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hi there I just wanna say that I really fucking love buffy summers so so fucking much like she truly is a hero and amazingly strong and she’s complex and funny and is the heart of the show like she’s so caring and selfless but also flawed and brilliant and selfish when she needs to be for her own sake cause caring for herself is important and sometimes annoying but that’s okay and understandable and makes mistakes but that’s why she’s so great cause she’s not perfect when everyone expects her to be and she’s dealt with so much trauma and having to dig herself out of her grave and be strong for her sister after finding her mom dead on the couch and she’s battled through depression and is just… my role model I love her so much okay bye

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Tuesday 6:44am: Camera #64

ADV Emily: I’m assuming this was the beginning

LT Kenny: Yes, this was the first time Dr. Alexander was able to access the [CONFIDENTIAL]


LT Kenny: He was able to access it 20 more times before he vanished

ADV Emily: How did no one notice beforehand?

LT Kenny: The room had been on lock down for 15 years prior, we have no idea how he even found out about it, sir.



Wayhaught Panel at Clexacon (Set 1of2). 
They were genuinely shocked by how many people were there, and they were soooo nervous, they hid it well. 
Phone photos. Click on the individual photo for caption. 

*Didn’t bother to mark them since they’re crappy phone pics, but don’t be a dick and repost without credit. Heather_D_ on twitter and Instagram.


Screenshots from WHAT DO YOU WANT IN LIFE? | Emily Is Away Too Part 2! :D

I’m really into this game’s story and I’m really wondering what’s going to happen in the later chapters. :) 

I really liked the responses Seán had to both Emily and Evelyn in this video. Emily talked about very real stuff in this chapter and I loved hearing Seán talk about the thoughts he had on those topics. Plus I like when he’ll talk about memories or stuff from his life too. Honestly I don’t mind when he goes off on tangents when he plays games. I think he has very interesting thoughts and can also be extremely insightful too. Some of the stuff he talked about really stuck to me in this video and it gave me a lot thoughts and reminded me why I make posts about his videos everyday. I needed those thoughts today in all honesty because I was thinking very doubtful most of the day and I hate not feeling like I can believe in myself. :/ I think this is one of my favorite videos Seán has uploaded lately just because of what Seán talked about in it and that it made me think too. Sometimes we all just need something to remind ourselves that what we’re doing or trying to do in our lives at the moment is not meaningless or pointless. This video was a good reminder for me of that and I really appreciate some of the things that Seán talked about in this video. 

But yeah I really like this game and Seán’s videos on it so far. I can’t wait till he plays more of it. :)

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"Katherine would still greatly respect Emily for her powers nonetheless." I read this in a reddit comment and thought in what way did Katherine respect Emily AT ALL? Bitch treated her like a slave, her personal magic negro, the happy slave trope that says she's here because she wants to not because she has no choice (which she didn't) — that ain't respect and I didn't think people still needed to learn that until that comment.

Real talk I saw “Katherine would still greatly respect Emily for her powers” on my phone and nothing else so I was READY to go in and then I didn’t have to :P But seriously, the show likes to be like “Emily was Katherine’s handmaiden” no, she was enslaved like all the other black people we see but don’t talk about in the 1864 flashbacks and yes, as you said, the show turned her into the “happy slave”

I Surrender

Prompt: Can you write an Emison ficlet on what you think might’ve happened at the Kissing Rock?

I took some creative liberties with this, with it being set in the past, so hopefully it turned out okay.

“Where are we going?” It’s the first time she’s asked, though they’ve been walking for several minutes, now, Alison keeping a couple of steps ahead of Emily, leading the way.

“If I told you then that would ruin the surprise.” The smile that Alison throws Emily over her shoulder is one of mystery, and the brunette is powerless to resist Alison DiLaurentis when she smiles – so she follows her eagerly along the Rosewood streets on that Saturday afternoon, and it’s only when she realizes that they’re heading towards the woods that she comes to a stop.

“Alison…” She says, warningly, because she hates the woods; the trees press so closely together that it almost feels like you’re drowning, and they block out the sunlight so that it’s dark and it’s just creepy and she doesn’t understand why so many people like spending time in them.

“Oh, come on, Em. It’ll be fun.” After a quick glance around them she takes the brunette’s hand in her own, winding their fingers together before pulling her forward, and Emily just lets herself be dragged along because Alison is holding her hand, holding her hand, and it’s the first time that’s ever really happened and her mind is just sort of wonderfully blank.

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I Saw Crimson Peak, or: Food Metaphors, Gothic Melodrama, and You

My favorite food is a good pasta bolognese: fettuccine al dente, with a sauce that’s been simmering for hours in red wine, every ingredient in its proper place, added at the right intervals, and stirred with true Italian vigor. I know it, I love it. This dish won’t surprise me, but that’s not what I want from pasta bolognese. What I want from pasta bolognese is the dinner time has shown me I’m wild for, prepared with skill, flair, and a love for the recipe.

Crimson Peak is THE pasta bolognese movie. It’s a lush Gothic Romance, complete with restless ghosts, fluttering ivory nightgowns, madness, slow poisoning, and a gorgeous decaying manor/metaphor house whose gables rise above the moors like snarling teeth. No movie has ever been less interested in reinventing the wheel, right down to the scene transitions: old-fashioned iris wipes. When the titled heir of a fallen family takes the hand of our unconventional heroine and leads her to the dance floor, the assembled ladies gasp. It knows, okay? It knows what it wants to be and knows that you want that too. There’s no irony, no winking, despite the fact that any audience worth its salt knows the narrative tricks inside out. That’s not what matters. What matters is that it’s bloody and frightening and twisted and mournful and achingly romantic.

I walked out of the theater effusive, a joyful little shiver in my stomach, still spooked and swooning. It was as if this movie reached out and cupped my fourteen-year-old self’s face in its hands and said, “isn’t it time you indulged in everything you ever wanted?”

Pure, undiluted gothic melodrama, masterfully made. A plate of pasta bolognese cooked by an expert chef, exactly the comfort food I crave, elevated to a thing of rare beauty. I can’t wait to have seconds.


bbcthree Amy is a gift to this world and I neED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO HER. I NEED MORE IN THE FLESH.

Want more reasons to watch/save In the Flesh? Here you go. Here’s another. I don’t have a twitter, so please do me and the entire fandom a favor and tweet #saveintheflesh at BBC Three ASAP. Do it. Do it now.

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