on for your big day!

Photography: Canary Grey | Videographer: Sunset Blue Productions | Wedding Gown: Marchesa At L'Atelier Couture Bridal | Ceremony Venue: Our Lady Of Victory Chapel | Reception: Aria | Hair And Makeup: Emily J. | Floral: Martha’s Gardens | Full Service Planning + Design:Style-Architects |

i got to see Aladdin in the west end today (even for free since my dad worked on the show, omg), it was unbelievably gorgeous!!!

i think Friend Like Me is the single most intense performance i’ve ever seen in a musical, i’m honestly amazed no one passed out, and i’m just going to be thinking about the entire Cave of Wonders segment for the rest of my life okay



Apartments in NYC are typically only listed 30-60 days in advance of the date they become available, so you can?t really begin your search farther out than that. There will be many more listings available 30 days in advance than 60. Expect to spend anywhere from three days to three weeks on your rental search. 


Not all apartments will be available to view on your schedule. Some will have very specific time frames (e.g. weekdays between 1-2pm) or restrictions on when it can be shown (e.g. during business hours). Definitely expect to make Sunday afternoons available for apartment showings. 

Because showings are typically limited and good apartments go fast, be sure to have everyone who will be part of the decision making process present at all of the showings. That includes roommates and significant others. If someone, such as a parent, will have


Not every negative is a deal breaker, but to avoid nasty surprises later, you should learn to evaluate each potential apartment with the eye of an experienced NYC renter. Here are some things to consider:

  • Amenities: If there’s a roof deck, gym, bike spaces or other amenity in the building, confirm that access (and any fees) are included in the lease
  • Temporary walls: If you’re looking for an apartment to subdivide and share with roommates (or a child), find out whether the building will allow it. 
  • Subletting a co-op or condo: Make sure your application has been approved by the board (not just the owner) or you can be kicked out after you’ve moved in. Also, be sure to ask if renters are excluded from any amenities like bike spaces, roof decks, gyms, etc., or from having pets.
  • Bed bugs: You are legally entitled to written disclosure of the building’s bed bug history when you sign the lease. But to spare yourself some last minute drama and headache, ask about bed bug history up front. Also, put the building’s address into the Bed Bug Registry [4] as well as the NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development [5] website, looking for signs of ongoing infestation and poor management. (For more info, see Finding an apartment without bed bugs [6].)
  • Letters of recommendation: Some landlords may ask for a letter of recommendation [7] from your prior landlord. Most important: That you paid rent on time all the time. Second most important: You’re quiet and clean.
  • Kid-friendliness: You may or may not want to be in a building with lots of children. Because of laws against housing discrimination, real estate agents can’t discuss whether a building is family friendly or not. Lots of family-sized apartments (two-bedrooms and up), lots of small bikes in the bike-room, and/or a well-tended playroom usually go along with kids. You should also ask the doorman, and park yourself outside the building in the morning when school starts or in the afternoon when school ends to watch for a kiddie parade.
  • Noise: Come back around midnight to see if any rooftop bars or nightclubs might pose a threat to your peace and quiet. (Street noise can be mitigated, however, by soundproofing your windows, so it’s not necessarily a reason to disqualify an apartment you love.)
  • Heat and a/c: If the building relies on central heat and a/c, at what time of year does the system switch from heat to a/c and vice versa? In an apartment with huge south facing windows, for instance, you may be in for some nasty shoulder seasons as you wait out the switch.
  • Restaurant delivery: How many restaurants deliver food to your potential apartment? Type the building?s address into SeamlessWeb to avoid being unpleasantly surprised by your lack of delivery options. Speaking of food delivery, will it be coming to you, or do you have to meet it downstairs?
  • Door width: Is your future doorway wide enough to allow for easy furniture delivery? 36? is a luxury, 33? ? 34? is nice, 32? is dicey, and 29?-30? means you should put Dr. Sofa?s number on speed dial. as your furniture may need to be disassembled to fit through your door.
  • Are there enough elevators? Four elevators for 49 stories adds up to a lot of cumulative gridlock. (Should you choose to move ahead, at least check that your PDA gets reception inside the elevator.) If your building has but a single lift, make sure you can tolerate the occasional hike.
  • Pet policy: Not all buildings permit dogs, and even if they do, it may be on a case-by-case basis. Big dogs (over 50 pounds) are frequently discriminated against, as well as breeds with aggressive or noisy reputations.
  • Utilities: Find out who pays for cable, internet, electric, and gas. If you?re planning not to get landline phone, check the apartment?s cell reception, particularly on high floors. 

The Kaplove|Morgan Team offers Full-Service to any apartment renter who is seeking a new apartment to live in. We can show you every apartment that is available in your price range and assist you with your lease terms with the landlord of your potential new apartment. 

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I’m not saying Bismuth did nothing wrong, because she was extremely radical and dangerous in all her final decisions pushing towards Steven and her attacks on him. What I am saying is that Rose bubbling Bismuth and lying about it for CENTURIES and thinking that’s okay wasn’t a real solution, and returning Bismuth to her bubble feels like a slight continuation of that problem

For a show that deal with a lot of talking out your feelings and hearing everyone’s ideas, bubbling Bismuth feels to me like a regress into the problems that Rose potentially started in the first place, but maybe I’m wrong, and things with Bismuth will move forward at some point in the future.

Bismuth, when completely dedicated to the cause, could’ve been a serious asset to the Gems, and I’m sad to see her talents wasted in the bubble right now. I so wish things were discussed openly rather than just letting the others decide she’s too extreme and her ideas are radical

Really I’m just sad about the whole situation, and I wish a dialogue with Bismuth could’ve occurred because I think that could’ve made some real progress if the others were present alongside Steven.

I feel so strongly for this episode, and I love it so, but god is it painful to love it.

(Bi)Conan Doyle Wrote His ~Love Story~ Follow-Up

So, to substantiate this, ~ here are A FEW of the fuckin parallels (to original SH canon)

Cullingworth and Sherlock Holmes are known for:

  1. boxing
  2. sitting with feet up on chair
  3. referred to as geniuses
  4. lives in a flat above a grocer’s shop with - mrs. hudson and C’s wife described physically exactly the same – who bring them tea and are skeptical about their over enthusiasm but very sweet, though they are mean to her. he notes importantly that this old woman smokes.
  5. tons of useless* facts which the POV writer mocks (John/Munro/ACD)
  6. shouting, bursts of excitement to interrupt long silences
  7. described as a hero by writer for jumping off a building to save a friend
  8. written from the point of view of med student
  9. long time absence between writing medical professional and the genius then return
  10. didn’t drink much but did very powerful drugs
  11. described by Doyle as “queer” constantly
  12. theorised to have a hidden tender side though he does not show it
  13. “a kitchen, a bedroom, a sitting-room, and a fourth room“, the sitting room has just two chairs facing one another, as he does not get many visitors
  14. wears a dressing gown around the flat
  15. “Come at once. I have urgent need of you.  -Cullingworth.”
  16. “when a man smiles with his lips and not with his eyes“
  17. Moffatiss say it’s always 1895 but this is the only thing Doyle published in 1895


NOW: If the SMTLs are gayromantic, then the parallels mean ACD’s and certainly Moffatiss’ Johnlock are romantic

So here is the fuckin queer stuff in The Stark Munro Letters

  1. ACD on his letters: “some excisions are necessary; “
  2. “I am looking forward immensely to seeing him again“ (”are you gonna see him again?”)
  3. “When I woke next morning he was in my room, and a funny-looking object he was.  His dressing-gown lay on a chair, and he was putting up a fifty-six pound dumb-bell, without a rag to cover him.“
  4. a softer, tenderer man, who can love and invite love.
  5. “ was, as you may imagine, all in a tingle to know what it was that he wanted with me. However, as he made no allusion to it, I did not care to ask, and, during our longish walk, we talked about indifferent matters. “
  6. “Cullingworth waited until his wife had left the room, and then began to talk of the difficulty of getting any exercise now that he had to wait in all day in the hope of patients. This led us round to the ways in which a man might take his exercise indoors”
  7. I was guarding with both hands for half a minute, and then was rushed clean off my legs and banged up against the door […] “look Cunnilworth, there’s not much boxing about this game.”

THIS IS JUST SKIMMING: Challenge: post the gay stuff in The Stark Munro Letters (found here) Tag me or anyone omg this is gonna be fun.

∴ Johnlock is official. ~~full stop.

- y.o.j. <3

Happy retirement, The Apache! <3

I had not heard anything about him since last year’s Arlington Milion, in which he crossed the wire first, just to be disqualified to second behind Real Solution.
He will stand at stud in South Africa, and I can relax, now where I know where he is and what next.

Photo: Tom Ferry
The Apache gallops an early morning at Arlington Park, 2013.

A usual episode of the 2012 series:
  • Leo:"Guys the bad guys are doing something bad and we should do this."
  • Raph:"No Leo you're stupid that is a bad idea."
  • Master Splinter:"My sons, here is the real solution to your problems."
  • The Turtles:*Ignore Splinter's advice.*
  • Donnie:"It's okay I invented this thing that will solve the problem."
  • Donnie's Thing:*Fails somehow.*
  • The Turtles:"OMG Splinter was right."
  • The Turtles:*Use Splinter's advice and win, saving the day.*
  • Leo and Raph:*Settle their differences and have a bromance fist bump or something.*
  • Donnie:*Is excited about how awesome his invention is and wants to show April at some point.*
  • Mikey:"Are we eating pizza yet?"
Tamir Rice's Mother Voices Utter Disappointment in Obama's Stance on Police Brutality: I Don't Know How He Sleeps at Night
On Sunday’s edition of MSNBC’s AM Joy with Joy Reid, the mother of slain 12-year-old Cleveland, Ohio native Tamir Rice discusses how President Barack Obama’s lack of real solutions to end police brutality is affecting the nation.

On Sunday’s edition of MSNBC’s AM Joy with Joy Reid, the mother of slain 12-year-old Cleveland, Ohio native Tamir Rice discusses how President Barack Obama’s lack of real solutions to end police brutality is affecting the nation.

In the segment, Samaria Rice says it has been a struggle coping after the killing of her son in 2014. The mother and activist tells Reid that the Black Lives Matter movement has been important at enacting some change.

“I appreciate Black Lives Matter and them stepping up and showing me with unity looks like,” Rice says.

The activist against police brutality adds that white Americans also should stand up because it is happening to them as well. She explains that white Americans who do nothing are part of the problem.

Reid asks her about the presumptive candidates’ response. And Rice confidently says none of them are very outspoken on the issue.

“President Barack Obama, I don’t know what you are doing,” Rice says with disdain. “I don’t know how you are able to sleep at night … Nobody is getting any justice … I am very disappointed in him.”

The interview concludes with Rice saying that the RNC and the open-carry laws in Ohio are a “recipe for disaster.”