“Still, the idea of using violence to attain what he wanted didn’t appeal to him. He doubted that information wrought from torture could really be of much use. It would be too conflicted. And even more than that, it didn’t seem right. It didn’t seem, well, Roman." 

I see you trying to make your hero palatable for modern consumption, but, uh, you do know this was a civilization that didn’t allow testimony from slaves unless they were tortured, right? 

What if...

the modern Sherlock is the mind palace of Victorian Holmes’?

Where he can express his feelings and imagines his friend Watson as HIS dear John???

It would be a “lunatic fantasy” of a man out of his time, wouldn’t it?

(The gif is not mine but loved it, had to put it here)

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I tend to avoid too-famous references… I prefer to invent my own fantasies that are much more complicated.
—  Miuccia Prada on the ‘Real Fantasies’ lookbooks that she produces for each collection by infusing fashion photography, art inspirations, nostalgia, and short films in order to create imaginary worlds that also evoke real emotions.


Commissioned by Prada, the Rotterdam-based AMO has created a super retro-futuristic video campaign drenched in digital, mixed media motifs. Models are depicted amongst a backdrop of an advanced society of machines and geometric landscapes, envisioning the future of fashion as a retrofitted past. Surrealism at its chicest. Check out the full film (above)!