why the fuck do people always remind you that taco bell isn’t real mexican food like do you not think that i know that like do you think i go to taco bell because i think the 16 year old white guy behind the window just made me authentic mexican cuisine two minutes before i pulled to the second window no do you know why i go to taco bell it’s because it’s 1:30am and my life is terrible so i order a coke and five dorito loco tacos and shove them down my face in the parking lot

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I can picture the batfam wanting tacos and they get the *American* version like Taco Bell and Latin!Jason is just like ????? those aren't real tacos???? TF IS THIS FAKE SHIT???? And just makes tacos just like his mom used to make and shows everyone the best places for Mexican food, and everyone just sees the error of their ways.

jason: bruce give me two-hundred dollars. don’t give me that look i’m serving like eight people and ingredients aren’t cheap if u want it done right 

My dad said Crazy Ex-Girlfriend was too ridiculous because the song were too dumb. Why can’t he notice it’s satirical? The songs are supposed to be satirical! They’re funny! The entire series makes you laugh at some situations and then makes you realize you might have been in a similar situation.

Like have you listened to Love Kernels? You may think “she’s so dramatic if she thinks he loves her just because he gave her a compliment or just simply talks to her”. But, haven’t we all been there? Hoping that person reciprocates our feelings just because they smiled at us? Plus they used a graet metaphor and broke the 4th wall! 

Then we have songs like You Go First. I can’t count the times I’ve felt like this. You and a friend/significant other fight and you just want to apologize, but you don’t want to be the first one? This is the song you been looking for!

A song about group hangs complaining about how they’re not getting what real Mexican food is? As a Mexican who hates eating “Mexican” food whenever I go to the US I loved it!

And there’re more! A song about the reality of having big boobs, of being a second choice, of being the villain in your own story, of discovering your bisexual, and many other relatable situations!

This show has everything you want to see and people continue to ignore it because of the title or because they don’t like musical. But really, you need to watch it. The protagonist is an impulsive woman with depression and anxiety that is portrayed realistically. She’s an anti-heroin, her own villain in fact! The only canon couple is a gay man and bisexual middle-aged man who are the cutest couple you’ll see in the show! The “Ex- Boyfriend” is a Filipino guy! His current girlfriend is Latina. Two characters are have the same name and instead of call them “Josh and Filipino Josh” it’s “White Josh and Josh”.

I love this show so much. Please, please, please watch it! It’s so good! And funny! And the songs are so catchy! The first season is already on netflix! watch it!

Los Angeles Gothic

-Tourists, tourists everywhere. They are so lost. They ask for directions and do not stop, you scream, they are still asking you for directions. You scream, they still ask you for directions. Where is the hollywood sign they ask. They are covered in sunscreen it is dripping off them. Screaming, unending screaming.

-Traffic is terrible you say to a faceless co-worker, they agree. You hear car horns, lights flash, you realize you are in traffic right now. Traffic is all there is. You cannot remember a time you weren’t in traffic. The co-worker was a hallucination or was it? The traffic is testing you, you will not let it break you.

-Someone makes a joke about the drought. You laugh. It is a dry laugh. As dry as the state you live in. You laugh so hard you cry. There is no water in your eyes, only drought. Still they make jokes. The voices around you laugh, all of california is laughing it is a dry horrible thing.

-Your favorite place to eat is a hole in the wall taco place. You maintain it is the best taco place even though it is never in the same place twice. You do not find it, it finds you. It finds you during late nights when you think you are drowning in the city. When you can’t remember what trees look like. Then the smell of tacos drifts towards you. You forget trees and remember that here there is real mexican food, real flavors. You go and eat some.

-You stare into the night sky nostalgic for something you never had. You make a wish on a shooting star. It is a helicopter. You make a wish on another shooting star. It is a plane. You cannot remember if you have ever seen stars. The sky is filled with twisted machinery blinking eerily.

-Pavement covered in gum and skyscrapers climbing ever upwards and bricks grey from wear and bright colorful lights reflecting unnatural rainbows. Man’s folly was pride you think to yourself. You see someone pissing on a street corner.

-You think of moving, of walking until you reach the ocean. You look to the west and to the east. There is smog and in the distance mountains. You think of forests and rivers and cities that weren’t carved from man’s ingenuity and sheer force of will. You wonder what the world is like out there. You turn around, breathe deeply, and feel at home.

-There are homeless people everywhere. Bundles of rags, who you do not recognize as human until they move. They ask for change, beg for attention. They are ignored, avoided, shunned. You wonder what you could do to society to make them hate you that much. You give them change, leftovers, anything and they smile like you are the first sun after a long winter. But you do not know what winter is. And at the end of the day they will spend their nights under bridges in their rags.

-Graffiti spread across the city like a rash growing and growing, ever shifting. You admire a piece on your way to work it is gone when you are back. Replaced by something equally colorful and relevant. The paint shifts before your eyes, art is not stagnant they say. The tourists coo.

-It is raining. People are screaming. Why is water falling from the sky? Cars are crashing. Children are crying. Mother nature has become twisted, cats barking and dogs meowing. Corpses are coming back to life, they ask if the dodgers have won a world series yet. God is punishing us for our sins, we will be left to drown for some new Noah’s Ark. We will all drown oh god someone save us. Oh wait, it has stopped. That was pleasant.

I hate when I talk about wanting chipotle or chipotle in general someone comes out of the woodworks to ask me if I know that’s not real Mexican food as if I go there for the authenticity and not to have an excuse to pile my food with cheese

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Okay, so I live in Mexico (I'm from Chihuahua) and I only want to tell you that it bothers us when "special snowflakes make posts about Mexican culture appropiation. We don't give a fuck if you want to use a sombrero or paint your face at Dia de los Muertos. You can get drunk in 5 de mayo, it's fine. The only thing that makes us mad, it's the fact that you don't eat real Mexican food. North Americans are such a crybabies, stop that bullshit please. Peace, putos.

“The only thing that makes us mad is that yall don’t eat real Mexican food” cracked me up man. Reminds me, I was talking to the owner of a Mexican bar once and suddenly he was going off about Taco bell, was hilarious.


Not directly related to this blog, but I figured as a Mexican ace, I should remind everyone (especially if you’re not Mexican):

  • Cinco de Mayo is not our Independence Day. That’s on September 16th [celebrated the 15th for some reason?]
  • Cinco de Mayo celebrates the Battle of Puebla, which is a teeny town. Honestly, Cinco de Mayo in the US would be like Canada going ballistic over the Boston Tea Party.
  • Really Puebla is the only place that actually celebrates the day, otherwise, it doesn’t mean all that much in Mexico. Like, you don’t even get a school day off, what are white ppl so excited about.
  • It’s not fucking Cinco de Drinko, ya just sound like a doofus.
  • Taco bowls ain’t Mexican. Tex-Mex, sure maybe, but don’t try to tell me it’s authentic, that’s gringo nonsense.
  • Fuck Taco Bell. Idk if they have anything to do with CdM, but fuck Taco Bell anyway. (Fun fact, Taco Bell was started by a white guy)
  • If you really want to do anything for Cinco de Mayo, educate people–or at least watch 5secondfilms’ series on it bc it’s fucking hysterical omg
  • Please don’t wear cheap-ass sombreros and mustaches and your fake-ass serapes.
  • You’re not even celebrating our culture/us when you do that??? You’re just getting discount nachos and margaritas at Applebee’s or something idk.
  • At least go eat some real authentic Mexican food–most Mexican restaurants are small, family-owned, and local, and goodness knows they could the business. I guarantee you, you go into a teeny no-name Mexican restaurant and you will LOVE IT. (Also, get a Jarritos soda–I recommend strawberry or fruit punch flavor. OOH and some horchata if you can. I honestly don’t know what’s in it lol but it’s delicious.

And if you are Mexican:

  • Even if CdM isn’t a huge deal to us, embrace your heritage, it’s so colorful and ALIVE AND BEAUTIFUL.
  • We’re fucking amazing
  • You’re all beautiful. Light skin, dark skin, hairy or not, whether you “look” Mexican or not, you’re beautiful.
  • Just because you don’t speak Spanish and/or celebrate Mexican traditions, that doesn’t make you a “fake” Mexican.
  • You’re all valid and I love you <3