You know that moment when you get the girl of your dreams and you hear all her stories about her ex’s and how dirty they did her and how low they made her feel and you tell yourself your going to make her feel like the Queen she is and never make her cry or get sad or mad…and that moment comes and you’ve made her feel low and you just hate yourself so much and after everything she loves you to the moon and back and still wants you in her life. Keep those girls close bc they will always understand and have enough love to love all of you bc you can’t love yourself.

ChapteR 24 (Part 1) :

ChapteR 24 (Part 1) :

*Almost 3 months later..*
Everything’s going so good with everyone. Robyn’s trying to push all the negative to the back of her mind and she’s doing a lot better by doing that, she got support from everyone especially Chris who was so happy watching Robyn getting stronger. He also trying to get any information about her father but it was hard.. He wanted to make Robyn fully happy and the only way to do that is by bringing them together. He talked to Rorrey about it and he told his friend in Barbados to look for Ronald. Chris also talked to Noella before she went back to Barbados and she promised to the do everything in her power to find him, so Chris is just waiting for any new information. Tina on the other hand was the happiest girl ever because Robyn is showing now at almost five months and she can’t get her hands off Robyn’s baby bump, she like to touch it even if they still can’t feel anything, Robyn was worried about her baby and why she can’t feel it yet, but the doctor said it was normal and the baby is perfectly fine and healthy so she don’t think about it too much now even though she really can’t wait to feel the movement.
Tina’s school started two weeks ago and she never been this happy about it before, she didn’t let any teacher walk beside her without telling them that she got a mother and she will be a big sister, the situation was new to Tina, she was so happy to tell her few friends that she also have a mother now. She was so happy about her family..
Mijo came back from New York way earlier than expected and kept flirting with Melissa who kept swearing to Robyn and Lele that she doesn’t like him like that, but no one believed her because they catch her flirting with him too. Chris told Mijo to ask her out a lot of times until he did, and that’s when Robyn and Lele’s job started to convince Mel to go out with him.. Eventually, it worked and they’re dating for two weeks now.
The rest of the family just living their lives. Mama J and Mama Fenty moved to Robyn’s house after Chris took Robyn on a romantic dinner and asked her to move in with him, of course Robyn agreed because they were basically living together. Robyn dealt with morning sickness almost everyday, she liked it at the beginning but now she kinda hate it because she couldn’t smell anything without wanting to throw up, she couldn’t make food and take care of her family like she wanted so the mothers kept them company, even tho Chris start learning how to cook now. Yes Robyn hate when people think that she can’t do things on her own, but she was grateful for the mothers and Chris because she couldn’t control her body.

Now, Robyn’s lying down on the couch watching TV with the mothers when a phone start ringing but it wasn’t her’s..
“Oh God, that boy went to work and forget his phone again.” Mama J said sighing, Robyn shocked her head looking at his phone.
“It just a number, no name. Should I answer it?” She asked looking at them..
“No Robyn, you shouldn’t.” Mama Fenty said..
“But what if it’s something impossible? Answer Robyn, you ain’t a stranger and can answer his phone.” Mama J added, Robyn nodded and answered it..
“Hello, Is this Mr. Brown’s phone number?” A woman said..
“Yes, How can I help you?” Robyn asked..
“I’m his daughter’s teacher, I want to talk with him, can you please give him the phone?” When the lady said that Robyn got nervous..
“What? Is there something wrong? Christina is okay right?”
“I’m sorry but who are you to her?” the lady asked and her voice told Robyn that she might be annoyed with her questions..
“I’m his fiancé, please you scared me.. What wrong?
"Ohhh wait a minute, so you’re the new mother Christina can’t stop talking about.” The woman said laughing while Robyn got so confused..
“Don’t worry, Christina’s fine, she’s just a little hot but kept crying until I told her that I will call her father, she looks tired to me so we will appreciate it if you send Mr. brown to get her.” Robyn breathed in relief because Tina was good and nothing too dangerous..
“He’s at work so I will come and get her.”
“Okay no problem, we will be waiting.”
“Thank you, bye.” Robyn disconnected the call and got up..
“Who was that? Is there something wrong?” Mama J asked her..
“Tina is not feeling good, I have to go and get her home.”
“Robyn I can go, You just rest.” Mama Fenty said about to get up..
“No Mama, all I do is rest.. I will get my baby here, don’t worry I will be just fine.” She said that and went to change her clothes..

15 minutes later she was in front of the school.. She was a little nervous because she never went through something like this, she didn’t come with Tina in the first day of the school because she was sick and Chris didn’t let her move from the bed..
She got out of her car and walked inside the school, there was a lot of the kids, shouting and laughing in the hallway.. Robyn smiled looking between them until she saw a teacher talking to a little boy, she walked closer to him and asked him where she should go, he told her where the principle’s office and she made her way there..
“Come on in..” A woman said from the inside after she knocked on the door, Robyn opened the door still nervous..
“MOMMY!!!” Tina ran to her as soon as she saw her and hugged her waist.. Robyn smiled at the teachers in the room..
“Good morning, my name is Robyn Fenty and I’m-..” Tina didn’t let her continue..
“And she’s my new mommy I told you about, and she have a baby here.” Tina said in excitement while pointing at Robyn’s stomach, Robyn face was turning pink by now..
“Hello Ms Fenty. Christina, go back to your class and get your stuff, we want to talk to your mommy.” The principal said in a very sweet tone standing up..
“But I want to stay here with mommy.” Tina pouted.. Robyn lifted her chin up to make her look at her again..
“No pouting Tina-..”
“But mommy.” Tina cut her off..
“No buts baby, I will talk with them for a few minutes and then we can go home.” Tina nodded uneasy and left the room with a teacher..
“Please have a seat, my name is Katrina James and I’m the principle, nice to meet you. Oh and congratulation.” Robyn shook her and the other teachers’ hands..
“Thank you mam. Nice to meet you too.”
“And my name is Cameron and I’m the school’s doctor, I also worked as a therapist before and that’s why I want to talk to you about Christina.” Robyn nodded..
“Is there something wrong? I know she can do the most sometimes.”
“No no, Christina is a good girl, I just want you to know that she changed a lot since last year.”
“Changed?” Robyn was so confused, but Mr Cameron nodded smiling..
“Yes changed, last year I used to see her unhappy, she was lonely, don’t talk to a lot of kids, and don’t laugh that much. But this year, it’s like she’s a new girl.” Robyn smiled hearing that..
“She’s always laughing and playing with the other kids, that’s something new to her and we all notice it here, she can’t stop talking with everyone.. Oh and Ms Fenty, she’s talking about you and the baby you having everyday and with everyone.” Robyn was turning red, she was shocked and didn’t know how to response..
“I-… Umm.. I really don’t know what to say, but I’m glad to hear that.”
“You seem young to me, how old are you if you don’t mind me asking?” Katrina said nicely..
“No mam I don’t mind it.. I’m 25 years old.”
“You should be so proud of yourself because what you did to that little girl is something so amazing, Mr Cameron tried to help her but she didn’t open up to him, so watching the change in her and known it’s because of you is a beautiful thing.” Katrina said..
“Oh God, thank you mam.. I really appreciate the sweet words.” Robyn said smiling, she was so happy to hear all of that..
“You did what I tried to do but failed.” Cameron said..
“Well, thank you for trying to help her out, but Christina wasn’t in need for a therapist, she-..” A teacher cut Robyn off rudely..
“No she needed a therapist! I thought she wasn’t normal in some point.” Robyn looked at her so shocked just like the rest of the teachers..
“Excuse me.. You can’t talk about my daughter like that!! You don’t care that I’m sitting right here in front of you?! You’re so disrespectful! And for your information I’m a therapist too but I couldn’t help her as a doctor!! All she needed was love, and I just gave it to her and took care of her.” The Robyn said with an attitude, she saw the teacher roll her eyes so she continued..
“I will not allow you to talk like that about her because she’s probably the smartest girl in this school. Shame on you to say that about a little girl.” The teachers were kinda taking aback cause Robyn spoke like that, but she couldn’t sit back and hear that. The teacher who said that just got up and just left the room without saying a word..
“Ms. Fenty, I’m sorry that happened.. I don’t know why she said that.” Cameron apologized..
“She’s a teacher! She should understand the kids not think they ain’t normal because they went through a lot, that’s unfair.” Robyn said shacking her head..
“Excuse me, but what a six years old girl went though?” Katrina asked confused, Robyn knew they don’t anything about her..
“Do y'all know anything about Christina’s life?”
“No actually, because she’s a new students here-.. I mean not new, but she just spent the last two months here last year and we don’t know her that much and we don’t see Mr. Brown a lot too.” Cameron replied..
“Oh right, well let me tell you about her life, Christina lived her life so lonely, her mother passed away while giving birth to her, so she lived with just her father.. She needed a family, she needed love.. Nothing other than that, yes she was so sad for someone in her age, but that don’t make her not normal.” Robyn said and took a deep breath, she was trying to stay calm..
“Oh my God, I’m really speechless.” The principal said totally in shook and Robyn nodded..
“We didn’t know that, We all are sorry to hear that, it must have been hard on her, but thank God you there for her now. She loves you a lot.” Another teacher joined the conversation..
“I never thought that she lost her mother, that’s why she’s so happy now to have a mother.” Cameron said and Robyn nodded..
“I love her so much too and I’m happy to know that I really helped her, what you Mr Cameron said made me so happy because now I can be really sure that she’s happy in her life.” Robyn said and Cameron nodded..
“Never saw a woman who love a child not hers like you do, again you should be proud.” Robyn looked at the principal who smiled at her and said..
“One of the many reasons to why I love her that much is because I lost my daughter before I got the chance to hold her, if she made it here she would be in Christina’s age and-…”
“God!! I’m sorry to hear that.” Katrina said and moved next to Robyn who was strong saying that, she wasn’t planning on breaking down again..
“I saw my daughter in her and she saw a mother in me, that’s why you see her this happy, she never had a mother to tell people about, and at the end of the day she’s a child and this make her happy.”
“Anyone would be happy to have a mother, especially if she’s a wonderful woman like yourself, I’m really happy we got to meet.” Robyn gave her a smile..
“Thank you, it means a lot to hear this.”
“We, as a school care a lot about the students here, I’m the one who talked to you on the phone, we wanted to see her father to let him know Christina is doing a lot better.. And that’s because of you.” A teacher said from across the room and Robyn shook her head smiling..
“It’s not just because of me, she’s the smartest girl ever-..” Mr Cameron cut her off..
“Well, Christina said it’s because of you, before you arrived we were talking to her and she told me she want to make her mommy proud.”
“Oh my God! She said that?” Robyn asked so shocked..
“Yes she did, and she also said that she want to be the amazing big sister you told her she is.” Katrina beside her said making Robyn more shocked than before, it was a sweet thing to hear..
“I’m so proud of her, I know I have an effect on her but-.. Wow.. I don’t know what to say, I didn’t think she remember the small things I told her.” Katrina smiled..
“I noticed that every word have an effect on her, she’s so sensitive.” Cameron said..
“Yeah I know. But can I ask a question?” Robyn asked looking between all of them..
“Of course.”
“Why that teacher is so mean to her? Yes I don’t know her, but if she’s her teacher I want Christina to go to another class and I’m sure her father won’t have a problem about it.”
“Yes, she’s her teacher but there’s no need to do that, I promise I will talk to the teacher and understand what happened, It’s not going to happen again.” Katrina said..
“Thank you, I appreciate that.” Just then, the door opened and Tina walked to Robyn and stood in front of her…
“You meet my teachers mommy?” She asked but sounded tired..
“Yes baby, I met them and they’re so happy and proud of you because you being a good girl, me and daddy proud of you too.” Tina smiled a small smile..
“Mommy my throat hurts me.” Robyn put her hand on her forehead and she was a little hot..
“It’s gonna be okay baby girl.” Tina nodded and held her hand when she got up, Robyn shook hands with the three teachers in the room again..
“She’s a little hot, if she didn’t get better she will stay at home tomorrow.. Is that okay?”
“Of course, hope she gets better soon.”
“Thank you.”
“Bye Tina..” Cameron said smiling to her..
“Bye favorite teacher.” Tina replied laughing and made Robyn raise her eyebrows..
“Her favorite teacher huh? I didn’t know that, it’s cute.” Cameron laughed and said..
“Yeah she’s my favorite little girl too.”
“Thank you.”
“Of course and it was nice to meet you too.”
“Nice to meet all of you too.. Say bye baby.” Robyn said to Tina who she did as she was told and they left..

20 minutes later they arrived at home and Chris was there..
“We’re home!” Tina said running to the living room with Robyn following behind her..
“Hey princess, hey baby.”
“Hey Chris, where did they go?” Chris looked at her confused so she continued..
“The mothers baby, they left?” He kissed her cheek before answering..
“Oh, I don’t know.. I came here like 15 minute ago and no one was here. Where were you?”
“The school called your phone-… Chris seriously stop forgetting it here.” She said sighing but he just laughed saying..
“Okay I will try to not forget it again, why they called? The bus couldn’t get the kids home or something?” He asked cause Tina come back from the school in the bus because she loves it..
“No not that, She was hot and they wanted to talk to you but I never went to her school so I wanted to go and-… Feel how a mother would feel.” Robyn whispered he last part in his ear not wanting Tina to hear her..
“Oh baby.. You don’t forget anything.” Chris hugged her kissing her forehead..
“It was something so special, I still wish I could’ve been with her in the first day.” Robyn said sighing..
“that is the past now Robyn, you couldn’t make it and it’s whatever.”
“Yes it’s the past, you should’ve seen her face when she saw me, maybe she thought you were the one who gonna get her home.”
“So? What happened? Everything’s good?”
“So damn good, they told me so many thing about her made me happy and so proud.” Chris smiled, he love when Robyn talk like that, he will never get enough of these kind of words. He really couldn’t imagine someone other than Robyn as Tina’s mother..
“Such as?”
“Well, I met her favorite teacher and he’s not just a teacher-.. Wait, I mean-.. He’s the school’s doctor but also her favorite teacher.. Chris is being the school’s doctor make you a teacher? After thinking after thinking about it I got confused and now don’t know what to call him, doctor or teacher.” Chris couldn’t do nothing but laugh at her, she joined him after a minute..
“Okay anyway, they told me that Tina changed a lot, she was always unhappy, don’t laugh and don’t talk to the other kids but this year they all saw the changes in her and wanted to meet you and tell you she’s doing better and maybe to know what happened to change her cause she’s happy now, playing and laughing and talking to everyone-..” Chris picked her lips cutting hair off then said..
“It’s because of you.” Robyn smiled and looked at Tina who was so into the TV..
“I still can’t believe what she told them.” She mumbled shacking her head..
“Chris can you believe that they told me she’s always talking about me and the baby I’m having? It’s crazy, the teacher said he talked with her after he notice the changes in her and she told him that she want to make me proud and be the amazing big sister I told her she is. You believe that Chris?!” Chris was shocked to know that too, but known his daughter and how happy she is with this whole new big family thing didn’t make him doubt it at all..
“Wow.. I know for sure that it’s something she would do, and I know you proud of her.”
“Yes I’m so proud.”
“I want you to know that I’m proud of you too, I know how you feel.”
“No Chris, You don’t.. I was about to cry there cause I was so happy, that’s the sweetest thing ever and it means so much to me.”
“I know baby, But don’t go anywhere without telling me again, I was worried about you.” Robyn
squeezed his cheeks..
“You were worried just about me?” She asked..
“Not just you, about my other baby too.” Robyn pouted..
“You don’t care but about your other baby now, I don’t like you no more.”
“Oh God not again.” Chris said sighing, she’s doing this too much these days..
“No, I said I don’t like you any more.” She added when he tried to kiss her, she got up and walked upstairs saying..
“Tina, come upstairs so you can change.” Tina nodded and walked behind her.. Chris laughed and followed them to Tina’s room where Robyn was helping her to change her clothes.. Chris just looked at them from the door while Robyn looked at him a few times but didn’t say anything..
“Childish.” He said smirking..
“I know, it’s better than stalker.” Chris raised his eyebrows but turned his attention to Tina so quick when she said..
“Mommy, I’m cold.” Robyn felt her heat and she was so hot..
“She’s hot?” Chris asked walking to them..
“Yes Chris, what should I do?” Yes, Robyn still get worried and nervous when Tina is sick..
“Lay down baby, you will be just fine.” Chris helped her to the bed..
“Tina, I will change my clothes and get back to be next to you okay?” Tina nodded uneasy..
“Chris help me out! Please get her a wet cold towel and place her on her forehead.” Robyn said and got out of the room..
“Daddy don’t leave me alone.” Tina mumbled..
“Baby, you’re going to be okay.”
“Daddy I’m scared, it feels so weird here.” She said pointing to her throat, Chris leaned down kissing her forehead.
“Don’t be scared baby girl, I will get the cold towel in a minute.” Chris said and left the room quickly, he didn’t want her to stay alone so he got it so fast and went back to the room..
“You see how fast I am? I’m not old like you grandma always say right?” He asked with a goofy face making Tina smile..
“You not too old daddy.” Chris gasped playfully..
“So I’m old but not too old? You mean just like your mom and grannies.” Tina laughed and just then Robyn entered the room in her pajamas and talking on the phone..
“Okay, but I’m not for sure. She’s hot and her throat hurts her, I don’t know. Okay I will call you back.”
“Baby, who was that?” Chris asked placing the towel on Tina’s forehead..
“No daddy I’m cold.” Tina said taking it off, before Robyn got to answer his question..
“Tina please keep that on your forehead.” Chris added putting it back..
“Mommy please, I don’t want this I’m so cold.” Tina said and removed the towel again.. Robyn sat next to her rubbing her back while she didn’t waste time before hugging her and mumbling..
“Mommy hug me, you so warm.” Robyn wrapped her arms around her, she didn’t know what to do other than that..
“Don’t let go.” Tina mumbled when Robyn moved a little to get more comfortable..
“I’m not going anywhere, make a space for me.” Tina moved so quickly and Robyn laid down beside her the then hugged her again..
“What should I do?” Chris asked..
“Call Melissa, tell her to come here and bring a doctor with her, she know a good doctor.”
“I was thinking about it, but I think she’s with Mijo.” Robyn sighed..
“Yeah right I forgot.”
“I will go and get a doctor, if you need anything call me.” He said bending down kissing Tina’s forehead..
“You gonna be okay baby girl, don’t be scared.”
“I don’t want a doctor daddy.” She mumbled..
“Baby we have to know what’s wrong, you will feel better I promise.” He added..
“No buts Tina, go Chris she’s already hot.” Robyn cut her off, Chris nodded and left the room..
“Mommy I hate doctors, they scary and give a needle.” Tina mumbled closing her eyes..
“Baby you said your throat hurts you right?”
“Yes mommy but it will go away by itself, I don’t want doctor.” Robyn sighed..
“Tina you’re a big girl, the doctor will help you baby, look you’re hot. He or she will give you medicine to get better. No needle I promise.” Tina finally nodded..
“Don’t be scared, I won’t leave your side baby girl. Just rest.” Tina closed her eyes, she wanted to sleep because she thought if she slept she gonna avoid the doctor. Robyn on the other hand just rubbed her back slowly hoping Chris will be back soon with a doctor.