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While we’re talking nested narratives

You know, there’s this one quote that keeps coming back to me from Dragon’s Den.

Andromeda is the protector of Polaris, a beautiful kingdom of crystal and ice, until the day the evil wizard Orion casts a curse on her. She’ll wander the world forever… but no matter how she searches, she’ll never find her way home.

So Andromeda makes the best of it. She tries. Every day she follows the North Star, which lights the way to Polaris, and on her way she saves people and stops Orion from hurting others… but she never breaks the curse.

Brutal? Maybe. I’ve always found it… beautiful. Sad, of course, but… Andromeda chooses not to accept any of the places she saves. She insists on going to this home, this place she can never go back to. And insists. And insists.

Because it calls back to something we heard earlier.

Y’know – looking at the guy he became, it’s easy for me to forget the kid Mick Mercury used to be. Easy for me to forget the feeling I had when I first saw him, leaning against his hovercycle and telling stories about the city outside Oldtown, where the buildings were made of gold and nobody ever went to sleep hungry, where there weren’t any alcoholic parents or foreclosed schools or murders right outside your bedroom window. Kids up and down the block would gather around him, bringing their scuffed-up faces and hearts, and they’d listen – and you could tell his stories were like food to them.

He was lying, of course. I knew that from minute one. But I stuck around because I was just as hungry as the rest of them. Still am, I think.

So tomorrow I’ll pocket my blaster and I’ll knock on doors and I’ll plan the first battle of my war. But for now I think I’ll sit here awhile next to the King of the Freeway and I’ll think about the past, the loose handful of Good Ol’ Days I can scrape together, and I’ll listen to him spin yarns and lie and build shining cities in the air between us.

His stories don’t make them real, of course. But I need to hear em anyway. Because without someone to tell us what those cities look like… how would we know we found one when we got there?

Juno is Andromeda. That much I think is clear.

But Mick isn’t ever going to be the hero. He can’t– because he’s the one holding the book.

Also he needs to get a job at Northstar because he was doing their job for them since he was a kid. Get on that, Ramses.

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Rika makes her 3A3T look so easy, I think i'm a little bit in love with it. I can't wait to see her at the final! hope she works on those nerve issues though

Is my blog turning into a Rika stans’ confessions blog? Because that’s nice xDDD

Her 3A looks extremely easy. Completely sold and in love with it :3 I hope so too, this could be a confidence boost for her tbh. 

*scenes going on in my mind*
  • Mind: okay so today we're gonna date Nate.
  • Mind: *sees picture of Johnson* okay so maybe we'll break up with Nate and date Johnson.
  • Mind: okay now we're dating Johnson.
  • Mind: *sees picture of Sammy* alright we're breaking up with Johnson now we're dating Sammy.
  • Mind: okay I'm dating Sammy for the day for real.
  • Mind: *sees picture of Gilinsky*
  • Me: okay I'm just dating them all alright.
  • Mind: I can deal with that.
Brain why i just wanted to play dragon nest in peace
  • Brain: good evening
  • Me: what now
  • Brain: if i could
  • Me: ?
  • Brain: begin to be
  • Me: oh no. Nonononono
  • Brain: half of what you think of me
  • Me: stop
  • Brain: i could do about anything
  • Brain: i could even learn how to
  • Me: dont finish it
  • Brain: love
  • Brain: lol make a victuuri amv with this song
i hate texting. texts can be so misleading. are you happy? are you sad? do you even care about our conversation? fuck that. i want to hear your voice. i want to feel your vibes. don’t hide behind typed words. call me.
—  state of constant confusion (via percepti0ns-of-reality)

CHAN ON FIRE: the deluxe edition

Disc One:

  1. Intro: Your Chanadian Overlord / U Ain’t On My Level
  2. SORRY, ft. Kurt Browning
  3. World Wreckord (Before I Self-Destruct)
  4. Bad Boyz, ft. Scotty M
  5. Heir Apparent (Nah), ft. HanYeezus and D-10 
  6. Ladies Luv Chiddy, ft. Wild Eye Unco Dai (of BroTP3)
  7. Descent of Chan (The Ice Is Tryna Kill Me)
  8. #ChiddyHolmed2k14 (Interlude)
  9. Get Money Get Fries, ft. Lil’ Ron and the Clown Posse
  10. Sex Symbol Real Talk (My Mama In The Room)
  11. Chan On Fire
  12. I Know U Got A Man But, ft. The Figure Queen
  13. Shark Attack (Too Close), ft. HanYeezus
  14. High Performance, ft. Skate Canada
  15. Outro: C.H.A.N.N.E.D.

Disc Two:

  1. I Got No Filter, ft. Scotty M
  2. Dem Boards Can’t Hold Me Down, ft. Glory Nichols
  3. Is That Your First Name (Hey Girl), ft. Doc Wilson
  4. The Great White North - We Are Winter, ft. P. Chiddy
  5. Chan On Fire (Inflation Club Remix)
  6. Chan On Fire (ShitTalker Club Remix)
  7. Chan On Fire (Heartbreaker Club Remix)

Disc Three: Music Videos, Art Direction by eggplantgifs

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