real toughness

like ok

junkrat came up with the “you’ll hook em and i’ll cook em!” catchphrase when he first met hog, and he was so excited about how cool it sounded that he’s been repeating it non-stop

hog, not used to junkrat being junkrat, gets all huffy puffy about the damn line, because its so cornbally, and he cant stand listening to him say it over and over, and just tells him to shut the fuck up for fuck’s sake

one day, though, probably after months of teaming up with each other and getting to know one another better, they get in a real tough spot, and junkrat’s having a panic attack, not sure how to handle the situation, mumbling “i don’t know what to do???? what do we do??!?!? i dont have a plan for this!!!!”

then suddenly, a big hand rests on his shoulder, and roadhog is looking right at him

“I’ll hook ‘em…” he says, and then stops there.

junkrat’s still for what seems like forever, and then cracks the biggest smile he’s ever done his whole life, and just screams, “AND I’LL COOK EM!!!”

it’s so sad when you can just feel the distance between you and an old friend growing wider and it’s almost like no matter how hard you try you can’t stop it. like it’s inevitable that you’ll never be as close as you were and all the good times you used to spend together are behind you guys. you’ve both changed so much and it’s even hard to remember why you used to hang out. you can only look at the pictures and memories in your mind and just be thankful they played such a vital role growing up with you. those are some of the hardest times in life for me, letting go and accepting and embracing the change you never thought would come. 

Lowkey suicidal bard

I have Bard in the game but I already amede a backup character(with the Dm’s agreement) that’s a Barbarian and our team is lacking a real tank.

After a tough battle with some orcs and goblins, I see myself rolling death saves

Dm: “Roll your death save, Targann”(me)

Me(cheering): “C'mon, c'mon… Give me that 1…”

Karthus(our warlock, ooc): “What? Why do you want to die?”

Me, without further explanation: “Because I want to become a Barbarian”

And then I realised that I haven’t told I made a backup character


“Sure, the kid might be small, but of course he can be a play-maker. He’s a Bittle! All it takes is a little elbow grease. He just has to be a little tougher…” 

I bet the Bittles are a highly athletic family, everyone plays sports, most of them are football players. Coach must have raised an eyebrow when Bitty was figure skating, and even though he definitely did love Bitty enough to support him, Bitty knew that he wasn’t the picture perfect manly Bittle son that his daddy wanted. Coach admires those sort of players who disregard pain, speeches about having “heart” and “leaving it all out on the field” were what Bitty grew up with. Real men were tough, and they didn’t let people see their emotions, and they pushed through every pain. And the fact that even though Bitty wasn’t afraid of hard work but was still prone to tears must’ve made Bitty feel that he was always a disappointment to his daddy (which is… not true!! he wasn’t the son coach thought he would have but that doesnt make Coach love him any less!! and yet…Bitty is right in some ways) 

After the peewee team disaster, he must have wanted Bitty to go on the field again, because he knew his son wasn’t weak, and he believed that his son could take it. But also even though he loves Bitty, obviously Coach always thought of Bitty as someone who has something he needs to prove as an athlete. (your son is amazing and lovely and so dedicated!!! he’s got nothing to prove, richard!! is what suzie probably tells him) 


“When Jack visited Bitty’s hometown of Madison, Georgia, Coach was thrilled to see Bitty finally making friends with guys like Jack. Solid guys. Tough guys. Guys who definitely wouldn’t kiss his son on the cheek when he and Suzie weren’t looking. Jack’s clearly a student of his game while being a gifted and dedicated athlete. Coaches love this. Coach loves this.” 

SO MANY THINGS TO UNPACK. What does it mean, guys who definitely wouldn’t kiss his son on the cheek when he and Suzie weren’t looking? Guys who weren’t gay looking? Was Coach afraid of older gay men as predators? And of course he loved the fact that Bitty brought Jack home! Coach is an athlete and Jack is a stellar athlete, and he’s so glad that Bitty, who was always kind of afraid of those jock types, is finally friends with one. 

But like. Obviously unfortunately he saw Bitty’s personality as a sort of…deficiency. Because of the wording about how Bitty was finally making friends with guys like Jack. Like Bitty had strayed from the Bittle mantra of solid and tough, and it was only now that he’s come back to make his father proud. 

I don’t think that Coach isn’t proud of Bitty. He’s SO PROUD of his son!! But he sees his son as someone fragile because of his size and temperament and that Bitty has to prove to other people that he’s a good athlete despite of that.

Bitty: *doesn’t think he has anything to prove*
Coach: it’s okay, junior, i don’t care what people say about your size and manliness, you’re a great athlete. 
Bitty: *is now only thinking about how much he must have disappointed Coach with his appearance and personality*


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i know you don't follow players' social media, but i thought you might want to know that almost all of kris letang's recent instagram likes are either his wife's photos, or pictures/videos of cute puppies. he is So Good.

Kristopher Letang is a good man, a salty man but a good one. @itsacpsideblog said one of my favorite things a while ago:

“The problem is that Kris Letang looks like a guy who would play a troubled reckless hockey player with a heart of gold in a prestigious HBO miniseries. He looks like he was perfectly cast in the part of his own life. If I were a hacky tv writer, I’d be like ‘well see, on the ice he’s a real tough guy, always fighting, always getting penalties. But then you see him around puppies or his toddler son and he just melts into the most adorable marshmallow man.’ It’s too cliche. Kris Letang being real is unrealistic.” 

In my experience, what every true artist wants, really wants, is to be paid.
—  Terry Pratchett  -  “Soul Music”
The Signs as Musicals

Aries: Urinetown; may come off as unappealing at first, but is enjoyable when given a chance

Taurus: Bonnie and Clyde; reaches for their goals but is really all about protecting the one they love

Gemini: Into the Woods; a dark twist on what you’ve come to expect

Cancer: The Lion King; fun-loving and familiar with plenty of sentiment mixed in

Leo: Hamilton; all-together popular but has a feeling of longing

Virgo: Les Miserables; a classic go-to that you can’t help going back to, no matter what

Libra: Rent; tough, real, and imminent problems covered up with a jovial attitude

Scorpio: Sweeney Todd; may be dark and brooding but you can’t help but see it through to the end

Sagittarius: Avenue Q; loud and obnoxious but the message is all too real and waking

Capricorn: Heathers; seems like any other at first but completely goes against original thought, for the better

Aquarius: Grease; cute in an old-styled way but can take care of themself

Pisces: The Phantom of the Opera; relationships interwoven throughout but is very testing, tempting, and trying with love

Hyungs and their love for maknae, when he's with them vs when he's not
  • *seungri is next to the rest of BB members*
  • *teasing him, laughing at him*
  • Gd: Seungriya, bring us some water!
  • Seungri: Yes, hyungnim.
  • *Seungri goes away, can't hear his hyungs*
  • GD: Aigooo, I love this man.
  • YB: I know.
  • Dae: Yeaaah.
  • TOP: He's such a cutie, look at these adorable pictures of him that I took while he was sleeping
  • Everyone: awwwwww
  • *Seungri is back*
  • Seungri: What are you doing?
  • GD: khem khem, nothing. Did you bring our water?!
  • Seungri: Yes! Here it is.
  • YB: What about the food?! This problematic kid, I really can't stand such people.
  • *Seungri goes away*
  • YB: I love him
  • The rest: Yeah, we all do
  • TOP: I have more pictures, look...

to 2016, 

its been real. 

real tough. 

mentally, i am exhausted. 

you fucked with us real hard, pal. that november eighth shit was a major plot twist.

i hope your sister is kinder to us than you were. 

i hope sunshine is peeking through behind the door to be opened on december thirty-first. 

i am trying to be optimistic. 

no resolutions, no plans, just hope. 

heres to you, buddy. 

i think some of us needed you, but, god, did it hurt. 

with love and concern, 

the girl with tears in her eyes and sunshine in her stomach

  • Astrology says they're sensitive, but is usually tough in real life: Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Libra, Sagittarius
  • Astrology says they're tough, but is actually really sensitive in real life: Aries, Leo, Capricorn, Gemini
  • Astrology says they're sensitive, and they are: Scorpio, Pisces
  • Astrology says they're tough, and they are: Aquarius

listen I want some real angst. i’m talkin, muse a is in this dumb ass relationship where their s/o is actually a piece of shit and muse b is just so DONE with muse a’s shit like you know you can do better why the fuck are you sticking with them just fucking go. and it’s not that happy full support crap because muse b has seen where being nice about it has gotten muse a, and they know their friend just needs some real tough love. and then like one day muse a and b are arguing hardcore over how irrational muse a is being and muse b is like  ‘i would treat you so much better.’

“Did you know, that I met you exactly twenty-three days after my birthday?” Sherlock closes his eyes as John pours water over his sudsy curls.

“Is that true?” John collects more water, then pours it over Sherlock’s head again.

“Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t say it.”

“Was I the best gift you got?” John smiles when Sherlock peeks open his eyes. 

“That year in particular,” Sherlock grins too. “Or ever in my whole life?”

“Ever.” John decides. “And tell the truth, don’t lie. I can handle it.” He mimics puffing up his chest real big and tough.

Sherlock leans out of the bath and brings his lips to John’s. “You’re the greatest thing I’ve ever received in my entire life.”

John’s heart melts.

Michael is so fucking excited and it is seriously so cute. He can’t stop talking about it. Since it was announced I don’t think he’s spoken for any stretch of time without referencing it. He acts like he’s real tough shit but he is just the biggest fucking goober, he probably cried at least a little when he found out.