real talk tho

D.VA has no boyfriend so she’s taking her best friends instead 8′)))

I bet Jamie has never been to a dance before and gets extra excited - that’s why she took him with in the first place probably - since she probably only asked Lucio at first lol

Things the Author of Dirty Laundry Does Well #28

Respect and Mindfulness.

¿¿Like did you guys even read their last PSA??

As someone who’s hispanic I took no offense to anything that’s been written in Dirty Laundry. Like honestly, I was reading through the replies and no one else seemed to be offended, but maybe whoever was didn’t want to say anything.
Nevertheless, the author stays ever so gracious by requesting insight for how to properly write Lance’s family (It was fine before tbh).

I just looked up at my bedroom wall and a bunch of fansketches one of my amazing artist friends did for me after elentori’s billdip sketches are on my wall and I realized #1 how much I really love billdip and #2 how fucking deep I have fallen into this fandom trap. I guarantee you a year ago when I started watching Gravity Falls I wouldn’t have thought I would have gotten this far deep.

Admin Will

Do you ever think abour how blue and gansey must look standing next to each other?
The boy who wanted to wear a neon yellow polo to explore a cave and the girl who went to a funeral in green and black lace because she didn’t have clothes dark enough.
I bet the rest of the gang sometimes has to shield their eyes because. The combined power of those two majestic rainbows. Too strong.