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Ok, so, Scooby’s doghouse has an entire mansion inside of it.

It’s basically an even more poorly-cloaked TARDIS.

It’s full of grand entryways…

…numerous statues…

…and hallways teeming with art.

Art that… is sitting on top of other art, and a statue? Somehow?

…with collars that magically turn into yellow hair?

…and frames that, when swinging away to reveal a safe, disappear for two frames because the animators completely forgot it exists?

and that, in the subsequent closeup, makes the overlapping art to the left disappear into the ether?

Either Scooby’s architect was M.C. Escher, or Carl just got lazy again.

I realised now that i tried and successfully pulled myself away from fandoms for at least a month, that the reason I’m so ‘obsessed’ is that it distracts me from real life, and all the pain that is holds. That i sometimes feel identified with some characters, that I feel less isolated imagining them, and that somehow I feel they’re everything I have.
When I pulled myself apart, the reality surfaced and instead of staying up late, giggling at some cute ship, I stayed up late crying my eyes out at the pains the fandoms cover and burry, I stayed up late crying with a very know to me  feeling of emptiness, and you know what was the only thing I could manage to do then? While feeling I had nothing left? What I managed to do was cry out for castiel to save me.

Please never ever ever think of making fun of someone for being “obsessed” with certain book/TV show/ etc. You have no idea what it means to us.

Bill Potts Appreciation Post

Bill Potts:
. Gives free chips to cute girls.
. Attends university lectures even though she isn’t a student.
. Makes Netflix references.
. Would 100% survive a horror movie. 
. Genuinely believed that the sky was made of lemon drops.
. Asked the real question about the TARDIS.
. Was fine with going somewhere with a cute girl she didn’t know.
. Did not Fuck About when she saw something strange in her drain.
. Ran to the Doctor because she thought he’d know what to do.
. Was completely ready for a “sci-fi” explanation.
. (Correctly) Thought that the Doctor wasn’t human.
. Thought that the TARDIS was a knock through/lift.
. Thought that the Doctor could save Heather.
. Knew he was going to try to wipe her memory.
. Thought that the TARDIS was a time machine before she knew it was.
. Compared the TARDIS to a modern kitchen.
. Did not hesitate to run off with an alien in his spaceship/time machine.
. Tried to convince Heather of how beautiful her “defect” was.
. Told a possible home intruder to make themselves decent.
. Armed herself with an umbrella.
. Went with everything that was happening.
. Won’t be forced into any relationship/innuendos moments with the Doctor.
. Is a beautiful human being who deserves happiness and unicorns. 

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If you’re always late to work, don’t worry: you can blame it on your brain. Similarly, lying, hating the sound of people chewing, and even ignoring PC security warnings aren’t your fault, they’re your dumb brain. I’m sure it’s a real relief for the tardy, lying, quiet-chewing people with computer viruses that all they need to fix these problems is a new brain. 

Every single thing you do is connected to an electrochemical change in your brain. The fact that we’ve identified a particular correspondence between one type of change and people deciding to wear puka shell necklaces doesn’t mean we get to excuse their behavior and just say, “Oh, that’s how they’re wired.”

Just because scientists have identified something happening between my ears doesn’t make it any less a part of my personality. They’re just different types of description. If someone is accused of prostitution, they can’t defend themselves by saying, “No, it wasn’t prostitution, see what happened was, they gave me money and in exchange I made X-Men 3.” They’ve just described the exact same situation using different terms. You aren’t any less culpable because it can also be described in terms of neurons firing.

The same goes for articles with this recurring theme: “Learning this skill physically changes your brain.” They should be studied for their almost supernatural ability to create an absolute vacuum of meaning. It turns out, when you learn anything your brain physically changes. That’s because your brain is where your learning lives.

The real headline would be if one of these things had nothing to do with your brain.

5 Science Headlines You Can Immediately Ignore

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I'm watching Doctor Who "dinosaurs in space" rn and all I can think of is that Lestrade is now an archaeologist. Also, earlier while watching another episode, it occured to me that Moffat likes the "it's all in their head plot twist". It's not impossible (or totally probable) that he used it once again in TFP.

Okay. So. I’m kind of freaking out right now, because your ask has just triggered my memory and I think I’ve stumbled across something incredibly important!

Now, if you haven’t seen Doctor Who, bear with me because I seriously think that this is a massive clue as to what’s been going on in season four.

We already know that Moffat’s written Sherlock into Doctor Who before.

I’ve considered a dream-sequence type thing as well. Not because of “Dinosaurs in Space”, though, but because of the episode “Amy’s Choice”.

Just to get this out of the way, I’m not sure whether TST/TLD are entirely constructed or not. It’s quite possible that they are partially real, partially fake. I highly suspect that TD-12 is the culprit in this case.

To anyone who hasn’t watched Doctor Who, but is following along with the conspiracy, I highly recommend watching “Amy’s Choice” stand alone because it’s got some crazy Sherlock parallels and will also give you a bit of an idea of Moffat’s particular brand of rug pull.

The basic premise of the episode is that it focuses around reality being contingent upon a single choice.

In this case, the Doctor’s companion, Amy, has to choose between either staying with her spouse Rory, or “the madman” aka., the Doctor. Remind you of someone?

The antagonist / bad guy of the day “The Dream Lord” traps the Doctor and Amy within a shared dream where they wake up in another reality in which Amy chose her husband Rory over the Doctor. They are both happily married, Amy is pregnant, and neither the Doctor nor Amy realise that they are dreaming at first.

Oh yeah. And The Dream Lord? He’s played by Toby Jones. How about those parallels?

Over the course of the episode the Dream Lord makes the Doctor and Amy wake up over and over again in both the reality in which Amy chose Rory, and the reality in which Amy chose the Doctor.

In the reality in which Amy chose Rory they are being chased down by aliens, and in the reality in which Amy chose the Doctor they are in the TARDIS about to be frozen to death by a nearby astrological phenomenon. A bit of a catch 22, then.

But the catch is that if you die in the dream, you wake up in reality.

Amy has to then choose which reality she thinks is real or a dream, in order to kill herself and finally wake up. 

I think this merging of dream and reality has been occurring on and off for Sherlock since his hospitalisation in His Last Vow.

Remember all the weird discrepancies and surrealist elements within season four? We get the same thing happening in “Amy’s Choice”, when the Doctor is trying to figure out whether they’re dreaming or not:

“The Doctor: Examine everything. Look for all the details that don’t ring true.
Rory Williams: OK we’re in a spaceship that’s bigger on the inside than the outside.
Amy Pond: With a bow tie-wearing alien.
Rory Williams: Maybe “what rings true” isn’t so simple.
The Doctor: Valid point.”

Meaning the glowing skull / lamp hell / OOC character behaviour / reused lines of dialogue all point towards constructed memories.

Moving along, where things get really incriminating is when you consider that the big reveal at the end of the episode: The Dream Lord is actually the physical manifestation of the Doctor’s darkest fears and insecurities.

“The Doctor: Drop it! Drop all that. I know who you are.
Dream Lord: Of course you don’t.
The Doctor: Of course I do. I’ve no idea how you can be here, but there’s only one person in the Universe that hates me as much as you do.”

“Sherlock Holmes: The point I’m trying to make is that I am… the most unpleasant, rude, ignorant, and all-round obnoxious arsehole that anyone could possibly have the misfortune to meet. I am dismissive of the virtuous, unaware of the beautiful, and uncomprehending in the face of the happy. So if I didn’t understand I was being asked to be best man, it is because I never expected to be anybody’s best friend…”

Just like the Doctor, Sherlock’s biggest weakness, central to the type of character he is, is loneliness.

The Doctor is so afraid of being alone that he conjures up a monster that traps he and Amy in a reality contingent upon her leaving him.

So to sum up the parallels, we’ve got …
- The Doctor // Sherlock
- Amy’s choice // John’s choice (post HLV)
- Amy’s Pregnancy // Mary’s Pregnancy — The Schrodinger’s Baby dilemma
- The Dream Lord // Culverton Smith // (John) // Sherlock
- Additionally Billy Kincaid (mentioned in TSoT) mirroring Culverton Smith as well 
- Possibly The Dream Lord // Eurus // Sherlock

Relevant quotes/references:

Amy // John

Amy is referred to in Doctor Who as “the Girl Who Waited”. She meets the Doctor when she’s young, and he promises to come back and save her, but due to the TARDIS malfunctioning accidentally disappears and only comes back years into the future when she’s already grown up. (Paralleling Reichenbach.)

This theme of the Doctor leaving Amy behind because it’s in his nature/that’s just the sort of man he is really links into John and Sherlock’s dynamic. John thinks that Sherlock is always abandoning him both literally (TRF) and emotionally (THoB, ASiB, etc.,) because he’s a “sociopathic genius”, it’s just who he is, when really, unlike the Doctor, Sherlock is only being forced away from John due to Moriarty.

“Dream Lord: Poor Amy. He always leaves you, doesn’t he? Alone in the dark. Never apologises.
Amy: He doesn’t have to.
Dream Lord: That’s good. Because he never will. And now he’s left you with me. Spooky old not-to-be-trusted me. Anything could happen.
Amy: Who are you and what do you want? The Doctor knows you, but he’s not telling me who you are. And he always does. Takes him a while sometimes but he tells me. So you’re something different.
Dream Lord: Oh, is that who you think you are? The one he trusts?
Amy: Actually, yes.

“Amy: I love Rory and I never told him. And now he’s gone.

“John: Just text her, phone her, do something while there’s still a chance, because that chance doesn’t last forever. Trust me, Sherlock, it’s gone before you know it. Before you know it!

In Doctor Who, in order to make the right choice Amy must choose Rory over the Doctor, the man she loves over the man she is infatuated with.

In this case, Sherlock, although he parallels the Doctor, also parallels Rory.

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Sherlock // the Doctor

What does the Doctor say the first time he, Amy, and Rory are together again?

“The Doctor: Now. We all know there’s an elephant in the room.”

And what is he referring to? Amy think’s it’s her pregnancy, but the Doctor makes a joke and says that he’s talking about Rory’s terrible choice of hairstyle. Of course, that’s not what he’s actually talking about. The real elephant in the room is the fact that Amy is standing between the two men she loves and has to choose between.

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Weather Metaphors: “The Oncoming Storm” vs. “The East Wind”

Within Doctor Who we have the extended metaphor of the Doctor being referred to as “the Oncoming Storm” which can be seen as paralleling the “East Wind” in Sherlock, which is very likely referring to himself, namely his emotions.

“The Doctor: Someone—something—is overriding my controls!
Dream Lord (Toby Jones): Well that took a while. Honestly, I’d heard such good things. Last of the Time Lords. The Oncoming Storm. Him in the bowtie.”

The East Wind is coming, Sherlock. It’s coming to get you.“ 

And in mythology … “Eurus is God of the East Wind. He was thought to bring warmth and rain, and his symbol was an inverted vase, spilling water. His Roman counterpart was Vulturnus.” [x]

From The Blind Banker:

“Sherlock: Someone else has been here. Somebody else broke into the flat and knocked over the vase, just like I did.
John: You think maybe you could let me in this time? Can you not keep doing this, please?
Sherlock: I’m not the first.”

Plus Sherlock drinking from the vase in TLD:


”Amy’s Choice” provides a conceptual basis for what is likely going on in Season Four. 

Where Toby Jones represents the darkness within The Doctor as The Dream Lord, it is possible that Culverton Smith at times represents the darkness within Sherlock. At the very least this also links into how other characters such as Faith/”E”/Eurus/Mary can sometimes be seen as representations of characters’ psyches.

Amy’s baby, aka., Mary’s baby, is likely existent in one reality and non-existent in another. Season four shows us a reality where Rosamund does exist so we know certain scenes are not real, just like how Amy’s pregnancy is not real.

Amy’s choice between the Doctor and Rory parallels John’s choice between Sherlock and Mary. In S4 Sherlock’s worst fears to do with loneliness are being projected into reality, just like the Doctor’s, likely because of TD-12, which parallels The Dream Lord’s “psychic pollen”.

Within “Amy’s Choice” Amy and the Doctor are presented with three separate realities. There’s the real world, the fake real world on the TARDIS where Amy chose the Doctor, and the fake world in the village where Amy chose Rory. Due to this I think it’s quite likely that there are multiple layers of unreality we are seeing in season four, just like when Sherlock wakes up into fake reality in TAB and goes to dig up Emelia Ricoletti’s body.

This makes even more sense considering the fact that TAB can be seen as a key for understanding season four. Dreams within dreams within dreams.

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Menschen verändern sich.

Ich bin viel auf Instagram, Twitter, Youtube usw. unterwegs. Und insbesondere als Dat Adam/ Taddl&Ardy Fan fällt mir immer wieder etwas auf.

Nämlich wie verbohrt manche Menschen sind. Wie manche einfach nicht akzeptieren können, dass Menschen sich verändern. Diese “Fangirls” denken tatsächlich sie könnten ihnen etwas vorschreiben.

Ja, sie haben Tattoos. Sie finden die Tattoos nice. Viele ihrer Fans auch. Aber das wichtigste ist, dass sie es nice finden. Ihnen muss es gefallen, weil sie damit rumlaufen.

Ardy kifft. Oh mein Gott. Ardy kifft. Weltuntergang. Nicht. Wir alle trinken Alkohol, wir alle rauchen einmal. Viele von uns kiffen mal. Wir gehen Shisha rauchen. Wir lassen uns das nicht einmal von unseren Eltern verbieten. Und Ardy soll also auf seine “Fans” hören.

Sie haben ihre Videos und Instagram Bilder gelöscht. Und? Klar, ist es schade, aber es ist ihre Entscheidung. Das Leben geht weiter, verdammt. Lasst ihr ein Bild auf Instagram, das euch nicht gefällt? Nein, eben nicht. Wieso sollten sie es tun?

Luna und Ardy sind vielleicht zusammen. Und? Jeder Mensch hat mal eine Beziehung. Und Luna zerstört nicht Tardy. Weil Tardy nicht real ist. (Und wäre es real, dann wären Luna und Ardy nicht zusammen und sie würde es somit nicht zerstören.) Luna zerstört nicht die Freundschaft der beiden. Natürlich lassen jahrelange Freunde zu, dass ihre Freundschaft von einem Mädchen zerstört wird. Nicht. Von mir aus können Taddl, Ardy & Marley eine Dreier-Beziehung haben und es ist mir egal. Es ist ihr Leben und nicht meines. Ich kann sie voll verstehen, dass sie nicht klar bekannt geben, ob es eine Beziehung gibt. Würde Luna sagen, sie ist nicht mit Ardy zusammen, würde es heißen, sie lügt. Und dabei wäre es egal, ob sie die Wahrheit sagt oder nicht. Es ist verdammt nochmal ihr Leben und nicht unseres/eures!

Menschen verändern sich und es ist gut so. Sie verändern ihre Einstellung und das ist gut so! Durch Taddl, Luna, Ardy und Marley habe ich meine Einstellung geändert. Meine Denkweise und meine Einstellung zum Leben. Wenn es euch interessiert, geht in mein Archiv und schaut auf Juni/Mai 2015. Das war ungefähr als ich Dat Adam kennen und lieben gelernt habe. Davor ging es mir schlecht. Und dann im August, habe ich meine komplette Denkweise geändert. Nur Dank ihnen. Sie haben mir soviel geschenkt, und dafür möchte ich danke sagen, auch wenn sie es wahrscheinlich nie lesen werden. 



*SuperWhoLock* I just want one episode, one crossover episode of this please Lord (tv writers) make it real!

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Could write something from a Doctor Who AU? It's where the Eleventh Doctor is really Amelia's imaginary friend,and she made him since her Aunt Sharon left all the time and she got lonely and scared being at the house alone. When Rory or Mel's came over to hang they always act like they can see and hear him just so her feelings won't get hurt. She knows he's not real. With the TARDIS,The Doctor just says it's to broken down to go anywhere so they pretend to hide it in the shed in the yard.

i only do stuff involving the reader, sorry x


“But, Evan! You said you’d come see me! I’ve been so excited all week, and now you’re telling me I have to wait another week?” “Y/N, I’m sorry! Filming went a little over, we have to get this wrapped up, I can’t just not be here! I’m kind of a big role this season!” “Fine. I guess, once again, I’ll tell my friends they have to wait to meet you.” “You knew exactly what you were getting into when you started dating me. An actor. I’m sorry.” “It’s whatever. I have class, I’ll see you whenever you can get here.” I clicked off of our video chat and slammed my computer shut. You might have overreacted a little. I crossed my arms and huffed. Evan was supposed to be done filming this season of AHS and he was supposed to come up to my college and meet my friends and actually spend time with me. I looked over at my bulletin board where pictures of Evan and I were tacked up all over. I grabbed my phone and my bag and walked out of my dorm room to my class.

During class, all I could think about was yelling at him. I didn’t mean to be that way, I was just really upset. I missed him so much. The rest of the day went by in a blur, and all I wanted to do was go to my room, curl up in my blanket and sleep. I was sitting at a lunch table, reading about some stupid math problems that I didn’t understand. “Hey! When are we gonna get meet Evan?!” I turned and saw my best friend running towards the table. “Not this week. He got caught up filming Horror Story.” “Oh. That’s a bummer. I’m sorry.” “It’s whatever.” “Well, think about it this way- you’re still dating a totally gorgeous, totally famous actor.” She winked at me. I shrugged. We ate lunch together, and she helped me understand my math problems. When I got up to leave she came with me. She came back to my room with me, and we watched old horror movies and ate popcorn and drank some wine. I hadn’t talked to Evan since the morning.

The next couple of days went by slowly. Evan was busy, so he wasn’t able to talk. Four more days until he could come back. Four more days until I could finally hug him, and say I was sorry. When I woke up, I showered in the dorms bathroom, and did my morning routine. I had an early 9AM class and I was running late. When I finally ran through the door and took my seat, my professor gave me a look like “If you’re late again, we’re going to have a talk.” He was a real asshole about tardiness. I sat through the class, not really listening to what was going on. I should have been, considering I had an exam coming up, but I was tired. When the class ended I didn’t have another one until 3 PM so I headed back to my dorm room to take a nap. When I exited the building, someone grabbed me from behind and lifted me off the ground. I gasped out loud. “Hey, kitten” “Evan!” I squealed and turned my face, kissing him. He set me down and I faced him. “What are you doing here? You weren’t supposed to come see me for 4 more days!” “I know. But we ended quicker than we thought and I took the first flight out here!” “Evan, I’m sorry about blowing up at you. I was just so mad, and I’m stressed about classes and all that.” “It’s okay, I understand, kitten. Come on, I have a surprise for you.” He winked at me and took my hand. We headed over to the parking lot, and he took me to his car. “What’s the surprise?” I asked, eagerly. “Get in.” I got in the passenger seat and he started the car. We drove off the campus, and took a turn on a deserted road. When we drove far enough, there was a little opening he drove into. He put the car in park and turned it off. “Evan, you’re not gonna kill me are you? Like you’re not some psychopath killer that I haven’t got onto yet, are you?” He laughed and kissed me. He pushed his seat all the way back and pulled me onto his lap. “I have a dorm room, and a bed Ev. You know that right?” He laughed and kissed me harder. His erection growing against my thigh. “It’s so much hotter if there’s a possibility of getting caught” He ran his hand up my shirt, and under my bra. I let out a little moan at his touch. He unbuttoned my shorts and after a lot of struggle he got them off. He ran his thumb over my panties, touching sensitive skin. “Oh, Ev.” He grabbed my head and pulled me into a kiss. I reached down and undid his pants, reaching in and grabbing his cock. When I pulled it out, I ran my hands up and down it, causing his to gasp and bite his lip. He put his hands in my panties and slid a finger inside. He was kissing my neck and fingering me, pulling out every so often to play with my clit. When I’d had enough I moved my underwear to the side and sat down on his cock, without warning. It slid in, and filled me up. I moved my hips, making him moan into my neck. He rubbed his thumb over my clit in circles, and I wrapped my hands in his wavy hair. I could already feel my release coming up. I felt it in my toes and it ran all the way up my body. “Evan, I’m gonna come.” “Me too kitten.” He said through clenched teeth. I threw my head back and let my orgasm take over, his warm juices filled me up and mixed with my own. When we were done, we kissed for a while. “I love you Evan.” “I love you too Y/N.” He smiled at me. I got back into the passenger seat and fixed my hair. “Now, you have to meet my friends. They’ve been dying to see you.” He laughed and started the car, looking behind him to back out. “Yes, dear.” 


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Could write something from a Doctor Who AU? It's where the Eleventh Doctor is really Amelia's imaginary friend,and she made him since her Aunt Sharon left all the time and she got lonely and scared being at the house alone. When Rory or Mel's came over to hang they always act like they can see and hear him just so her feelings won't get hurt. She knows he's not real. With the TARDIS,The Doctor just says it's to broken down to go anywhere so they pretend to hide it in the shed in the yard.

I only do reader insert stuff on this blog, sorry. I’d suggest either finding a blog that does dw fanfiction like that or try writing it yourself! You obviously have the image in your head so i’m sure you’d be excellent at writing it! x