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hi there I just wanna say that I really fucking love buffy summers so so fucking much like she truly is a hero and amazingly strong and she’s complex and funny and is the heart of the show like she’s so caring and selfless but also flawed and brilliant and selfish when she needs to be for her own sake cause caring for herself is important and sometimes annoying but that’s okay and understandable and makes mistakes but that’s why she’s so great cause she’s not perfect when everyone expects her to be and she’s dealt with so much trauma and having to dig herself out of her grave and be strong for her sister after finding her mom dead on the couch and she’s battled through depression and is just… my role model I love her so much okay bye


Wayhaught Panel at Clexacon (Set 1of2). 
They were genuinely shocked by how many people were there, and they were soooo nervous, they hid it well. 
Phone photos. Click on the individual photo for caption. 

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ok i actually lowkey enjoyed watching make it or break it in the same way that i enjoy watching dumb angsty teen shows bc they make me feel like im still young (RIP) but for real can we talk about how fucking dumb emily kmetko is like…. bitch wtf

princezilla  asked:

That post what Tracer experienced while untethered gave me the idea that during that time she was forced to live through every single AU fic anyone had ever written about her.


“Emily I went to the strangest reality where I was a werewolf! And Angela was a witch, Fareeha was dead it was weird!”

I Surrender

Prompt: Can you write an Emison ficlet on what you think might’ve happened at the Kissing Rock?

I took some creative liberties with this, with it being set in the past, so hopefully it turned out okay.

“Where are we going?” It’s the first time she’s asked, though they’ve been walking for several minutes, now, Alison keeping a couple of steps ahead of Emily, leading the way.

“If I told you then that would ruin the surprise.” The smile that Alison throws Emily over her shoulder is one of mystery, and the brunette is powerless to resist Alison DiLaurentis when she smiles – so she follows her eagerly along the Rosewood streets on that Saturday afternoon, and it’s only when she realizes that they’re heading towards the woods that she comes to a stop.

“Alison…” She says, warningly, because she hates the woods; the trees press so closely together that it almost feels like you’re drowning, and they block out the sunlight so that it’s dark and it’s just creepy and she doesn’t understand why so many people like spending time in them.

“Oh, come on, Em. It’ll be fun.” After a quick glance around them she takes the brunette’s hand in her own, winding their fingers together before pulling her forward, and Emily just lets herself be dragged along because Alison is holding her hand, holding her hand, and it’s the first time that’s ever really happened and her mind is just sort of wonderfully blank.

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bbcthree Amy is a gift to this world and I neED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS TO HER. I NEED MORE IN THE FLESH.

Want more reasons to watch/save In the Flesh? Here you go. Here’s another. I don’t have a twitter, so please do me and the entire fandom a favor and tweet #saveintheflesh at BBC Three ASAP. Do it. Do it now.

two posts in one day??? that’s how you know it’s serious business. i’m serious. help us.