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Let's Take A Ride Like We Used To
Pat The Bunny
Let's Take A Ride Like We Used To

Came to this world a loaded handgun, firing at random

Hit the people who were closest, not the ones who deserved it, and

Some of them still don’t talk to me, can’t say I blame them for a second

I’ll try to aim more carefully


❝ Welcome to Major League Soccer. We’re messing with the big boys now. ❞


Gabrielle Union shares how she felt growing up as a minority.

tawaranotohta  asked:

Honestly I'm surprised we even HAVE a Tory MSP

MSP not MP.

Sadly they are the 2nd biggest party in Parliament but that’s because they were able to market themselves for the unionist vote.

She actually got less of the vote share than Thatcher did. The Orange Order have also officially abandoned Labour to back the Tories as the ‘real defenders of the union.’


i love bubble butts but my faaaavorite butt is the BOX BUTT. that particular type of muscle butt where the dimples of the lower back lead to those angular hips yet theyre soft and doughy, not fibrous like suma those bodybuilders, just a beautiful fuckin box butt. lots of older guys have box butts, especially bluecollar labor union dudes. 

real manual labor ass, not cornfed hereditary ass, but the box ass you get from squeezing your cheeks together while you lift something heavy, construction worker ass, landscaper ass, men who work in offices who hold their anger in their glutes, men who clench their ass when theyre startled, tension ass

How to make old white men in the White House salty as fuck
  • talk about trans folks, gay, lesbian and bi people having equal rights
  • talk about a woman’s right to healthcare
  • talk about raising minimum wage
  • talk about ferguson and how brown children deserve to be safe
  • talk about making college free
  • make a joke about how you won the election, twice 
I talked about our possible marriage. Why not? I had thought the thing out and I argued that a union of hearts and souls constituted a real union, call it marriage if need be. My experience had shown me that to most men, and very likely to some women, marriage merely meant a legitimized permission to cohabit for the relief of sexual desire.

To me it seemed that the union of two women could be of a higher type, and creative of a more secure happiness and good than any other. At this time I was convinced that I was the only woman who had ever thought of matters in this way. I am sure my thoughts were far from anything but the highest type of love in all its beauty.

Mary Casal, 1930

Gay American History: Lesbians and Gay Men in the U.S.A, pg 554


How would you describe the relationship between her and Quicksilver? Obviously they’re brother and sister, twins…

They’re like the closest you can get. They’re the only thing that matters in the world. You see in the comics, every time you see an image for them, they’re always holding each other’s hand and looking over each other’s shoulder. They’re always so close, it’s almost uncomfortable. Aaron and I have been playing a little bit with those kinds of images just for ourselves, because we think it’s nice for them to have that tight, that real tight union.

You mentioned that she’s scattered. Is Quicksilver a grounding presence for her?

I think she’s a grounding presence for him as well. My understanding of twins is that they always balance each other out. When one’s high, the other one’s low. When one’s sick, the other one’s healthy. That happens, I think, a lot more often than not when people are really close as twins.

Elizabeth Olsen on Wanda and Pietro (x)


Above: Andrei Chikatilo re-enacts his murders on dummies for police investigators.

Dubbed ‘The Butcher of Rostov’, Chikatilo was a former school teacher who murdered at least 50 young people in the Soviet Union. His modus operandi centered around befriending his victims (who were usually runaways), and leading them to a secluded area with a ruse. He would then attack them with a knife, rape them if they were female, and mutilate their bodies beyond recognition. In some of his earlier attacks, pathologists noted that Chikatilo had purposefully damaged the eyes of his victims. Most gruesome of all, he would sometimes eat their sexual organs, and remove their tongues to keep as trophies.

Finally lost my first game as Real Union manager, against 4th placed SD Lemona. Shame, but luckily 2nd placed Osasuna “B” also lost, so the 4 point lead we hold in Second Division B2 still remains.

Things are going great so far, though. Only a small hiccup with one of the free transfer veterans I brought in at the start of the game for depth getting annoyed he wasn’t getting any playing time. Already found a possible suitor for him, so he is a free $14k as far as I’m concerned. Besides, even if Britt goes down I still got solid depth at striker and AM. The only player I can’t afford to lose right now Ibanez simply because I have nobody else on the right side, plus he has been a gun setting up and scoring goals left, right and centre.