real world chicago

Good god I met Sebastian Stan today. It happened.

The photo op was first- I shook his hand and said “nice to meet you” in Romanian and he got that huge-eyed look on his face and said “Oh wow! Mulţumesc!” and I kind of died. Then I was too flustered to ask for any special pose since the line manager kept shouting NO HUGS but he put his arms around me anyway and I just sort of clung to his arm lmao…

Then in the autograph line they were MUCH more chill so I actually got to talk to him for more than 5 seconds…I had him sign my Kings DVDs and I gave him a copy of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and an 11oz bottle of Grey Goose vodka!


The Real World: Chicago, filmed 2001, aired 2002, Chicago.

It took MTV 11 seasons to set their groundbreaking series in Chicago and probably not without cause. Chicagoans welcomed the housemates and film crews coldly and with hostility, often trying to disrupt the “reality” aspect of the show’s goal. The cast’s perpetually vandalized loft was located at 1934 W North Ave, now the site of Wicker Park’s Cheetah Gym.