I am not a people’s person
I live on my own accord
I don’t really care about anybody else most of the time
But I get hurt when they don’t care about me
Half the time I don’t even realise that I hurt someone
And many times I do it on purpose
Expecting them to be okay with it
I expect them to come back to me
To be with me the way they have always been
Even after hurting them
I know it is selfish and I know I am selfish
But that is how I have always been
There is no changing me
—  What I mean when I say that I am not a nice person // JustScribbledWords
The real me.
The one no one sees.
The one that’s alone at night
and thinks things no one knows.
The one that doesn’t pretend
to be the person that you see.
The one that isn’t the funny person,
not the life of the party,
not the wise ass.
The one that wishes they could show themselves,
but is too scared to.
That one.
The real me.

Bueno, hoy vengo a mostrar lo que durante años he escondido de la sociedad, lo que ven aquí soy yo, yo y mis pequeños grandes detalles, una cicatriz de una operación que debido a la negligencia del hospital terminó siendo más grande de lo normal y hundida, Además de mis Estrías que me quedaron de un pasado no muy agradable a decir verdad, de mucho sufrimiento y muchas luchas internas pero ahora aquí estoy, mejor y al lado de quien por fin me ayuda a superarme y a volver a amarme como soy, mi marido.
Si a quien ves aquí es mi verdadero yo.

Well, today I come to show what for years I have hidden from society, what You see is me, me and my small big details, a scar of an operation which due to the hospital’s negligence ended up being bigger than normal and sunk, In addition to my streaks that I had left of a past not very nice that we say, much suffering and many internal struggles but now here I am, better and next to who at last helps me to surpass myself and to return to love me as I am, my husband.
Yes, who you see here, it’s me