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Ok, so my friends and I are really into this new MTV show called Are You The One? (which is a stupid name that we don’t even use, we call it Perfect Match). The basic premise is that it is a reality tv show where 10 girls and 10 boys live together in a house in Hawaii and try to find their “perfect match”. Apparently they all took a bunch of personality tests and met with psychologists and shit before the show, and MTV used this info to find each person a perfect partner. The big catch is that if everyone in the house can figure out who their perfect match is, they all get to split a million dollars (so 50 grand each, before taxes). Anyway this means that in addition to your typical reality show fun ridiculousness, there is the added level of mind fuckery because YOU HAVE 20 HORNY TWENTY SOMETHINGS TRYING TO FIND THEIR SOULMATE AND WHO KNOWS WHO BELONGS WITH WHO. Trust me, this show is gonna be so fun to watch. It premiered last week and the second episode was last night. We haven’t watch the second episode yet so before we do, my friends and I are going to fill out these scorecards I made for our Perfect Match Fantasy League. I thought I’d go ahead and share these scorecards with the internet so that anyone who wants to do the same with their friends can.

Basically we are just picking who we think should be the ten perfect matches and then if one of your matches does one of the point items, you get those points. So if they go to the Truth Booth (match or no) you get 5 points. Each match you predict could get you up to 30 points. Then there are the bonus categories worth 5 points each. 

Also, if you do start watching the show, I suggest you play our drinking game where you drink any time someone says the word “match”. It makes it way more fun.

Real World Ex-plosion 29x08 | Reaction Post

1. Jay afraid of giving Jenna a title because it “everything changes.”

2. Tom not wanting Hailey to bring guys home.

How does that make Jamie look though?!

3. Jamie trying to get Jenna to talk to Jay about how Jenna really feels.

4. Brian stepping up and telling Jenny.

5. Brian gets locked out while Jenny’s just standing there.

6. Jamie simultaneously playing wingwoman and scheming at the same time.

7. Jenny hooking up with the German guy Hailey was talking to.

8. Every time Ari and/or Ashley pop up on screen.

9. Jenny “I don’t wanna use him for anything because I already had him”.

That entire speech was on some fatal attraction shit. I liked it.

10. Jamie speaking up for Jenna.

11. Jenna crying.

12. Ari and her pizza.

13. Brian mouthing off at Jenny

14. Jenny getting physical though.

15. Ari’s commentary this entire episode.

16. Brian talking about his Noah’s Ark dream.

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