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"I'm going to start accusing innocent people of wrong things and when they get annoyed at me I'm going to pretend it's to do with my many labels and not the fact I'm just being a cunt :'( boo hoo, give me attention. Everything I say is a fact and if you disagree you're a racist homophobic misogynist transphobic cis piece of scum :'(". You may have a load of other deluded people like you on here who also live in your little fantasy, but real life, thank FUCK does not.

Tag yourself I’m the hatred for victims of abuse

I tend to avoid too-famous references… I prefer to invent my own fantasies that are much more complicated.
—  Miuccia Prada on the ‘Real Fantasies’ lookbooks that she produces for each collection by infusing fashion photography, art inspirations, nostalgia, and short films in order to create imaginary worlds that also evoke real emotions.


Commissioned by Prada, the Rotterdam-based AMO has created a super retro-futuristic video campaign drenched in digital, mixed media motifs. Models are depicted amongst a backdrop of an advanced society of machines and geometric landscapes, envisioning the future of fashion as a retrofitted past. Surrealism at its chicest. Check out the full film (above)!