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I was lucky enough to be within driving distance of an encore showing of Yerma, and had the extra special treat of getting to meet @gingergallifreyan and going with her to the show!  (Non-spoilery  stuff to follow)

So, first things first, I was a kind of giddy combination of excited and nervous for my very FIRST meeting of a Tumblr friend in person. What would it be like to exist in corporeal form in front of another human who has seen my blog and smut???? 

Turns out it’s totally cool!! :D Just like hanging out and chatting with any other friend, with the extra bonus of remembering every so often that I don’t have to carefully calibrate my fandom talk so as not to Say Too Much, haha. It was great to be able to talk about fic and fangirling in real life, and fyi, gingergallifreyan is a delightful and beautiful person! 

As for the show itself, well, it’s everything we’ve been hearing all this time! I tried not to read too much about what happens, though I knew the general story. I just…run out of words for how amazing Billie is. And not just in the intensity of the ending, but every little nuance in every moment leading up to it. I was laughing or had tears rolling down my face for much of it. (Did not expect the humor!) She does so much with the smallest looks and her EYES. 

Of course I wish I could have been in the room with them, but we did have the advantage of seeing close-ups. The staging made the dialogue and relationships feel more natural and intimate than any play I’ve ever seen. 

The subject matter could be intensely triggering for some people - I’m not going into it, but if anyone wants to ask me any questions about it feel free. 

I desperately hope they put out a DVD!!! I need to see this many more times and there are so many incredible giffable moments, omg. 

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In conclusion: Olivier Award Winner Billie Fucking Piper

How One Day Changed Everything - Redux (Dean’s POV)

Dean x Reader

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Summary: She’s been Dean’s best friend since when he was four. But is she just that?  (Best friends to lovers - College AU)

Prompt: “Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?”

A/N: Moving this fic from my side blog @canyonic to my main one.

Someone is shaking his shoulder, forcing Dean out of his dream and into the real word. “Idontwantanyhats.” The fuck did he just say? He tries again, “What?” and turns on his back, the light blinding him and making his head split open. He covers his eyes with his forearm, but he knows it’s her, her smell is already embracing him. “What time is it? When’d you get back?”

“5 am. Right now. Is there a reason you’re naked in my bed?

God, why is she talking so fast? “Wait, slow down. 5 am?!” Had her trip home made her insane? Or had she missed him so much she couldn’t wait to see him? Because he missed her too, a lot. And then it hits him. “Wait, what? I’m not naked,” he states, and lifts the covers by reflex, only to find that he is. “Crap.” Had she seen any of that? No, wait, probably just his butt.

“Got drunk last night?”

His headache is screaming yes.

“Yeah, sorry, must have confused the rooms,” he replies, moving into a seated position and cupping his forehead with a hand. “Man, I feel like shit.”

With the corner of his eye, he can see her walking towards her suitcase, and he does a double take, confirming to himself that yes, she’s in her panties. And look at her walking away - Holy - He looks away just before she turns around and walks back to hand him a bottle. “Drink up.”

Ugh, water. He groans but knows that all that alcohol last night dehydrated him badly, so grabs the bottle and gulps down half of it. His mouth is less dry, but he’s otherwise the same. “Ugh. Still feeling like shit.” He wipes his mouth and throws an eye at her, only to find her with a hand in front of her eyes. What’s that about? He’s still covered by the sheets, isn’t he? … Yes, so what is happening? “What’s wrong with you?”

“Huh? Nothing, just tired.” Well, all right. She probably drove all night, it wouldn’t be a mystery if she had a headache too. “You didn’t bring Cassie here, though, right?” She says. “Otherwise I’m revoking your key privileges.”

Cassie, right. Funny story that one. It’s not like he left her for his best friend. The same best friend he’s sure he’s in love with. Better to save this conversation for a time when he can think straight. “No, ‘twas just me,” he replies, and hands back the bottle. “Hey, can you see any of my clothes?”

She bends down and he looks away, feeling too disrespectful. Besides, his lower brain has already too much power as it is. His boxer falls on his laps and he takes them and puts them on from under the covers. “Want me to go?” He asks, even though he hopes she’ll say no.

“No, you can stay. Scoot over.”

He smiles and tries to get comfortable. “Nope. Your turn to take that side.” But as soon as he says that, he realizes it was a bad idea because now she has to climb over him to reach the other side. In her defense, she does this as innocently as possible, trying not to put a hand on him, but her leg does brush him on his boxers region, and his little friend down there might be starting to rise to say hello, so he decides it’s a good time to think about planes crashing, and the Impala getting smashed by a truck. Impala destroyed. Impala destroyed. All right. Nice.

“Can you turn that stupid lamp off? It’s killing my eyes.”

He groans, then turns on his side to flip the light switch off. Lying down again, he tries to find a good position and tries and tries. He could turn towards her, but what if he gets a boner during the night? No, too many precedents already. How about -

“D, I’m about to suffocate you with this pillow, I swear.”

Maybe on his stomach…? Oh, yes. Nice and comfy, and close to her with his arm draped across her middle. “I don’t care who dies, I’m not gonna move again,” he mumbles, closing his eyes.

She hums in agreement and rests her hand on his arm. Aww, nice. He smiles to himself. Now he can go back to sleep.

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Tag Thing- 11 Questions (from a bunch of people)

Rules: always post the rules, answer the questions given to you, write 11 questions of your own and tag 11 people. I’m not going to tag anyone and write questions because this post is already crazy long.


My Questions:
1. When is your birthday?


2. Favorite season?


3. Favorite villain?

Umm of movies or books it’s super early and my brain isn’t fully functioning yet.

Books I love The Darkling and I suppose Heathcliff is deemed a villain.

Movies- Jareth the Goblin King.

4. Stars or the Moon?


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Just so everyone knows, If TJLC isn’t explicitly confirmed in S4, this blog is turning into an Anderson/Sherlock ship blog. Meta, headcanons, ficlets. Maybe even art. I’m not even slightly joking. That’s how confident i am. I’ll draw my new otp while wearing my homemade “i have no idea what I’m talking about” t-shirt I promised someone the other day. I have no problem being wrong – if it happens I’d gladly suit up. I don’t take myself that seriously. Either way, I think my followers are in for a treat come 2017.


Happy FRIDAY FASHION FACT! Today I am going to go in a completely different direction than I’ve ever gone in these posts before. In fact, I’m not even going to talk about fashion at all! In honor of the Oscars this Sunday, I’m going to talk about costume design! I am constantly asked (both in real life and on this blog) what my opinions are about the costumes in movies and TV shows. I say very little about myself on here, so my fabulous followers probably don’t know that before I turned my focus to fashion history, I was a professional costume designer. I have worked with stage, film, and TV costumes, plus styling for various types of photo shoots. But let me just preface this post by saying that much of it will be opinion based, and while I am trained and experienced in costume design, my views are just my views, and what I say here may not be how others interpret costume design. So with that in mind, let’s talk about costumes!

Costume design is an incredibly vast field, and there is no way that I could cover anywhere near all of it in one post. To keep it at least somewhat in line with the theme of this blog, we’re just going to focus on period costume design. Most people assume that for period costumes to be good costumes, they must be completely accurate. However, depending on the feel of the film or show, this is not necessarily true. Ok, let’s clarify that. Some shows and movies pride themselves on realism. In that case, accuracy is a must. Take Downton Abby. A realistic show with flawless costumes. Many pieces are in fact originals from the period. The costumes completely add to the feeling and world of the story. Then there’s a show like BBC’s War and Peace. This is theoretically suppose to be a (semi) realistic show. Yet some of the costumes are so far departed from reality (one strap dresses in the early 19th century? It’s like they didn’t even try!) that they they prove distracting.

Yet if a show recognizes it’s separation from reality and flaunts it story-wise, it can work in the costumes as well. The prime examples that come to mind are The Tudors and Reign. Nobody can claim that these shows are meant to be accurate. They are about beautiful people acting scandalously while wearing sexy corsets. In situations like this, inaccurate costumes fit the stories. They are simply meant to add to the beauty and emphasize sex appeal. Just completely separate them in your mind from the history they are so loosely based on and enjoy them for what they are.

Movies and TV shows are about the characters. The costumes should be, too. Often this means breaking with accuracy. When done right, this is subtle, just enough to enhance mood but not distract. A great example of this is Age of Innocence, which has (mostly) great silhouettes, but occasionally uses fabric colors and patterns that are not necessarily accurate in order to enhance the romance. While this is a common practice in period costume design, it is often taken to a whole other level with fairy tales.

Recently, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the Cinderella costumes. Insane waistlines aside, a lot of people were bothered by the seemingly mix-matched eras. The step sisters seemed very 1830s, Cinderella was somewhere in the 1850s-60s range, while the step mother seemed to jump ahead to the 1940s. Many people assumed that since I often get frustrated when movies get costumes completely wrong, this would really bother me. But actually, I loved these costumes! It’s a fairy tale, it’s not suppose to be realistic- that’s the whole point. First of all, it is only the silhouettes that are loosely based on different eras, nothing else about the costumes is even remotely historical. They take place “long ago and far away,” intentionally ambiguous. That’s what keeps us believing that the tale can come true in our own lives- it’s about a fantasy. It taps into all of our deep-seeded stereotypes. Cinderella herself is the idealistic princess with the over-the-top full ballgown. The step-sisters are ridiculous, and the proportions and styling of 1830s fashion are often silly by modern standards. Finally, the step mother is suppose to be beautiful and fierce, much like the vampy starlets of old Hollywood. Yet the saturated colors, sparkles, and over-the-top drama tie them all together. But like I said, that’s just my opinion!

I could go on and on about costumes indefinitely (there is so much more to say!) but the main thing you should know is that these stories, even when based on reality, are not documentaries. The clothes are often not meant to be perfect representations of what people would have worn. This would often result in far more boring looks. This applies to modern costumes, too. Imagine if everyone dressed as boldly as they do on the average sitcom- the world would be a far more colorful place. It’s not realistic, but it’s fun, setting the mood. So the next time you watch a period piece and you wonder if the costumes are realistic, also ask yourself if they enhance the characters!

Oh, and just for my own piece of mind, if you see an elaborate gown (probably on Pinterest) claiming to have been worn by Elizabeth I, I can guarantee that it’s a costume (probably from Shakespeare in Love.) Ditto Marie Antoinette.

Have a question about fashion history that you want answered in the next FRIDAY FASHION FACT? Just click the ASK button at the top of the page!

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Um. Wow? I can’t believe one thousand people follow me. This past year has been super hectic. Joining the tumblr fandom again is the best choice I could have made. I’ve made so many amazing friends, made so many amazing memories, and I finally plucked up the courage to start posting my writing. Thanks to everyone who’s clicked that little follow button, you all brighten my day so much and give me a safe place to be myself and enjoy my day. You make me laugh and smile constantly, and you fill me with so much inspiration and motivation. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you! I love you all very dearly.

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anonymous asked:

hey! i've been looking to get into lotr, but i just wanted to know a few things before diving in! Do you find it a hard or slow read? What are all the books I should read to get the full experience? And at what age did you read them?

Hey! :) I’m so glad you want to start reading Tolkien’s books. It’s an excellent decision. (I mean, there’ll be a lot tears, frustration, tears, taking pages and pages of notes at first because of the complexity of his lore and family trees, and tears. But still, a wonderful decision.)

I’ve read The Lord of the Rings when I was eleven, and the rest of the books followed. This is the order in which I’ve read Tolkien’s books: The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion, The Unfinished Tales, The History of Middle-Earth, The Children of Húrin, The Letters of J.R.R. Tolkien and The Adventures of Tom Bombadil. I’m not saying this is the “correct” order or anything (there’s no such thing) but it worked out well for me. Don’t ask for a “chronological order” or anything, because in many of these books, the Ages and timelines overlap so there’s no way to establish a 100% accurate chronological order.

A lot of people find Tolkien’s language quite difficult to read at first. But I’ve always found that the real challenge was keeping all the names straight and remembering all the complex lore he wrote. Is his language more formal and old-fashioned than most books we read today? Yes. But honestly, his stories are so captivating that I quickly got over the initial frustration about the language. It’s purely up to the reader. I know a few people who got turned off by the language and stopped reading Tolkien, but most readers agree with me about this.

What are all the books you should read to get the full experience? I would say all of them, but The Adventures of Tom Bombadil especially is kind of debatable.

Now I’m going to give you an extensive review for each book. You can’t tell by my blog since I mostly post gifs here, but in real life, when someone asks me a Tolkien question, I can’t stop talking for hours. I physically can’t stop. You asked for this.

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anonymous asked:

loudest-subtext-in-television says Sherlock is a bottom because in series 3 they showed him inside a train, which apparently means he is being penetrated. Later they showed John's middle finger, which apparently means John is going to finger him. Great logic! Maybe we can say John is a bottom because they showed Sherlock holding THREE fingers up in the air?

I’m afraid I’m not really into arguing about this topic, anon.  To be quite honest, I haven’t read LSIT’s meta on that, so I’m not equipped to speak to their reasoning or the logic thereof, and my own meta on sub!John wasn’t written as a rebuttal to it.  I’m pretty sure we both posted them independent of each other.

People liking the interpretation of a character as a bottom or top, both or neither is totally legit!  And we should be free to talk and read and write about what we like, and share with other people who share our preferences.  This is why I created the bottomjohn blog.  But when it turns into an argument about which is better–or worse, which is wrong–there can’t be any real winners, because it’s really only about what we like.  And it’s simply futile to try to convince people to hate what they like.

Incidentally, it’s also rude to mock people or tell them it’s ridiculous to have a distinct preference at all when, clearly, sometimes they do.  It’s sexuality; people don’t always get to choose what turns them on.  Maybe it’s a permanent preference or maybe it’ll pass, but if bottom Sherlock or bottom John is their thing (or Moriarty or Mycroft or Molly or Toby the cat…I’d prefer not to know about it if it’s Toby the cat, no offense), then that’s just how they’re currently wired.  

This is the thing we all need to remember about sexuality.  Again, people don’t get to choose what turns them on.  And that means that criticizing them for it is not telling them that their preferences are bad; it’s telling them that they are bad.

It’s worth reflecting, though, that while ‘bottom’ and ‘top’ are useful in reference to who’s taking what position in any given sexual encounter, in the real world they’re not so useful when it comes to describing the orientations of people.  ’Bottom/top’ the way we use it in fandom is almost entirely a fantasy concept.  (I say ‘almost,’ because with 7 billion people in the world, undoubtedly there’re at least a few who really do identify exclusively as one or the other.)

Dom/sub, now, is probably more accurate, and furthermore touches on the power dynamics that tend to be implicit when people in fandom talk about characters as ‘top’ or ‘bottom.’  Except of course that Dom/sub doesn’t necessarily predicate who’s being penetrated.  Some Dom/mes love taking it.  Some subs don’t like receiving.  And lots of sex acts don’t involve penetration at all.  (I should write more of those.)  And lots of people aren’t into D/s or power dynamics, and then lots of people who are also switch.

I’ve recently begun thinking about this fascination and confusion that exists around these concepts in fandom.  Part of it stems from the influence that has carried over to western fandoms from yaoi, which does typically have strict lines between bottom and top and does, as a genre, treat them as orientations (or, perhaps almost more accurately, as genders?).

But I wonder whether a lot of it is really a women’s issue.  Because in real life, whether you’ve got a vagina or a dick doesn’t necessarily dictate whether you’re on the bottom or the top, dominant or submissive…but in real life, there is a cultural script that says it’s supposed to.

So I’ve begun to wonder whether one of the reasons a lot of straight women are into slash might be because when both of the characters are the same sex—especially when they’re both male—it frees the reader to explore their preferences without it getting twisted up into the expectations of that cultural script.  To be crudely blunt: most men don’t have a fuck-hole, which means that whether they get fucked or not has to do with them as people, rather than their sex.

In which case, it becomes that much nastier to fight with people about their preferences.  Even if my personal opinion on bottomock is ‘blech,’ I’d be a real bitch if I tried to tell other people they shouldn’t like it if it’s what they identify with and what helps them get in touch with their own sexuality.

anonymous asked:

Can you do a gif reaction where you call another man (who is not in your family, but you're close with) oppa, but you've never called them (the boys/your bf) oppa? I really love your blog ❤❤

Hey, ARMY! Ty for the fun question! ~ Hope you like our answer kekeke!

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somedudeguyright  asked:

i noticed you posted a fact about the finebros mess im interested in your opinion on the whole thing

From what I understand, it would be as if I started a “fake fact network” and “invited” all the other fake news and fake fact blogs like Fake Science and The Onion to pay me to do what they’d been doing all along, or at the very least they’d have to let me monetize their accounts in my favor. This sounds like the sleaziest form of patent trolling to me.

Fake facts and react media are both far older than the internet itself and no one entity has any right to claim ownership of the concepts, even if they were there at the beginning of their respective arts, which the Fine Bros were not.

Shortly after I began my blog, a few new fake fact blogs started up. One was called Did-Yuo-Kno which spoofed the look of the most popular real fact blog on tumblr, and rocketed in size far faster than mine. Seeing the mutual benefit possible, I talked to her and we cross promoted a bit, same with Fake Video Game Facts and others. That’s how you start a cooperative. You do not trademark an idea you have no right to beyond being the first person sleazy enough to think of trademarking it, and you do not “kindly allow” people to do what they’ve been doing.

Now that does not mean I support the recent turn of events. Though the Fine Bros are in the wrong in my view, it did not give James Rolfe (The Angry Video Game Nerd) the right to take the law into his own hands. The assassination attempt was clearly out of order and I fully agree with PewDiePie that Rolfe should face charges. Markiplier‘s defense that they deserved to be shot is out of line and though I dislike the Fine Bros, I do hope they both recover even though that now looks unlikely, with one being brain dead and the other in critical condition. The YouTube Industrial Complex is a dangerous affair and with the Bro Army massing in the east I fear this powder keg will make the Fine Bros murders akin to the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, with treaties obligating the Sarkeesian Pact to declare open aggressions against Anonymous and 4chan. This would result in total war across the internet.

People raised in times of peace tend to forget the horrors of war and march all too readily into their own cruel battles. And those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it.

Death + The Universe

Two days ago I was asked what I believe made the universe. I answered, but sort of got side tracked, talking about theories of the origin of the universe. Later that day, I got some bad news, involving a very close friend of mine. It cast my earlier post into sharp relief. It’s easy to philosophize when the material realities of the world largely do not affect you, and when they do, it makes that kind of philosophizing seem silly. Beyond that, a number of people called me out on not actually answering asg16-4 ’s question. So I will take that opportunity now.

I don’t think anything made the universe. Mostly, at least. It’s completely possible a very powerful being or group of beings created our universe. But that’s really just shifting the burden of explanation, since it doesn’t explain what made them. In this sense, I think we’ll come to realize the explanation will recurse back on itself, spiralling back into infinity. B caused A because C caused B because D caused C and so on. But that is nothing more than my intuition, and you should take it with a grain of salt.

Anyway. A close friend passed away. I talked in the previous post about, among other things, the theory of quantum immortality which posits that there is an infinite number of universes, and that every moment that passes isn’t actually a moment, but is in fact your subjective experience transitioning from a given state of the world to another one that is plucked from the set of possible futures. Hence you can’t really die, at least not from your frame of reference, because you always end up in a universe where you didn’t die. You may have come very close, but you managed to slip by, by the seat of your pants–I mean, if you hadn’t, you wouldn’t be there to observe it so you wouldn’t know in the first place. So perhaps, somewhere, my friend’s heart didn’t fail but merely fluttered. He was asleep at the time, so he probably didn’t even notice. He woke up the next day and went about his life and I kept on sending him stupid texts and telling him he has to come visit me in CA.

Here, though, from my frame of reference, that’s not what happened. I’m a scientist by training, and a materialist by nature, so I don’t think that there is anything fundamentally significant about this event. My friend was a bunch of atoms, configured in a way that made him act and eat and talk and make jokes. A few days ago, the atoms that comprised him changed the way they were configured in a way that makes him not do those things anymore. And, despite how terrible that made me feel, all the planets in our solar system remained in orbit about the sun. Gravity still gets weaker with the inverse square of distance. Everything happens in the exact same way that it has always happened.

In this sense, the universe is kind of a ‘fuck you’ to the human condition. The most terrible things can happen, but everything else keeps on going on in the same way it has always gone on. Suffering happens, death happens, and the universe merely smirks back at you, because it doesn’t have the answer. It came about by chance, and it will probably end in heat death. That is to say, eventually everything will be so far apart and so much time will have gone by that stars won’t come into existence anymore, and things will get dark and cold, and for a long, long time not much will happen–in fact, it is probably the case that there will come a time after which literally nothing will ever happen, and if we could be there to see it I’m sure some of us would feel very silly for writing so much poetry and creating so many things and trying so hard to understand what’s around us, since it was all, apparently, for naught.

But there’s this twist. Someday, hopefully not very soon, I’ll be gone too. And when I’m gone, from my point of view, the universe will be too. So I suppose this is the answer to the question. I don’t know what made the universe. However, I don’t think it was made for a purpose. Nor was it even made on purpose. It happened by chance, and it will end, and that will be it. But, by virtue of the fact that I will only ever observe the universe through my own eyes, I am free to impose any reason or purpose I would like onto it. I can say “fuck you” right back. I can choose to make anything I want, including the passing of my friend and the universe itself, have meaning and there isn’t a goddamn thing the universe can do about it.


I moved to the west coast to start grad school. My friend was from the east coast. No one here knew him, and it was very lonely crying and feeling impossibly awful while everyone else went about studying for midterms. That night I had been talking on the phone to east coast friends about it, but eventually they had to go to bed. I turned the phone off, and eventually put it in the living room. I still wanted to talk, but everyone who knew him was asleep, and 3,000 miles away. So I posted here, asking what I should do. I quickly deleted the post…I didn’t want this blog to be quite that personal. But the response was immediate. Tumblr is normally just this unending, undifferentiated roar of posts and notes and humor and emotion and interesting things. But, abruptly, it fragmented, into real people who wanted to help. Suddenly people were at my side and had my back. They told me I could talk to them if I needed to, told me personal stories of loss and gave me advice. They suggested songs and books and movies that had helped them when they were in a dark place. They told me about things I could make and places I could go. They told me that no matter how much it hurts right now, someday I would be able to remember him and not feel like my chest was in a vice, and just remember the happy times. It caught me completely off guard. I know the chances of someone who was awake when I posted that being awake now are pretty small, but I wanted to thank you.

Here’s the text of a fanmail I got:

August 19th 2014, 3:05:00 pm · an hour ago Your astroturfing post was really interesting. What do you think the strategy with ziam is? I remember when ziam came on my radar. I was open to the idea at first, but then I notice as people were hyping/building ziam up, they begin to tear h/l relationship down. It turned be against it real or not. Even now there is tension between ziam & larry shippers & that’s 1 of the reasons why a lot of larry blogs will not publicly talk about ziam. The other reason is most of them don’t think z/l are in a romantic relationship. I wonder if ziam was a way to further fraction the larry fandom. Not saying this is my opinion, just throwing out some thoughts I’ve had. I’ve also heard it was queer baiting and/or ziam was purposely instructed to act a certain way to cover up/take attention away from h/l interactions. I don’t know what I think about them. I don’t think there in a full blown romantic relationship, but I’m not positive nothing sexual has ever happened.

I don’t know about ziam but I do think gryles was hyped up to sow doubt and split the h/l fandom. By the time I came into the fandom h/n had cut down there outings significantly. They still hung out but it was months in between each outing. All would be quiet and then out of nowhere blogs would start getting an onslaught of gryles anons. Within a few days we would get pics of h/n hanging out. Kate, thisiskatesblog, finally address the phenomenon publicly, and the practice continued on for the next 3 or 4 gryles outings.

I also think it’s interesting how the idea of Jeff and Harry took so quickly. There’s actually blogs dedicated to the pairing, and there’s nothing that would suggest Harry & Jeff are anything other than friends & business partners. Someone was really quick to jump on that and try to make it a thing.
— Redacted because I’m being rude sorry

Any opinions?

This blog turned into something I’m very proud of and I love it when people submit things. I love the chance to interact with so many people. The real fun of making a game is having others experience it. My secret sauce (the reason I’m good at making Magic) is that I talk to you guys. You tell me what you want and I listen. That’s the secret to good game design!

So I’ve been on tumblr for almost 7 years and not once have I ever turned off the anonymous option no matter what hate mail I got because I know how many people needed the option to talk to me. So I apologize sincerely to those who did need that option. I’ve had to turn it off recently due to someone who was very frequently sending me anonymous hate mail using a proxy, and changing it at a constant rate, instead of a real IP address, which means blocking them doesn’t stop them from sending me messages. They were sitting at their computer with my blog open at what seemed like all times, and every time I posted something they sent me hate pertaining to what I posted. I’m pretty sure this is the person who was sending other people hate mail about me as well. At first it was just obnoxious but it’s becoming frightening considering I’m being stalked and the content of some recent messages has been disturbing for me. I hope that you all will understand.
Thank you!

Goofcon: Dashcon isn't a "scam" it's just silly

I was going to write a quick review of my experience at the first Dashcon… well apparently, things took kind of a weird turn when Welcome to Night Vale, the ‘keystone event’ of the convention had to cancel.

Let’s backup… what am I babbling about?

Dashcon is (and possibly “was”) “a convention for Tumblr users, by Tumblr users.” It was not affiliated with Tumblr. Basically a bunch of fans getting together to talk about the things they loved online, in the real world. A glorified meetup.

Dashcon gets its name from the Tumblr “Dashboard” which is the main screen most users of the website view the blogs they follow in an almost unending stream.

The event was going to feature “Tumblr celebrities” various “fandoms” (people fanatical about a certain cross section of media) and some educational/information panels. All well and good.

Was it a little amateurish? Of course.

External image

This is a first time event for a few disparate groups.

Before we slog further into how the thing seems to have gone sideways since I left Friday night, I just want to describe my experience as an attendee. (To jump to the controversy, ctrl/cmd+F to “But then”)

The entertaining panels were fun

I attended a panel about “odd fanfiction.” It was light on information. It was primarily a panel where a couple hundred people sat and listened to some very bizarre, poorly written, hilarious stories. The entire room was -excuse the pun- on the same page and it was a lot of fun. I have not laughed that hard in a long time, especially in a room full of strangers.

External image

Attendance picked up in the evening

Despite the photo I posted on Instagram of the registration area, attendance seemed to pick up around 5pm.

External image

“Informational” panels were less interesting

I’m counting such panels as “How digital art changed the world” (about the influence of DeviantArt and other online art communities) and “Nanowrimo and original fiction” as purely informational. They were light on specific fandom references and geared toward deeper knowledge about certain media.

Unfortunately, these sorts of panels were light on the in depth knowledge the panelists might be expected to have. Since Tumblr in general skews younger, the people leading these panels were often students or recent graduates. This may be an area of interest for them, but their level of knowledge and their presentation skills were not up to the challenge.

On a technical note, none of the panels I attended, outside of the costume contest held in the largest hall, had microphones. While audiences were generally quiet and attentive, it could be hard to hear people speak sometimes and it made it easier to tune out if a panelist was soft spoken.

If there are future events(and I’ll get to that in a moment), I think the convention organizers should strive for higher quality and less quantity of panels. I would be more willing to check out a panel about a subject I’m not at all familiar with if I could expect an engaging presentation or speaker.

In general, it was nice but not something I really connected with

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Dashcon clearly has an audience, but I’m not it. I knew that going in. I bought a weekend pass a few months before the event knowing full well that it could go many ways. While it has some passing similarities to a comic convention, the interests represented are both more disparate and more specific. If you’re not familiar with “Superwholock”, Homestuck, anime or Welcome to Night Vale, Dashcon appears to have very little to offer. On the other hand, within those 

But then…

it’ll probably help to have a bit of mood music here:

As with most human endeavors the specter of money reared it’s ugly head. Apparently the venue was demanding that the Dashcon organizers pony up $17,000 or else the convention would get shut down. Apparently, the organizers didn’t understand the contract they had signed and didn’t have $17,000 on hand to pay.

(Un)fortunately, the crowd of Dashcon fans was able to satisfy the hotel’s demands and the convention went on.

But then…

Welcome to Night Vale, the surprise hit podcast with a massive cult following, had to cancel at the last minute ALSO because the organizers failed to pay them properly. The organizers claim that they had the funds, but that Paypal was “malfunctioning”. At any rate, the Night Vale folks were not satisfied and canceled.

As a consolation, Dashcon attendees with tickets to the event were compensated with extra time in the ball pit.

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To be fair, people were also entered into a raffle for a bunch of autographed photos and anyone with Night Vale tickets was comped a Sunday ticket to Dashcon but what will live forever is that they started the second sentence of their apology message with “hey sad-face, have an extra hour in the ball pit!”

I’m not putting much stock in the posts people are making about obnoxious attendees. There aren’t many pictures or other evidence to back up some of those claims and I think a lot of people are finding fault in this particular con even though poorly behaved attendees is not unique even to comic/anime conventions.

It’s also apparent, after having attended the convention -even for the day- that the event is not a scam.

It’s real. It’s just poorly managed.

It’s clear they overestimated on attendance. Even at it’s busiest periods it was not exactly a crush of people. Which is good, but when you consider that the organizers don’t have money on hand, it’s clear they wasted whatever funds they generated somewhere (or they just weren’t smart about having funds available). Again, it seems like if they had focused on a smaller venue with higher quality panels, they would have had a more satisfying event.

This isn’t about the fans

It makes sense to have a “Tumblr convention”. The communities that have met and formed there are pretty unique. It’s not uncommon to see posts that say “I wish I could meet you all in real life.” And Dashcon was a response to that sentiment.

Comedian Jen Kirkman is fond of saying, “Everybody’s fun is different.”

That’s something worth remembering with something like Dashcon. While their fun may be different, they deserve to have a good convention and it seems that, in some big ways, the current Daschon organizers are letting down the attendees.

If it survives this controversy, hopefully they will put some serious focus on putting on the absolute best convention they can next time.

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YOOO We talking art school AU?? Genos as that guy who spends hours and hours in the sculpture hall (he primarily does metal sculpture and is real handy with a blowtorch) Saitama turning in things he rushed at the last minute, but are actually incredible ((Also what that other anon said about him asking Genos to model for him-- FUCK YES that is something I'd like to read fic of ("Saitama, why did you submit that painting t the gallery show?" "It's my favourite." "But it's a nude..." "Exactly.")))