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Hello and how are you doing? I was wondering if you could write a fic or come up with some headcannons for Genji and his s/o introducing their baby to Genji's dragon or the dragon got loose and they're trying to find him but their kid found the noodle dragon first, dressed him up and is playing with him? Please and thank you for your time!

Here you go!  Noodle dragons are the best :D

  • Genji wouldn’t worry too much about his dragon getting loose because when it’s happened in the past and only gone to visit his s/o or Hanzo’s dragons
    • When he notices it’s gone and not with Hanzo he assumes it’s with his s/o
    • When he finds his s/o later and notices it’s not?  He starts to freak out.
  • Knowing his kid is down for a nap he and his s/o would search high and low for the dragon
  • It isn’t until Genji notices sounds coming from the baby monitor in his s/o’s hand that his child is awake and talking to someone
    • “Green just like Daddy!”
  • The words make him rush to his sons room to find him having a tea party with his usual stuffed animals; a rhino from Reinhardt, a gorilla from Winston, and the place where Barbie normally sits is occupied by a small green dragon
    • The dragon will have a large sunhat on, sitting crookedly on it’s head
    • There is a fluffy blue boa wrapped around it’s body that keeps sliding down and the child keeps moving back up, tying it tighter each time
    • Is that lipstick around the dragon’s mouth?  Yes.
    • The lipstick was stolen from D.Va
    • She’s not impressed until she sees the tea party and the dragon wearing the boa
  • When the child pours imaginary tea for the creature it looks at the cup, confused
    • It’ll check each cup thinking it got swindled out of tea or something
    • Very disappointed to find all the cups are empty
  • Genji would try to call the dragon back fearing his son isn’t ready for that kind of interaction but his s/o would stop him
  • Lots of picture taking on Genji’s part when he sees how careful the dragon is being with his son
  • He would call Hanzo in to see, only for those dragons to come out as well
    • He needs to invest in more small plastic chairs so all the stuffies and dragons can enjoy the tea
  • Genji gets into the habit of making real tea and joining the parties with his s/o
  • Genji would brag about how much control his son has over the dragons at such a young age
  • They’ll have to explain to the kid that the dragon shouldn’t be eating any desserts at the parties
    • The dragons would totally drool watching the child eating though
    • He’ll sneak them strawberries
  • Hanzo blames Genji for his dragons lack of respect since they keep sneaking off now to join the parties without Hanzo’s permission
  • Eventually Genji’s dragon isn’t just attending tea parties but playing catch with the boy
    • Tag, hide and seek, everything
    • Genji is jealous that his son seems to like the dragon more and when he starts to get huffy his s/o would have to stop him from calling the dragon back
  • S/o would remind him the dragon can’t tuck his son in at night and read stories to him
  • Genji makes a point to stay a little longer with his son at night, even after he’s fallen asleep
  • The dragon has started sleeping at the bottom of the bed

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OMG I requested the princess daughters :D I love them <3 Can I please request something for them as teenagers? They are so sweet!

Ah, I’m so glad you loved them as tiny tots- and thanks for coming back for more LOL! <3 Sorry it took so long to get back to you btw- I didn’t realise how many request were flowing through and I just lost track of it all and… well yeah anyways, here it is! :D Also, since writing those, I have established my own OC as Cor’s daughter called ‘Kari Leonis’ xD So that will be the name that I use in the Cor drabble (which by the way, got out of hand which explains the length of it)! :) Here’s the link to the princess daughters if ya’ll haven’t checked that out yet!

Tagging: @rubyphilomela, @blindbae, @the-regalia, @itshaejinju, @hypaalicious and @the-lucian-archives :D <3

Cor: Cor frowned at his daughter- well, not at his daughter per say… it was more her outfit that was the problem. Kari stopped in her tracks, looked down at her clothes, and then proceeded to heave a dramatic sigh of exasperation.

“Papa… I am not changing into something else. I’m going out on a DATE for Six’s sake! I can’t wear my uniform out-”

“It’s Gladio, he’ll understand.” Cor cut in, his voice a deadpan as he lifted his cup of tea and sipped at it. His steel blue eyes bore into his daughter’s own striking eyes with intensity and authority, but Kari stared right back with defiance.

“You’re being so uncool right now!” Kari rolled her eyes at her father and walked towards the fruit bowl to grab an apple for the road. Cor’s eyes trailed up and down in a critical manner over his precious princess’ outfit, and he couldn’t help but snort slightly. This drew Kari’s annoyed attention. “Oh my Six, what?!”

Cor shook his head, amused. “Nothing. Just… I know you. You’re going to be wishing you wore some pants outside. You can’t stand the cold and you’re wearing a skirt. And sandals? Not practical dear. Also, that blouse is not going to keep you warm- did you pack a cardigan into that small clutch of yours or…?” Cor trailed off, fully grinning now at his extremely annoyed fifteen year old daughter. Kari groaned loudly, before gazing down at her outside and letting out a short scream of frustration.

She immediately turned on her heel, throwing the apple directly at the legendary marshal’s head (which he caught, obviously), before darting up the stairs of their modest home towards her room. Cor couldn’t help but chuckle at his daughter’s cute antics- why was she trying so hard to impress Gladio? He’d already seen her at her worst when she had yelled rather scarily at Noctis in the Citadel one day for stealing her phone and running off with it in jest- the prince had been reduced to tears and apparently Gladio found that attractive at the time. Go figure…

Kari soon came down the stairs, wearing a simple ensemble consisting of dark blue skinny jeans, high-top leather boots, a simple white tank top and a studded leather jacket. Cor nodded in approval, taking a sip of his now cool tea. “Much better Kari.”

“Shut up Immortal.” Kari seethed, before softening her features when she detected her father’s expression change slightly from amused to hurt in a matter of a short moment. Kari shook her head and sighed, feeling embarrassed and terrible at the same time. Her temper… she’d inherited that from her mother. Cor loved that about his daughter, but there were times when she crossed the line and said things that really hit him where it hurt.

“You should go now. Gladio’s waiting.” Cor spoke up, his voice level and low. He stared at his daughter with an impartial expression on his face. Kari’s face immediately fell as she realised she screwed up. Immediately, Cor’s little princess fished her phone out of her back pocket and sent a text to someone. She looked up from her phone with a sorry smile on her face before taking a seat on the dining table right next to her papa. Cor regarded her with a raised eyebrow. “What? Go. You’ll be late.”

“I told him I’ll meet him some other time. Sorry papa, I didn’t mean to bring that up…” Kari trailed off, her breath hitching as her shoulders shook. Cor sighed and let his own shoulders slump at the sight of his sweet daughter breaking down beside him. Wary of the studs on her leather jacket, Cor wrapped his strong arms around his baby girl and pulled her into his chest as she wept sorrowfully at the thought of hurting her one and only papa.

“It’s okay sweet heart. I know you didn’t.” Cor pressed his lips to the top of Kari’s head and pulled her closer into his chest. Kari sighed as she breathed in the familiar scent of her father, and she smiled through her tears.

“I’m so mean to you papa.”

“No you’re not. You’re just going through puberty.” Cor responded light heartedly. Kari snorted through her sobs in mirth before snuggling into her father’s warmth.

“I love you papa bear.”

Cor smiled, not having been called papa bear by his daughter since she was seven years old. “I love you too, my baby bear. Now… if you’re feeling better, you should probably go see Gladio. I hear he got paid yesterday and he wanted to take you to your favourite diner for some grub.” Kari’s eyes lit up as she pulled away and stared up at her father with wide eyes.

“Really?” she asked, excited. Cor smirked and nodded.

“Really. Get going now, before Gladio opts to take the boys out instead. I hear Noctis is fond of the fries there…”

Kari immediately bolted up, not forgetting to peck her father’s stubbled cheek, before racing out the door. Cor’s eyes landed on the fruit he’d caught from Kari’s projectile attack on him earlier.

She’d forgotten her apple.

Noctis: Noctis is the type of dad who spies on every little thing his teen daughter does because he’s worried about her welfare. She’s a real princess after all- who knew what kinds of shady characters were hanging around her, trying to use her to get into a role of power and influence amongst the Lucian Royal Guard. Noctis hides behind pillars, watching his daughter interact with the people of the palace, as well as visiting dignitaries. He often gets caught by his Queen, who merely rolls her eyes at him and goes on about her own duties. After all, someone had to do the duties for the day and it sure wasn’t going to be Noctis given that he was pre-occupied with stalking his own daughter around the Citadel.

Noctis is also the type of dad who complains about how fast his daughter is growing up. There was one particular incident where the princess of Lucis had to wear some sheer pink lip gloss because the cold, cry winter had made her lips dry and chapped. The moment Noctis had seem the simple balm on her pink lips, he had lost it and begun an unofficial inquiry around the Citadel asking for information about who exactly was the one who had supplied his precious baby girl with makeup at the tender age of fourteen. The Queen had been the one to diffuse the situation, quite literally by throwing her glass of water in the King’s face during lunch.

“Your majesty, shut the hell up. I gave her the lip gloss- she felt uncomfortable because of her chapped lips so I lent her mine!” Noctis had been quiet after that, but he was still concerned. Especially when he spied one of the youngsters in his Glaive eying his baby girl as she walked by in her simple black gown, her lips glossy and pretty and pink.

That night, Noctis wept into his pillow because he was beginning to realise that he wasn’t going to be able to protect and oversee his baby girl’s movements and activities forever. Some lucky horn dog was going to win her over and he would just be the guy who was once the man his princess adamantly insisted would be her husband.

That title… would soon be passed on to someone else. And that very thought, was terribly depressing.

Prompto: When Prompto’s daughter was little, he didn’t mind dressing up for her pretend tea parties with all her god sisters. As a matter of fact, he had revelled in those moments. Those were precious times where his baby girl would giggle and scream in delight at his silly antics, and those loud cries of joys still remain in his heart, even in the present as he laid a fancy table out in his quaint back yard full of Ignis’ baking and other goodies. His daughter had requested a real tea party as a rite of passage, much like her other god sisters, for her fourteenth birthday.

While Prompto was of a common background, Noctis and the others had graciously lent him and his wife their own resources to make his daughter’s tea become a reality. Noctis had even offered the Citadel’s court yard as the tea’s venue, but Prompto had to say no to that. He wanted his baby girl’s birthday to take place at his own home where he had assumed she would be comfortable.

That was his first mistake.

“Daddy, Uncle Noctis called up and asked me to ask you if you were sure about not having my birthday in his gardens. Why did you say no in the first place? Everyone would have been so impressed!” Prompto sighed and shook his head, smiling softly at his daughter.

“That’s not our home sweet pea- this is.”

Prompto’s daughter huffed and rolled her eyes, breaking Prompto’s heart a little with her actions. “I wish it were my home… this place is a drag.”

The blond Crownsguard placed the last of Ignis’ sandwiches onto the table and turned to his daughter- still smiling. His wife looked on at Prompto with pity in her eyes- he was always smiling for his little girl. Even when there were times she didn’t seem to deserve it. She could be cruel, but it wasn’t her fault. She was just trying to fit in with the crowd she’d known her whole life. Unfortunately, that crowd was the Royal Family itself, and that meant that standards for teen girl life were inflated substantially.

Prompto and his significant other really tried their best for their daughter with what they had, but it sometimes felt like it wasn’t enough for their little girl. Prompto was alright with that- he somehow understood. He knew that it wasn’t actually his little girl being difficult- she just didn’t want to be so different from her childhood friends.

The blond father hated taking help from Noctis for things to do with finance and providing his daughter with what she wanted. Prompto felt like everything given to his daughter should be within his capacity to provide… but his capacity to provide didn’t quite sate his girl’s wants. And that broke his heart- he felt like he’d failed.

The tea party had gone fine, despite that small fall-out between father and daughter earlier in the day. The girls had all come by, gushed about his daughter’s small garden that she had kept since she was a little girl, and they all enjoyed Ignis’ five-star tea food. When everyone had left, and all good byes were said, Prompto found himself tucking his daughter into bed. She always insisted he did because despite being grown-up and independent, she was still afraid of the dark, and of the monsters that were said to lurk in the dark not so long ago.

Pressing a kiss to his precious girl’s forehead and then cheek, Prompto smiled yet again at his baby. She smiled back up at him, albeit a little sadly.

“Daddy… you don’t have to smile all the time. Especially when I make you sad. I’m really sorry Daddy. I love you and you’re the best Daddy I could ever hope to have. I’m older now so I’ll try to be more understanding and appreciative of all the stuff you do for me. I love you so much Daddy.”

Prompto grinned at his daughter’s words.

“For you, I’ll smile no matter what because from the moment you came into my life, you became my darling sunshine and you’ll always be my sunshine no matter how bratty you get. Now go to bed, you must be pooped.” Prompto’s teen daughter giggled and snuggled into her covers with a content sigh.

“Thanks Daddy. Nighty night.”

Prompto’s sky blue eyes glazed over as he was overwhelmed by love for his precious baby girl. “Nighty night sweet heart.”

Gladio: Gladio frowned at the boy sitting opposite him at his dining table. He ignored his fifteen year old daughter’s sharp elbow digging into his side as he stared down his daughter’s so-called-boyfriend with hard amber eyes. The boy was visibly covering, but he still maintained eye contact with the King’s Shield. That was a good sign.

“So, boy- what are your intentions with my daughter?” Gladio started off strong with his interrogation. He ignored the gasp and hard slap from his daughter on his bicep, staring straight at the young man who as opening his mouth hesitantly to speak. He looked like a bean pole. There was no way he was good enough for his daughter. No way…

“My name is Angus-” the boy began, only to be waved off by Gladio.

“I don’t want your life story, I want to know what you’re doing to my daughter. Are you banging her or something?” Gladio grunted as his daughter slapped him upside the head. Hard.

“DADDY YOU’RE EMBARRASSING ME!” she screeched, absolutely mortified. Gladio shook his head and shot a glare at his baby girl.

“No, sweet pea, I am protecting you.” Gladio corrected his girl before turning his gaze back towards the young man. He ignored his daughter’s frustrated groan and watched the young man sweat in his seat.

“Um… no, we’re virgins. Well, I am- I don’t know about her…” the boy trailed off, unsure. Gladio raised his eyebrows at the boy.

“Are you calling my daughter a slut?” Gladio deadpanned. The boy immediately spluttered and shook his head desperately to right his wrongs. Gladio didn’t notice and amused smirk on his daughter’s face at her boyfriend’s slip-up. Sure, she was embarrassed BUT the whole situation was pretty hilarious in her humble opinion. She sat back on her seat, resigned to having her boyfriend interrogated, and decided to just watch the proceedings.

“No sir, gods no! I just meant that the topic never even came up. We’ve been talking about other things because I advocate for abstinence sir. As a matter of fact, I think sex is gross!” Gladio almost laughed out loud at how desperately the boy was trying to gain his favour. The kid was alright. A little odd, but alright. Gladio leaned back and crossed his arms across his chest, mirroring his daughter’s posture unknowingly.

“What are you? Twelve? How could you think sex is gross? Sex is a man’s lifeblood. It’s our pride, my boy. If you’re gonna go my girl, she better enjoy herself.”

Gladio’s daughter gasped and slapped her father again, scandalised.


“What, you want to never experience a real orgasm in your life? Ask you mother, it’s probably the best thing she’s ever experienced in her life!” Gladio’s daughter made gagging noises and promptly stood from her seat and made her way around the table towards her terrified boyfriend.

“Come on Angus- this man is not normal. Let’s go have dinner elsewhere. I have an uncle who lives not far from here- Uncle Ignis might have some leftovers we could have or something…” As Gladio’s daughter pulled her boyfriend out of the house, Gladio smirked and called out after them.

“Hey- I’ll call your Uncle Ignis and have him give you guys ‘the talk’- he’s really good at it too! He has diagrams and videos and educational pamphlets about STIs. You’ll have a blast!”

The last thing Gladio heard before the front door shut closed was a frustrated scream from his baby girl. Gladio loved being a troll dad.

Ignis: It’s one in the morning when Ignis hears the front door open and shut gently. He hears his daughter’s tell-tale feet shuffling on the tiles in their home and he sighs in exasperation, pushing himself off the sofa he was idling on, waiting for her to arrive back home from her ‘date’. Ignis straightened himself before he cleared his throat loudly, earning a sharp gasp from his seventeen year old daughter.

“Papa… I didn’t know you were still awake,” Ignis hears his daughter’s uncharacteristically dull and sniffly voice call out to him from where she stood frozen near the front door. It was then that Ignis knew that something was up. There was something wrong with his daughter, and he wanted to know exactly what it was. Berating her for being late home past her curfew could wait till later.

“Dearest, how was your night?” Ignis asked, careful to make sure his voice didn’t sound accusing or harsh. A sharp sniffle from his daughter startled him slightly and he stumbled his way over to her trembling body, unable to see her, but feeling her distressed presence in the room.

Soon enough, Ignis had his arms protectively around his daughter’s frame and his precious girl absolutely melted against him, tired, broken and absolutely miserable. Ignis noted that her hair was tangled rather badly and smelled of cigarette smoke and alcohol. He didn’t ask though- he didn’t want to sound accusing.

He just wanted to know what had caused her so much distress. He wanted to know why his daughter was hurting so badly. And so he just ran his hand through her hair the best he could and patted her back as he rocked her side to side in his arms protectively until she calmed down enough to talk.

“Daddy… he was horrible. I said I didn’t want to go in that place but he said he’d only be in there for a minute so I followed him in. It was so disgusting and there were so many people in that place. They were all dancing on each other and there was so much drinking and smoking and it was horrible. And then he grabbed me from behind and he… he…” Ignis fought the urge to clench his fists as his daughter dissolved into another fit of tears. Vague as her explanations of the night were, Ignis got an ironically clear picture of what had gone down with his daughter and her good for nothing boyfriend.

“Did he touch you inappropriately? In a manner that hurt you? In a manner that warrants special attention from the Royal Guard?” Ignis whispered, absolutely seething as he gently soothed his daughter’s hair.

“No… I kicked him where it hurts and ran back home. I lost my shoes on the way but… I’m safe now. I don’t ever want to see that man again.” Ignis’ darling daughter cried quietly. Ignis nodded and sighed into her matted hair.

“You won’t have to see him again. I promise you. And well done- you did good sweet heart. Now, let me check your feet for any injuries.”

As Ignis ran his fingers gently on the delicate skin of his daughter’s feet, he was overcome with wonder at just how grown up she was. His daughter couldn’t hold back a small giggle at the ticklish feeling on her feet, and Ignis was relieved to know that some things still remained the same.

He gently massaged his daughter’s sore feet with his hands and leaned down to press kisses adoringly on the feet he used to kiss playfully when his daughter was still a little baby. The young female Scientia gasped and pulled her feet away, laughing in embarrassment.

“Papa, I’m too old for that now!” she cried out quietly. Ignis smiled and shook his head, patting his daughter’s calf in acknowledgement.

“I know- it’s a shame. You used to scream in delight when I did that- you were such a cute baby. You’ll always be my cute baby. And I’ll always protect you- even with my disability.” Silence met Ignis’ ears before he heard his daughter shuffle towards him on the sofa the y had re-located to. He felt her place her arms around his waist and he returned her hug gently.

“Thank you papa. I love you.”

Ignis nodded into his beautiful daughter’s matted hair and sighed. “I love you too sweet pea. Off to bed now- my lecture on the importance of punctuality can wait till the morning.”

Okay, so I’ve now fallen in love with Malec adopting a baby girl, So I’ve indulged myself with headcanons that literally no one asked for, and no one wants…But well…here we are…XD
• She’s nearing on2 years when they find her in Idris.
• Alec is 26 when they adopt her (So three years after the extra story from Lady Midnight)
• She’s a small, delicate little girl with huge, expressive hazel eyes, and chestnut toned hair.
• She’s from the Beirut institute in Lebanon.
• Her parents were a young, respected couple in Idris, and were granted the title as the head of the institute at 27 years old each.
• They actually died from one of the bombings that has pretty much ravaged the middle east, despite Beirut being a relatively stable city.
• The idea of them dying from an attack by the Mundanes really kind of fucks with the clave and Nephilim in general, because they are suppose to be protecting the mundanes who perpetuate  this kind of wickedness…
• But back to the girl
• From birth she has always been a determined little girl, always trying to fight, and protect as bravery as her parents.
• She’s only a little over a year when her parents die, but even when she is lost in the rubble, she begins to cry because she felt something snap deep within her.
• So a few months after she is brought to Idris, Magnus is set to teach another class alongside Catarina at the Academy, so of course he brings the BAE and kids.
• And as he and Alec are walking hand in hand around the citadel, they catch sight of a baby girl, wobbling on her chubby toddler legs, while wielding a dagger on display in front of Diana’s weapon shop.
• It’s Alec who races to snatch it form the angelic girl’s grasp, warning her that “Sometimes even the bravest of warriors have to be patient for their turn to fight.”
• The brunette does nothing but look dotingly stare at the really attractive shadowhunter.
• “Where’s your parents biscuit,” Magnus questions as he crouches down besides the love of his life.
• And all of a sudden, the brilliant grin adorning the girl’s lovely face drops, and she gives a shake of the head, tuffs of her mahogany curls flying in the air.
• “Inchallah they come back soon…No one wants to play with me here.”
• Son enough, a member of the clave arrives, and apologizes for having lost track of the child
• Magnus and Alec try to ignore the stiffness to his voice when he looks down at how their hands are interlocked. The embrace happened subconsciously, ever sense the hell dimension, even the most casual of touches were a reassurance that both constantly craved.
• The next day, after his questioning,  Catarina explains to Magnus what happened to her parents, and how the girl was basically a plague at this point, because not only was her family still culturally muslim, (Which is a bit of an oddity even within the realm of the Nephilim) But her parents were killed by mundanes…And that’s kind of seen as a taboo, and  dishonorable death.
• Magnus feels bad for the child, but knows that his hands are tied, there is nothing he can do.
• Later that day,   he has to drop something to the council
• but on his way, he spots the little girl whom has been clouding his thoughts sense yesterday.
• “Hey there biscuit,” he greets as he kneels to her level.
• She’s sitting on the ground, with a tea set lying before her.
• “Hello,” she gives him a cautiously delighted grin.
• • “Can I ask what you'r doing here all alone.”
• “I’m having a tea party,” she explains to him in a tone which makes it seems s if the most obvious thing. Which Magnus supposes it was.“DO you wanna join me? You’re even prettier than the dolls mama and Baba let me play with.”
• A sensation of warmth runs through Magnus when she touches his cheek, obviously entranced by the incandescence of the glittery eyeliner swept across his lids.
• “I’d love to, but can I ask who’s watching you?”
• She gives a shrug to her slender shoulders, and magnus just begins to realize how much this girl resembles a dove, so delicate, and graceful for even a toddler.

• “They always tell me to play by myself…But I miss my mama and baba.”

• Magnus’s heart cracks at the despair coloring her voice. One that is far to ancient, and far to entrench than to belong to the voice of a Nephilim child whom he aspects at one point, not to long ago, hadn’t a care in the world.

• “Do you remember that boy I was with yesterday?”
• Her glimmering hazel eyes light up just for a flash, and Magnus was just able to see past the anguish and solitude found in the pinching of her lips, and set to her jaw. Behind it all he saw a girl who spent her days laughing and playing tea parties with the dolls she had so masterfully dressed up.
• “Yeah, was he your friend?”
• “Boy friend actually,” Magnus stutters over his words, unknowing the ideals she was brought up believing about two men in a loving relationship.
• “Oh,” she just blinks innocently. “I’ve never had one.”
• It’s all magnus can do to not crack up laughing at this enchanting child. • “I think you’re still young yet biscuit.” he smiles. “But Alec does love a good tea party, and so do our sons.”
• “Really?” Her eyes are wide, and hopeful, and Magnus can see the true fragility of the shell of sadness which threatens to shatter at any moment.
• “Why of course, who wouldn’t?” He cranes a brow at her. “Now I was just wondering if you could show us how a real tea party should look.”
• “Sure,” It’s as if the entirety of her being is lit up with joy.
• The moment she looks up at Alec with those big, beautiful eyes, he is helpless, and he and Magnus have already come to a silent consensus.
• Her name is Jalila, which is an arabic name which means magnificent, (Which ever pleased the magnificent Magnus Bane)
• But literally  no one calls her that, because about a week after she moves into the Lightwood-bane home, max has a tantrum on how he can’t pronounce it well enough, so he and soon the rest of their family calls her “Gigi,”
• She is honestly an angel.
• She still has some nightmares over what happened to her parents, but as the weeks turn to months, and the months to years, she has  healed, and she loves her family so unconditionally.
• She is the princess of the Lightwood family, because Simon and Izzy ended up only having two boys, so of course aunt Izzy goes crazy showering her with gifts, and dressing her up, and just loving this child.
• Her best friend is Simon and Izzy’s eldest son, her cousin, who is only a few months her junior.
• When she rows up, besides being drop dead beautiful, she is a complete SJW (From freeing the nipple, to protection of all people, from race, gender, sexuality, and all in-betweens.
• She is also a spectacular warrior, and spars with her eldest brother, Rafael frequently.
• Her brother’s are basically her lifeline, she honestly couldn’t imagine breathing without them. Max, Rafael, and Gigi do basically everything together.
• I have about a hundred million more head canons about Gigi, but I’ll probs stop before anyone kills me…
• Oh and expect a fanfic or dozen including her in some capacity.

Every Minimum Wage Argument DEBUNKED

“Just get a job, and stop being lazy”

since 2000 90% of the jobs being created have been part-time jobs. last month over 22,000 people applied to walmart, and only 600 got a job. And to be considered unemployed you have to be actively looking for a job. so 7% of americans are actively looking for a job. People are trying, there just aren’t any jobs out there.

“just get an education”

over 280,000 americans with four year degrees are working minimum wage jobs. over 30,000 americans with 6 year degrees are working minimum wage jobs. 50% of college graduates end up unemployed. the average college graduate has about 30,000 dollars in debt. So why yes, education can be great for some, it’s defiantly not a solution for all.

“If we raise minimum wage Inflation will just go up, and everyone will still be poor”

Between 1950-1970 when the average real wage of this country was $9.06 the inflation rate was only 2,3%! that was one of our highest real wage time periods, combined with one of our lowest inflation rate. Secondly labor is only a part of cost, so things would not increase proportionally. More likely, if wages doubled, prices would increase by like 5-30%. And to use two examples, If mcdonlads doubled every employees wages to MAINTAIN THE SAME PROFIT as they are now, the big mac would only increase by 42 cents. If Wal-mart doubled it’s wage to MAINTAIN THE SAME PROFIT, the average cost to the consumer would only increase by 12.43 cents A YEAR! So yes prices would go up, but wages would go up a lot higher. Also with more money in the economy more people will be bale to spend and buy more. this means more inventory and product will be moved, which means business could make more money. “Raising the minimum wage is a great way to boost consumer demand because every additional dollar that goes into the hands of a low-income worker is very likely to be spent, thus spurring business sales and economic growth.” (David Bolotsky is founder and CEO of UncommonGoods) so everyone wins!

“people are just lazy”

Most of the people i know have to work 2-3 minimum wage jobs just get to by. that’s 60-70 hours a week! that’s not lazy. also productivity has gone up while wages have not!“raise minimum wage will hurt the economy”

as i’ve stated above it’ll actually help the economy. the center for economic policy and research did a report about why raising minimum wage doesn’t effect unemployment. it is also illustrated by this graph, that shows as minimum wage goes down, unemployment goes up.Then some other good reasons to raise it. One, it’ll decrease the deficit. Less people will have to be on welfare and food stamps.“It’s a perverse incentive program. A corner business or giant retailer like Costco that pays a starting wage of $11.50 an hour gets no government subsidy while a store across the street paying the federal minimum wage of $7.25 is actually getting a government handout because it pays a substandard wage. This does not make economic sense.”( David Bolotsky) Two, people will be able to feed their family. Three, it helps the wage cap and makes it possible for every american can achieve the american dream. So basically there is no question we should raise the minimum wage. or at least put in a mandatory incentive program, such as after 6 months you get a two dollars raise. and in another 6 months you’ll get another 2 dollars raise.

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When we had to write about what we did on our weekends, I wrote that I went to Fairy Land with my unicorn friend and had a tea party in the clouds with my cat

Literally the best thing they could think to say about my musical abilities was ‘she likes to hit things’

My ‘initial fear of jumping’ refers to an incident in PE when I was 4, when we had to jump off a chair and I refused and started crying and they had to call my mum and I had to go home and calm down

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"But I thought you had a date?" for the 5 sentence thing if you're still doin it?? whatever ship you want?~

“But I thought you had a date?” Levi asked, surprised to see Eren at the tea shop he owned.

“I do, but she’s in the ladies room,” Eren said, smiling widely. “Can I get a pot of the peppermint tea?”

There was a shout as a fiery red blur sped past Levi and collided with Eren. 

“Daddy we’re having a real tea party!!!” Isabel sang excitedly, hanging off Eren’s arm.

“Care to join us, Levi?” Eren asked him and Levi’s heart melted.

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Preference #96 Watching The Kids


“What'cha wanna do Whit?” Niall asked Whitney after you exited the house, leaving for a much needed shopping spree with the girls. You left the two to bond together, making use of the time Niall had before he continued to tour the globe. “Tea party!!” Whitney exclaimed, pulling your husband into the kitchen.“How ‘bout we have a real tea party?”, Niall suggested, making his little girl squeal in excitement. “Sit right there, daddy,” she said and pointed to the table set near the patio. Niall didn’t follow her direction, refusing to leave Whitney to get the tea bags and boil the water herself. Whitney stood on the stool, to reach the cupboard as Niall heated up the water, then later pouring it in the tiny teacups after it cooled. “Does the princess want some tea?” Niall asked, in character, playing as a butler. Whitney nodded and held her cup out . Next, he cut two slices of cake for both him and his daughter. 

The next few hours were spent playing tea party before Whitney started to get bored with the idea. She sat on the couch after the mess they made was cleaned up. The little girl yawned, rubbing her eyes sleepily. “Aw is my baby sleepy?” Niall asked, plopping down next to his daughter. Whitney nodded and put her head on Niall’s lap. He sung her a lullaby and hummed the tune, putting her to sleep almost instantly. The little girl was fast asleep and before he knew it, Niall had fallen asleep as well. And that, is the scene you came home to after a long day of shopping, finding the two loves of your life asleep on the couch, realizing how lucky you were to have them both.


A few years ago, when you had your first child, it was surprising how well you balanced being a mom to Michael, a wife to a member of the world’s biggest boyband and still having a social life. But now, when baby #2, Adriana arrived, all that seemed to vanish. Six months after giving birth to your baby girl, Liam saw how exhausted you were becoming and decided to let you take a break. Being the great husband he was, he set up salon and spa appointments for you to enjoy, giving you some much needed pamper-time. You were quick to agree to his proposition, quickly leaving the house to have some time for yourself.

 At first, Liam thought he was doing great handling two kids at once, until Adriana started to bawl uncontrollably, leaving Liam helpless and desperate. He didn’t want to call any of the boys because they’d make fun of ‘Daddy Direction’ and he didn’t want to call you because, of course, that’s what you left the house for, to take a break. When Adriana still hadn’t stopped, he couldn’t take her whining anymore, and finally gave in to calling you, interrupting your manicure.
“Babe, I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I know I’m not supposed to call but,” Liam apologized numerous times before letting out a sigh, “Ad’s been crying non-stop and she just won’t stop, it’s driving me crazy! I fed her and she still won’t quiet down!”
You heard the little girl bawling in the background, and knew exactly what the problem was.
“Well, Liam. Did you change or at least check her diaper?” you said, trying to hold back your laughter. Liam went silent, and hung up only muttering a quick “Love you” before hanging up. Let’s just say, the next hour supposed to be spent off was still… well, wasn’t technically a day off.

Like Louis, you were a very social person. It all seemed to go downhill when you had the kids, twins to be exact, Leighton and Drew. You loved them both to bits and pieces along with your husband, Louis, but you just weren’t being your usual self lately. Louis convinced you to go out for a girls’ night and at first you were skeptical but you jumped at the opportunity, when you realized how long it had been since you had gone out. You specifically told Lou before you left to have the kids asleep by 8. But being the ‘cool dad’ he was, he let them stay up late to watch a movie.
“So what do you two want to watch, huh?” Louis asked the twins.
“Peter Pan!” they said together. Drew was quick to put the movie in while Leighton sat on the couch, bundling herself in a large fuzzy blanket.
“I’ll go make some popcorn,” Lou declared making his way over to the kitchen. He came back with three big bowls of popcorn and sat between Leighton and Drew. When the movie ended, the kids started debating on what to watch next, choosing between Toy Story and Finding Nemo.
“But I want to watch Finding Nemo!” Leighton screamed at Drew who replied by throwing popcorn at his sister. Leighton fired back, causing Louis to giggle at his twins.
“Popcorn fight!” He declared, trying to get the two to stop bickering. Soon, the room was filled with shouts, laughter and loads of cheese popcorn.
“Okay, okay, we have to stop,” Louis said holding both his hands up in surrender. “We gotta clean up before mumma comes home. We wouldn’t want her to be mad, right?” Louis was clueless on where to start but with the help of the twins, the house was becoming tidy fairly quickly. You got home to your family, who looked at you with guilty faces, while cleaning up the mess they created.
“Oops?” Louis said innocently and the twins giggled quietly as you shot him a disapproving glare.

You’d been gone for a week to visit your family who lived out of town, leaving your two favorite boys at home, Harry and his mini-me, Eric. You were set to arrive home in a few hours and you couldn’t be happier.
“Daddy!” Eric screamed, mounted on top of a very sleepy Harry. “Yes, bud? Is mummy here yet?” He panicked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes.
“Let’s go make breakfast!” Eric suggested, ignoring Harry’s question. Harry chuckled and carried his three-year old carbon copy into the kitchen where he was surprised by the scene that welcomed him; bowls, pans and utensils were already placed on the counter, waiting for them to be in use.
“I see you already prepared, buddy,” Harry stated and Eric grabbed a chair to stand next to Harry as he mixed the delicious pancake batter. An hour and a half later, perfectly toasted bread, sizzling bacon, fried eggs and yummy stacks of pancakes were all set on the dining table as Harry and Eric began cleaning up the aftermath of their breakfast feast. The floor was wet, soaked with pancake mix and flour was thrown about everywhere.
“I’m home!” You exclaimed, anticipating to see your boys welcoming you but frowned when they didn’t. Apparently, they didn’t hear you, and as you searched the huge house for Harry and your son, you found them tidying up the mess they had created. You stood by the doorway, waiting for your presence to be acknowledged. Your eyes trailed over the yummy meal the two prepared and then to the mess that was left behind. It wasn’t long until Eric glanced at you and dashed towards you, hugging your legs tightly.
“Surprise mumma!” he exclaimed.
“Hey babe,” Harry greeted giving you a tight hug  and kiss, burying his face on your shoulders. “Missed you.”
“I missed you guys too, did you two do all of this?” You said happily. They nodded in response. “What are we waiting for? Let’s eat, it looks so yummy!” You declared, making your way towards the table to feed all of your starving stomachs.

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About Balitmore. An American citizen dies while in the custody of the government. I'm surprise that that doesn't scare more people. What would the founding fathers have done in this situation?

Agreed. It’s particularly troubling to me to see the continued refusal among significant segments of the right—which is ostensibly so wary of unaccountable government overreach—automatically taking the government’s side in these police misconduct cases. That’s not to say that the police involved are never legally justified in their actions, but simply that anyone whose political philosophy is supposed to be based in suspicion of government should, in fact, be suspicious of government, especially when one of its officers leaves a civilian dead. 

(I attribute this phenomenon of excessive deference to police at least in part to the weird American view of uniformed government employees—police and the military—as somehow inherently different and better than besuited bureaucrats…but that’s another discussion probably involving more psychology than I am qualified to spout.)

However, I don’t wish to overgeneralize here, or to imply that all conservatives have responded to police brutality poorly. In fact, just this morning I came across a piece at The Federalist which I think addresses your concerns perfectly. An excerpt:

The Grey case is a constitutional fiasco. A guy walking down the street approached by the authorities because—literally—he “looked at them”? He’s pursued, frisked, found in the legal possession of a weapon (a pocketknife) and is arrested? No crime? No theoretical charge of a crime?

Then he’s shackled, laid on the floor of a police van on his stomach—unsecured and in violation of police rules—and bounced around the city for hours, while being repeatedly denied requested medical treatment.

Freddie Gray was an American citizen who started his day having not committed a crime, and ended the day with fatal injuries sustained while in custody of the government. And Republicans are defending…the government? Who are you, and what have you done with my conservatives?

Real conservatives—my Tea Party friends and limited-government activists—understand that the Constitution is a document of “negative rights.” An officer of the government sees you and decides he wants to search you, or grab you, take your stuff, or even kill you. Can he? For most of the history of mankind, the answer was “Shut up, peon, and get back in your cell!”

Our founders committed a truly revolutionary act when they wrote a Constitution that is a document of “No.” It tells agents of the government, “No, you can’t.” It doesn’t matter if the citizen is a pillar of the community or a punk. He’s still an American, so hands off!

Read the rest of it here.

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Tiki darling, I need a picture of your Avengers Assembled. For science.

Nick Fury: AVENGERS….

Nick Fury: Hey, where is everybody?  And, dude, you’re not even a dad-blasted Avenger!  Where are those mother-lovin’ guys?  Fie and crenelations!  Can I borrow your ride?

Nick Fury: I’ll track down those gol-durned Avengers.  At least I’m certain they’re doin’ something important, like probs saving the sun-shining world!

Thor: Hail, friend Nicholas!  But there was a great sale upon hair care products at yon Wall of Green!

Robert Downey Jr.: But look at the kitty cat, Nick!  Aww, kitty cat!


Dean: Hulk says we’re right in the middle of a pie-eatin’ contest!  Can it wait?

Nick Fury: Look, I don’t give an iced lolly who Piestiel is, get your Frost Giant butt to the assembly!

Loki: Ehehehehe!

Cap’n America: But I was tryin’ to figure out this piece of scientific equipment, Nick!  Robert Downey Jr. said he was doin’ an experiment on something called Margaritas!

Black Widow: We’re having a real lady-like tea party, eatin’ delicate pastries and stabbin’ zombies.  Hey, you know where we could pick up some fried brains?

Nick Fury: All right, AVENGERS….  Wait, who is that guy?  Oh, forget it.  AVENGERS … ASSEMBLE!!  *sigh*  It’s not like this in the comic books.