real warriors

Leafpool: Mothwing is so beautiful and intelligent and pretty and wonderful and beautiful and sweet and kind and nice and beautiful. Did i mention she’s beautiful? Gosh I wish I knew what was going on in that beautiful golden head of hers i worry about her so much. She’s so amazing though and such a good medicine cat shes going to do great things. And she’s just so gorgeous she my best most closest friend.

Also Leafpool: Wow this Crowfeather guy is kind of a jerk I want to stay away from him as much as possible he probably hates me anyway and he just glares at me all the time and how can Cinderpelt think I like him?? He’s rude and awful

Crowfeather: *saves Leafpool’s life* I love you

STILL Leafpool: Yeah I think I love you too. 

ur not a real warrior cat fan until you’ve seen every 2008-2012 popular wc amvs and have written really bad fanfiction for the series and have drawn tigerstar’s death and have joined in on the fight about what color collar scourge has and if you can correctly name all thunderclan cats ok thanks bye

me: man i havent read warriors cats in like… years…. smh i guess i just dont care for it now

*they announce warriors cats movie*