Nicolette Robinson + Leslie Odom Jr.

This powerful couple has made their mark on stage and on fact fell in love on stage. Years later they would get married and get stronger in love and in their art

Leslie Odom Jr. has made a great mark recently winning “Best Actor” accolades at the Tony awards for his great performance in the hit play “Hamilton.”


Congratulations Queen Harrison + Will Claye on their Olympic Engagement

After Will Claye won the silver metal in the long jump no celebration, no metal was more meaningful than his proposal that couldn’t wait any longer to his girlfriend, Queen Harrison, of two years.  We wish you all the love and success in your marriage.  Congrats you two!

Although you’ve made me cry, you’ve made me mad, you’ve made me sad, you’ve made me wonder what the point is…even through all of the things you’ve made me feel…I have never once regretted loving you.
—  4:33pm