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On this day in music history: July 30, 1966 - “Wild Thing” by The Troggs hits #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for 2 weeks. Written by Chip Taylor, it is the biggest hit for the British rock band from Andover, Hampshire, UK. Penned by songwriter Chip Taylor (real name James Wesley Voight, brother of Oscar winning actor Jon Voight, and uncle of Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie), the first version of the song is recorded by the New York City based band The Wild Ones in 1965. The Troggs will record the song at Olympic Studios in London in early 1966 in just two takes. The record will break in the bands’ native UK first following an appearance on the television program “Thank Your Lucky Stars”. When “Wild Thing” is released as a single in the US, it will be the subject of a dispute over its distribution rights. It will be released simultaneously on both Atco and Fontana Records, who will both claim ownership of The Troggs master recording. It will become the only number one single in Billboard chart history to simultaneously chart on two different labels. Entering the Hot 100 at #75 on June 25, 1966, it will rocket to the top of the chart five weeks later. “Wild Thing” is certified Gold in the US by the RIAA.

I was tagged by a-chipped-teacup-and-books for these lovely book-questions!

1. If you had to bring one book with you from a burning building, what would it be?

This is an unfair question and I think I’m more likely to die in said fire because I was trying to drag five hundred books out when the floor collapsed.

I almost said “my own that I wrote” but I didn’t because that’s mean.

2. What is your favorite universe?

Inside books, you mean? Because I don’t think I’ve been in any outside of books but this one. 

I’ve always wanted to go to Narnia, since I was like 10 and first read the whole series at once. And since I was maybe 12, I’ve wanted to go to Pern (which is tangentially the same as The Tower and the Hive series, so yay, two for one!). It would be really cool to be part of The Dark Is Rising, too!

3. What is your favorite way of organizing your bookshelf?

I…also don’t have a bookshelf right now. All my books are in storage awaiting such time as I get my own place again. When I did have my own space, they were usually just put up as I found / bought / got them, but I do like to separate out series, and fill shelves by size, and when I’m feeling really anxious I tend to put things in rainbow order or alphabetical-genre order.

4. What does your bookshelf look like?

The shelf where I have the few books I have with me also has storage boxes, my jewelry, all my writing and office stuff, craft supplies, about half my shop stuff–envelopes and such. It’s an all-purpose shelf in the corner of my sister’s house, and it’s just one of those 18$ three-shelf ones from Walmart. I think I’m going to paint it and back it with fun paper at some point.

I tag…all yall. My usuals. you know who you are.

Having 8 pretty big pancakes alongside the little bit of milk that was leftover.😻😻 I had to transfer to a bigger plate to make this work because it would have been a mess once I added the maple syrup. 🍩🍪🍫Ever have those meals that bring you back to your disorder? I remember trying out protein powder pancakes and using sugar free syrup. I tried to convince myself they tasted the same… Boy, I was wrong. 🙀These are normal, delicious chocolate chip pancakes made with eggs, flour, and whole milk. 🍳🍼🍞Topped with real chocolate chips and really syrup. It really makes a difference. 😻😻Restricting will get me no where and everything taste gross when it is artificially made to have less calories. 😳Pancakes were one of my biggest fear foods, but I am proud to say I have moved past that. 👊🏽This family meal is a #recoverywin for me. 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽Now I just hope there are some leftovers for the weekend…😎