Gold Arts Award (U1: PA - Planning)

Copied from previous blog platform. Originally written on October 13th, 2015.

As stated in most sections of this page, this blog will play a key role in both documenting and sharing my progress throughout the Gold Arts Award qualification. Unit 1: Part A involves ‘identifying a main art form or arts practice and extending it through working with a new/different art form, genre or practice’.

My primary arts practice is music journalism. With almost three years of experience in the industry, writing features and reviews for various print and online publications and my current work as editor  at The Mixed Tape, I’m hoping to incorporate as much of this as possible into my work for this qualification.

After discussing my options with my advisers, the specific art form that I have chosen to work with is theatre and/or dance, as it links very closely with my current practice. What’s more, this art form can offer an alternate perspective into the entertainment industry, and coincides with some of the theatre-based units that I’ll be studying for my English course this term.

Having worked with my advisers on a rough plan for the project, this section will see me attend an arts-based event tonight - ‘Taste’ by Cscape Dance Company at Liskeard School - write a critical review over the next week, publish it on this blog and encourage readers to offer comments and feedback. As part of my English course, I will also be attending a theatre performance mid-December (details to be confirmed), which I will be reviewing and putting through the same processes as tonight’s show.

In order to link this section with Unit 1: Part C - ‘researching advanced practitioners and reviewing arts events’ - I will also be meeting with one of my advisers to discuss the reviews that I’ve written and compare my work to that of local and established arts journalists. This will give me an opportunity to identify my strengths and weaknesses within my own work and understand what I could improve on.