i got a real job today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not just working for my mom which means i’ll have my own income and i can start really truly contributing and helping her financially im so glad.. its also a good job at a sorta hippie grocery store, i might work at 4:30am some days which i think will be fun because its walking distance from my house and i like being up early. i feel so lucky especially because i thought i did a really bad job at the interview

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its punk to take time to find out what u wanna do with yr life. when u graduate school ur like 18 nobody fucking knows what to do with their life that age and u have all the time in the world. if u wanna take a break, do it, u totally deserved one. if u wanna quit yr internship and try out a different field of work, go for it. if u dont want a "real" job and just make art for a living, hell yeah?! do everything u can to not end up as a 40 year old in a 9-5 bureau job close to burnout

Question of the Week Results

Q: If Rogue were to have a “real world” job, what would it be? 

A: Most people seemed to go with her once profession of mechanic, but there were some other interesting choices…

“IDK, I see her as a wrestler or heavy metal band musician. If it’s not too real then… probably mechanic? Like in X-treme X-men, probably.”

“Rogue would want a job using her hands. Mechanic suits her very well.

“idk why, but for some reason i can picture her doing something involving corporate espionage…”

“She’d own a dive bar, just a place where all the tough exterior, soft interior badass guys go to hang out everyday when they aren’t getting into trouble. She’d know them all, have smartass repertoires. There’d always be that one drunk at the end of the night she’d have to call a cab for and fight to get him into, all the while listening to the same stories about the good ol’ days while fending off harmless slurred advances. She’d protect her bar and those under its roof, and vice versa.”

“I lean towards mechanic or test pilot”

“Mechanic or nascar racer or both”

“Something in public works. Planning/engineering/etc. She lives for helping people and likes to be respected…”


“she was a mechanic once right?”

“cleaner… those yellow marigolds haha”

“Body guard”

Advice for Onision

@onision Get. A. Job.
I’m not one of those people who says YouTube isn’t a real job, but it’s not conventional, and it’s not stable. You can’t expect to stay relevant for so long, you need to just accept that your channel has died.
I’m not saying you should quit YouTube all together, but you should stop relying on it.
Your paywall has pissed off your fans, so a good chunk of them probably don’t plan to watch you at all anymore, it cuts out the possibility of new viewers, and ultimately isn’t going to work.
People use YouTube to watch free videos. Free. There’s no reason for them to pay for something that they could have for free.
Realize that you are the employee, you don’t get to give yourself a raise. If you want more money, you have to get a different job.
Realize that your fanbase consists of minors whose parents don’t know they would ever watch someone like you. Minors who even if they have the money to spare, they don’t have a way to give it to you.
Understand that a phone and internet are necessities nowadays. Your videos are not.

Stop expecting so much. Be happy that you have so much. That’s what you’ve always told you fans to do.

Stop telling girls they have to be super heroes and not princesses. Stop telling girls that wanting to be a mother or a homemaker isn’t a real job. Stop telling girls that makeup isn’t art. Stop making fun of girls who like being in a relationship and looking for love.  STOP telling girls that femininity is bad. I thought being a feminist and being a woman’s rights activist was about giving women the freedom to choose. Stop the internalized misogyny. 

Things I love about Animal Crossing

- It’s so good and pure?

- You can pay off debt by just fishing and catching bugs and selling them for exorbitant prices, like where tf do I sign up for this job in real life?

- Diggin up giant dinosaur bones like the little four year old paleontologist-wannabe me always dreamed of.

- Socializing is fun.

- Characters like Sable, Brewster slowly warming up to you after you talk to them a bunch over a period of time like aaaAHHHHHHHH???

- Brewster saying “Please keep doing your best.”

- Isabelle the actual pure cinnamon roll. Protect this pup.

- Villagers sometimes clapping after they see you catch a fish or a bug!

- How velvety the environment looks in New Leaf, like let me just rub my face against that grass

- How nice and soft the music is (but the Gamecube version will always have the best music)

- When you get to be great enough friends with a Villager, they will give you their picture! <3

- The dumb little jokes your character makes whenever you catch a fish or a bug

- How colorful each Villager is, and how they are all so different in appearance.

- When a grumpy Villager takes a liking to you and acts nicer because you are their friend ahhhhhh

- Running off to the Museum whenever you find a New Thing and you’re so excited about it!

- Rover

- Rainy d a y s

- Just how simple but uplifting this game can be when you are feeling down.

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I work as a private music teacher. The client in this case is the parent of a student.

Client: So what do you do?

Me: What do you mean?

Client: What is your job?

Me: …This. I’m a music teacher. I also perform and do other freelance music work.

Client: Oh, right. But like, what’s your real job?

Underrated lines of Spiderman: Homecoming (P.5)
  • Peter: Hopefully soon it’ll lead to a real job with him.
  • Ned: That’d be so sweet. He’d be all, "good job on those spreadsheets, Peter, here’s a gold coin"
  • Ned:
  • Ned: I don’t know how jobs work.
  • Peter: That’s exactly how they work.

A potential client contacted me about illustrating a series of children’s books he had written.

Client: Ok, I’ll e-mail you later and we’ll go over the details of the project.

Me: Sounds good.

Client: We can even pretend this is a real job and you might make some money.

Me: ….

Things Retail Workers Are Not:

Trash collectors.
Calculators or computers.
The CEO of their company.
Not just high school/college kids who should get a “real job”.

Things Retail Workers Are:

Mostly knowledgable about the clothes they sell.
Working the best they can.
Doing their job.
Poorly paid.
Fans of holidays and spending them with their families too.


hi folks! as most of you will know, i’m currently taking a gap year. i’ve received so many questions about this (mostly asking me for advice) so i thought i’d just gather all the questions and the information i’ve gathered and make a little guide about it all! :-) i’ll be going through why i’m taking one, the advantages and disadvantages and what i’ve learned so far!

► what is a gap year?

first thing’s first: what is a gap year? according to the cambridge dictionary, the definition is as follows: ‘a year between leaving school and starting university that is usually spent travelling or working.’ most people will take a year out before starting uni, but it’s also often taken to prevent a burn out or stress from overwork in later years. the reasons for taking a year out before starting uni vary, but the most common reason is to have fun and explore the world before getting down to some serious studying. as a result of this, young people will have a chance to get to know themselves, and the world around them, a lot better. in general it’s seen as a positive thing, although the opportunity can be wasted if the year is spent being lazy and not doing anything interesting.

► why did i decide to take a gap year?

i made a post about this back in july (2016), but i’ll briefly explain this again. in my case, there were a few reasons why i decided to take a gap year instead of going straight to uni after graduating. the first being that the course i want to do is super expensive compared to the normal courses in my town, so my parents wanted me to work and save money to pay for it myself! since i really want to do the course, i totally didn’t mind the idea of working for a year and saving up the money. the second is that i was only 17 when i graduated, so i’d be moving to barcelona at a really young age to study there. that was something my parents and i weren’t so sure about (considering my age). a few other factors are that i wanted to finish my musical education before leaving, i wanted to have some fun and travel a little before studying and that i wanted to feel really ready for the move. 

► should you take a gap year?

i get asked a lot by my followers if i think they should also take one, and i honestly think it’s way too personal to let anyone else decide! you need to think of the reasons why you would want/ need to take a year out first. i suggest you make a list of reasons why and reasons not to. if one list has better reasons, go with that one! i also suggest you talk to your family, teachers or anyone else you know taking one/ or has taken one. but if you need a little more help, i’ve made a little list of the advantages and disadvantages that you can take a look at below.

► what are the advantages?

there are so many so i’ll try my best to list them all!

  • you don’t have to study: for some people this is a huge advantage. if you’re not too keen on studying, taking a gap year provides a nice long break to enjoy before going to uni to study even harder.
  • you can do the things you couldn’t as a student: think about it: you have a whole year to do whatever you want to! as a student you’re bound to certain activities like going to school, studying, etc. now you’re not in school you can travel or pick up a hobby you didn’t have the time for/ the money for/ or just plain couldn’t before!
  • you can experience the working world before your peers: this is an advantage i regard really highly. i’ve been working for almost 8 months now, and i have discovered so many things about the working world that i wouldn’t have otherwise known. you’ll find out how to find real jobs/ go to interviews/ etc before any of your peers. and with that comes the money.
  • → money: if you choose to work. you’ll be payed good money depending on the job, and with that money you’ll be able to travel or buy things you couldn’t before! you can save it for later life too, which will help you out a lot in the long run.
  • you’ll get to know yourself better: if all your friends decide to go to uni, you’ll probably not be able to spend all that much time with them anymore, leading to you being alone more often. but don’t worry! this can be a really good thing. you’ll get to know yourself better, and by working/ travelling/ picking up a hobby you can really work on yourself. i found that high school really messed up my ideas of myself by trying to fit in. you really get the chance to look after yourself better and to nurture your true nature and personality more.

► what are the disadvantages?

when there are advantages, there will always be some disadvantages!

  • you will feel a little isolated sometimes: if you don’t know anyone else taking a gap year, it’s very likely you’ll feel slightly isolated at times. friends going to school or uni will have a very different schedule than you, so you won’t always be able to hang out with them. this is very easily remedied by keeping yourself busy and active though!
  • you might get out of the habit of studying: because you won’t be in school or taking a course, you might find yourself getting out of the old habit of studying. i noticed how fast my hand got tired when writing for example! this isn’t a huge problem, because you can always keep your habits alive by following online courses or learning a new language for fun!
  • you might become less motivated: this sort of ties in with the previous point, but it’s possible you’ll notice yourself get lazier and lose motivation. the habit of routinely studying and doing your assignments won’t really be necessary during a gap year, so it might be hard for you to get back into the swing of things later on.

That’s it! Hopefully this was helpful to some of you!  :-)

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