1st Image (2004): At the young age of 19 (youngest player to ever play a final at the time) and breaking onto the scene with stellar performances throughout the tournament, he and his star-studded Portuguese team came up just short in the final on their home turf to the underdog Cinderella story of Greece; ending up in tears of heartbreak and pain.

2nd Image (2016): Leading and carrying a team of youngsters, forgotten names, and role players all the way to the final against the host nation (who for many were favorites to win it all prior to the start of the tournament) - only to find himself injured in just 20 minutes of action and forced to sit out the rest of the match. Witnessing his teammates from the sideline deliver with all the passion and fight that he led them with up to this moment. This time, the tears were of relief, joy, and nightmares erased.

I’m usually neutral to begin the Euro’s, but by the end I usually end up leaning towards certain teams, for this final however I was ok with either team winning initially, but I found myself reminiscing about my experience watching euro 2004 as a kid and how badly I wanted C.Ronaldo and Figo (some of my favorite players) to win at that time; those emotions were ignited again and I just had to hope Portugal would defy all odds and pull it off somehow.

Congrats to Portugal, and congrats to C.Ronaldo for getting his first international trophy. This is the reason I watch sports, for these beautiful narratives, it’s amazing watching certain careers and storylines unfold over the years.


Watch: Hoy explains the moment he grabs his opponent, everything changes.

GIFs show Lee Hoy an MMA fighter with visual impairment training and fighting. Captions: 1 -Before the fight begins, it’s just an outline, a blurry mess. That’s what vision impairment is. 2 - I got picked on at school. They would say, “How can you fight if you can’t see?” 3 - Even to this day I’ll be thinking, “How can I fight if I can’t see?” Always repeating in my head. Over and over. 4 - Because of the way my eyes are affected, I don’t see everything coming that they throw. 5 - It’s basically just a guess game. 6 - I might get a pattern. 7 - A cold fear goes down your whole spine, but then I realize all of it’s in your head. 8 - Something snaps and I say you know what, no more. 9 - 'How can you fight if you can't see?'
We all hope Cristiano scores as many goals as he can but you must understand he isn’t a machine! He’s human like you and me. Cristiano is human and although we still think he’s from another planet, he is different than the rest, he has the right to fail sometimes.

Alvaro Morata (Athletic Bilbao post match)

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Jackson showing off his athleticism in Real GOT7 Season 3 DVD

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Why are you watching weightlifting fairy when u hate it so much

ONE I am still vehemently against a lot of the basis for the show: adapting a real-life athlete’s life and then changing everything and the casting (which would be totally fine if not for the athlete being a weightlifter…). TWO I don’t exactly understand how a female weightlifter weighing 57kg (most of which is muscle anyway…) could ever be considered overweight (since, for LSK’s height of 176cm, that’s almost underweight in BMI not even considering the muscle mass and it’s not considerably higher than some weights of celebrities that I’ve heard of). THREE I still vehemently hate the nickname ‘chubs’, which is never okay, even if they suggest the character doesn’t mind being called that - it’s normalising and perpetuating a disrespect for the overweight, even when weighing more may be a common and normal thing for athletes of that sport.

HOWEVER I saw a very well articulated post describing the positive aspects (particularly in the last 5-6 episodes) that made me want to watch it. This includes:

  1. Bok Joo’s struggle with being an athlete (esp. a weightlifter) vs being a girl and whether you can be both (also her struggle with being attractive as a female vs gaining weight to do better in her sport)
  2. Supportive male lead that (while kinda obsessive) wants Bok Joo to be happy with whatever she does and will help her achieve this
  3. Second female lead has issues (family, mental, emotional… all of the above) and how they transition her from being a main antagonist in the romantic storyline (where she had no chance whatsoever) to being a well-developed character facing her own individual problems
  4. A male second lead that gets called out by literally everyone for being too nice/considerate and blind to the fact that he can hurt people by it
  5. Plus, I saw in gifsets that the leads have a cute romance and I wanted to see how much my interest in that could offset my (well-established) hatred of the show

I will say in conclusion that I’m very hypocritical, considering I said I would absolutely never watch the drama. I do acknowledge that. However, the basis behind my earlier reasoning remains and I still am really angry about those aspects. I’ve hate watched shows before (I watched all of Good Job, Good Job, which was the absolute worst drama in history - evil newly married parents and the step-father’s family give a five year old child bulimia because they’re so mean, it was AWFUL) but I’ve actually (by blocking out my issues while watching) decently enjoyed Weightlifting Fairy so far. It’ll never be one of my absolute favourite dramas, but it is a lot more interesting and has more depth than I expected in a drama that seemed so overtly offensive to the world.

playing a horrible game of basketball with luke and you jump up and smack the ball out of his hand and get all confident as you jump towards the net and it swirls around the rim only to fall off the side and he laughs at you with a big ass grin on his face, taking the ball back from you as his lanky legs run and leap (only tripping once) towards the net and he throws it and turns around, assuming he made the shot as it bounces off the board and hits him in the back of the head

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Do you have any favorite pictures of Calista and Harrison? They're my favorite!

kjfldakjfl;dkajf ALL OF THEM but ok for reals yes. below the cut because I have zero chill.

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