real world chicago


The Real World: Chicago, filmed 2001, aired 2002, Chicago.

It took MTV 11 seasons to set their groundbreaking series in Chicago and probably not without cause. Chicagoans welcomed the housemates and film crews coldly and with hostility, often trying to disrupt the “reality” aspect of the show’s goal. The cast’s perpetually vandalized loft was located at 1934 W North Ave, now the site of Wicker Park’s Cheetah Gym.

We listen to music when we’re celebrating but we also listen to music when we’re heart broken, and alone, and scared, and confused. And you know what’s so crazy about being happy or trying to be happy in 2015 is that we have so many ways that we can compare our lives to other people’s and so many ways we can find that maybe our life falls short of what other people have going on. That’s something we are battling as far as self esteem and I see it every single day when I go and look at what you’re doing online and I see what you go through in a negative sense. I see the things that make you feel terrified of the future or you know when you look in the mirror and you’re not seeing what other people are seeing you’re seeing the voice in your head telling you that you’re not special enough or you’re not cool enough. And I think that now more then ever we absolutely beat ourselves up and sometimes other people are mean, yeah, but the voices inside our heads can be so much more cruel because we don’t know how to turn them off and I think I’m trying to tell you is that it’s okay if you made mistakes in your life. Every single person in this 55,000 seat stadium has made mistakes in their life, you don’t have to carry it with you. And I would also like to point out that looking at every single one of you I’m very well aware that every single one of you may be missing someone or might of just got really hurt by something or you got these ghost and scars that you carry with you but rather than dwelling on them, you got up and you put on an outfit and went to a stadium, to a concert and now we’re all having the best time ever instead of you dwelling on all of it. So no matter what you’ve been through, no matter what you’ve gone through, that makes you feel like maybe you wish you hadn’t said that or you wish you hadn’t done that, just give your self a break. Please for me, take it easy on yourself. It’s hard enough to live with what other people have to say. Please let the voices in your head be nice to you. And please know that making mistakes doesn’t make you damaged or tarnished…I think it makes you clean.
—  Clean speech, Chicago night 1 (7/18/15)