You know those moments that break your heart, the ones where you’re surrounded by people that adore you, shower you with compliments, and ultimately can’t see you? 

Do you ever feel you’re missing something intrinsic to being human? Some core piece or essential element that just isn’t there…

Have you felt what it’s like to be brutally lonely, not just a wanting to be near another life, but that crippling, heart rending sadness that comes from giving all that you are to the world and having all that love, energy, and talent collapse into dust?

If you’ve felt like this maybe you’re a mermaid. Maybe you’re a creature so cold, so sad, and so painfully beautiful that it can only exist alone.

Perhaps you’re a merman, a being so full of resentment, hate, and most importantly love that you can’t accept the world for what it is, you have to make reality that place you see in your mind.

Maybe your heart belongs to the ocean, a place that washes away the feelings and tells you that the cold in your soul isn’t just normal it’s how you survive. The salt is the bitterness that makes unique lives possible. The inability to speak is because what you are can’t be put to words, you are beyond speech you must be seen. 

Maybe you’re a mermaid and what you need is to sink into the forever of the ocean.

Maybe you’re a merman and what you need to embrace the beauty of your loneliness.

Photo by: See Through Sea

Model: Hawaiian Merman

playing Uno with my family and 6-year-old cousin when suddenly….

Him: Are you a boy or a girl? You look like a girl, but you dress like a boy… And you have hairy armpits!

*everyone at the table freezes; wide eyes fixed on me…*

Me: Well, I didn’t want to say anything but….Neither. I’m a mermaid. I wear these clothes so I can easily run from the Dolphin Police because truthfully, I’m not supposed to be here on dry land. Oh, and that’s not hair, it’s seaweed.

Him:So, that’s why your hair is red!!!!!

Later that night, we are drawing & my hair is up in a ponytail…

Him: What’s that thing on your ear? *points to my hearing aid*

Me: Ah, this. It’s a device that lets me hear what the Dolphins are up to at all times. Every mermaid has one.

Him: Are you lying?

Me: Here, I’ll prove it to you. *takes out hearing aid, feedback screeches* See? They’re angry. I’ve told you too much…

Him: *whispers* Oh my god….

A year later, his mom texts me and says he STILL thinks I’m a mermaid outlaw, and that he swears he saw me swimming in a river they drove by one day. yeah it’s a big fat lie but I’m a real-life fucking mermaid in this kids mind…who else can say that?!?

I know I’ve found my people. It took some time but these are the do or dive friends ;).

Photo by See Through Sea

Pictured: Mermaid Malia, Hawaiian Merman, and Alicia Underwater

Tails by Hawaiian Merman, Mermaid Kariel, and See Through Sea.


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