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Hi @ellipsesarefun here! Can't use my side blog for asks: When you get this, answer with five things that make you happy then send it to the last 10 people on your recent activity! 💙💙💙

I’m finally getting around to answering these! @kanekkis and @theinsanefox sent this to me… a while ago, let’s just say that.

1. Reading people’s tags (especially when they reblog stories of mine? AHHH, it makes me so happy!!! @ellipsesarefun, I’m definitely looking at you 💖)

2. My pets and anything related to them (and, let’s be real, other people’s pets, too, like YES, send me pictures of them, I love them already!)

3. Getting into a new fandom and discovering everything :)

4. Getting my students to laugh and actually getting them to speak without being scared of making mistakes ^^

5. Talking with @eclair about our beloved volleyball dorks and with @kirinvlinder about BnHA’s characters, coming up with headcanons and deciding which HP houses they would be in… We still need to finish that.

Thank you, dear! <3

Tbh I always thought that the whole “I have eaten the fruit of the land of the death” excuse that Persephone gave her mother was kinda convenient so consider this:

Hades “kidnaps” Persephone, but what he’s really doing is helping his real live actual girlfriend escape the clutches of emotionally abusive/toxic mom Demeter (see “I can’t talk to my daughter for six months so I’m gonna mope and make the rest of the world suffer with me”)

Super clingy mom Demeter shows up and demands her daughter come back with her, using her own emotional stability and the fucking FATE OF THE WORLD as a guilt trip

“I would totally love to mom, but wouldn’t you know it, I ate this one pomegranate seed and as a result I’m stuck here forever so you should probs just leave and forget about me because it looks like I’m dead forev–”

Zeus shows up.

“Nah man, as king of the gods I can totes negate the effect of those pomegranate seeds, and let you go back to the real world with your mom.”

Cue frantic head shaking and silent pleads from Persephone & Hades from behind Demeter’s back for Zeus to shut the fuck up man, that is not the plan. Zeus catches on instantly.

“But only for half the year, because, uh the laws of–you know, biology or some shit?”

The goddess of flowers and the queen of hell quietly contemplates what she will plant on Zeus’s grave after she murders him.

My interpretation of the MOON signs

(You could probs relate your sun if you want maybe even your rising)

Aries: they take up your life: being loud, leaving mess on the stairs, creating arguments out of thin air and always filling the void with their drama. Very self-centred but oblivious to it so I’ll let it be. Problems they hav always someone else’s fault. Very loving and cuddly and express passion easily. Never stick to hobbies after announcing that its there biggest passion n cant survive without it. Though, they don’t wait around for things to be handed to them - they are always up to something interesting. Independent.

Taurus: they are great to spill your words upon and never flinch when u say something deep or shocking so it makes u chill af cause they are…Most of the time…they can get angered when things aren’t as it should as they are very stubborn. don’t like people who aren’t committed to friendship or plans/dreams and dont like people who dont give their stuff back. Seemed to hav cows eyes: very deep n dreamy and long eyelashes -often brown eyes that i know of or watery blue eyes. lov food or other luxuries.

Gemini: childlike, like everything light hearted and humorous. there has to always be words to fill up the quiet spaces otherwise they start to get agitated. Dont like boring people and will blatantly walk off or something. Nervouusss people. Tapping all the time. When they’re in a goood mood they’re goofy but can become detached and cold and become a bit of a smart arse. Like knowing their shit.

Cancer: homely people. Warm and loving to fault as they are always let down by others who do not give the same warmth and pure emotions back. I think they could probably guilt trip u many times. emotions are not hidden which is good and bad because shots are firedddd and their words filled venom when there really cheesed off. Like lots of nice things. also love cute fluffy animals. Love their family to be always near - protective can become smothering. Talk about the ‘good old days’ 24/7.

Leo: why are you so posey and dramatic? They like to tell a tall tale - love to add bits to the truth to make it more exciting - which is actually interesting to hear tbh so good job :) they love to be centre of attention obvs. Also hold their heads high and always seem taller than actually are. Full of exuberance. & they often believe in their abilities so they achieve good grades and r smarttt!

Virgo: lovs when people do little silly things for them because they like when people are as detail orientated as them. expect too much of people becaus they do too much for others. Nervous but lowkey cause their earthiness sort of makes it hum in the background. Has potential to be shady. I love their organisation, chills me the f out. Some reason i feel they be really good at ASMR videos because of their voice & movements. and they r actually quite talkative but its usually nothing too intellectual or snobbish just good natter. Bites their nails!

Libra: i dont get them. They dont make an imposing impression on me as they’re delicate and not too in ya face. Loves knitted jumpers and wearing light colours Ive noticed. Sweet n gentle. Probs could get away with murder. Gets really into things like a celeb or tv series for a while. Has fan blogs probably. like to talk about things such as kpop, clothes, items in their neat pencil case and make up. Idkkk

Scorpio: protectivveee. Intense. Passionate about theirs hobbies and interests. Can become lost in their own intellectual, abstract world forgetting what is truly important until they realise and become regretful and then hold many unresolved grudges. They are e m o t i o n a l but try to hide it - constantly simmering and on the verge of erupting. Though they are quite interested in their own passion - they’ll hype u up about yours and talk for hours about theirs and your own dreams. Abstract knowledge that seems to appear out of no where when they speak -unconventionally smart.

Sagittarius: want to escape reality. Someone i used to know would read a lot of books - probs erotic - she also used her work as escapism? her husband wouldn’t take her on holiday:( another i know comes across very cool and full of knowledge and like to says corny things like ‘you might as well live your life to the fullest because you’ve only got one’. acts like a philosopher. Has gooood taste in music. knows everyone and can keep good relationships with all of them.

Capricorn: thinks they’re are funny af but peeps often laugh at their jokes cause they’re just a bit shit. Tries to come across cool 😎looking for a for job but isn’t working out lol. Wants fame n fortune. they love to talk deep and intellectual without getting too personal. probably quite lovey dovey but it is buried deep inside them. likes to keep it light by listening to music or watching the telly otherwise there thoughts overwhelm them. ( i hav cap moon so might look like a different viewpoint to the others moon signs)

Aquarius: loves to make a point that they are different lol. Intellectual af cause they really smart. Can talk for hours on end but still likes down time. they are the world’s friend but they only let a few know the real them (if thats is actually the real them ). Quirky sense of humour. Hav big dreams and most likely succeed in pursuing them. they are very open about weird stories and experiences they hav had which is fun to hear. will hav something to say about every topic on earth - love to share an opinion.

Pisces: too kind for their own good. They know your weaknesses/insecurities from first time you meet. i think they have melancholy spells which they find themselves in a trance - i catch them staring blankly quite a lot. Love to ask if you’re okay. Mooody. Let down by humanity. Very chatty and has of cool things to say. Music may rule their life - musically talented in one case ik (probs used as escapism). Can be burdened with very unsettling thoughts of not being good enough; making sure they keep there reputation for being the nice guy which means getting pushed about

Just A Quick Thing To The Community:

With the recent Antisepticeye stuff going on, a lot of people are commenting on Jacks videos talking about how people are taking it too seriously, and it’s honestly starting to ruin the vibe. Everyone knows that it’s Sean. No one has ever argued, (that I have witnessed), that Anti is a real entity hell bent on killing us all & destroying Jack’s channel. Sure, maybe some theories suggest it, sometimes we look too far into things & discover ‘hints’ that are not actually there, but for God sakes guys, let people enjoy something. It’s not hurting anyone, & in a world already so infested with people tearing down others enjoyment, why bring it into this community?
Personal note: I love you guys tons. So does Jack. He just wants to create something we can come together to talk about & have fun with. Don’t ruin it for us, & more importantly, don’t ruin it for all of the hard work @therealjacksepticeye & @pixlpit have put into this. Thank you.


How come no one ever talks about how soft this is?

And yes, this is them actually looking at each other, it’s not edited. This is real.

And yes, I have to say that because this is some incredibly intimate gazing and I simply can't…

It’s like they were rediscovering one another, like they were falling in love right than and there. I’m not even trying to be dramatic, this just legitimately seems to me like the gazing of two people who feel many deep emotions for one another.

And the fact that they’re the ones who shared that look really gets to me.

Since Tumblr seems to be the new magic lamp, can I make a wish?

Hello OL tumblr genie watching out there *waves*

How about we get some OL promo instead of asking fans for money, political tweets, gym pictures and trying to make non cast members relevant? 


A SHOW fan

About Zim
  • He’s an eager beaver
  • His favorite foods are sandwiches and Irken fundip
  • His favorite color is purple
  • He vents to strangers like he’s known them for years
  • He has the power to hypnotize people with his acne
  • The first thing he did after being born was hug a robot arm
  • His first three words were, “I love you”
  • He promised the moon to Gir
  • He finds technology and quirky gadgets “neat”
  • He likes moose (meese… moosen?)
  • Prisoner 777 made him a small, purple, moose, death machine knowing he’d like it.
  • He can easily become emotionally attached to objects, especially if they show some form of sentience (Ex: Robot arm, Gir, Minimoose, Squidgyblit).
  • There are times when he just wants someone to talk to. While he treats Gir like a companion, he can’t exactly have any real conversations with him.
  • He does NOT like to be ignored. Do not ignore the ZIM!
  • He looks great in hats
  • He’s actually a really good speaker and is great at motivating (manipulating) people to do what he wants (now Voting of the Doomed makes sense… he is a good politician!)
  • While small, he still has a demanding enough presence to immediately assert himself as leader among a group if he has to work with others. In a way, he does have what it takes to be a leader, but his obvious flaws impede him from being successful at most things.
  • His tenacity is derived from his need to constantly prove how great he really is, both to everyone (especially the Tallest), and himself.
  • His speech pattern is rather sophisticated most of the time, and the dramatic use of his lexicon is fairly impressive *sips tea*. He acts formal in front of the Tallests, but he’s more relaxed when hanging out with Gir.
  • He’s really patient with Gir and would do what it takes to keep him from getting upset, even if it means eating soapy waffles. This, however, is dependent on his level of frustration.
  • He’s a really nervous, loud, impulsive, proud, clever, small, tenacious space bug that yearns for positive feedback and attention from a world that could care less about him unless he poses a threat
  • Speaking of which, it is also evident that he craves affection, preferably from the Tallest (which is why he thinks they actually care about him). He wants all of Irk to love and praise him, and he seeks this attention by being the best at destroying stuff.
Evil Morty theory

Can we talk about Morty in season three? So I’ve heard this theory that Evil Morty is actually our Morty from the future, trying to hurt Rick, which is as sad as it is interesting. I would really love to discuss it, because it’s pretty plausible.

So far we’ve seen quite a few signs of a Morty being violent:

#1 We had the episode with Evil Morty, where it was shown that Mortys can be just as evil as Ricks, and Rick told our Morty that a cocky Morty can be ‘a real bad thing for everybody’.

#2 Then 'Look who’s purging now’, which evolved around the fact that Morty had aggression inside him that he was afraid of. In that episode Morty became extremely violent for some time and began killing people. He even threatened to kill his Rick. In the end of the episode it was boldly established that Morty was acting on his own impulses, not high on the drug in the candy (which looked like a pretty important thing if they decided to stress it like that).

#3 Now we got the first episode of season three, where Morty is clearly shown to have stopped idealizing Rick, and considers him to be a bad influence on his family. Now, there was this important thing everybody just sort of skipped over. Morty DID try to kill his Rick. As far as Morty was concerned, he did. He had no idea the gun was fake. It was once again stressed that he acted on his own impulses.

This gives us some pretty messed-up and depressive stuff to work with. We all know RaM is a comical show, and creators don’t wanna complicate it, but all these things are leading up somewhere.

The new season is going to be much darker, it is evident from the first episode, it is what Rick himself says in the final part of it.

With all that happened in the new episode, it seems quite possible that Morty is gonna change into his more evil version by the end of the show.

What do you guys think?

Hi I'm annoyed that no one pays attention to the rep in theatre

Everyone: “I want LGBT+ rep” “The media doesn’t portray LGBT+ people enough” “why can’t we have queer relationships in the media”

Theatre: “here we have lots of shows with LGBT+ rep. Eg. RENT, Falsettos, Hedwig and The Angry Inch, Fun Home, The Color Purple, The Normal Heart, Bare: A Pop Opera, Spring Awakening and many more! What’s that? You want POC rep too? I’M GLAD YOU ASKED WE’VE GOT PLENTY. Eg. RENT again!, Falsettos again!, Hamilton, The! Color! Purple! Again!, Natasha Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812, In The Heights and you guessed it MANY MORE!!!!! We’re a loving place with rep for absolutely everyone if you actually look hard enough, and these are just the popular shows. I know it’s crazy but theatre isn’t just about shows that are on broadway, there are theatre shows everywhere from small local theatres to the big leagues”

Everyone: “okay that’s nice but I’m talking about REAL media”

i have few things to say about this film, you guessed it, in a heartbeat

first things first, sweet sweet representation

its an lgbt film from beginning to end so we never had to worry about queerbaiting, which in the media sadly is often the case, til the very point of some of us wanting to make sure its not before watching a movie, a series, etc.

the love, or simple attraction, between two people of the same gender is shown without the need of said relationship being sexualized in any way.

one of the other things i wanted to talk about is the age they chose for the characters. lgbt relationships are often portrayed between teenagers and up, not to mention for some reason labeled as content not appropriated for children. so the fact that they decided to show the questioning young audience, or anyone who felt identified with either sherwin or jonathan really, that its actually okay to have these kind of feelings for someone of the same gender warms my heart.

who knew kids could fell in love too, right?

with the happy part done, let’s go into the depths of the plot itself

“A closeted boy runs the risk of being outed by his own heart after it pops out of his chest to chase down the boy of his dreams.”

afraid of your feelings being exposed? sadly, i think most of us can say we’ve been in that situation but i think that’s exactly what makes sherwin even more real, the fact of knowing what he could be thinking or feeling without the need of him actually saying a word in the entire length of the film.

now, we don’t know much about jonathan and i don’t want to speculate about him so i’ll try my best to talk about the content we were given. keyword, try.

he makes his entrance as the love interest, apple in one hand and a book on the other, cue to sherwin‘s heart beating out of his chest, literally. what i found funny, yet interesting was that as the scene develops around him, again, literally, he looks surprised but never really makes a move to step back, as if waiting for the other boy to say something. even leaning towards the trash can sherwin hid into before being interrupted by the bell.

then, we have the most heartbreaking scene. yes, i just realized what i wrote and no, no pun intended. once sherwin’s feelings are out, jonathan goes from confused to embarrased to worried, but never angry or disgusted.

also, the way homophobia was represented, so lightly hinted, as in just gossip and glances but none of the other students actually getting physical with any of them which is something that happens in real life, yet so accurate enough to make the viewer feel the discrimination followed by pity, again, without the need of anyone actually saying anything was just brilliant.

last but not least, we have the reencounter scene, where you, me, and everyone gasped once sherwin lifted up his head to let us see the other boy looking at him in the background. at first sherwin is hesitant to give jonathan the broken half of his heart that was left with him after running away, which the other boy understands immediatelly, so proceeds to gently take his hands in his, giving him the broken half that was left with him and making sherwin’s heart whole again.

the very last scene before credits start to show is such a pure and beautiful one, since we can see jonathan taking a seat next to sherwin, cue to blushing, and then his heart popping up, which is what happened with the other boy at the start of the film.

this is not even half of the things i have to say but before this gets way too long,

a huge thank you to beth david and esteban bravo for sharing this masterpiece with us


(I’ve been working on this forever omg)

But before anything starts I want to just confirm.
THIS IS A THEORY DO NOT TAKE MY INTERPRETATIONS AS FACT UNLESS I PROVIDE EVIDENCE OF A CERTAIN CLAIM OK? EX: Levi thinks Petra is cute due to an interview, Levi likes black tea, Levi wishes he was tall etc.

The way I see things, I believe that the way Rivetra works in the show is an unrequited love on both ends.
Let me explain.
Levi knows that he had a deep feeling of respect as well as a sense of defense over Petra in many scenes of the manga and the anime.
Such as warning the left flank, helping the wounded etc.
He always positioned her away from danger despite her having a higher kill stat than him. (evidence provided in the official guidebook)
Now, when he is searching for his squad after their deaths he begins to slowly pass each body, I noticed he didn’t pass them in order of how they died.
When this scene happened, I was expecting that’s what they would do to try and prove no greater connection over a single member. You know, show that he had a strong bond with all of them as a whole as equals.
But, he found Petra last. It almost felt like they wanted him to find Petra last in a way to say “he was searching for her in hopes she was alive.” (In my opinion, don’t take this as fact)
And I feel that once he fights the female Titan, and is now gathering the dead bodies, his expression is a lot more hurt and furious than when he first saw her.

Not to mention in the official wiki he was described to be “protecting Petra’s body” when they were going back to the walls, even when he knows it’s just her dead body, and that she’s long gone.
I mean in the anime he told those soldiers to leave their friend’s body behind because it’s just that. A body. Levi decides to comfort him with a patch later on, stating that the reason he even took the patches from their uniforms was because it comforted him.

We see that he only took Petra’s on screen. (Very heartbreaking but selfless of him to sacrifice his own comfort for a comrade mourning) But…How do we know it’s her? Her skin tone is light, just like the body’s (they haven’t been dead too long and blood loss may have been heavy but she still would bare the closest resemblance) and it has a bite mark imprinted in the skin on their hand. The only other person who’s hand was focused on in the anime around that time was hers.
It triggered the transition from the flashback to the present, and Petra was the one to speak on behalf of the squad as to why they even did it. She was the one that filled that mark with the most heart. So, it’s about 90% clear to assume it was her body.
He reassured himself another time when the bodies were dropped that she was only a body then. She’s gone and there’s no point in staying trapped in a rut of thoughts of what could’ve been. I see it as a sense of self comfort as he tried not to look back to Petra’s body (he failed though) to spare him any pain, frustration, or regret.

He’s having more trouble remaining stoic with his emotions than before. So that means he OBVIOUSLY cares that his squad died, but it was when he saw Petra that the expression set for a longer period of time.
My interpretation of this is that he was frustrated at himself for still not knowing whether or not he had feelings for her or not. It’s only until he meets Petra’s father when it clicks to him that he may have actually harbored feelings of love towards her, without even realizing it.

Same goes for Petra. She translated it through her letter as devotion and dedication in a form of respect towards him, because she may have mis-categorized her true feelings. After all, her Father is the one interpreting marriage and such, showing he may have seen past her real feelings though a bit more extreme.

I even looked through the panels of the manga, and every time there’s a free space for the squad, Petra is always talking to Levi showing more proof that there was an obviously strong connection. They may have loved each other without even realizing it, and it makes sense considering they don’t necessarily focus on love in their world and in the anime.

Speaking of the anime and revisiting a previous statement, there’s a scene shown only in the anime and never in the manga where Petra’s body falls, and Levi is shown looking back in regret. Isayama green lights every scene put in the show and is notorious for adding scenes he wished he could’ve put in the original source material. But why? Why would that scene be necessary enough to put in if it wasn’t even in the manga? I personally believe it may be because he wanted to translate their bond more.

There’s also the evidence of having their own Valentine’s Day art out of all possible couples where Petra is giving her own gift to Levi.
Petra even had the honor of receiving her own Birthday art which very few characters had received.
If she wasn’t an important character like others say, then why did she make such an impact on the franchise to keep reappearing even after she was killed off?
Notice that the two men in her art are Eren and Levi, because she had made an impact in both their lives.
Eren was taught to trust in others, and now understands that he must earn trust before receiving it.
While Levi?….What connection is it that differs from the rest of her squad?
In his separate card for her birthday art, he says that Petra picked out the suit for him and found it helpful she did, confirming the canon that Petra on occasion picks out his clothes when he’s out of uniform.
Pretty close for being a Captain and Subordinate, no?
Not to mention it was confirmed a while back that Levi saw Petra as a cute subordinate, whether or not he loved her as a significant other was still undetermined, but he definitely loved her as a comrade at the very least. Canon as a relationship or not, they still have a strong bond I wish I could explore more!
Ahhh, it’s so interesting.

I hope anyone who reads this enjoys it, and also understands this is a theory and the pairing isn’t considered canon officially. It’s honestly just my view of why I still hang onto this ship for so long! I apologize if it’s a bit scrambled it’s so late at night when I finished! ε-(´∀`; )

boyfriend! im youngmin

reposted bc someone told me this wasn’t showing up on the search engine?? hopefully there’s not a problem now

  • ah yes the cutest alpaca boyfriend
  • youngmin’s birthday is dec 25. jesus was also supposedly born on that day. coincidENCE???????????? i think nOT
  • has like…the softest hair and you always wanna touch it
  • he lets you rest your chin on top of his head BF GOALS
  • when you do that and also wrap your arms loosely around him he gets like 90000 times softer
  • hair always smells nice and fresh :^)
  • has this habit of humming whenever he’s happy 
  • so he’s always humming to something before a date and donghyun’s like god your feelings are so obvious
  • before you guys got together donghyun was like if u keep humming every time they say hi they’re gonna figure out the pattern dummy
  • youngmin is that boyfriend who always texts you where he’s at and things like “be careful” and “take care of yourself”
  • doesn’t call you overly sweet pet names (actually he barely calls you any) but when he does call you “jagiya” your heart feels so FULL bc…you know he wouldn’t use affectionate names like that unless he feels rly close to you
  • you feel so safe around him bc he has this like??? super reliable and dependent feel… it’s subtle tho he always makes sure that you’re not anywhere that’s dangerous
  • he holds you closer when y'all are boarding busy trains or crowded areas
  • wants you to hold his hand while crossing the street like
  • him: ok hold my hand
  • IT’S SO DUMB but also cute bc he’d make this little pout when u dont wanna hold his cute ass hand
  • a very patient boyfriend??? almost never gets mad at like aNYthing and always says that he understands BF GOALS X2
  • once you were late to a date by like half an hour and when you got there you were like about to get on ur knees and beg for forgiveness but youngmin just laughed and said it’s fine and things happen like the god he actually is
  • you: what if i was late bc i was spending time w my other boyfriend
  • youngmin: 
  • can probably do all the household chores and your taxes without any problems or complaints
  • youngmin rly serves the best bf looks with that flannel of his 
  • all real youngmin stans know what i’m talking abt 
  • which should be all 7 billion ppl on this planet
  • one time you made that bf material joke w him like “hey youngmin u know what ur flannel is made of?? bOYFRIEND material ;)))))))” and he got sO SH Y
  • like embarrassed smile and red cheeks and looking down at the ground kind of soft yall get 
  • likes to lay his head on your lap when he’s tired
  • he doesn’t say this but he loves it when you lean down and peck his cheek
  • the bnm boys made him make your face his homescreen and he had to stop because every time he turned his phone on and saw your face he got shy and instantly forgot what he was trying to do
  • lets you borrow his clothes but it’s…so overwhelming for him to see you wear his sweatshirts and flannels
  • is naturally cute like???? he has sweater paws which is so CUTE
  • youngmin: i’m from busan so i’m not rly cute
  • also youngmin: smiles. laughs. does tt’s “neomuhae”. exists.
  • tries to be lowkey abt your relationship but 1) everyone can see how wide his smile gets whenever you’re mentioned and 2) donghyun
  • shit donghyun says: I smell their deodorant on u. is that a new ring? ENGAGEMENT RING AL R E A D Y??????? youngmin that was faster than our debut
  • when it’s too cold to hold hands he does this lil thing where he grabs your hand and puts it in his coat pocket bc it’s warmer in there
  • your family adores him and demands his presence to be in your house and when you tell him that he gets so smiley and embarrassed
  • “does this mean it’s okay for me to be your boyfriend?” DEAR SWEET JESUS AND GODS OF THE HEAVENS D U H
  • when cuddling he’s like a koala
  • kisses you when you’re not looking and when you turn to him he’s like “what?”
  • “im youngmin there’s literally no one else here to do that”
  • kisses are usually quick pecks but when it’s kinda in the moment it’s kinda…like….just imagine you two are lying on the couch together like you’re just laying on top of him with his arm around you and…he kinda just uses his free hand to move your face towards his and just……..slowly plants a kiss on your lips that feels hotter than the sun itself 
  • in conclusion im youngmin serves both the best boyfriend looks and boyfriend skills BADUM TSSSSS

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EXO Reaction || Their Baby Tries To Talk With Them Through Cooing And Waving Its Arms Around
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*Hides his face in his hands and screams*


“I’m feeling the connection!”


“… Are you trying to pick a fight with me?”


“You are just like me, buddy. I knew we’d get along”


“You’re nearly talking! You should talk to papa a lot, you know? He’ll always listen to your little screams and groans~”
*Starts talking nonsense*


“Aw, what is my little junior saying–?”
*The baby waved his arms so furiously it hit dad Baekhyun in the face*
“Dammit, every time!”


*Records the baby as they have a very deep and meaningful conversation*


*Excitedly talks back in baby language*


*Looks up at you*
“She really is trying hard to make me understand something but I can’t stop laughing at the faces she makes. I think she doesn’t like that”


*His hands get slapped away each time he tries to stroke the baby’s head*
“I love you too, little me, but the way you show it is really aggressive”


“Y/N! She’s speaking! Not real words, but she’s trying!”


*Actually charmed by the beauty that is your baby*



Okay, real talk, though. Panda is such a genuine guy and he’s actually one of my favorites ever because he’s got an amazing personality, sense of humor, and his content is A+ stuff. like, if you don’t watch Panda, you should start. He’s honestly amazing.

anonymous asked:

So I just saw a post on google saying how, 'BTS is the fakest group' and 'They aren't really friends, it's just for the camera.' and that pissed me off so much.

Um…whoever said that is LYING TO THEMSELVES!!!

They’re either bitter because BTS is really popular right now, or maybe they’re just so used to groups secretly disliking each other that they don’t know what real friendship looks like anymore. But if you’ve watched like…any video with BTS in it you can see how much they genuinely enjoy each other’s company.

And it’s not just for camera either. Here’s what an ex-staff member at a broadcasting station wrote about BTS after seeing them being slandered online:

Anyway, there have been rumors about BTS’s personalities?, right? I saw other fandoms dragging them down with this… Well, I thought it was ridiculous so I decided to write about BTS I had seen for a short time. I worked briefly doing chores at a music show and BTS was present during this period. But seriously you can’t talk about BTS’s personalities like that. They’re really nice. Other celebrities mentioned them too and they said they’re very nice. Perhaps all of them except one member are very shy..? They only stayed in their waiting room. They’re not extremely quiet and they’re not very loud too. It looked like they gather around each other and play together. The waiting rooms don’t have great soundproof facilities so you can actually hear what they’re talking about and I heard them when I passed the hall and I thought they were really cute so I’ll share an anecdote. ㅋㅋㅋ I suddenly heard people laughing loudly from BTS’s waiting room so I stood there thinking “huh?” and I realized that they were telling each other weird jokes and then giggling like high school girls and they continued to play some strange game? kind of thing. Anyway, they looked like a 4D group. I could sense the vibe of high school girls from them

So in conclusion, IT’S REAL AND ITS LOVE 😍😭😘

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Hint of Nerves

RequestCould you do an imagine where Fred asks the reader out on a date and Ginny, Molly and Hermione help her get ready. Also possibly all the Weasley’s knew Fred had a crush on the reader so they kept pressuring him to ask her out or would try to get them alone so he could. Oh and maybe the reader is Ron’s best friend and she so was spending holiday at the Weasley’s.

Word Count: 2324

Author’s Note: Thank you for the request anon! I hope you enjoy the post, and I hope I stuck to the request like you wanted me to. I also hope that it doesn’t suck too much :)

When Ron first invited Y/n to the burrow to spend the last part of the summer holiday with his family he didn’t have an ulterior motive, but that was before Ginny confronted him about Fred’s secret feelings for the girl. 

Ginny expressed to Ron how much of a git he was for not noticing it before. George even came to Ron for help, which surprised Ron most of all, about how they could get Fred to gain the courage to ask the y/h girl out on a proper date. 

The three tried to talk to Fred about how he should just ask the girl out. They knew she would say yes, because Ginny was confident in the way Y/n looked at him around Hogwarts. However, Fred always claimed that he couldn’t, but never gave them an explanation as to why. They had to help him. The two just needed that little push in the right direction. They had to set a plan into motion, and they would do nothing else until the two coupled up before the start of the new term. 

Y/n arrived on one particularly warm afternoon by use of floo powder. The green flames engulfed her before in an instant they vanished again and she was stepping out of the cramped fireplace into the living room of one of her favorite places, the Burrow. She looked to her right to find George, Ginny, and Ron in the living room, and she turned her nose up towards the delightful smells already coming from the kitchen to her left. 

“Y/n! You’re finally here.” Ron stood up from his place on the couch and rushed over to the y/h/c haired girl. She placed her bags down before opening her arms to embrace her best friend. Once they broke apart he ruffled her hair a little before smiling, “It’s so great to see you! How was your trip to see your brother in Italy?”

“It was amazing! You should see where he lives at now. Mum and dad were so proud to see him working with the ministry. Mum cried almost the whole time, but enough about my family! It’s yours that I missed!” She left her bags by the fireplace and started to walk towards Ginny who already was up from her spot on the couch. The two laughed as they hugged each other.

“Ginny, I brought you back a small souvenir from Italy!” Y/n jumped up and down excitedly while holding the girls arms.

“Give it to me tonight! We are sharing my room together,” She looked around and saw Fred coming down the stairs with his Skiving Snackbox in hand, “actually Ron and I will take up your things right now! Come on Ron.” Ginny grabbed one of Y/n’s bags and handed  the other to Ron who only stared back with a confused look on his face.

“Oi, Y/n come over here so me and Fred can show you our latest products!” George chimes up once he notices what Ginny is up to. Y/n looks around Ron to see George waving her over from his spot on the love seat in the living room. She began to walk over with a smile and a wave.

“Hey guys! How has your summer been? Have you been inventing more for your snackboxes?” She sat down beside George on the love seat, but looked at Fred while she talked. Fred smiled back at the girl and held up his box up in the air.

“Actually we’ve made some real progress here. I think the nosebleed nougats are nearly perfect.” He blushed when her gaze settled on his dark eyes. Her own y/c/e eyes shimmering in the sunlight coming in from the vast window across from her. She had changed some over the summer; she looked more grown-up now. She smiled towards Fred, that gorgeous smile filling his body up with heat, he missed her so much. He couldn’t tell her that though. Not now. 

“Fred, I’m going upstairs to get our other products to show Y/n. You can finish showing her the other contents that are finished in the snackboxes.” George stated as he rushed out of the room and straight up the stairs. However, he didn’t enter his room. Instead he joined Ginny and Ron on the stairs, who were still holding Y/n’s stuff, trying to listen to the conversation going on below. 

“You’ve missed quite a lot while on your trip to Italy you know? George and I really believe that these babies will kick up some major profit this year.” He leaned toward her and opened the box so she could peer into it. She giggled and hit his arm playfully, causing a blush to illuminate on both of their cheeks.

“Oh Freddie, I believe that I’ll be seeing you in a lot of trouble this year. Let’s see if you can break your detention record.” She laughed and leaned back onto the couch outstretching her hands to feel the soft material on her fingertips. She smiled sweetly at him again, and she wanted the courage to tell him about her crush. She couldn’t though. Not now. 

Instead the two let the silence draw out, due to the tumbling happening within their stomachs. Fred couldn’t stand the silence that was growing between them. They had been friends for a long time too right? His courage was gaining, and George’s encouraging word filled his thoughts. 

“Y/n…. actually….that’s not all you missed-”

“Dinners ready my dears! Oh, Y/n sweetie,” Molly Weasley rushed over to the girl, who stood to receive a warm hug from Mrs. Weasley, “It’s so good to see you dear. Come come you look hungry!” Mrs. Weasley patted her on the cheeks before guiding her into the kitchen. 

Ginny, George, and Ron piratically all ran into the kitchen huffing as they almost ran into Y/n. However, she just laughed at the three and raised her eyebrow at them. She knew something was going on with them, but at that moment just chose to ignore it. 

“Are you guys really that hungry? I know for a fact that Mrs. Weasley feeds you three hearty meals a day.” She giggles as she begins to sit down in a chair on the corner of the table but Ron quickly pulls it out from under her causing the girl to fall on the floor with a thud.

“RONALD WEASLEY!” Mrs. Weasley’s voice rang out throughout the entire house.

“Oh gee Y/n I’m so sorry. I just sit there ya know?” Ron helped her get up before sitting down in the chair himself. Y/n looked dumbfounded as she pulled out the chair beside him.

“Oh thanks Y/n.” Ginny smiled as she sat down in the chair she just pulled out for herself.

“Yeah don’t mention it,” She huffed, “Seriously what is wrong with you guys tonight?” Y/n grumbled as she took the only chair that was left. The one right next to Fred Weasley. Their elbows touched as they sat down, but neither bothered to move them too quickly. They looked at each other with the sweetest smiles on their faces and a hint of pink rising on their cheeks, before turning their attention back to dinner and eating the delicious meal Mrs. Weasley had prepared for the family.

After dinner, Molly asked the children to help clean up dinner. However, Ginny claimed she needed Mrs. Weasley’s help mending her school robes, Ron excused himself from doing any chores, Mr. Weasley said he wanted to finish up some projects in his workshop, and George swore he would be right back ten minutes ago. So, Y/n and Fred were the only two left cleaning up dinner. Fred only stayed because he couldn’t let her clean up everything by herself, and it gave him an excuse to be close to her. 

His confidence from earlier was drained completely from his body, but his goofy smile never faltered as he looked over at the girl casting magic to clean the dishes. When she looked over and smiled back at him he quickly returned back to his work with his heart racing.

From the other room George and Ron peered into the kitchen watching the scene unfold. “This is getting us no where. Fred isn’t even bloody talking to her.” Ron whispered shaking his head in the process.

“Well then, let’s speed this up a little shall we?” George smirked menacingly while he raised his wand and pointed it at the y/h/c haired girl before whispering “Augamenti.”

At this a jet of clear water burst out from the end of George’s wand, and hit Y/n square on the shoulder dousing her arm in water.

“Ah! Fred what the bloody hell!” She screamed before jerking around to face the red-head. “What did you go and do that for?”

“What? I didn’t do anything! Honest!” He dropped what he was doing and turned around to face Y/n noticing her dripping wet shoulder. He tried to plea, but failed miserably due to his laughter almost causing him to double over. “Maybe you just aren’t very good at spells.”

“Oh we shall see about that! Augamenti!” She cried as a jet of water hit Fred right in his face. Y/n began to laugh, “Tell me who isn’t good at spells now?”

Fred’s face and the front of his shirt were now soaking wet, but he couldn’t stop laughing as he grasped his wand pointing it back at the girl. “You messed up now Y/n.” Y/n play screamed as she began to run around the table away from the water that was coming from Fred’s wand. 

“No, come back here Y/n and face me!” Fred laughed as he finally caught up to the girl and grabbed her by the waist while she flailed around laughing.

“Freddie! Put me down now!”

“No, not until you promise to apologize.”

“Okay, okay, I’m sorry for getting you back.” She stopped flailing expecting him to put her back down on her feet so she could face him properly.

“and, not until you promise to let me take you out on a date.” Fred spat out almost too quickly due to his nerves. He still didn’t set her down on the floor afraid to face her.

Y/n went limp in his arms. Had she heard him correctly? A smile began to creep up on her thin lips as she tried to get out of his grasp. He let her go, and she turned around to face him a huge smile appearing on her features. 

“Of course I’ll go on a date with you idiot!” She hugged him instantaneously before looking at him in the face. 

Fred’s slight pink blush was beginning to return to his cheeks and a big goofy grin was starting to show on his face. He grabbed the girls petite hands in his big ones and raised them to his lips planting a small kiss. “Bloody hell Y/n you don’t know how nervous I was to tell you.”

“And you don’t know how happy I am that you finally asked me.” Y/n leaned up and planted a small kiss to his cheek before George popped into the room hands beginning to clap together slowly.

“Well, it’s about bloody time you two!”

The next day Y/n found herself in Ginny’s room with Ginny, Mrs. Weasley, and Hermione, who had just arrived that morning, standing around her in a half circle gazing down at her face. They had been helping her get ready all morning.

“Darling, you look absolutely stunning!” Mrs. Weasley held out her hand to help Y/n stand on her feet. Y/n twirled around in her soft yellow sundress and as she did the dress flowed around her knees with her. It was her favorite dress that hugged her body in all the right places. She paired the dress with some high-top cream sneakers that she constantly wore everywhere. 

“You really do look beautiful Y/n. I am so happy that I arrived this morning to help you get ready. It’s been a great pleasure.” Hermione leaned in to wrap her arms around Y/n’s neck.

“No, thank you ladies for helping me get ready. I wouldn’t look this amazing without you.” Y/n looked in the mirror once again and studied the makeup that Ginny had worked on for almost a hour. Pink blush helped highlight her cheeks, which matched the gloss on her lips perfectly. Ginny picked out a little darker tones for her eye shadow to help highlight her y/c/e eyes, and the mascara was coated perfectly over her eyelashes. 

Hermione had straightened Y/n’s hair and then placed it into a half up-do. A little messy bun sat atop her head, with the rest of her hair hanging loosely at the sides. It was the best outfit for a summer date. 

A knock at the door snapped Y/n from the mirror and she shouted “Almost ready!” She walked over to the bed and grabbed her denim jacket and bag before answering the door.

Fred stood on the other side. His hair was gelled up and a little to the side. He wore an almost pale blue shirt that he paired up with some slacks. He looked so handsome, and Y/n thanked Ginny for doing her makeup so it hid the blush appearing on her cheeks. 

“Wow…Y/n….just, you look stunning love.” He reached for her hand and swung it back and forth as he studied her up and down. “I’m so happy that I finally asked you out. I can’t believe how lucky I am.”

“Oh, stop it you’re going to make me throw up.” She fake gagged and laughed as she stepped out into the hall and began to walk down the stairs towards the door. “So, where are we going exactly?”

“Now, now Y/n I can’t spoil the surprise.” With that she placed her arms on Fred’s as he disapparated the two out of the Burrow. 

I’ll be blunt. Mightyhealthyquest hasn’t felt like a good reflection of myself for a long time….after years and years of producing relentlessly positive artwork, I’m feeling a little more than burnt out. It’s not just the fact I’ve run out of topics to speak about (there’s only so many times I can rattle on about confidence or the benefits of a good night sleep) but I’ve also stopped feeling connected to my own work.

It all feels really shallow…

and, to be honest, I don’t always feel cheerful. I tend to look at the world with a deadpan sense of humor or just go with the flow. I love the concept of mindfulness, but I’ve found forcing a grin on my face during hard times to actually be quite damaging.

 This isn’t a goodbye post, quite the opposite. It’s more of an announcement.

I have gone through some really shitty things lately, and I want to talk about them, I want to be real and actually, document my “mighty healthy quest” aka my mission to be content with life. Don’t worry I’m not saying this blog is going to be all doom and gloom! It’s just going to have a bit of a facelift, because I’m just not feeling the pastel motivational posters anymore, I’m not having fun with it. 

I hope you guys understand! 

Thanks for sticking around~ updates soon :) 

okay, it took me a while to write everything down, but here are my thoughts and reactions to the last 19 days chapter!! (an alternative title for this could be ‘how to make people regret asking about your thoughts’)

anyway, it’s been pretty hard for me to put some order to my thoughts, because im just!!!!!!! so in love with this chapter!!!!!!!! it’s been a whole day and im still such a mess, there are noises coming out of my mouth but they’re not human, and i can’t find the right words to express how i feel because this update wAS TOO MUCH FOR MY POOR HEART

i think this might be my favorite tianshan chapter, tho it’s a very close tie with chapter 185, and im afraid i’ve been kinda all over the place, but hopefully it makes sense!! (putting this under a cut because it’s really long and there are some pictures)

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anonymous asked:

Omg name her tia she is so adorable and it really fits her!! I hope you two are really happy together <33

YES!! I finally named her Tia! A lot of you guys seemed to actually liked that one, so I went with it. Also thank you so much for all of your name suggestions. She’s a real sweety but sometimes she mistakes my finger for food. xD

Have some random lazy hamster doodles as a little ‘celebration’

Tia is a very calm hamster. She sleeps all day but when she’s active, she’s really curious and gets excited when you put your hand inside the cage. She has no problems with being pet and like every hamster, she’s stuffing everything food into her cheeks. She’s really picky though and doesn’t like most of the treats I have… That spoiled little thing. Also she tends to melt when it’s getting warm. 

I’m happy to have her here <3