real world 25

Okay now that I’ve caught up with Voltorn, I wanna write about my initial thoughts on Sheith, because that was the first time I caught wind of this whole ant1-ship/per movement.

Voltron fandom came out of no where. It just materialized on Tumblr one day, I was like “what is this show, wtf, where did this fandom come from??” But people were saying it was a good show, and I was like “ooh awesome, I’ll watch it when my motivation returns from war.”

Then the shipping wank started. I heard people saying “it’s so gross to ship Shiro with Keith, Shiro’s 25 and Keith is a teenager! it’s pedophilia!!”

I was like, “First of all, it’s not pedophilia. Full stop. I’m gonna need you to stop using that word.” 

But at one point for a short time, I also did think, “yeah that age gap is a little iffy.” Last year when I was 23, I wouldn’t want to date anyone younger than 19 or 20. I would never date a teenager at my age. So I understood why the ship squicked out so many.

But at the same time, I was like “y’all realize this is a fictional cartoon right?” 

I’m 24 now. I wouldn’t date anyone younger than 20. 

But if I was, I dunno, living in a giant spaceship castle in outer space and was one person out of five who was tasked with saving the universe by piloting one of five lion robots that could merge together into a giant fighting robot, and one of my team members was a 17 or 18 year old and we had these dangerous adventures together and saved each others’ lives a few times… maybe, just maybe I might make an exception about dating someone who’s 18 in that case.

In the real world, normal 25 year olds don’t have much in common with 18 year olds. They’d raise some eyebrows if they dated.

Voltron doesn’t take place in the real world. I think Shiro and Keith (or any of the paladins) have enough in common, just from being space-defending teammates, where dating would be okay. Just saying.


—fearful child, have faith in brighter days…