Jon Truly Realized Dany Is More Than A Snack, But A 5 Course Meal!

More than a beautiful face with 3 large dragons but a woman of substance.  She risked her life and her dragon’s lives to save them despite others advising against it.  The expression of adoration and relief on his face when she arrived was glorious! 

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Their ending may be bittersweet, but that doesn’t make it tragic.  They will heal together! 

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Fuck you. Dragon Ball Super is better than DBZ or Dragon Ball, Super has more interesting villains, more violence, better jokes and humor, has fewer inconsistencies than DBZ had, better transformations than those in the previous sagas, in short Super is the best series that has the franchise of Dragon ball so far and if you don't like it maybe you don't like DB in the first place because this anime is made for reals fans who love DB and it seems like you're not one of them so Fuck off.

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Guys, if you have stuff to do or if it's getting late, please tend to your real-life stuff! Jack loves this hype as much as we do, but he doesn't want us to wreck ourselves. This is all exciting I know, just please take care of yourselves! Meds, water, food, sleep! <3

Yup, important and friendly reminder everyone! :) - Mod Lily

Made It Through The Storm

It all starts with a perfect kiss
Anything to keep the love alive
Or maybe it’s just me, the way I am
You give your all to one person that you love
But somehow they come up short
Their eyes become an easy distraction
Their hands become one in someone else’s
These are the things that we all don’t want
Giving your heart to someone & they take you for granted
It never fails, But I will tell you this
Love prevails
Thank you god for never letting me loose my hope, You’re so dope

AUGUST 16: Reaching for the Moon is released (2013)

Based on the book Rare and Commonplace Flowers (Flores Raras e Banalíssimas) by Carmem Lucia de Oliveira, the biopic Reaching for the Moon (Flores Raras) was first released in its home country of Brazil on this day in 2013.

Set in the city of Petrópolis and spanning throughout the 1950s and 1960s, the film tells the real life love story of American poet Elizabeth Bishop (who we wished a happy birthday back in February!) and a Brazilian architect named Lota de Macedo Soares. The story starts off with Elizabeth Bishop, a once great poet in a creative slump, arriving in Brazil in 1951. Played by Miranda Otto, she is hoping that a retreat into nature will not only revive her writing ability but will also save her from an increasing dependence on alcohol. Surprising to anyone but the audience, it’s actually a friend of a friend named Lota, played by Glória Pires, who truly pulls Elizabeth back into the world of the living. 

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Instead of the intended stay of three weeks, Elizabeth ends up staying, loving, and living with Lota for 15 years. The film itself is sprawling and extends beyond the easy label of “lesbian romance movie;” from dealing with the trappings of literary stardom, to internalized homophobia, to both women’s experience of the 1964 Brazilian military coup, by the end of the movie the audience has truly witnessed the scope of Elizabeth and Lota’s 16 year long relationship and has seen their lives and identities been woven together. With the infamously dismal and amateur-ish reputation of most lesbian films, the beautiful cinematography, score, and tight writing of Reaching for the Moon is something to be cherished.


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Wow that hate anon. Um, well, I've never really sent you messages or anything but I have been lurking the OB fandom for awhile and I guess I'm not used to hate messages being spread around so I wanted to send you love, rainbows, and puppies just for the heck of it. Hope you have a good rest of the day! Jo x

That may be the most lovely message I’ve ever received. Bless your lil lurking heart. We weren’t mutuals before but we are now! Thanks for spreading some love today. Real life is such hot garbage right now. I need Tumblr to be my escape from the horrors of world news. A place where I can have intelligent convos with friends, celebrate AND critique all that is OB, unabashedly promote the work of talented clone club, and/or enjoy some really immature Ebro fangirling. Sometimes all of those things at once! I appreciate the puppies and rainbows, buddy. xoxoxoxo

Love isn’t about kissing someone and being kissed back, it’s about feeling a flow of electricity going through your body when you kiss the one you love. That’s when you know you’re in love.
—  Poets Love Her

When my great grandfather passed away, my great grandmother used to always say,

“We learn to accept that it’s one of Allah’s laws that death is promised. I just wish that there was a promise that we could see our loved ones again from time to time”.

They were a very close and loving couple. The beautiful thing is that it’s as though Allah accepted her prayer. She used to see her husband in her dreams a lot. As a child I remember hearing her say his name and speaking to him in her sleep. She used to ask him why he’s left her alone and that no one can look after her like he used to. She lived almost 30 years without her husband and right til the very end she would sleep with his scarf at night and hold it while she did dikr. May Allah unite them both in Jannah and reward them for the great lessons they have taught us. Ameen