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I personally see Flowey as a persona (split personality one might call it) made by Asriel to numb himself to the suffering he caused. I can see that becoming an issue if he came back where during situation of extreme stress Asriel snaps back into his Flowey personality as a sort of defense mechanism. Usually he would snap out of it fairly quickly but sometimes he probably needs someone to help him calm down.

I see the same thing happening, though with a slightly different relationship between Flowey and Asriel, one that’s really similar to Chara’s relationship with their own geno route persona.

Asriel and human!Chara are complete individuals. Their minds function normally, they’re capable of being complex and they’re capable of developing and learning from their experiences. Flowey and demon!Chara, however, are only the tattered remains of the kids’ real personalities. They’re simple, one-track minded, neither of them have a subconsciousness, conscience, or anything else functioning below their surface level of thought. They can’t forget, they can’t move on from their current (limited) selection of thoughts and feelings. They can focus on different things, but there’re no lower levels of brain functions that sort their issues out for them while they’re doing something else. They’re like faulty machines with emotions. Mostly negative emotions, for understandable reasons. The form they’re in now wasn’t made for handling feelings, so in their confusion and despair, they lash out.

The tricky part is in how the two of them deal with it. Asriel tries to distance himself from Flowey, even though he’s fully capable of remembering Flowey’s thoughts and feelings. He tries to reason with himself, knowing that he wasn’t functioning properly and couldn’t be blamed for what he did while soulless. Chara, however, tries to embrace their demonic self, because they chose to go down that path. Had they been in their right mind, they wouldn’t have been able to do the things they did without their conscience getting in the way, but they were capable of taking the first step to numbing themself, fully aware of what they were going to become.

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Ohtze can you explain what Gravitational Waves are, how do they form and what do they mean for science? It's so hard to understand those articles.

Watch the video. Watch the videos IN the articles. Go on Wikipedia. Go on youtube to learn up on Gravitational waves. Check out the gizmodo link at the very bottom, because it breaks it down real simple for the non-science-y fans. Just generally google it: type in “how do gravitational waves work,” or “what are gravitational waves.” There’s SO MUCH on the subject, at varying reading levels (from high-school to the academic). It is probably one of THE biggest discoveries of the century, and Gravitational Waves are a huge fucking deal because they change the way we learn about (and interact) with the universe (among other things).

That said, this is not a simple topic (i.e. is-kylo-a-virgin). I don’t have time to baby you through such a complicated subject, especially when I’ve provided links, videos, SOUND clips, and you have the entire unlimited internet at your fingertips. I’ve already laid the groundwork for you.

If you’re interested in this subject, take the initiative and research it up yourself. You have the ability to do so. But if you can’t even be bothered to do a five minute google search (which is all this would have required in order to point you in the right direction), don’t be lazy and expect me to do your work for you. Ohtze don’t roll that way.

ADDENDUM: Anon has clarified themselves. It was an honest mistake - a combination of a language barrier and me jumping the gun/being too hasty - and there was no laziness involved. I’m leaving this post up for the record, but please, no reblogging it with hate attached. Anon doesn’t deserve it.

Again, my apologies for the error.