I remember reading the scene where Heir is going against the Midnight Crew members and thinking to myself how in the world did Hemoglobin find Heir?  My brain thought maybe he heard the gun shots or somehow saw the note but NO.


A very quick doodle till my ‘project’ is done.


So it was 4/13 recently, and I got bit by the drawing bug, except it was a mutant bug, and I ended up practicing anatomy with some of our favourite heroes in action on my phone from @realmenweartights

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Real Men Wear Tights Chapter 13: Intermission 2
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Surprise! We updated. Some of you thought it wouldn’t happen, but there you go. It’s an intermission, so that means it’s a lot smaller than our usual updates, but it should hopefully be funny enough to make up for that. The artwork for this chapter was done by the fabulous @cherryirises, so you’re in for a treat. Hope you enjoy!




Out of Control - Glass Caves

First off listen to the song that goes along with the panels. Seriously, your not going to truly get the message unless you listen to the song.  Start with the first picture on part one.

Second, I probably need to explain a little bit of what’s going on. The whole thing is about the fear of rejection.

Hemo fears being rejected by Heir and as the song goes on knows that he’s more then likely right since reality is much different then that of what he wants it to be.

John on he other hand fears both rejection and losing Karkat, making it much harder for him. He fears not telling him might lose his chances but also fears that if he does confess then Karkat might leave him.

Sidenote- hands, just why do some hands look great and other look terrible.. I do not know. This was the project I have on and off been working on for like 2 months :’)

anonymous asked:

aight so. you guys make rmwt stuff. and like. in the fanfiction theres a point when john tugged at the power and stuff and he became all powerful and like. i'm wondering. if he unleashed all of his power that is there and just let loose. would that be the equivalent of him going grimdark? idk anyways you all rock. <3

Mmmmmmmmeh, yes/no. That wouldn’t really be equivalent to going grimdark because there wouldn’t be any grim/negative emotions attached to it. The wind is Chaotic Neutral. It actively wants to be free and to rage, but it doesn’t have any motive behind it beyond John’s protection. But it’s also best to keep in mind that we’ve only seen John tap into a teeny tiny fraction of that power, and it was enough to strain the limits of his current control. The tornado he called up at that time was relatively small, too. So he absolutely could and most likely would lose himself among the currents of his power were he to let loose, but he probably wouldn’t do anything overly negative. Unless you’re a bad guy actively attempting to cause him harm, in which case we’re looking at the potential of your various body parts being scattered over a several mile radius.