Sgt: Picture 5 of 8 from Chapter 5 of Real Men Wear Tights, by PanicIsMyRain.

Okay, this is a serious contender for my favorite panel of the chapter. Look at these cuties. Karkat is super into that comic, and John is super into Karkat. There’s also something just undeniably adorable about the two of them sprawled out next to each other, reading from the same comic. John is squeeing inside from how their hips are touching.

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Okay so…

The purpose and meaning of this is mostly about the difficulty of a hero having a love-life. If John risked having a relationship with Karkat, he could easily put him in danger. Even after it was found out that he was Hemogoblin, there’s no telling when a hero will be defeated, especially since what they do is so violent and life-threatening.

Welp, this is how I spent the last 4 hours. I promised a Christmas RMWT picture and you got a sketchy feels-y comic.

May redo it one day with nice vector lines and cell shading but damn, that would take long.

Happy Christfest to all and a merry birthday to me.


I’ve been wanting to do something like this for the longest time. I saw someone asked something about Kyoukai no kanata on RMWT's blog and I just really wanted to do something related. I was tempted to put “someone who has a nice ass as you do…” but that wouldn't be as fun as when Akihito screamed about glasses =v=

And yes that was mostly word to word from KnK’s first episode *runs under a rock*