Res Ipsa Loquitur XI: Cadit Quaestio

Cadit quaestio:  “the question falls”; used to indicate that an issue is no longer in question, often because a dispute between two parties has either been settled, or dropped.

When Cecily got home late on Thursday night, Georgie was sitting on the couch waiting for her, enough snack foods spread over the table in front of her to feed a small army. She looked up with a hopeful smile as Cecily shut the door behind her, leaning heavily against it as she let out a sigh.

“How was it?” she asked, tossing aside the bag of crisps she’d been picking out of and leaning forward with an excited clap of her hands. “Did it go alright? Was it terrifying?”

Cecily chewed on her lip as she considered the events of the interview she’d just come from. She’d been a bit nervous before going in, which would have been no surprise to Georgie who had been forced to listen to Cecily practice her speech about a hundred times the night before. But surprisingly, once she was in front of the panel of judges and Queen’s Council barristers, having difficult questions hurled at her like rapid fire, she’d kept her cool. She didn’t want to jinx it but she had to admit that she did pretty damn well.

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I JUST NOTICED SOMETHING. So in the recent MCD episode, Garroth’s wyvern (Raven) gave Aphmau one of his scales for baby Lillith…
In episode 7 of season 2 (around the 15 min mark), Zoey mentioned that the only way to transcend through a realm barrier was with a wyvern scale.
We have a wyvern scale.



is it too good to be true?

“I’ve always dreamt about us
and now look at what you did.
You should’ve known that our love was fragile,
I could say what a good day to be single,
but I will not.
I’ve asked myself several “whys”,
I guess I will never find a good answer.
The truth is that I miss you,
I miss those hot afternoons,
I miss you and me under the blankets.
Now I’m on my own,
blind in the darkness,
shooting without munition,
drinking empty bottles,
dreaming about happy end that will not exist,
fucking bitches who don’t love me,
loving someone who doesn’t give a fuck.
It’s not easy to let it go,
you were my worst drug,
my best nightmare.
I’m fucked up,
I don’t even know what is real.
I hope someday I’ll laugh at my past,
smile at my present,
and do not fuck up my future.”

I just want to write somewhere that Dipper real name is (I hope)    MAXIMILIAN or MAXWELL. And I don’t care it this is not true…
Also I love this name so much so I can’t even name any of my character of this name bacause THIS MEANS THE GREATEST. SO HOW COULD I. 


in which we’ve never actually seen Sam as a happy drunk