So… I’ve been wanting to share an original song for awhile and finally have gotten the guts to do so. I wrote this back in January. The video isn’t anything fancy, my vocals are probably a bit all over the place, and I’m super duper tired (excuses, excuses I know). If you are anyone who is close with me you will know I never really share my own music, at least not full songs because I get too nervous. So I’m sharing this video and song just as it is. Nothing incredible. Just simple, real, and raw. Please be kind. <3 (Also if you go watch it on youtube the lyrics are in the box below) 

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Have no fear, this is not turning into a coffee-only blog; however, I  couldn’t help but love the coffee scene in Chicago. Granted we have similar coffee shops and even the same roasts here in NYC, but the vibe was significantly more relaxed in Chicago. Perhaps this is due to the spacious nature of Chicago real-estate, or the simple fact that it is a less populated city; it was a true treat to stroll into a coffee shop, be able to find a well-lit table immediately and enjoy sipping a cortado it a relaxing quiet space. Just the way coffee should be enjoyed. 

La Colombe, 5158 Clark Street, Chicago, IL. 60640

so bands that are gonna release / have released an album this year include: twenty one pilots, panic! at the disco, all time low, gerard way, fall out boy, muse, onerepublic, oh honey, imagine dragons, troye sivan, nate ruess, the maine, pierce the veil, the story so far, simple plan, enter shikari,  chunk! no, captain chunk, sleeping with sirens, bring me the horizon, florence and the machine, the decemberists, awolnation, death cab for cutie, three days grace, the wombats, mumford & sons, of monsters and men, tame impala, tonight alive, coldplay…
2015 is the new 2005

i upgraded the list! also, here’s a post with the release dates of these albums