what the signs are like in PE
  • Aries:the one who always gives 110% - a real athlet
  • Taurus:the one who says they can't do it
  • Gemini:the one who skips p.e.
  • Cancer:the one who needs help all the time
  • Leo:the one who wonders if they are looking good in their leggings
  • Virgo:the one who complains about the others who aren't taking part or doing something
  • Libra:the one who thinks they are doing everything on fleek - but really they are looking like a dying whale
  • Scorpio:the one that (is trying to) seduces the teacher
  • Sagittarius:the one who is always doing something he shouldn't
  • Capricorn:the one who's never punctual
  • Aquarius:the one that isn't taking part in the lesson - like ever, but is still getting a good grade
  • Pisces:the one who hurts themself during the lesson

Joe Gomez is 18 (eighteen!) and has played just three games ever in the Premier League.

Charlton Athletic staff, fans and ex players said we have a player here in him but they always say that don’t they? Only one in a thousand is the real deal. Gomez looks like he could be the one in that thousand.

Cristiano Ronaldo for Nike Tech Pack Fall 2015

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Photo of Strava athlete @tracylchandler.
Writer/Photographer/Mother. “The bike for me is a moving meditation…” Over the next week we’ll be highlighting the real Strava athletes from Barcelona, London, Los Angeles and São Paulo who showed us their territory, took us to their favourite roads, made us coffee and fed us lunch during the filming of #ridewithus.

Read about the stars of the film now. Link in our bio. Credit stravacycling via

The importance of having your own beliefs

On Monday I watched the movie Moneyball for the first time. I really enjoy movies, but I unfortunately don’t watch a lot of them, which is why I am only now watching Moneyball. It was released in 2011.

The movie is based on a 2003 book of the same name that many people believe changed the game of baseball. It emphasizes rigorous statistical analysis (known as sabermetrics) over gut feeling, instinct, and traditional metrics when it comes to assembling winning baseball teams.

I don’t know a lot about sabermetrics, but I am now excited to read the book. Still, the dichotomy between the New York Yankees and the Oakland Athletics is incredibly interesting to me. And it reminded me of a post I wrote a few months ago ago called: When everyone thinks you’re wrong.

In the movie, Billy Beane, the GM of the Athletics, realizes that he cannot compete with the Yankees dollar for dollar. The Athletics are a small market team and the Yankees, with their large payroll, will always be able to pay more for players. So he decides that he will need to think about the problem differently to win.

What’s interesting about this is that it’s exactly the framework I talk about in my post when it comes to buying (real estate) development sites:

“…you can really only win development sites in one of two ways. Either you’re willing to spend the most money or you see something and have a vision that nobody else sees.”

Of course, lots of baseball teams today are now employing sabermetrics. But at the time, everyone thought Billy Beane was nuts. It’s hard to try something new and be different. Many of us just want to do what is least likely to fail.

But there’s so much value in having conviction and being right about something that everyone else thinks is wrong. You won’t always get it right. And that’s okay. But when you do get it right, it’ll be magic.

Just go with it.
  1. Paige deriding “girly” things doesn’t mean she’s advocating that being “girly” and a real wrestling athlete aren’t compatible.  Or else Charlotte wouldnt be on this team.  It’s a dig at Nikki, whose heel character is vain and conceded and obsessed with her own brand.  Shes not the best with promos or expressing her real point, but Paige needs to express the importance of being difference considering the last 10 years of generic divas. The Miztv segment did suck tho.
  2. Braun Stowman is the new Wyatt family member.  Doesn’t mean Rowan (who is injured) is being replaced forever.  They just need to introduce this new monster.  I dont know why everyone is acting like he’s Khali already.  Long term, you gotta keep the gimmick fresh and this is a good way to go about it.  Y’all are treating this like when Tommy Pickles got a new brother.  Doesn’t mean they’ll love Rowan any less, children.
  3. Dudleys are back.  Because they’re still healthy, have much to offer, and can wrestle.  Sorry this is “pushing down younger talent.”  This is the main roster and not NXT.  Tag team scene needs more excitement.  The Usos will be back soon.  Think of the future matches.
  4. Yes, Sting is going to be in a WWE title match.  Hope he wins.  Because he does in fact deserve it.  And it’s money.  You know people are gonna pay real good money to see him win it.  And whoever he loses it to will get a good rub.

Think long term and relax.