real thing

Just got back from running errands, have not checked my mail or my notifications yet.

But I saw a hawk while I was driving. It was flying low and literally swooped across the road right in front of my car.

Which, in my personal deity omen dictionary, means “GOOD NEWS COMING.”

So let’s see!

man…… those people that are constantly complaining…. about everything…. never got not one good thing to enjoy….. always gotta be The Most…… always gotta shit all over everyone for everything…. wow… aren’t you just so gr8…


Christina Aguilera – “The Real Thing” (2015)

    me: i just want cloud to be happy ,
    also me: i want to write in detail how cloud felt while he was being mind controlled, and passing the black materia to sephiroth. i want to write how he felt as he was carted about for a year, with periods of fleeting consciousness. how he felt as he watched his very best friend die before his eyes ; when he spoke to biggs, wedge & jesse for the last time – and as he watched sephiroth kill aeris. how he blames himself not only for the deaths of the two people dearest to him, but for everybody who lost their lives and families in midgar. i want to realistically write how he is not okay, and that even after getting closure he will live on to be haunted by memories of all those who sacrificed themselves for him, or those who he failed to protect. having friends and // or family does not mean he is miraculously cured, and happiness is only a temporary illusion.

anonymous asked:

I feel as though I need to inform you that your follower count dropped because you made a "triggered" joke, which is extremely offensive, and makes it so people with legitimate triggers are literally never taken seriously. I actually used to follow you on two of my accounts- blocked you on both of them. It isn't funny, not at all.

Okay. Bye then.

i’ve spent today adding records to my amazon wishlist and building a list of old movie scores that i would like to have a vinyl release, please, if it’s not too much trouble, on the off-chance that i am ever in the presence of a person who works at MONDO

also i bought $20 worth of stickers

yes i am obsessing obsessing is a thing that i find calming