real weather talk

All you #Fakes who just now hopped on the John Baeyega train because of these new PacRim2 set photos but weren’t feeling him before need to go all the way to the back of the line! If you weren’t here for him when he was forced to rock his Finn haircut, then you don’t deserve him at his Pentecost Jr. haircut. Y'all not real! Y'all not here for him for better or worse! Fade or no fade!

I want an au with Iwaizumi being the leader of a husky sled and Oikawa as a scientist who has to do some research in this icy and snowy land and needs a scout to help him out. This is how he and Iwaizumi meet.

Chicago Weather be like:

Fuck you

Fuck your feelings

And fuck your preconceived notions, expectations and beliefs of what a proper seasonal temperature should be; 80 degrees in March, 40 degrees in May, snow on 4th of July and thunderstorms on Christmas….FUCK YOU, I’m doing me!