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kaitofucks  asked:

I remember someone I know irl mentioning that he wishes that Bakugou’s hero name is gonna be bakubomb and I just feel like it’s not a great fit

yeah something tells me that’s not gonna happen. don’t quote me on this, but i just have this feeling that he wouldn’t name himself bomb-bomb. just a feeling i have.


later pidge takes keith aside and yells for five hours

ive seen like a billion renditions of this au but not one with pidge as kitty ??? fight me 

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elevator pitch for a time travel au i’ve been stewing on: pirate king luffy is reborn as garp’s second son and eventually raises ace, sabo, and luffy as his own kids. to go along with dragon’s name, i call him monkey d. wyvern :’D 

some additional thoughts:

- future!luffy has no devil fruit but is a haki master. his design is based on that 40-year-old luffy from the sbs, and his past scars are now birthmarks lol

- asl brothers get a present, involved paternal figure & a head start on haki

- ace and sabo adopt the “monkey d.” name to hide them better, and canon!luffy’s link to dragon isn’t as traceable

- dynamic between future!luffy, older brother dragon, and dad garp could be interesting to explore

- future!luffy would definitely interfere with sabo’s and ace’s fates, bc like hell would he know what happens and do nothing. just picture future!luffy vs pre-timeskip blackbeard, or the once-pirate king crashing the war at marineford…

Vincent van Gogh
  • Hoseok: what's your name?
  • Taehyung: Vincent van Gogh
  • Hoseok: no, what's your real-
  • Hoseok: *facepalms* your name, your fuckin name