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HECTOR IS NOT THE BAD GUY. He was known for his piety, his love for his family and his people, his courage, and his prowess as a warrior. If Achilles was the best of the Greeks, Hector was definitely the best of the Trojans. One of the most touching scenes in the Iliad is Hector comforting his wife when she’s worried he’s going to die. Of course Hector had to kill Patroclus and die by Achilles’ hand. It was fated, and unlike the heroes of countless Greek tragdies, Hector never tried to fight his fate. He faced it bravely, as a warrior. His goodness, his love, and his courage were his defining characteristics.

I understand why people who love The Song of Achilles think he’s the bad guy, but he’s not. I think we can all agree who the real asshole is in this particular set of myths. Agamemnon, for real, and let’s not forget about Paris. Hate them. Leave Hector out of this.

Can we just appreciate how Rowan looks like an independent woman from a 50s movie who’s watching one of her many worshippers walk off as she thinks of how boring life is beginning to get, and that having so much adoration surrounding her because of her beauty isn’t fulfilling, and that she wants to travel the world and write and live among nature because that’s what really will make her happy but societal norms and judgement is blocking her path and she hates it. Like I’m getting all of this from a single facial expression and pose by her and she’s only 15 like slay every single part of my life

Paris: We had a terrorist attack!

Media: OMG there was a terrorist attack in Paris!

London: We had a terrorist attack!

Media: OMG there was a terrorist attack in London!

Barcelona: We had a terrorist attack!

Media: OMG there was a terrorist attack in Barcelona!

Edmonton: Hey, we had 2  terrorist attacks on 2 consecutive days!

Media: …And?

Honestly, fuck the media. The YEG attacks deserved just as much coverage as the “important” cities. 

As my mom put it, “Now we know how to keep alien landings secret: Just have them land in Edmonton. ‘Cause if 2 terrorist attacks in a rural Canadian town isn’t enough to get YEG in the international news then you can be sure no one’s paying any attention to us no matter what happens.”

Just because we’re not a “cool” tourist spot doesn’t make us irrelevant. We matter too.

Welp here goes another appreciation post because deadass she’s gorgeous. Like she looks like she’s sitting in the bedroom, catching her significant other to come home because she knows they are cheating on her but she’s a bad bitch so she’s gonna make a deal with them, since they’re this huge political figure and she’s like she’ll stay with them but only if she gets the money, and if she calls the shots because deadass a woman’s gotta do what a woman’s gotta do. And the look on her face is as if she knows that they’d be a fool to turn the deal down because then their oh-so-perfect image in the media would be tainted in the eyes of the public. Like she’s got this person wrapped around her finger and again, she’s only 15 and can convey with a simple posture and facial expression I’m crying

Congratulations Germany, we finally made it! This was our year! Messi got the Golden Ball, but in my opinion Schweinsteiger deserved it! You know that saying ‘Fall seven times, stand up eight’? How many times did Schweinsteiger got up in this game? He played amazing! And this picture shows what makes him even a greater person! He exactly knows how it feels like to lose such an important game and that’s why he cheers Benzema, Ronaldo, Luiz and Messi up. Winning is one thing, but showing respect is way more important. I bow Schweinsteiger’s thanks, for me the man of the match and a real warrior!

World Cup Champions 2014: GERMANY!


for herotypes - emma/killian + french affair

Light and people dance through the ballroom,elegant swirls of silk and starshine splashing across the golden walls. Outside in the streets of Paris, the evening grows chilly, and Emma leans over the balcony of the ballroom, watching the city of love sparkle beneath her. Cliché, perhaps, she thinks to herself, but beautiful all the same.

(The thing about never really having a home is you end up falling in love with every glittering city you come across.)

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oh my god mr. medina

who writes a D so big that it covers the first three lines of the paper and then SAVAGELY CIRCLES IT

why are you even writing the grade on the first page of the paper for everyone to see

have you never heard of ferpa

did you go to the heartless monster school of teaching??

what kind of sick institution is chilton???

if i were lorelai i would have literally never dated him based on this cruel treatment alone, and dreamy fictional english teachers are my kryptonite

I finally killed the mosquito that buzzes around my face when I sleep and I feel more successful now than I did when I submitted my last paper earlier today.

Clearly casual murder is more invigorating than academic success.