Practical Advice for Aspiring Space Explorers
Washington DC (SPX) Feb 12, 2016
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If you’ve read past the title, you’ve probably consumed a lot of books and movies about space. Guess what? Flying in space isn’t just for science fiction characters. It’s a real job. Real people can apply for it, and real people-like you-can get hired to do it. Applying to be an astronaut is easy and costs you nothing. Like any other federal government job, the astronaut application is onl
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Blogs that I Love Week: Fitblr Friday

Okay, so I’ve been busy these past two days. Today you get a triple-whammy of amazing blogs!

These three ladies were some of the first real Healthblr blogs I started following. I say Healthblr because at the time I was associating Fitblr with ‘inspirational’ photos of 'fit’ women (bodyspo stuff, not actually fit but just crazy thin; not the real - girl bodybuilders that I now appreciate).

These ladies, when I found them, were REAL, and that boggled my mind. They are out there with real lives and jobs and families, and still make time for living healthfully and reaching their goals, even when life gets in the way. I appreciate that so much about them.

So, without further ado: @mybigfatfitlife @deartreadmill and @jules-did-it are my blogs for Fitblr Friday!

Harmony ( @mybigfatfitlife) is such a gem. She is so uplifting to everyone around her. She knows her strengths and limitations and sets goals realistically and appropriately. And if she has a bad day (something I learned: everybody has bad days and that’s okay! We’re human!), she picks herself up and carries on amidst the business of life. Did I mention she’s also a farmwife, a mom, AND she works a job on top of that? If you want inspiration for how to reach your goals despite being busy, Harmony is your girl :)

Jo ( @deartreadmill) is my favourite potty-mouthed nurse. She, too, is super-realistic about goal setting, and knowing what is achievable (SMART goals, y'all). She’s an active presence on my dash of fitness mixed with hilarity. She is up front about her struggles, and celebrates her victories with her followers. Also she’s a nurse so that is badass (not that I’m biased towards the profession or anything). And she has a 'healthy’ obsession with Chris Evans (and most of the Avengers gang), so if you’re a Marvelite (and want to see gifs of Chris Evans’ butt in Cap’s leather tights), Jo’s your gal :)

Last but not least is Cate ( @jules-did-it )! Cate is a coffee aficionado with a passion for HIIT (that’s high intensity interval training). She proves that you don’t need a fancy gym membership, or hours and hours to get an effective workout in. She often posts her meal plans and recipes, too, which I love (meal planning is tough!). Cate is another active tumblr, and is super interactive with her followers. Did I mention she’s also a coffee genie? Cate is the lady for coffee and bicep curls :)

I love love love these three Fitblrs. You should know that they’re all Canadian (Cate, you live close enough and are nice enough that we as a country are adopting you)! Canuck pride, eh?


How To Get Away With Murder: Asher Millstone [ENFP]

UNOFFICIAL TYPING by mylifeisfandom

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Asher is extremely excited by new possibilities, like getting to spy on the members of Marren Trudaeu’s firm or finding out that their client was responsible for a bombing. He loves when new and interesting things are happening. He even gets excited about things that are technically bad as long as they’re new and interesting, like when there’s a fight in the group or when they have a new challenge in their case. He often suggests wild theories, like that Annalise could be Wes’ mom, and he wants to bounce these ideas of the rest of the group, like when he asked them all what they think Frank’s real job is if he’s not a lawyer.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Asher tends to say whatever he’s feeling in a very blunt way (Fi filtered through Te) and can have brutal honesty, like when he got straight to the point and directly told Bonnie that she hurt his feelings or when he confronted his Dad about the man he sentenced to death. He’s one of the characters most likely to stand up for his moral beliefs, like declaring that he refuses to work on the case of the woman who held two girls captive in her basement on “moral grounds” or telling the man who killed his ex-wife that he hopes the jury gives him the death sentence. He’s very sensitive, but he still tries to hide it from the others.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Like mentioned before, Asher is highly emotional but his expression of his emotions usually comes out in a blunt way. Although he very much prefers to be spontaneous and make jokes all the time, he does manage to handle things seriously, but only when the situation get really serious.

Introverted Sensing (Si): Asher is still affected by his past experiences. He was extremely upset when he had to reevaluate his opinion of his father and was initially pretty stubborn about defending his original view. However, he pretty quickly adapted to the new situation once he figured out what the truth was.

Secretary pt 1

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Leo x Reader

Request: Can you write a scenario/fiction with Leo where he’s an engineer or lawyer? He has trouble opening up to others until he meets you, his new secretary. You’re very friendly but sometimes a troublemaker which makes him very annoyed at first sight? For some problems you end up living with him and do houseworks as reward! He pretends to hate you but he really likes you?

Note: Y/N means your name. Also I had conflicts on how to make the reader to be a troublemaker, so I made it as if they’re a sassy person. BTW Sorry for any grammar errors! Hopefully you like it!

You walk into the building of your new workplace. You were working under someone named Jung Taekwoon. This was your first real job in your career path after you graduated lawyer school. You let out a sigh as you walked into the building. ‘15th floor and find Laura to ask where my desk is’ you thought to yourself as you scanned your ID to get pass to the elevators. The elevators were packed. You squeezed in and clicked the button that said 15. As the cart went up more and more people went off. At 15 you got off and that’s when you felt yourself get really nervous ‘don’t mess up, don’t mess up’ you kept repeating in your head. You made your way to the front desk where you see a name tag that said Laura.

“Hi, I’m Y/N. I’m new and I’m suppose to be working for Jung Taekwoon.” You said trying to sound confident.“Ah yes!” She greeted you with a warm smile that calmed you down a little. “ It’s nice to meet you, I’m Laura, the one you talked to on the phone. Follow me.” She said getting up and walked to the hallway behind her desk. You follow her quietly. “So are you nervous?” She asked looking back at you. “Yes a little” you said not really making eye contact. “Don’t be! You’ll be fine.” she said taking a turn to the left “Everyone here is really nice, for the most part. Some people are quieter then others, but if you need help with anything don’t hesitate to come and ask me!”. You turned once more into an area with a lot of desks in the center and offices around. She walked you to a corner “this will be your desk and Mr. Taekwoon’s office is over there but he is out right now with a client” she said pointing to the office next to my desk. “Thanks so much Laura” you said smiling at her. “No problem, and remember if you need anything you know where to find me!” She said walking away.

You looked back around and saw everyone hard at work. You look down at your desk and saw a post it note om a stack full of papers that said,'If I’m not here when you arrive, here’s some paper work I need you to do. - Taekwoon’. You sighed 'wow what a great welcome with a huge stack of papers’ you thought. “Hey, I’m Kathryn! What’s your name?” You herd someone say on your left side, you turn to see a girl peeking over from the desk beside you. “Hi, I’m Y/N.” You said with a small smile. “Your Taekwoons new assistant right?” She asked and you nodded. “Cool! I’ve been here a while and I also work under Taekwoon.” She said with a smile “If you need anything I can help”. “Alright thank you” you said as you sat down.“ Taekwoon is working on a case so when he is in court do you want to go to lunch together?” She asked. You smiled “Yea that sounds good” you said feeling more relaxed and welcomed here. A few hours passed by you met a few more people that also worked under Taekwoon and also Wonshik.

“So your Taekwoons new assistant?” Someone came up behind you and asked. You turn around to see this man look at you with disgust. “Uh yea…?” You said not really know what to say to that comment. “Wow don’t you look pitiful?” He said looking at you up and down. “Umh excuse you I don’t need your option on anything you have to say to me. Your irrelevant. So goodbye.” You said pushing past him to walk back to your desk and you saw Taekwoon looking at you before going into his office. He was freakin perfect looking. 'How can anyone look that good?’ You thought. You pushed those thoughts aside and knocked on the door and peeking your head in. He looked up from his desk and you said “ Hi, I just wanted to introduce myself my name is Y/N and I’m your new assistant.”. He looked at you with announce “Ahh yes hello Y/N, did you see the papers I left on your desk? If you could get them done by the end of the day that would be great.” He said. You nodded “Yes I saw them and I’m working on that currently… If there is anything you need I’ll be at my desk” you said closing the door and walking to your desk. 'He totally hates me now because of that jerk’ you thought ’ why was he tying to start something with me?’. You sat down and was about to start working on analyzing the papers in front of you when Kathryn asked “what do you think of him?” . “ Umh he’s alright? I haven’t really gotten a chance to judge him quite yet, but I have the feeling he doesn’t really like me” you said. “Hmm well he’s a really quiet person. He doesn’t really talk to anyone much.” She said. “Ahh is that so?” You said looking back at him to see him looking threw papers and you went back to work after an hour you went out to lunch with your new friend Kathryn and went back to finish analyzing the papers, highlighting all the stuff you found.

At the end of the day you knocked on Taekwoons door and entered. “So here’s what I found” you said placing the papers on his desk. You take out all the of the important papers and showed him everything. “Was any of that helpful?” You asked him. “Yea this is really useful thank you Y/N” he said looking threw the papers. “Glad I could be of help” you said smiling at him but he wasn’t paying attention to you “is there anything else I can help you with?”. “No everything is good for today, but tomorrow is like you to help me with building a case for my client” he said “you can go home now. Have a good night”. “Alright sounds good. I’ll see you tomorrow” you said to him before walking out to leave.

The next few weeks you helped Taekwoon a lot with all the clients he had business with and he started to warm up to you but the whole time you got the feeling you annoyed him. You saw that jerk a few more times, starting arguments with him and soon learned his name was Hyuk. You and Taekwoon became really close that you’d get lunch sometimes with him. He even asked you to call him by his nickname Leo.

One afternoon you got a call from your landlord while you were out having lunch with Leo. You had just finished eating and where about to leave. “I have to answer this call, I’ll be right back” you said to Leo and he nodded. You walked out to the side of the building and answered the phone. “Hello? You said. “Yea hey Y/N, it’s your landlord. I’m gonna need you to pack your stuff out as soon as possible and leave. I’m sick of getting your rent money after its due.” He said. You were shocked. “Wait what? No! You can’t kick me out I don’t have anywhere else to go!” You said. “Well I’m sorry but you have to leave” he said. “Please let me stay! I can’t afford any other place! I have to pay off my student loans.” You told him. “I have given you multiple extensions on your payments, but all I can do now is give you by the end of the week but that about it” he said. “Please in begging you I have no where else to go” you didn’t have many friends that lived in the city and your parents lived in a different state. “Like I said by the end of the week” he said hanging up. “What the hell!” You said looking at your phone locking it 'What am I gonna do!!!!, I don’t want to move into a ghetto neighborhood that’s even further from work’. You sighed and turned around and saw Leo there. You gasped “oh! you scared me, I wasn’t expecting you there.” You said looking at him. “What’s wrong Y/N? Who called?” He said looking into your eyes. You sighed and looked away from him to look at the people walking by. “My landlord is kicking me out and I have to be out by the end of the week” you said “and I have no idea where I’m gonna go in one week! I can’t find a new place in such short notice!”. You couldn’t believe this was happening. “You can stay with me” he said. You look back at him, he was dead serious.

To be continued…

I am extremely bummed to discover that I can’t push my flight back to go to the Journey Live concert in Springfield. I get why my company won’t pay to reschedule for something that’s not an emergency but still a bummer. 

But! I might be going to San Francisco in June for a compliance academy! I’d get to see the bff, maybe my sister, maybe go to the Monterey Bay Aquarium! And, you know, take a giant compliance exam at the end of the trip. But at least now I feel like I have a legit reason for following all those study blogs that focus on note taking (not real useful for my job since my notes are generally quickly jotted down sentences. I follow for bullet journal info, which is absolutely revolutionizing my productivity). And of course getting clearance to go on this trip will mean that I will need more notebooks and study supplies, right?

The 5 Most Annoying (and Most Common) Things Writers Hear

1. “I thought about being a writer but figured I should get a real job.”
2. “That’s cool that you write books. Too bad people don’t read anymore.” This inevitably segues into
3. “Maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll turn your book into a movie.”
4. “You could be the next J.K. Rowling. Or that Fifty Shades of Grey lady.”
5. “Wow! I’ve been working on a novel. It’s a total mess, but would you mind taking a look at it?”


Days 4 - 5 - 9 - 10 - 20 - 23 - 25 - 28 - 29 - 30 of my Inktober of 2015.

Those are my beloved characters from Desertia, a comic I’m working on. I wish I could spend full time on it but it’s pretty hard when you have another “real”  job. But, hey! Better late than never….  :’^l

(Yes, I think february is a good month to show my inktober here :3c hehe )


Back when Disney Channel actually had guts to put something as real as this In one of their shows! this was why the old shows were better, because they actually had REAL legitimate values and lessons such as the one taught in this episode that we could relate to! now I can’t take new Disney seriously anymore. all it teaches you now is how to be an annoying stuck up teen

Story pitching is ridiculous and it is utterly terrifying until you understand and are okay with the fact that you literally can’t please everyone and you shouldn’t even try. When I first started I had a series of meetings where I pitched one of my projects and got nothing but positive feedback and notes. Then I was finally introduced to a woman with a very important job title at a very important company. I was so insanely excited to pitch to her. And it was a good pitch. It was a really good pitch. 

And she hated it. She hated every single thing about it. And by hate I mean she literally tore the whole project apart with the kind of glee you only really find in Disney villains. To her it was a terrible, awful project and she’d never heard anything worse in her whole life. And I was devastated because…well because I believed in it, and other people believed in it, and were we all wrong? We must be. She had a very important job title at a very important company so…she must know what she’s talking about, right?

And then, spectacularly oblivious to my crushed ego, she proceeded to tell me about the project she was in development with. And I sat there, listening politely, hoping to god my horror wasn’t showing on my face because holy fucking hell this was her idea of a good project?! As much as she hated my idea, I loathed hers. I thought it was complete and utter trash. Complete. And utter. But she was in love with it. To her, it was the single greatest story as yet to be told and her only purpose in life was to tell it. 

Despite the ego-shredding, utterly cringeworthy experience, I left on cloud nine.

She hated my idea. Thank fuck for that! 

So basically you should just tell the story you want to tell and if it is good enough (or you’re persistent enough, or both) someone is going to hate it.

I honestly don’t get why some people complain about how artists put prices too high. Artists spend 4-9 hours on a picture, and it’s expected to be cheap? Also, it’s not like people HAVE to commission an artist with high prices. If the price is above their budget then it is above their budget. Nobody is forced to pay up for something they can’t afford