After a two month hiatus, TV Hangover is back and we’re making you watch reality shows! The Simple Life! Jersey Shore! Real World! Kid Nation! OK, we actually have no idea what we’re showing (but definitely The Simple Life) so please suggest your favorite episodes.

As always there will be drinking games and trivia and your two lovely drunk hosts, Pilot and Drex.

RSVP on Facebook here.
Friday, July 17 at 9:30 PM
Videology Bar
308 Bedford Ave.
Brooklyn, NY

In similar news, does anyone know good materials to use for thin lines on my face? I usually use non-toxic ballpoint pen on my hands, but my face is a lot more delicate. I just need some subtle robot plate gaps, real simple.



A Part of Me // Neck Deep ft. Laura Whiteside

[not my photos, just my edit. don’t remove text or credit]

Real Simple swimsuit fashion story, 2013 - Very excited to share the first photograph of my fashion story shot in Miami with the amazing Real Simple crew. A really wonderful collaboration. Digital May edition is out now, with print on newsstands in the coming days. More to come.

I know I’ve been off the grid a bit in internet-world.  Many more updates to come soon.  Life, Work & Love are in full bloom. 

Hourly Worth Calculator

Use this calculator to determine your hourly worth.  Once you’ve figured that out, use it as a guide for determining if it’s worth it to pay someone to complete a task for you, or if you should just do it yourself.  You could also use this number to help you understand the value of things.  How long will it take you to earn back the money you spent on the new iPad?

The trick is, when you decide to pay someone to do something for you, you need to use the time you gain in a productive way.

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